Parents Stuck With $200K In Student Loan Debt After Daughter Dies

Parents Stuck With $200K In Student Loan Debt After Daughter Dies

The last thing families want to deal with after the death of a loved one is a phone call reminding them of their departed’s debt. But that’s the case for a number of parents who have inherited the obligation to repay the student loans they co-signed for their deceased child. [More]

Notice Shows GM Knew About Bolt Issue In Camaro, Other Vehicles A Year Before Announcing Recall

Notice Shows GM Knew About Bolt Issue In Camaro, Other Vehicles A Year Before Announcing Recall

The latest woe for General Motors may sound a bit familiar. It appears the car manufacturer knew of a potential safety problem — in which a loose bolt could cause loss of the driver’s seat function — before affected vehicles ever hit the market, but didn’t take action until issuing a recall earlier this month. [More]

PA Court Says I Don’t Need To Tell Buyers That My House Was A Satanic Murder Pit

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Should a home seller be obliged to reveal that the lovely 4-bedroom with a 2-car garage on half acre just also happened to be the place where previous tenants were brutally murdered? Not if that house is here in Pennsylvania. [More]

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The FDA Asks That You Please Not Ingest Pure Powdered Caffeine

People have been drinking caffeinated beverages for centuries, and popping caffeine pills for decades, and the Food and Drug Administration currently puts no hard limit on caffeine content in food. But the recent death of an Ohio teen who ingested the pure powdered form of caffeine has the FDA warning consumers against the incredibly potent stimulant. [More]

Student: Corinthian Colleges’ Demise Is Like “Watching A House Fall On A Witch”


The downfall of Corinthian Colleges — the operator of Everest University, WyoTech, and Heald College — has put for-profit education chains in the spotlight, with people focusing on allegations of bogus job-placement statistics, grade manipulation, questionable marketing practices, and speculation regarding what will happen to $1.4 billion in federal student aid. But what about the actual students who have been watching this collapse from the inside? What about their stories? [More]


Man’s Kickstarter Goal For A Bowl Of Potato Salad Brings In Over $22K In Pledges

If you ever feel like there’s no one out there that supports your dreams and deepest desires to better yourself and learn new things, things you didn’t think you could do before, you’re problem wrong. Because even a guy with the simple goal of making potato salad for the first time managed to get more than $22,000 (as of this writing to fulfill his destiny). [More]

While Owner Shops At Walmart For 13 Hours, Dog Dies In Her Hot Car

While Owner Shops At Walmart For 13 Hours, Dog Dies In Her Hot Car

Yet another reminder why you should never, ever leave your pet (or child) inside the car, even with the window cracked, during the hot summer months occurred this weekend in Florida. [More]

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Am I Completely Screwed If My Student Loan Co-Signer Dies?

Imagine this scenario: You’ve been out of college for several years, have a good job and you have no problems making your student loan payments in full and on time. Then tragedy hits; your parent dies or declares bankruptcy. If this loved one was a co-signer on your student loan, this change can trigger an often-overlooked clause that allows the lender to claim you are in default on your loan, potentially wreaking longterm havoc on your credit and finances. [More]

Regulators Question Chrylser’s Slow-Moving Pace To Fix Jeeps Recalled In 2013

Regulators Question Chrylser’s Slow-Moving Pace To Fix Jeeps Recalled In 2013

Following criticism for a lack of action in the recent General Motors ignition switch defect, federal regulators aren’t holding anything back when it comes to keeping car manufacturers accountable for fixing safety issues on their vehicles in a timely manner. Or so it appears after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a hard deadline for Chrysler to answer for delays in fixing vehicles affected by a recall last year. [More]

Explosion At General Motors Plant Leaves One Dead, Eight Injured

Explosion At General Motors Plant Leaves One Dead, Eight Injured

General Motors received more bad news on Tuesday evening: A chemical explosion at the company’s metal-stamping plant near Fort Wayne, IN, left one person dead and eight others injured. [More]

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T-Mobile: We Shouldn’t Be Sued Over Bill-Cramming Because We’re Not Doing It Anymore & We’re Super-Sorry

Earlier this afternoon, the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against T-Mobile, alleging the wireless carrier made hundreds of millions of dollars off of bogus premium text-messaging charges “crammed” onto customers’ bills. The response from T-Mobile CEO John Legere isn’t exactly what you would describe as contrite. [More]

What Happens To Your Plane Ticket When There’s A Death In The Family?


There are all kinds of reasons why you might not be able to fly when you were planning to, or need to make a change in a scheduled itinerary. Unfortunately, one of those might be the death of a loved one. But now that most domestic airlines don’t offer special bereavement fares, many fliers find themselves dealing with airlines after they’ve already bought tickets to try to make changes. But because airlines don’t want just anyone to pull the “my grandma died,” often customers are finding the process of changing or canceling flights in these situations daunting, confusing, and well, a bit tacky. [More]


Watch These 79 Streaming Movies Before Netflix Takes Them Away Tomorrow

Perhaps you were envisioning a relaxing long weekend at home, curled up watching Chinatown, Dr. Strangelove and Beavis and Butt-head Do America (because of course, best combination). I’m here to shatter your dreams and cast your desires into the dirt: Those and 76 other movies won’t be available to stream on Netflix starting tomorrow. [More]


Reverse Mortgage Company Caught Mailing Deceptive Info To Seniors

Even under the best of circumstances, choosing to take out a reverse mortgage is a difficult and often costly decision for many senior citizens and their families. But when you throw in a number of half-truths and marketing materials designed to mislead consumers into thinking they are taking part in a government-run program, well, that’s just wrong. And the state of New York won’t stand for it as one company recent found out. [More]

GM Compensation Plan Could Pay Ignition Defect Victims $20,000 To Several Millions

GM Compensation Plan Could Pay Ignition Defect Victims $20,000 To Several Millions

How can you put a price on price on a life cut short? It’s not exactly an easy question and there really is no right answer. But General Motors’ compensation plan attempts to do so, starting the process at no less than $1 million when it comes to those who died in accidents caused by a defective ignition switch found in thousands of vehicles. [More]


Doctors Call For End To Fattening Farm Animals With Antibiotics

While the beef, pork and drug industry likes to claim there isn’t enough science to merit a ban on the medically unnecessary use of antibiotics in farm animal feed, the nation’s largest group of physicians doesn’t quite see it that way. [More]

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Woman Electrocuted And Killed While Talking On Phone Plugged Into Faulty USB Charger

If you’re still one of those people pish-toshing the idea that buying counterfeit or unapproved electronics and accessories can be dangerous, you should learn something from a recent tragedy in Australia. A 28-year-old woman was killed there while talking on a phone that she’d plugged into a faulty USB charger, prompting authorities to warn consumers everywhere against using such devices. [More]

Docs Show Current GM VP Aware Of Ignition Problem In 2005; Federal Grand Jury Probing Recall Delay

A May 2005 e-mail from GM's Doug Parks -- then chief engineer on the Chevy Cobalt and now a VP at the car maker -- shows that he was well aware of the problem almost a decade before these vehicles were recalled. He is not one of the 15 GM employees who have been fired over this debacle.

General Motors’ internal investigation claims that no top executives at the car company were aware of the defective ignition switch that has resulted in at least 13 deaths (and likely many more) and the recall of nearly millions of vehicles. But newly released documents from the Congressional investigation into the debacle indicate that one current GM Vice-President was made aware of the problem as early as 2005. [More]