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Why Do Girl Scouts Sell A “Caramel deLite” In Milwaukee And A “Samoa” In Seattle?

When I first the nest to live among strangers in a strange land/another state, I was surprised to hear people talking about eating “Samoas” and “Tagalongs” during Girl Scout cookie season. Once I realized they meant “Caramel deLites” and “Peanut Butter Patties,” I figured these weirdos just used different names for the same cookies. But the thing is — they aren’t the same cookies. [More]


Report: Costco Has Plans To Sell A “Kirkland Signature” Chevy Truck

Soon it won’t just be Costco brand toilet paper, vitamins, peanuts and other everyday items for members of the wholesale club, but Kirkland Signature trucks. According to a new report, Costco and Chevrolet have plans to sell a co-branded Silverado “sometime” in spring or summer — an offer that’s for members only, of course. [More]

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Girl Scouts Cookie Oven Is A Real Thing You Can Use To Stuff Your Face With Homemade Thin Mints

For many, Girl Scout cookie time is the most magical time of the year — the boxes come a’tumbling off the cookie wagon, bringing mouthfuls of sugary joy for as long as they last in the hands of greedy customers, and all is well… at least for a little while. But what if you could make your own Girl Scout cookies at home, no matter the season? [More]

February Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: Curse Of The Contaminated Cumin

February Food And Supplement Recall Roundup: Curse Of The Contaminated Cumin

In this month’s Recall Roundup for food and supplements, some cumin became contaminated with peanut protein, then spread its potentially deadly payload everywhere from ethnic markets to the hot bar at Whole Foods. Pet food marketed for raw feeding of dogs and cats contains bacteria that can harm humans and pets alike. Oh, and there was some more undeclared knockoff Viagra masquerading as a “bee pollen” dietary supplement. [More]

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J.M. Smucker Buys Big Heart Pet Brands For $5.8B, Unclear If Treats Will Now Be Jelly-Filled

While the word “Smucker’s” surely conjures up visions of jellies and jams pairing up with peanut butter, the company behind Smucker’s, Jif and Folger’s coffee is making a foray into the pet food business, buying Big Heart Brands in a $5.8 billion acquisition. Milk-Bone filled with strawberry jam, anyone? [More]

Krave specializes in gourmet all-natural jerky products.

Hershey Getting Into Meat Snack Business With Purchase Of Jerky Maker Krave, Because Meat

Things that go together in this world: peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips. Coffee and donuts! Things that do not: sweet, creamy, delicious chocolate treats and… meat. But that last combination is about to become a reality with Hershey Chocolate Company’s purchase of meat snack producer Krave Pure Foods Inc. [More]

Don’t Bet On The Delivery Guy Owning Snow Shoes: NYC Mayor’s Blizzard Ban On Vehicles Includes Bikes


As parents elsewhere in the country continue to inquire whether their grown offspring living in New York City are fully prepared for the impending snowmageddon, Mayor Bill de Blasio is putting a potentially huge crimp in hungry citizens’ plans for weathering the storm by banning all non-emergency vehicles on the streets after 11 p.m. tonight. That includes delivery vehicles and yes, even bikes. [More]

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Deal With Hershey’s Puts An End To Import Of Cadbury Chocolates

It will soon be more difficult for consumers who prefer the taste of British-made chocolate to get their sweet-tooth fix. A new deal between Hershey’s and Let’s Buy British Imports essentially puts a stop to the import of many iconic British chocolate brands from overseas. [More]

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Girl Scouts Announce Upcoming Season Will Include New Gluten-Free Flavors

The time of our national waistline expansion is approaching, and this time Girl Scout cookie season won’t be limited only to those who can tolerate gluten: The girls’ group announced that the 2015 season will include three new flavors, two of which are gluten-free. [More]

One Person Tests 18 Different Oreo Flavors, Somehow Survives

One Person Tests 18 Different Oreo Flavors, Somehow Survives

Here at Consumerist, we have an unhealthy obsession with what we call “exotic Oreos,” the ever-expanding variety of flavors of the classic creme-filled cookie that are now available…for some reason, only at Walmart. While we’ve featured new flavors that raise our eyebrows, from limeade Oreos to pumpkin spice, what we haven’t done is taste-test them. [More]


Charitable Giving: Get The Most Of Your Donations And Time This Holiday Season

With just a few days left before Christmas and a little more than a week left before the end of the year, consumers may be feeling the itch to complete acts of charitable giving. While this time of the year tends to bring out the best in people’s generous side, there are a few things that we should all keep in mind while racing to meet the deadline for lowering your tax burden by donating to charity. [More]

December Food And Supplement Recall Roundup – Diet Drugs Are Not Bee Pollen

December Food And Supplement Recall Roundup – Diet Drugs Are Not Bee Pollen

In our December recall roundup, bodybuilding supplements contain steroids, caramel-filled chocolate bites have peanut butter in them, and fungus-contaminated probiotic powder had a horrible, tragic result. Also, maybe people should reconsider this whole thing where we buy commercial bean sprouts. [More]


Reese’s Not Content To Stay In Cups, Expands To Peanut Butter Chocolate Spread

While the Reese’s peanut butter cup has morphed from a cup (to an egg, for Easter, pumpkins on Halloween, etc.) it seems the chocolate peanut butter candy is ready for a new form — spreadable. It’s been a Nutella world so far, but Reese’s is set to enter it with a peanut butter cup spread. [More]

Police: 8-Year-Old Got A Bag Of Crystal Meth In Her Halloween Candy Haul

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While police in Colorado and Washington were busy warning parents about the possibility of edible marijuana finding its way into trick-or-treat bags this year on Halloween, the parents of an eight-year-old girl in California were in for another kind of shock when their daughter came home with a plastic bag of free methamphetamine. [More]

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Watch A Man Make A Carrot Eggshell Raisin Smoothie And Don’t Puke

What did you do for the last 27 minutes of your life? It could not possibly have been as entertaining nor as fascinating as watching a 1949 informecial for a Vitamix that includes a recipe for a Carrot/Eggshell/Raisin smoothie. [More]

It’s A Myth That Millennials Are Abandoning Fast Food

It’s A Myth That Millennials Are Abandoning Fast Food

Millennials, as a generation, are roughly defined as “anyone younger than the senior Consumerist staff.” They’ve been the subject of hand-wringing in the fast food industry as industry experts fret that the young people just aren’t interested in traditional fast food, instead preferring slightly classier quick-serve fare like Chipotle or Five Guys. Is this true? Maybe not. [More]

Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog Exists To Quench Public’s Infinite Pumpkin Spice Thirst

Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog Exists To Quench Public’s Infinite Pumpkin Spice Thirst

Remember when we featured the Creamsicle-flavored, Halloween-marketed, orange-colored TruMoo novelty milk and said, “At least it isn’t pumpkin spice”? Well, about that. In the novelty dairy beverage cooler at Walmart, right near the orange TruMoo, we found the newest and greatest holiday mashup: pumpkin spice egg nog. [More]

Orange-Flavored Halloween Milk Exists, Is Terrifying

Orange-Flavored Halloween Milk Exists, Is Terrifying

There is one good thing that we can say about TruMoo’s holiday-themed flavored milks, and that is that they don’t have any high fructose corn syrup. Also, while the orange milk is orange-colored and Halloween-themed, it is not pumpkin spice flavored. After that, we’re pretty much out of nice things to say about it. [More]