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Domino’s Pizza Delivery Man Shoots, Kills Would-Be Robber While On The Job

It can be tough out there for delivery guys and gals, as the job description makes it necessary to carry around cash, sometimes in large amounts. That makes delivery workers a prime target for ne’er-do-wells, and a bit of a scary situation for anyone caught unawares. One Domino’s pizza delivery man was prepared enough to shoot and kill someone apparently trying to take his cash. [More]

Domino’s Pizza Is So Used To Complaints, It Can’t Take A Compliment

Domino’s Pizza Is So Used To Complaints, It Can’t Take A Compliment

You know how some people are conditioned to believe that any statement directed at them must be a complaint, so they don’t know how to react when someone says something nice? That’s apparently the mindset of whatever robot responds to customers on the Domino’s Pizza Facebook page. [More]


Should An Apology Credit Make Up For The Screwed-Up Order?

Ryan and his wife wanted to munch on pizza while watching Game of Thrones, because that’s a pretty great way to pass an evening. They ordered from Domino’s, but the wrong pizzas arrived with the wrong toppings pretty late. When they complained, they received a credit for a replacement order…that didn’t replace the items they had ordered. [More]


Please, Domino’s, We Need To Know: What Constitutes “Misuse Of The Pizza”?

One of the main reasons we here at Consumerist HQ love our readers so much? You’re all very good at reading the fine print. And sometimes, as a result, we get to consider what’s going on in the brains of companies’ legal departments. For example, the terms of Domino’s pizza giveaway going on right now includes a clause regarding “misuse of the pizza.” Oh, please, Domino’s, do tell.  [More]

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It’s Time To Make The Gluten-Free Donuts, Says Dunkin’

If you had been asked to predict which national fast-food chain would be the first to offer gluten-free products, you probably wouldn’t have picked Dunkin’ Donuts, whose very name seems like it should be covered in wheat flour, but the company says it will be selling both gluten-free donuts and muffins in all its U.S. stores. [More]


Someone Worked Very Hard To Make That “Natural” Piece Of Lunch Meat Look Imperfect

If it looks natural, and its packaging seems sort of natural does that mean it actually is a natural food? Maybe, maybe not: food companies are on a new mission these days to at least mimic natural foods even if their products are processed. It’s the art of imperfection, and it isn’t easy, apparently, to look so rough. [More]

Domino’s Would Have Us Believe It’s Working On Pizza Delivery Drones — The DomiCopter


Is this the world we live in now? Fast food chains spitting out PR stunts like hands-free Whopper holders just to get our atten– oh my gosh, what? A pizza delivery drone? That’s gotta be real, right? Maybe not? In any case, darnit, we’ve fallen for it yet again with Domino’s new “DomiCopter,” capable of delivering two pizzas at a time via unmanned aircraft. [More]

Domino’s Has A Very Limited Notion Of What “All Your Favorite Toppings” Means

Domino’s Has A Very Limited Notion Of What “All Your Favorite Toppings” Means

Given that Domino’s has around two dozen toppings to choose from, and that some folks love to layer their pizza with multiple toppings, a franchisee could lose big by offering a pizza with “all your favorite toppings” for as little as $9. That is, until you see that Domino’s thinks you wouldn’t possibly want more than three toppings. [More]

Oh, the cruelty.

We’ll Remain Unimpressed With Domino’s DVDs That Smell Like Pizza Until We Can Eat Them

What’s the point of a DVD that smells and looks kind of like pizza once it’s “heated up” in a player? If it’s just to get us hungry and thinking about pizza, that is a cruel, cruel marketing trick. Take a note, Domino’s Brazil — don’t bring your pizza invention around these parts until you’ve created a DVD we can watch and then consume with our mouths. [More]

Thrill, as pizza is made before your very eyes...

Because Pizza Tracker Isn’t Enough, Domino’s Places Live Cams In Store

Yesterday, we discussed the dual-edged sword that is the Domino’s Pizza Tracker — allowing customers to see exactly where their pizzas are at any given moment, but also highlighting that some employees just don’t give a hoot. But the ever-confident pizza chain has decided to ramp up the accountability, installing live cameras in at least one Domino’s store. [More]

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Dear Domino’s: Maybe Cut The Marketing Budget, Boost Employee Training

Misti has some advice for Domino’s that perhaps would be wise for other businesses to follow: spending money on marketing is all very well and good, but ultimately pointless if you don’t train franchisees and staff on how to not treat customers like crap. [More]


Climbing The Pepperoni Ladder: 90% Of Domino’s Franchise Owners Started As Deliverymen

Ah, the humble pizza delivery guy — bringing hot cheese and sweet satisfaction to the door for Americans everywhere. But lest you think it’s a dead-end job or something for pimply teenagers just to make some extra cash, Domino’s would beg to differ. The company says about 90% of its franchise owners either started out as deliverymen or in similar entry level positions. [More]

Customer Sues CVS For Writing Her Name As “Ching Chong” On Receipt

Customer Sues CVS For Writing Her Name As “Ching Chong” On Receipt

How many times do we have to tell the cashiers of America to STOP PUTTING STUPID AND OFFENSIVE NAMES ON CUSTOMERS’ RECEIPTS? Sorry we had to go all-caps on you there, but after all the stories of idiotic name-calling that have gotten employees fired and retailers sued, you’d think people would stop. And yet here we have the story of a CVS customer of Korean descent who is suing the drugstore chain after allegedly being labeled “Ching Chong Lee” on her receipt. [More]

Domino’s Japan: Have A Synthetic Pop Star With Your Chain Pizza Hatsune Niku!

Here at Consumerist, we’re fond of cross-cultural exchanges that involve fast food. Okay, we just like anything that involves fast food. We particularly relish news of menu items and promotions that American fast-food joints don’t offer in their home country, like the seven-patty Whopper. Domino’s Japan has taken a great step forward by combining a famous artificial pop star, an iPhone app, an incredibly awkward YouTube video, and what we can only guess are songs about pizza. [More]

Domino’s Online Pizza Ordering Now Featuring Pick Your Own Price Option

But WHICH should he choose?

We write a lot about fuzzy math here at Consumerist, mostly because if you’re observant, you can often get what you want for a lower price than perhaps the retailer intended to sell it for. Case in point: Consumerist reader Tyler was gearing up to order pizza online from Domino’s the other night, and noticed some bizarro pricing. [More]

You never know unless you ask. Glen scored a free pizza from his hosting company just by asking on Twitter.

My Web Host Bought Me A Domino’s Pizza Just Because I Asked

Glen is a web developer in Northern Ireland. He recently switched back to using a web-hosting company he’d left about a year before. And when the provider asked if it could help with anything else and Glen jokingly requested a pizza, he was in for a surprise. [More]


Pizza Deliverer: If You Live In A $650K House And Don’t Tip, There’s Something Wrong With You

Tipping waiters at a restaurant is relatively easy — so long as you know how to calculate the standard 15-20% — but tipping for delivery is always a topic of much debate, as there are factors involved like the cost of the meal, the weather, how long you had to wait, and how much was being carried. [More]


Fast-Food Workers Reportedly Walked Off The Job Today During NYC Strike Over Wages

Fast-food diners in New York City today might’ve been greeted with a smaller staff than usual, as the “Fast Food Forward” campaign said strikes were scheduled at franchises around the city to protest low wages for employees. Striking workers want to up their hourly pay from the minimum of $7.25 to almost double, $15 and to demand the right to form a union. [More]