Costco Snowman Laughs At Your Feeble Attempt To Buy Beach Supplies During Beach Season

He will not point you to the beach umbrella area.

Despite the moans and groans of children heading back to school, or that perpetually pessimistic Facebook friend you haven’t seen in 17 years but yet still you haven’t hidden her cranky statuses from your newsfeed (self-torture is weird), summer is not over, people. [More]

Oh, For Gobble’s Sake, Thanksgiving Decorations Are Out Already

Oh, For Gobble’s Sake, Thanksgiving Decorations Are Out Already

If you’re the kind of person who likes to start getting their Thanksgiving table ready several months in advance, you’re in luck. Just stop by reader Shaun’s local Stop and Shop grocery store and you can start sticking ceramic turkeys anywhere in your house that you please. [More]

July 29, 2013

Here’s One Reason Why You Can Buy Plastic Skeletons In July

Reader Caiyyd wants to point something out regarding the Halloween Creep phenomenon that might make you feel better when you see plastic skeletons in July. Those decorations aren’t really for civilians: they’re for professional or semi-pro creators of haunted attractions. [More]

July 29, 2013

Halloween Started Creeping Up On Us In July

“Halloween Creep,” observes reader Jay. “It almost sounds like a dance some ghouls might do after the Monster Mash.” That’s not what the Halloween Creep is, though. It would be so much better if it were. Instead, it’s what happens when Consumerist readers are out enjoying their summer and stop in their tracks when they see Halloween merch out on store shelves. [More]

Confused? So are we.

Groupon Bends Time To Its Will By Proclaiming “It’s Already December In Some Time Zones”

There’s Christmas Creep, and then there’s a whole new phenomenon Groupon is introducing that would probably set Albert Einstein a-sputtering in disbelief. The thing is, there is one reality (for most of us), and in this plane of existence, it could be a different time or a different date, but it is most certainly July everywhere right now…. wait, right? [More]

(Michael Holden)

Target: Yeah, Summer Black Friday Is The New Christmas In July

As we noticed a recent flurry of “Black Friday” sales even though it’s sweltering out and there is no leftover turkey in our fridges, we began to wonder: have retailers finally lost their minds? Or, as one reader suggested, is a midsummer Black Friday sale just an inclusive version of the more traditional Christmas in July? [More]

Is Back-To-School Creep A Thing?

Is Back-To-School Creep A Thing?

Holiday Creep is the retail phenomenon where retailers market holidays earlier and earlier in order to maximize their sales of Christmas trees or chocolate eggs. We all know Christmas Creep and Easter Creep, but is back-to-school creep a thing? How early is too early to start getting ready for the next school year? [More]

Are you excited to go shopping in six months?

“Halfway To Cyber Monday” Countdown Ushers In New Era Of Holiday Shopping Creep

First of all, don’t be fooled by that 00:00:00 countdown in the photo accompanying this post — it’s part of an email forwarded by Consumerist reader Kaleb, and presumably the ticking clock works in the offers sent to customers on the OfficeMax mailing list. But let’s not lose sight of what it really is, at its essence, which is a countdown clock to a “halfway to Cyber Monday” sale. Yes, holiday shopping creep is a thing now and we’ll all have to deal with it. [More]

Um, okay

Now At Walgreens: Stocking Stuffers For Your Easter Stocking

If a sign advertising “stocking stuffers” is up in March, does that make it incredibly late or incredibly early for Christmas? Is it Christmas Creep or plain old laziness? Maybe it’s something else altogether: it could be that Walgreens is trying to synthesize an all-new holiday tradition.  [More]

Totally over candy canes already.

Valentine’s Creep Is So Last Week— This Stop & Shop Is Bringing The Easter Bunny In Early

We were shocked — shocked! — when readers started sending us photographic evidence of stores stocking Valentine’s Day items even before Christmas. But apparently one Stop & Shop decided to take that as a challenge and has upped the ante with Easter Creep. Yes, Easter. As in springtime, bunnies and the next major holiday after Valentine’s Day. Yikes. [More]

Seamus would like to leave now, pls.

In The Arms Of The Enemy: 24 Photos Of Kids Who Really, Really Don’t Like Santa Claus

What began with one friend’s photo of a child terrified of Santa Claus has burgeoned into the final gallery of 24 photos submitted by you, our game Consumerist readers. Whether you had one child or two, tears or outright hissy fits, we’d like to thank you for bringing a dash of humor to the whole situation and for being willing to contribute to our bit of holiday fun. Better luck next year perhaps? [More]

(Dee Speed)

Kmart Tracks Down Reader After 2-Day Shipping Became 2-Week Shipping, Tries To Help

You may remember reader Linda, who ordered a computer from Kmart with 2-day shipping as a Christmas gift for her mother. Kmart’s idea of “2-day shipping” that they charge extra for turned out to be “2-week shipping” once they actually got around to shipping the computer. That wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t, you know, a Christmas gift, and if Kmart planned to ship it before December 24th. Based on the information in the post, the nice people at Kmart’s executive customer relations department tracked Linda down, which is impressive and only a little bit unnerving. [More]

Nothing says "I just realized today is Feb. 14" like a pink stuffed bear.

Forget Christmas. This Kmart Has Already Moved On To Valentine’s Day

By now, you’re all familiar with Christmas Creep, the insidious inching of the holiday shopping season earlier and earlier into the year. But there’s a lesser-known holiday creep that is already showing up on the shelves of at least one retailer. [More]


Most Macy’s Stores Will Stay Open For The 48 Hours Leading Up To Christmas Day

If you listen very carefully, you might be able to hear groans of “Aww, man… Really?” coming from retailers other than Macy’s. That’s because the department store company has announced it will have most of its stores open continuously for the 48 hours leading up to Christmas Day. That kind of move puts the screws on other retailers to follow suit with similar plans if they want to grab any of your last-minute dollars as well. [More]

We're just sayin'...

Moving Black Friday Up A Week Could Save Thanksgiving

We don’t know when the warm water finally started to boil, but it’s safe to say that Black Friday now begins shortly after dinner is served on Thanksgiving. But rather than continue to fight this trend, we think that the only way to restore Thanksgiving is to have Black Friday sales begin a weekend earlier. [More]

(Joy of the Mundane)

6 Holiday Gifts You’d Be Better Off Buying Some Other Time Of The Year

We’ve told you before that while there are plenty of sales on Black Friday, it is rarely the best day to get the lowest price on quality goods. But a new report claims that you’d be better off buying some common gift items outside of the holiday months. [More]


The Most Delicious Christmas Creep Backlash You’ll Ever See

From the enchanted holiday village that is Reddit, here’s a delicious bit of Christmas Creep backlash. No, not delicious in the sense that justice can be delicious, but delicious in the sense that this humble plea to celebrate one holiday at a time is rendered in frosting and chocolate chip cookie bars. [More]

(funny strange or funny ha ha)

Amazon Says It’s Going To Add 50,000 Holiday Workers To Its Ranks This Season

This is the kind of Christmas Creep we can be down with: Although it’s still only mid-October, retailers have been announcing how many jobs they’ll be adding to the rolls this holiday season. And Amazon just dropped a doozy of a number, which should make plenty of people’s season’s bright — it says it will hire 50,000 workers this year as part of its seasonal hiring plan. [More]