Volkswagen’s U.S. Chief To Be Grilled On Capitol Hill Tomorrow

Volkswagen’s U.S. Chief To Be Grilled On Capitol Hill Tomorrow

Several weeks after Volkswagen admitted that millions of its so-called “clean diesel” vehicles were secretly set up to cheat on emissions tests, U.S. lawmakers are getting their first chance to directly question the carmaker about the scandal. [More]

29 U.S. Lawmakers Agree: Don’t Gut Net Neutrality Again

29 U.S. Lawmakers Agree: Don’t Gut Net Neutrality Again

The Federal Communications Commission is currently (and once again) locked in a legal battle with the telecom industry over net neutrality — the idea that Internet service providers should treat online traffic equally, regardless of what’s being sent and who’s sending or receiving it. In advance of a Dec. 4 hearing on this appeal, a group of 29 federal legislators has let its position be known. [More]

Home Depot Website Glitch Provides Two Ratings For Some Products

Home Depot Website Glitch Provides Two Ratings For Some Products

While researching products on a retailer’s website, other customers’ reviews and ratings of those items can be helpful. But a glitch in Home Depot’s rating presentation system has caused a bit of confusion: the product page shows two different ratings for some products. [More]

McDonald's increased the amount of beef in its Quarter Pounder.

McDonald’s Officially Beefs Up The Quarter Pounder, Could Prices Be Increasing Too?

Back in June, McDonald’s was mum on whether or not there was truth to reports that it would up the beef in its Quarter Pounder. Today, we received confirmation as the company has officially added 0.25 ounces to the burger. But now that there’s more meat between the buns, will it mean more money from our wallets? [More]

An example of the new statistics users can find for health facilities on Yelp. [via Yelp]

Yelp Adds Hospital Wait Times, Nursing Home Fine Info To Reviews

When a trip to the emergency room is in order, you’re usually in a hurry, because, after all, it’s an emergency. Sitting around waiting to be seen by a doctor can be an agonizing experience for those in need of quick help. While Yelp can’t hurry along those doctors, it can apparently tell you just how long you might expect to be camped out in the hospital E.R. [More]

A security researcher says he was able to hack Uber's petition website to display a joke petition and rival Lyft's homepage.

Uber’s Petition Website Hacked To Redirect To Lyft Homepage

It’s no secret that ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft have enjoyed a spirited rivalry in recent years. Over the weekend, a security researcher inserted himself into the crosshairs of the two ride-hailing services by exploiting a vulnerability in Uber’s petition website that allowed him to showcase and redirect visitors to Lyft’s homepage, while also changing the content of some petitions. Now he’s warning the company – and others like it – to take precautions when using petition and contest websites, as they might prove to be a welcome mat for malevolent hackers. [More]

Time Warner Cable Has Lowest Customer Satisfaction Score Of All U.S. Companies, Not Just Cable Providers

Time Warner Cable Has Lowest Customer Satisfaction Score Of All U.S. Companies, Not Just Cable Providers

In news that backs up the results of a recent Consumer Reports survey, Time Warner Cable’s pay-TV service is not just dead last on the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s rankings of cable companies, but of all companies in the entire Index. [More]

Ashworth College agreed to settle charges it misled students.

For-Profit Educator Ashworth College Settles FTC Charges It Misrepresented Career Opportunities, Transfer Credits

Federal regulators’ crackdown on the for-profit education industry continued today as Georgia-based Ashworth College agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges the company misled students about career training and credit transfers. [More]

SEC Charges Current, Former Executives Of For-Profit Chain ITT Educational Services With Fraud

SEC Charges Current, Former Executives Of For-Profit Chain ITT Educational Services With Fraud

Back in September ITT Educational Services – the operator of for-profit college chain ITT Technical Institute – revealed it was facing increased scrutiny by several government agencies. That scrutiny turned to action this week as the Securities and Exchange Commission filed fraud charges against current and former executives with the company for their part in concealing problems with company-run student loan programs. [More]

A notario público courts customers on the side of a building. This example of notario advertising was provided by the American Bar Association's Commission on Immigration.

How ‘Notario’ Fraud Preys On Language Differences & Can Result In Unfair Deportation

While the news is filled with reports of various frauds perpetrated on American consumers, one particularly nasty scam doesn’t make as many headlines because it preys almost exclusively on recent Spanish-speaking immigrants who think they are paying for quality legal advice but instead get someone with nothing more than a notary stamp. [More]

Whatever Happened To GeoCities, Lycos, Netscape & Other Giants Of Web 1.0?


Long before Facebook and Twitter, well before even Friendster and MySpace, before the first dotcom bubble burst, in the eons before Google was a glint in anyone’s eye, there was the first web. In comparison to everything that’s come after it, you could call it Web 1.0 or perhaps even just “the dark ages.” But for anyone born before, say, 1990, this was the dawn of our now-ubiquitous digital world. But as the digital giants of yesteryear have been replaced by the now-ubiquitous Facebook and Google, how many are still in play now? [More]

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Pinterest Reportedly Planning To Rollout A “Buy” Button As Early As This Year

It’s not always enough to just look at pretty things pinned to your Pinterest boards; sometimes you desire to have them in your physical possession. That need for instant gratification may be why the scrapbook service is reportedly laying the groundwork for a “buy” button that would allow users to purchase products straight from the site. [More]

Only 4% of the Walmart Spring Valley herbal supplements tested turned up DNA of the herbs advertised on the label.

NY Asks Stores To Halt Herbal Supplements After Tests Show Advertised Herbs Not Present

When you buy an herbal supplement that says “echinacea” or “ginko boloba” on the label, you may expect that it contains some additional ingredients beyond the advertised herbs, but you should be confident that those herbs are present. However, DNA tests commissioned by the New York state Attorney General found evidence that many herbal products may not contain what they advertise. [More]

Sam’s Club Put Money-Back Guarantee On Booze Labels, Wouldn’t Honor It

Sam’s Club Put Money-Back Guarantee On Booze Labels, Wouldn’t Honor It

When a product says “Money-Back Guarantee” on the label, it’s not out of line to assume that you’ll get your money back if you don’t like it, right? That’s what one Sam’s Club customer thought when he bought some seriously subpar house-brand vodka at the liquor store at his local Sam’s Club. The problem: the store, corporate, and the distillery disagreed about who should honor that guarantee. [More]


Toshiba Quits U.S. TV Market, Licenses Name To Taiwan’s Compal

Toshiba will be leaving the U.S. market for televisions, but you’ll still be able to buy a Toshiba TV later this year. Confused? Like other brands in the TV market, the company will license its name to Compal Electronics. TVs made by Compal will hit shelves starting in March. [More]

1800Flowers Sends Grandma Small, Non-Seasonal Christmas Bouquet

1800Flowers Sends Grandma Small, Non-Seasonal Christmas Bouquet

Reader Philip likes to send people flowers, and that includes his grandmother. He used the website to send her a very festive arrangement for Christmas, and she was pleased enough to post it on Facebook. Philip wasn’t pleased, though. What he saw online wasn’t what he had paid for. He tried to get 1800Flowers to explain what went wrong. They gave him a refund, but no explanation. [More]

Expect A Lot More “Promoted Pin” Ads On Pinterest In 2015

Expect A Lot More “Promoted Pin” Ads On Pinterest In 2015

Pinterest isn’t just about sharing wedding decoration ideas and food photos. It’s also a way for advertisers to push their “Promoted Pin” ads on users, and apparently it’s been successful at doing that, as Pinterest is promising to roll out this advertising option to everyone in the coming year. [More]

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Tired Of Saving Those American Express Rewards Points For A Trip? Spend Them At McDonald’s Instead

No one wants to wait months to accumulate enough American Express rewards points to purchase a blender when you can get instant gratification at McDonald’s. That’s right, the fast-food chain now accepts your hard-earned AmEx points in exchange for Big Mac, Quarter Pounders and other fare. [More]