23AndMe Decides To Not Enroll Users Automatically In Relative-Matching Service

23AndMe, the DIY DNA-sequencing service, wanted to make a change to its privacy settings. Since the Food and Drug Administration stopped the company from offering and marketing information about customers’ health and vulnerability to certain diseases and medications last year, the company has turned to marketing itself as a service to figure out your ethnic origins and find hidden distant relatives. That sounds fun…until it destroys your family, anyway. [More]

An animal welfare activist secretly shot video of alleged animal abuse at a New Mexico dairy farm. The dairy supplies milk used to make cheese and then supplied to national pizza chains.

Authorities Look Into Cruelty Allegations At Dairy Farm Supplying Major Pizza Chains

A New Mexico dairy farm, a cheese supplier and the national pizza chains that receive said cheese are under fire after an activist working with an animal welfare group went undercover at the farm to record workers allegedly punching and kicking cows, and assaulting them with whips, chains, and cables.. [More]

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Krispy Kreme Announces Special ‘Ghostbusters’ Doughnuts For Movie’s 30th Anniversary

Prepare to feel old: Ghostbusters hit theaters 30 years ago (June 17, 1984 to be specific). Now prepare to feel old and maybe hungry: To celebrate that anniversary, Krispy Kreme has announced it will sell two Ghostbusters-themed doughnuts from Sept. 29 through Oct. 31. [More]

Still Want Marty McFly’s Back To The Future II Sneakers? You’re In Luck

Still Want Marty McFly’s Back To The Future II Sneakers? You’re In Luck

If you have an insatiable desire to dress up how people imagined future fashions would look in the not-so-distant past, then we have some good news for you. Someone is selling replicas of Marty McFly’s velcro high tops from 2015 (as envisioned in 1989), complete with built-in lights and velcro, but sadly sans hoverboard. [More]

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Pizza Hut Testing “Skinny Slice” Pies, Or “Thin Crust Pizza” As It’s Known Elsewhere

Remember when Pizza Hut invented the cookie cake in 2014? It’s now testing out a mysterious new pizza configuration called “Skinny Slice” pies, wherein each contains less dough and fewer toppings for the health conscious. Basically, it’s thin crust pizza, but don’t tell Pizza Hut that. [More]


Customers Claim Lender Shut Cars Down Too Soon After Missed Payment

It seems like a very long time ago that we told you about a new practice in the auto lending industry––cars that the lender can shut down remotely if you happen to miss a payment. The cars won’t shut down while you’re cruising down the highway, but will simply refuse to start when the ignition is off. Simple enough, but some customers claim that one company shut their cars down too early, and have filed a class action lawsuit. [More]

On the left, a map. On the right, chicken (via @DailyMirror)

KFC Customer Claims His Dinner Has Foretold The Outcome Of Scotland’s Independence Vote

While the United Kingdom stands poised on the brink of a possibly fractured future, one man says he already knows the outcome of Scotland’s vote on independence: It’s going solo, according to a piece of chicken he bought from KFC. Well, that’s decided. [More]


Chase Proactively Replacing Some Debit, Credit Cards Involved In Home Depot Breach

Home Depot has yet to confirm the estimated number of customer credit and debit card accounts that were compromised during the data breach that affected thousands of stores for five months, and it’s not known whether much of the stolen card info will ever be sold by the hackers now that everyone knows about the massive theft. Regardless, JPMorgan Chase has already begun the process of replacing some cards for customers who may have been affected. [More]

Group Makes Debt Disappear, Pays $3.9M Toward For-Profit Students’ Outstanding Private Loans

Group Makes Debt Disappear, Pays $3.9M Toward For-Profit Students’ Outstanding Private Loans

If you’re one of the millions of consumers saddled with hard to repay student loan debt, you’ve probably dreamed of the day when your repayment obligation is finished. While it will take most of us years to reach that fine day, others are finding their student loan debt have been paid in full by a group of strangers. [More]


Claire’s Realizes Malls Might Not Be Around Forever, Opens Stores Inside Toys ‘R’ Us

Because there will always be a need for cheap jewelry, stretch pants and kitschy pop culture merchandise as long as there are tweens and teens out there shopping, mall staple Claire’s isn’t going anywhere. Well, that’s not entirely true — it isn’t going away, but it is expanding its horizons by setting up shop inside some Toys ‘R’ Us locations. [More]

Nike Doesn’t Want To Be Associated With Adrian Peterson Right Now

Nike Doesn’t Want To Be Associated With Adrian Peterson Right Now

Even before Nike took over as the official supplier of NFL jerseys, one of the company’s highest-profile NFL endorsement deals was with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. But now that the Pro Bowl back faces allegations of child abuse, Nike has decided it’s probably a good time for the two to take a break from each other. [More]

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Thieves Steal 1.4 Tons Of Cheese Contaminated With Listeria

Listen, if there’s anyone out there who understands the lure of wheel upon wheel of beautiful cheese, it’s me. Cheese is my significant other, so I get it. But thieves in Liechtenstein are barking up a very dangerous tree by swiping 1.4 tons of cheese contaminated with harmful bacteria. That cheese is sadly, meant for no one. [More]

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Court Shuts Down Payday Lenders Who Made Millions Off “Loans” Borrowers Didn’t Ask For

Whether you think that payday loans are a necessary financial offering for people with bad credit to get low-value, short-term loans or a predatory product that only results in more debt for the nation’s poorest consumers, you’d agree that no loans should be doled out without the borrower’s approval. But one network is accused of putting unauthorized payday loans in consumers’ bank accounts so it can eventually siphon off even more money. [More]

Loans & Stripping Aren’t The Only Ways To Pay For College — We Want To Hear How You Did It

Loans & Stripping Aren’t The Only Ways To Pay For College — We Want To Hear How You Did It

With the price of tuition increasing each year and more families unable to save for future college costs, prospective students often turn to private and federal student loans to finance their education. But with one-in-three student loans currently considered delinquent and the weight of student loan debt burdening borrowers well into retirement, many consumers are seeking out other ways to pay for their post-secondary education while remaining relatively debt-free. [More]

Get your daily recommended dose of carbos. And caffeine.

Got $250? You Could Be Guzzling Surge On Friday

“I really hope we don’t see [cases] being flipped for $200 on eBay,” I mused in the comments of our post on the resurgence of Coca-Cola’s high-caffeine, carbo-loaded high-caffeine citrus soft drink from the ’90s, Surge. I don’t know what I was thinking. Now that cases of Surge have shipped out, early buyers are ready to flip their cases instead of guzzling them. [More]


Dallas Bar Owner Won’t Show NFL Games In Protest Of League’s Domestic Violence Policy

Like a unicorn kissing noses with a flying dragon, a bar in Texas that refuses to show football was, until this point, a fantastical thing that we never thought could become reality. But one Dallas bar owner is willing to risk out on all that football money to protest the NFL’s stance on domestic violence. He says he won’t show any NFL games this season until something changes in the league. [More]


Scammers Made $60K Taking Rental Deposits For Other People’s Apartments

There is a longstanding, if sketchy, tradition in New York City of people signing a lease on an apartment with the sole intent of subletting it for a profit. But where that crosses the line from sketchy to just plain evil is when you’re merely using someone else’s home as a showcase to rack up thousands of dollars in ill-gotten deposits from hopeful tenants. [More]

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Starbucks Now Testing Super Cute 10-Ounce Mini-Frappuccino

As a news outlet known for sharing news about record-shattering, vat-filling, massive frozen espresso drinks, it’s a cool and refreshing change of pace for us to share news about a new tiny Frappuccino. If you live near Houston or Denver and want a caffeinated confection with fewer calories, you can check out the test. [More]