Airports in the Northeast could look like this tomorrow if winter storm predictions come to fruition.

Some Airlines Prepare For Thanksgiving Snow Storm, Waive Flight Change Fees

With the first major travel day of the 2014 holiday season upon us and weather forecasters predicting significant snow across the Midwest and Northeast, some airlines are taking a proactive approach by waiving change fees for Thanksgiving travelers. [More]


Budweiser To Waste Money Trying To Convince 20-Somethings To Drink Bud

By its own admission, nearly half of American beer-drinkers between the ages of 21 and 27 not only don’t drink Budweiser, but have never even tried the self-crowned King of Beers. That’s why we will all have to endure months of young and edgy ads attempting to target this demographic (before the company goes inevitably back to its default flags/horses/baseball marketing). [More]

Why Big Companies Spend So Much Money On Washington: It Works Even Better Than You Think

Why Big Companies Spend So Much Money On Washington: It Works Even Better Than You Think

That money talks in Washington is conventional wisdom for a reason. Corporations, industries, and a handful of extraordinarily wealthy individuals spend big bucks on campaigns and on lobbying not for fun, but because they expect to get something back in return. And while adding up all those expenditures is comparatively straightforward, finding out who gets how much back has been harder… until now. A new study finds that billions of dollars might go into D.C., but trillions are coming back out. [More]


Firefox Breaks Up With Google, Makes Yahoo The Browser’s Default Search Engine

Right now, Google is probably on the couch wrapped in blankets with The Notebook on repeat, eyeballs deep in a trough of chocolate ice cream. Mozilla dumped Google this week after three years together, as Firefox’s default search engine, and has decided to go steady with Yahoo instead. [More]

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Best Buy Is Actually Managing This Whole ‘Turnaround’ Thing

We haven’t featured very many reader complaints about Best Buy on this site in the last year or so. Is that because people aren’t shopping at Best Buy at all anymore? Surprisingly, no. Best Buy is doing great, thank you very much, having convinced enough customers to quit showrooming and actually buy things there. [More]


Arizona Sues GM For $3B, Claiming Auto Maker Defrauded Consumers

So far this year General Motors has been party to a slew of lawsuits related to its massive ignition switch recall involving millions of vehicles with the potentially deadly defect. The latest case against GM was filed Wednesday by the State of Arizona, which alleges that the carmaker defrauded consumers out of an estimated $3 billion by knowingly selling defective vehicles. [More]

Nielsen To Finally Peel Back Curtain On What’s Actually Popular On Netflix, Amazon

Nielsen To Finally Peel Back Curtain On What’s Actually Popular On Netflix, Amazon

Sure, there’s a “Popular On Netflix” category on the streaming service, but are those actually the most-watched Netflix videos? For years, only Netflix has known how many of its users were watching which videos — and the company has not been eager to share that information. But the folks at Nielsen reportedly are going to start collecting ratings data for Netflix and Amazon videos, pulling back that curtain of secrecy. [More]

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Pabst Blue Ribbon Remains American, Wasn’t Actually Purchased By Russian Brewing Company

Back in September it was widely reported that Pabst Blue Ribbon would become a little less American after its parent company was purchased by a Russian beverage company. Only that was never actually the case. [More]

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69% Of 2013 College Graduates Left With A Degree And An Average Student Loan Debt Of $28,400

By now we are well aware that college tuition continues to rise and consumers continue to take out hefty student loans to meet those growing costs. So it should come with relatively little surprise that the average debt graduates leave college with remains high; this year with an average of $28,400. [More]

Why You Shouldn’t Get A Reverse Mortgage Just Because Fred Thompson Tells You To

Why You Shouldn’t Get A Reverse Mortgage Just Because Fred Thompson Tells You To

Turn on the TV and you’re just about guaranteed to come face-to-face with a celebrity or public figure selling a product or service. While those spokespeople may carry an air of respect and trust with consumers, what happens when the product they so happily lent their voice to turns out to have devastating affects on the consumer? Not much really, but it might be time for that to change. [More]

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Food Bank Gets Butterball Windfall After Truck Carrying 25K Pounds Of Frozen Turkeys Overturns

As my Great Uncle Aloysius always used to say, one wholesale distributor’s loss is a food bank’s gain: After a semi-truck carrying somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 pounds of frozen Butterball turkeys overturned on a California highway, spilling fuel in the process, a local food bank will reap the benefits. [More]

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Hasbro Looking To Buy DreamWorks Animation Because There Aren’t Enough Toy Movies

For decades, Hasbro products — Transformers, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, Jem & the Holograms — have been the subject of TV shows and movies, but now the toy company is reportedly looking to go even bigger with the possible acquisition of DreamWorks Animation. [More]

388 People Hop Between The Sheets To Score Breakfast In Bed World Record


Perhaps the greatest luxury we can give ourselves is eating where we sleep, making an event where 388 people dined on breakfast in bed in one big hotel room pretty darn luxurious. [More]


Walmart Bosses Want More Grocery Sales, Store Managers Complain About Understaffing

Walmart’s big bosses are unhappy with the mega-retailer’s grocery sales, but store-level bosses are in turn unhappy with the number of staff members they’re allotted to keep the shelves stocked and clean. What does this mean? A media war of words, where Walmart sent an “urgent” and “highly sensitive” memorandum to store managers last month, and one manager in turn leaked that memo to the New York Times to expose why the milk and vegetable sections at your local Walmart look so crappy. [More]

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Just Because It’s Legal To Mail Live Birds Doesn’t Mean You Should Send 15 Baby Chicks To Your Ex

It might sound crazy to some that it’s actually legal to send live birds through the mail (with some strict conditions), but what sounds even nuttier is that a guy reportedly mailed his ex-girlfriend 15 baby chicks in some kind of prank/misguided statement about their break-up. [More]

Comcast: We Agree With President On Net Neutrality, Except We Don’t

Comcast: We Agree With President On Net Neutrality, Except We Don’t

Comcast, like someone on house arrest who can’t stop talking about how much he loves just staying at home, can’t shut up about its alleged “support” of net neutrality — a support that was forced upon it as a condition of its 2010 acquisition of NBC. Now the nation’s largest Internet service provider is publicly stating that it “agrees” with President Obama’s feelings on neutrality, just not the ones that actually matter. [More]

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Calling BS On ISPs’ Claims That Reclassifying Broadband Will Hurt Investment

Yesterday, President Obama came out in favor of reclassifying broadband as a telecommunications infrastructure, meaning that the FCC could regulate it in the same ways it regulates landline telephone service. Immediately, cable companies began shouting that such regulation would cripple investment in broadband. Alas, this is just pure nonsense intended to instill fear and raise the hackles of those who bristle at any form of government regulation. [More]

GM Knew 2003 Death Was Tied To Ignition Problem, Didn’t Tell Family

GM Knew 2003 Death Was Tied To Ignition Problem, Didn’t Tell Family

Back in 2003, a woman died in a car crash after the airbag in her Saturn Ion failed to deploy. In 2004, GM denied an insurance claim related to the incident. That was the last the woman’s family would hear from the carmaker for 10 years, even though its own lawyers had included her in the 13 deaths it initially acknowledged were tied to a faulty ignition switch. [More]