What Happened After TV Show ‘Pimp My Ride’ Pimped People’s Rides?

What Happened After TV Show ‘Pimp My Ride’ Pimped People’s Rides?

While no one can take away the joy of watching someone’s jalopy get turned into a gleaming pile of doodads and gadgets in bright colors that just so happened to also have wheels, the internet has been abuzz about reports that MTV’s early ‘aughts “reality” TV show Pimp My Ride wasn’t exactly the fairy tale you see on the screen. [More]

Both the House and Senate introduced legislation today that would create standards regarding the packaging of detergent packets.

Legislation Aims To Make It Harder For Kids To Snack On Yummy-Looking Detergent Pods

Federal safety agencies and poison control centers have continuously expressed concern that the ever-popular, and convenient detergent pods are extremely dangerous to children, with more than 17,000 kids being poisoned by ingesting the detergent since they came on the scene three years ago. Today, the House and Senate took steps to ensure the single-serve detergent packs no long threaten childrens’ safety by introducing legislation that would enact stricter packaging standards for liquid detergent. [More]

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Sears Holdings Lost $1.7 Billion In 2014, Considers This An Improvement

Sears Holdings has many assets: mostly, stores in malls that are slumping toward irrelevance, and strong brand recognition and loyalty among Americans over age 50 or so. The company is fighting to stay in business, and current efforts like offering Sears Canada stock to investors and selling stores to a real estate investment trust and leasing them back are part of that effort. Is all of this working? Well, Sears leadership sounds optimistic. [More]

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Tobacco Giants To Pay $100 Million To Settle Hundreds Of Lawsuits In Florida

After more than two decades of a legal roller-coaster that at one point had the tobacco industry hit with $145 billion in damages, hundreds of federal lawsuits in Florida are close to being settled after three tobacco giants reached a deal to pay a total of $100 million. [More]

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Massachusetts Man Selling Snow From His Front Yard Because Why Not?

Mother Nature has created plenty of headaches for snow-weary residents of Massachusetts, but one man is turning Gaia’s frozen bounty into an opportunity to make a few bucks off those warmer states. He’s selling the snow from his front yard for $89 for six pounds, shipping it to sunnier climes. Taking snow lemons and making snow lemonade, right? [More]

Ridiculous Copyright Claim Seeks Takedown Of Skype, Java, Whatsapp, Dropbox & 91 Others

The Google Transparency Report shows the sheer volume of DMCA requests made by Total Wipes in just the last few months.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows content companies to ask Google and others to remove sites from search results because they contain material that infringes on their copyright. But one music company has been on a tear recently, sending DMCA notices claiming that everything from news stories about file-sharing to the generic “downloads” pages of some of the Internet’s biggest sites are violating its copyright. [More]


Airbnb Pays “Tens Of Millions” To San Francisco To Settle Hotel Tax Bill

Airbnb finally gave in to San Francisco’s demands that it fork over a bunch of cash to pay back-taxes after failing to pay the city’s 14% hotel tax going back a few years. Airbnb wouldn’t say how much it had paid, but officials had said it ran into the millions of dollars. [More]

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Cable Channels Speed Up TV Shows To Cram In More Ads

Anyone who’s watched a syndicated TV show on basic cable is already familiar with some methods of trimming the fat off of shows — shorter opening credits, sped-up closing credits that may overlap on-screen ads or the next show — but what you may not have noticed is that some cable networks are actually speeding up shows and movies to squeeze in more commercials. [More]

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New Visa Feature Uses Smartphone Location Tracker To Prevent Fraud By Knowing Where You Are At All Times

Forgetting to tell your bank that you’ll be traveling far outside of your normal spending zone can often lead to frustrations like having transactions rejected out of concern that your card is being used fraudulently. In an attempt to make the lives of frequent travelers easier – and prevent fraud – Visa plans to launch a new service this spring that automatically informs banks where you are. [More]


My Car Is Recalled In A Snowy, Icy State, But Not My Snowy, Icy State. What Do I Do?

While most automobile recalls are national, some recalls are limited to specific regions of the country where particular road and weather conditions increase the risk of a problem. What about those people who live outside the recall region but who are concerned their car needs to be checked out? [More]

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Handing Prescription Bottles Full Of M&Ms To Kids Is A Very Bad Idea

It was one thing when a company selling products for babies handed out fake prescription bottles full of candy to bloggers who could, theoretically, bring them home to their children. Teaching kids that amber and white bottles contain candy is a terrible idea. Yet one college professor skipped the intermediary and handed out pill bottles filled with M&Ms directly to children, angering their parents and other community members. [More]

BytePhoto.com has been running online contests since 2003, but is now being sued by a company that obtained a patent on this sort of online voting.

Hobbyist Photo-Sharing Site Defends Itself Against Company With A Patent On Online Voting

Patents are intended to protect the developers of specific concepts. That’s why you don’t see a patent for “thing that can treat diseases,” but for individual medicines and devices. Last summer, the Supreme Court confirmed you can’t simply patent a generic idea just because you apply it to a computer. But a small photo-sharing site is being sued for infringing on a patent that arguably covers a vast range of vote-for-your-favorite competitions. [More]

Death Toll From GM Ignition Defect Reaches 56

Death Toll From GM Ignition Defect Reaches 56

A year after General Motors first announced the long-delayed recall of the Chevy Cobalt, Saturn Ion and several other vehicles for an ignition problem that both the carmaker and regulators had ignored, the fund responsible for vetting death and injury claims related to the recall is now acknowledging at least 56 fatalities. [More]

Fingerhut.com Uses Over-Inflated Retail Prices To Make Rent-To-Own Look Affordable

Fingerhut.com Uses Over-Inflated Retail Prices To Make Rent-To-Own Look Affordable

On its TV ads, Fingerhut.com shows people making peace with their “budget” alter-egos by doing their shopping on the website that allows you to make “low” monthly payments. But what the site doesn’t say is that not only do those payments add up to a lot more than the original price of what you’re buying, but that Fingerhut’s sticker prices are grossly inflated over the actual retail prices. [More]

Costco Says Dumping American Express Was About “Saving Money For Customers”

Costco Says Dumping American Express Was About “Saving Money For Customers”

Yesterday, American Express announced the impending end of its monogamous relationship with Costco, meaning that not only will AmEx cards no longer be accepted at the popular warehouse store but that co-branded AmEx/Costco credit cards will be useless after March 31, 2016. Now Costco is breaking its silence on the split, saying it was all done in the best interest of Costco shoppers. [More]

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National Grid Cuts Off Mall’s Electricity For Apparent Non-Payment

Rotterdam Square Mall, outside of Schenectady, NY, is not doing so well. It keeps losing stores, as dying malls tend to do, with its Gap and Macy’s shutting down early this year. Yesterday, something unusual happened when the mall’s power went out…not because of weather or supply issues, but allegedly because of an unpaid bill. [More]

3 Things Costco Shoppers Need To Know About Split From American Express

3 Things Costco Shoppers Need To Know About Split From American Express

Yesterday, American Express confirmed rumors that it would be ending its exclusive partnership with Costco at the end of March 2016. While that is more than a year away, Costco members and AmEx cardholders already have some important questions. [More]


Attention, Women Born In 1990: You’re Starting To Look Kinda Old

You’re really never too young to wear sunscreen and moisturize the skin on your face, but Origins, a “natural” skin care brand owned by Estee Lauder, is trying something interesting. They’re advertising anti-aging skin care products to women in their twenties, apparently hoping to tie the quarter-life crisis phenomenon to our natural fears about mortality and aging. [More]