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RadioShack Consumer Data Might Be Back Up For Auction

When the venerable electronics retailer RadioShack declared bankruptcy earlier this year and prepared to sell off its assets and its business, they quietly announced one item that was legally problematic but potentially lucrative: tens of millions of pieces of customer contact information that it has collected over the years. After the Attorney General of Texas objected to such a sale, the court was told that selling that information was off the table. Now it could be back on. [More]


Florida Movie Theater Apologizes For Playing “Suggestive” Ad Before Family Flick

A Florida movie theater has apologized and pulled a makeup ad that ran before a PG-rated movie after a mother complained and said that the scenes of people putting on lipstick and kissing each other are images better suited to a screening of 50 Shades of Grey. [More]


NHTSA Opens Investigation Into Subaru Impreza Airbag System

Airbags are meant protect a driver or passenger in the event of a collision, but the only way for those safety devices to actually cushion a person from the impact of a crash is if the device activates. Apparently that hasn’t been happening in some Subaru sedans, leading the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to initiate a probe into the problem. [More]

14 House Members Sign On To Resolution To Block Net Neutrality

14 House Members Sign On To Resolution To Block Net Neutrality

While the telecom and broadband industries move to fight net neutrality in court, lawmakers — at least one of whom has received substantial financial backing by neutrality opponents — are moving forward with their plans to strike down the FCC’s new regulations. Yesterday, more than a dozen members of Congress all signed on to a new resolution that would block the new neutrality rules from taking effect. [More]

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Egg Executives Sentenced To Three Months In Jail For Role In 2010 Salmonella Outbreak

Last year, an Iowa egg company linked to a 2010 salmonella recall that sickened more than tens of thousands of people agreed to fork over $6.8 million in fines for shipping old eggs under false labels. Now, two former executives at Quality Egg have been sentenced to three months in prison, after facing up to a year for the parts they played in the outbreak. [More]

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Alaska Airlines Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Employee Fell Asleep In Cargo Hold

In the last year, a number of people have attempted – sometimes successfully – to stow away in different areas of airplanes to catch a free ride. On Monday, a ramp agent for Alaska Airlines inadvertently became a stowaway when he fell asleep in the plane’s cargo hold, causing the plane to initiate an emergency landing after just 14 minutes in the air. [More]

There Are Still Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Perform At Home

There Are Still Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Perform At Home

The best way to keep your car rolling for as long as possible is to keep it well maintained. While changes in how automobiles are made and repaired mean that it’s hard to do as much maintenance in your front yard than a few decades ago, there are some tasks that can save you money and time later on and that you can perform at home yourself without extensive auto repair training. [More]

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More Than 220 Fall Ill On Two Separate Royal Caribbean Operated Cruise Ships

Just two months after the first cruise-related norovirus outbreak occurred on a Royal Caribbean vessel, two more of the company’s ships – this time traveling along the west coasts of California and Mexico – have reported a virus has led to illness in more than 215 passengers and crew members. [More]


Remembering When America First Met, Fell In Love With Pizza

In The Time Before Pizza, or as I like to call it, America’s Dark Days, people didn’t have easy access to the delicious, doughy, cheese-and-tomato discs many of us love today. Those who did were mostly limited to the descendants of Italian immigrants, say wise pizza historians, until soldiers abroad in World War II discovered the mouth magic that is a good slice of pizza. [More]

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The Boutique Hotel You Stayed At Was Probably Owned By A Mega-Hotel Chain

At one time, booking a hotel room for the night meant picking between one of about two dozen or so brands: Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Best Western, Comfort Inn, just to name a few. Today, consumers have more than 113 brands owned by the 10 largest hotel chains in the U.S. to choose from, and the long list of options doesn’t appear to be shrinking anytime soon. [More]

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Teen Chain dEliA*s To Rise Again As Online-Only Store This Summer

Out of the ashes, one teen retail chain is trying to crawl back toward life: Delia’s dELiA*s says it’ll be rising from the dead with an online-only version of its store this August. [More]

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RadioShack’s New Owners Don’t Really Care About Buying The RadioShack Name

RadioShack still exists. Well, stores that say “RadioShack” on them still exist, but those are a joint venture between the Shack’s new owners and Sprint. While the stores have kept their doors open, there’s one thing missing from the business plan: this new venture doesn’t own the RadioShack trademark yet. They aren’t too worried about it, though. [More]


Some McDonald’s Locations Exchanging Free Egg McMuffins For Taco Bell Breakfast Receipts

If you’re the kind of person for whom a second breakfast is a matter of course, you might want to consider moving to northeastern Pennsylvania in the next few days: Some McDonald’s locations there have been offering up free Egg McMuffins this month in exchange for Taco Bell breakfast receipts. [More]

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Cash4iPhones Offers $75, Changes To $8 After Receiving Phone

You might remember the name Cash4iPhones: we shared one reader’s conflict with them around the time of the last iPhone release. Consumers have two main complaints about this company. They claim that it sends high initial offers that plummet once your device is in their hands, and they are impossible to reach. [More]

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GM Says 70% Of Vehicles Recalled For Deadly Ignition Switch Defect Fixed

Six months after General Motors began coaxing consumers to fix their recalled vehicles with a social media campaign and the promise of $25 gift cards, the car manufacture says that about 70% of the 2.4 million vehicles recalled for a deadly ignition switch defect have been fixed. [More]


Students Claim 11,327-Pound Rice Krispies Treat Holds New World Record

There are some endeavors so inherently delicious, it’s a wonder more people don’t undertake them. But alas, not everyone has the means to craft a ginormous 5.5-ton Rice Krispies treat and steal the world record for doing so. [More]

McDonald's has drawn the ire of on of Italy's pizza makers association for a recent commercial.

Italian Pizza Association Threatens To Sue McDonalds Over Happy Meal Commercial

There appears to be a bit of a war brewing between Italian pizza makers and McDonald’s after the fast food company aired a commercial depicting a child overjoyed to receive a Happy Meal over pizza at a local pizzeria. [More]

Sprint Set To Make House Calls With Launch Of “Direct 2 You” Service

Sprint Set To Make House Calls With Launch Of “Direct 2 You” Service

Like doctors of yore carrying black bags filled with tools straight to an ailing person’s bedside, Sprint is rolling out its own version of the house call with a new service needlessly employing numerals instead of letters, “Direct 2 You.” Roving Sprint workers will be on the road to customers in need of help upgrading their phone, transferring information to a new device and recycling old phones. [More]