September Recall Roundup – Toppling Televisions And Lead-Painted Sunglasses

September Recall Roundup – Toppling Televisions And Lead-Painted Sunglasses

In the Recall Roundup for September, smoke alarms fail to go off, kids’ sunglasses are decorated with Disney characters rendered in lead paint, and a cooking thermometer adds a little something extra that you didn’t want to your food. [More]

You Are Now Watching 93 Minutes Of Netflix A Day, You Lazy Bum

You Are Now Watching 93 Minutes Of Netflix A Day, You Lazy Bum

Cable companies hate Netflix. They pretend it’s because the streaming video service puts up a fuss about having to pay a toll just to be carried that last mile of the Internet to customers’ homes. But really, as new data shows, it’s because people are now spending an awful lot of time watching Netflix instead of watching TV. [More]

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Coca-Cola Putting WiFi Hotspots In Soda Machines (But Not In The U.S.)

In an effort to both bring WiFi to underserved areas and market its product to consumers, Coca-Cola South Africa is installing soda machines that also double as WiFi hotspots. [More]

Orange-Flavored Halloween Milk Exists, Is Terrifying

Orange-Flavored Halloween Milk Exists, Is Terrifying

There is one good thing that we can say about TruMoo’s holiday-themed flavored milks, and that is that they don’t have any high fructose corn syrup. Also, while the orange milk is orange-colored and Halloween-themed, it is not pumpkin spice flavored. After that, we’re pretty much out of nice things to say about it. [More]

Comcast/TWC Merger Critics: “Comcast Owes Us An Apology” for “Extortion” Comments

Comcast/TWC Merger Critics: “Comcast Owes Us An Apology” for “Extortion” Comments

Comcast had some harsh words this week for critics of their plan to acquire Time Warner Cable. They accused advocacy groups and businesses that have legitimate concerns about the massive transaction of crying wolf with “unfounded,” “unsupported,” and “extortionate” claims. However, Comcast’s attempt to discredit its critics into silence appears to be having the opposite effect, as both corporations and nonprofit groups are firing back loudly. [More]

DirecTV Shareholders Sign Off On AT&T Merger

DirecTV Shareholders Sign Off On AT&T Merger

While the rest of the world waits for regulators in D.C. to decide if AT&T and DirecTV should be allowed to live together in wedded bliss, one group of people has already given their blessing to the deal. [More]


Guy Who Crowdfunded $55,000 To Make Potato Salad Is Throwing A Huge Potato Party For Charity

Back when the guy known now as Kickstarter Potato Salad Guy raised about $55,000 for his first-ever attempt at making potato salad, everyone was wondering how in the heck you could possibly make that much potato salad to fulfill rewards for his backers. And now he’s got the answer — he’s going to throw a massive potato party, complete with potato sack races, food vendors and yes, potato salad, all for charity. [More]


Apple May Have Known About iCloud Vulnerability Months Before Nude Photo Scandal

Immediately after the first huge batch of stolen photos of female celebrities in various states of undress hit the Internet, Apple rushed to defend itself, saying the massive theft was the result of clever guessing and lax security on the part of the affected users. But a new report claims that Apple was warned months earlier that this sort of data theft could happen. [More]

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Trucker Abandons Trailer With 35K Pounds Of Raw Chicken After Failed Ransom Attempt

Warning: If the thought of rotting chicken is something that will put you off your lunch, stop reading now. Because law enforcement near Missoula, MT have quite a bit of a smelly headache to deal with, after a trucker abandoned a trailer packed with 35,000 pounds of raw chicken at a truck stop on Tuesday. [More]

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Here’s How You Can Roll Back The Unfortunate iOS 8.0.1 Update

Millions of people worldwide rushed out to purchase the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last week, and Apple immediately pushed out an early operating system upgrade to fix a few minor problems with the phones. Unfortunately, this update caused other problems in turn, like, um, losing their cellular service. Or the use of the phone’s thumbprint sensor. You know, minor stuff, but it still moved people to commemorate the update in song. [More]

The Secret To Lowering Your Credit Card Interest Rate (Spoiler: Just Ask)

(Corey Templeton)

Are you sick of being slammed with an 18% interest rate on your credit card even though you regularly pay down your balance and don’t miss payments? “How can I possibly get that rate down a few points to make my finances more manageable?” you ask to no one in particular, but that’s a question to ask your credit card issuer because there’s a decent chance they’ll knock down that APR for you. [More]

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Lawsuit Claims Templeton Rye Misled Drinkers Into Thinking It’s A Bootlegger’s Whiskey

I’ve seen enough of Boardwalk Empire to know that [spoiler alert] bootleggers in the Prohibition era liked their booze. So of course, tying in a modern day whiskey brand to guys like Al Capone, who had a taste for whiskey made in Templeton, Iowa, as legend would have it, seems like a smooth move. But a lawsuit filed against Templeton Rye says the whiskey company violated consumer protection laws and misled drinkers by tying in its booze to the town, as it’s actually distilled in Indiana. [More]

The Dog That Brings Royal Dutch Airline Passengers Lost Items Is A Fakety-Fake, But He’s Still Adorable

Remember the super cute beagle we told you about yesterday? You know, the one that runs around the Amsterdam Airport Schipol returning lost items to Royal Dutch Airline Passengers. Well I am utterly heartbroken (although I should have seen this coming) to report that he’s a fraud. Of course, he’s a living breathing dog, but he won’t be returning your misplaced items anytime soon. Sherlock was used as an illustration of how KLM’s Lost & Found team works to reunite passengers with their belongings. [Factually] [More]


Medieval Belgian Town Installing A Beer Pipeline Because — Wait, A Beer Pipeline?!

Colin “My Waggling Eyebrows Are Hypnotizing” Farrell’s character was so wrong to be cranky about being stuck in Bruges in the movie In Bruges (pronounced “Brooooszh” in my head) — that city is about to be the first in Belgium to install its very own beer pipeline. I repeat: A beer pipeline. [More]


Missing Ketchup Prompts Alleged BB Gun Shooting At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Everyone knows that ranch is the preferred dipping sauce when it comes to McDonald’s french fries. Okay, fine it might not be for everyone. But no matter what condiment you choose, getting less than you think you deserve doesn’t mean it’s okay to shoot the drive-thru window with a BB gun. [More]

Bending on purpose = no replacement (Unbox Therapy)

Report: Apple Will Replace Some Bent iPhones After A “Visual Mechanical Inspection”

UPDATE: According to the most recent Visual Inspection guide from Apple, bent iPhones are specifically not covered by warranty, though Apple could always change its policy from what is stated in the guide. [More]

Here Are 9 Minutes Of The iPhone-Bending Guy Trying To Bend Other Phones

Here Are 9 Minutes Of The iPhone-Bending Guy Trying To Bend Other Phones

Yesterday, Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy planted his flag in the Internet with his video demonstrating that the iPhone 6 Plus does indeed bend. But what about the less-huge iPhone 6 and countless other devices — would they bend too? Today, he found out. [More]

This Is Probably The Best Pop Song Ever Written About Today’s Failed iOS 8 Update

This Is Probably The Best Pop Song Ever Written About Today’s Failed iOS 8 Update

The songbook of history is filled with countless odes written in response to this morning’s disastrous update to Apple’s iOS 8 operating system, but this one has to be the catchiest of them all. [More]