Senator Calls For Investigation Into Three For-Profit College Chains, Restrictions On Future Campus Sales

The struggle to protect students from potentially harmful for-profit college chains continued today as Illinois Senator Dick Durbin urged the Department of Education to investigate the business practices of three of the country’s largest propriety education companies – ITT Educational Services, Career Education Corporation, and Education Management Corporation. [More]

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars Set Good Example, Lose Weight

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars Set Good Example, Lose Weight

Weight Watchers-branded meals and snacks are supposed to make it easier to follow the Weight Watchers points system and, well, lose weight. Reader M is a fan of their packaged ice cream bars, and was disappointed when she noticed that they’re a little bit smaller than they used to be after a recent package redesign. Yes, it was the Grocery Shrink Ray. [More]


L.A. City Council Votes To Raise Minimum Wage To $15/Hour By 2020

At $9/hour, the current minimum wage in Los Angeles is already well above the $7.25/hour federal minimum. But today the L.A. City Council voted for a plan that will increase that wage to $15/hour by 2020. [More]

Does Net Neutrality Give The FCC Authority To Overturn Data Caps?

Does Net Neutrality Give The FCC Authority To Overturn Data Caps?

While some cable companies, like Comcast and Cox, continue to run regional tests of data caps for their broadband services, at least one major industry analyst is egging the industry to establish harder data caps before the FCC’s new net neutrality rules go into effect in mid-June, even though the new rules don’t actually set any hard and clear guidelines about the Commission’s authority to intervene on the issue of data caps. [More]

Lawsuit Over JCPenney’s Alleged Imaginary Discounts Receives Class Action Status

Lawsuit Over JCPenney’s Alleged Imaginary Discounts Receives Class Action Status

A class-action lawsuit that accuses JCPenney’s of violating consumer protection laws by using deceptive discount practices received the go-ahead from a federal judge on Tuesday. [More]

34 Million Takata Airbags Declared Defective, More Recalls To Come

34 Million Takata Airbags Declared Defective, More Recalls To Come

After months of resisting federal regulators’ push for a national recall of vehicles containing defective Takata-produced airbags that could spew shrapnel when deployed, the Japanese auto parts maker announced today that it has declared an estimated 34 million vehicles defective because of the potentially deadly safety devices. The declaration is the first step in what will likely be the county’s largest recall of a consumer product. [More]


Survey Says: 30% Of People Who Admit To Tweeting While Driving Do It “All The Time”

While we’ve heard of people doing things they shouldn’t be doing while they’re driving — like playing the guitar and taking selfies, not to mention texting — it’s still shocking to look at the numbers tied to distracted driving. A new survey says the trendy thing to do behind the wheel now is using social media like Twitter, with plenty of people admitting they do it “all the time.” [More]

New Jersey Won’t Get Self-Serve Gas Pumps Anytime Soon

(Morton Fox)

As things stand right now, there are only two states in the nation where drivers are not allowed to pump their own gas: New Jersey and Oregon. Both states have legislation pending that would put an end to the days of full-serve only, but a powerful Garden State legislator has made it known that there will be no self-serve on his watch. [More]


Oakland Airport Baggage Handlers Accused Of Participating In Marijuana Smuggling Ring

Federal officials say they’ve uncovered an alleged marijuana smuggling ring that involved three baggage handlers working at Oakland International Airport. Because airport workers can go behind the scenes where others can’t, investigators say the baggage handlers used their security badges to access off-limits areas and get pot from one point to another. [More]

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Nevada’s Attorney General Is Investigating Cash4Laptops/Cash4iPhones

Last year, we shared two readers’ crappy experiences with the brand that does business under the names Cash4iPhones and Cash4Laptops. One had his offer for three phones cut by more than $900, and another received an offer of $263 for his phone and a check for $41. Our readers aren’t alone, of course, and the attorney general in the state of Nevada, where the company is based, is investigating them. [More]

Walmart Is Now The Rightful Owner Of Walmart.Horse

Walmart Is Now The Rightful Owner Of Walmart.Horse

You’ll have to excuse us if we’re not in the greatest spirits today, as we’re in mourning for the loss of Walmart.horse, the nonsense website that Walmart spent actual time and money to shut down and acquire. [More]

PayPal Must Pay $25M In Refunds, Penalties For Illegally Signing Customers Up For Online Credit Product

PayPal Must Pay $25M In Refunds, Penalties For Illegally Signing Customers Up For Online Credit Product

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alleges that online payment platform PayPal signed up customers for PayPal credit accounts without authorization, forced customers to use this credit line instead of their preferred payment methods, and failed to address disputes. As a result, PayPal will pay a total of $25 million in refunds and penalties. [More]

(Theodore Scott)

Suspicious Buzzing Noise Leads To Discovery Of 40,000 Bees Under Floorboards Of NYC Home

No one likes unwanted houseguests squatting in their home, even if said residents are busy making something tasty. So when officials in New York City found a hive of roughly 40,000 bees living under the floorboards of a Queen apartment, experts felt it was best to evict. [More]

Children’s Cancer Fund of America Inc. is one of four cancer charities charged with allegedly perpetrating a scheme to bilk consumers out of millions of dollars.

4 Cancer Charities Accused Of Swindling Donors Out Of $187 Million

Federal regulators, state officials and prosecutors and law enforcement officers from all 50 states and the District of Columbia partnered today to charge four cancer charities and their operators for running a scheme that swindle consumers out of $187 million in charitable donations. Two of the charities have agreed to settle the charges and dissolve their businesses, while two other plan to fight the charges in court. [More]

AT&T CEO: We Can Invest In Our Company Despite Net Neutrality Because It’ll Lose In Court Anyway

AT&T CEO: We Can Invest In Our Company Despite Net Neutrality Because It’ll Lose In Court Anyway

All of the big ISPs hate the FCCs new net neutrality rule. They’ve been protesting the agency’s decision since before it was even made. And yet the top executives at the cable ISPs have all by now explained why net neutrality is not actually a threat to their businesses, and this week was AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson’s turn. [More]

Tic Tac's current flavors (via Facebook)

Tic Tac Introduces New Flavors That Change As They Dissolve, Because Millennials Can’t Stand Being Bored

In yet another example of how badly brands want to cater to — and get the business of — younger consumers, Tic Tac is introducing its first major product innovation in seven years: Flavors that change as they dissolve in your mouth, because millennials just cannot stand being bored, nope, not for one second. [More]

Jury Hits Debt Collector With $83 Million Verdict Over Bogus $1,130 Debt

(Luke Hornick)

A jury in Missouri recently awarded $251,000 in damages to a local woman who was wrongfully sued by a debt collector — more than 222 times the amount she’d been sued over — but that’s nothing compared to the additional $82.99 million in punitive damages assessed against the collection company. [More]

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NHTSA Investigating Nissan Vehicle Issue That Can Result In Blown Tires, Brake Failure

Suffering a tire blowout while driving down the highway is never a welcome experience, but imagine if you found out that the tire blew, not because of debris on the roadway, but as a result of a manufacturing defect with your vehicle? It’s for that reason more than 130,000 Nissan Versa vehicles are now under investigation by federal regulators. [More]