Nielsen To Finally Peel Back Curtain On What’s Actually Popular On Netflix, Amazon

Nielsen To Finally Peel Back Curtain On What’s Actually Popular On Netflix, Amazon

Sure, there’s a “Popular On Netflix” category on the streaming service, but are those actually the most-watched Netflix videos? For years, only Netflix has known how many of its users were watching which videos — and the company has not been eager to share that information. But the folks at Nielsen reportedly are going to start collecting ratings data for Netflix and Amazon videos, pulling back that curtain of secrecy. [More]

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NHTSA Pushes For National Recall Of Takata Airbags

In the past year, nearly 10 million vehicles have been recalled in areas of high humidity – generally the southern United States – related to defective Takata-produced airbags. That number could increase significantly now that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has urged the Japanese auto parts maker and car manufacturers to expand the recall to cover the entire United States. [More]


Police Searching For Lane Bryant Shopper Accused Of Letting Her Dog Urinate On Store’s Clothes

There are bad consumers, and then there are shoppers who allow their dogs to do their bathroom business inside the store. And we’re not talking a little “oops” of a light sprinkle, but New Jersey police say one Lane Bryant shopper let her little pet pee on $2,000 worth of store merchandise. [More]

UPS Works To Avoid Another Holiday Backlog, Will Charge Retailers Extra If It Happens

UPS Works To Avoid Another Holiday Backlog, Will Charge Retailers Extra If It Happens

Dear retailers: UPS has its eye you. In an interview with the wire service Reuters, the company’s CEO explained its efforts to avoid another disaster like the Christmas 2013 shipping delay that left many Americans sad and giftless. Namely, if retailers try any last-minute sale shenanigans while promising delivery by Christmas, it’s going to cost them. Money. [More]

You Can Now Delegate Mailing Boxes Of Poop To Your Enemies

You Can Now Delegate Mailing Boxes Of Poop To Your Enemies

While placing feces on the doorstep of someone who has offended you is a time-honored insult, it’s now possible, for about the cost of a pizza and wings, to have a steaming pile delievered to the address of your choice. Well, maybe not so much a “steaming pile,” and more of a “room-temperature sealed plastic container.” Is this service all it’s advertised to be? There’s nothing quite like a first-hand review when a new product or service hits the market. [More]

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Authorities Arrest Owner, Six Employees Of Debt Collection Group That Scammed $4.1M From Consumers

We’re no stranger to the shady tactics that debt collection companies use to pry money from consumers. But the latest scam to be shut down by U.S. authorities might be one of the most egregious we’ve ever seen. [More]

Frontline and Pro Publica's "Firestone and the Warlord" investigates the secret relationship between the American tire company and the infamous Liberian warlord/president/war criminal Charles Taylor (pictured). [Photo Credit: © Patrick Robert/Sygma/Corbis]

Firestone Made Deal With The Devil, Paid Millions To Help Fund Genocidal Warlord

In the late 1980s, 40% of the latex used in the United States was supplied by a single plantation — a massive operation run by Firestone in the African nation of Liberia. The plantation had survived the 1980 coup that saw the country’s president slaughtered in his bed and cabinet members executed in public. But after an even bloodier uprising began in 1989, Firestone ultimately ended up in bed with one of history’s most evil figures. [More]

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Dave & Buster’s Apologizes For Tweeting That All Guys Named Juan Like Tacos

In yet another chapter of the book all companies should read, How Not To Tweet So You Don’t Risk Offending Your Customers, Dave & Buster’s went and shoved the basketball into its own hoop with a misguided tweet timed to coincide with #TacoTuesdays that basically says anyone named Juan likes tacos. [More]

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Pabst Blue Ribbon Remains American, Wasn’t Actually Purchased By Russian Brewing Company

Back in September it was widely reported that Pabst Blue Ribbon would become a little less American after its parent company was purchased by a Russian beverage company. Only that was never actually the case. [More]

Computer Engineer Barbie Needs Men To Write Code, Can’t Reboot Computer

Computer Engineer Barbie Needs Men To Write Code, Can’t Reboot Computer

UPDATE: The real update is there has yet to be an update. We — and others — haven’t heard back from Mattel yet, despite increasing negative reviews of the book. SECOND UPDATE: Mattel has responded to the book’s critics. [More]

Seems legit.

Terrible People Create Fake Amazon Pages, Convince Walmart To Price-Match Them

It seemed like a great victory for consumers when Walmart announced that it would price-match select online retailers, including However, because we’re not evil, we didn’t foresee how some people would misuse the price-matching privilege to scam Wally World into selling them video game consoles at cut-rate prices. [More]

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One Year After Jeep Recall, Repairs Still Difficult To Obtain

Despite Chrysler’s promise earlier this year to ramp-up efforts to fix more than a million Jeeps recalled over a year ago, consumers continue to report issues with obtaining the needed repairs. [More]

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NYC Officials Decide It’s Finally Time To Shame People For Sitting With Their Legs Spread Apart On The Subway

The last time I checked, the average person is not six feet wide, and thus doesn’t need anywhere near that amount of room to sit on any given surface. And yet, there are those who have been ticking off their fellow riders since the dawn of time by having the audacity to spread their legs as far to the side as possible, thus either preventing others from sitting or making the people on either side uncomfortable at the level of touching. Finally, New York City’s authorities are spreading the message that enough is enough. [More]

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If You Didn’t Change The Default Password On Your Security Camera, Someone’s Probably Watching It Stream

Remote access has been a boon to many industries. Home security cameras, for example: not only can you keep an eye on your property in case anything bad happens, but you can do it in real-time, instead of reviewing footage after the fact. But cameras protecting the security of your home may in fact need a serious security helper of your own. And running tens of thousands of searchable livestreams from unwitting camera owners who didn’t change default the access passwords on their devices is certainly one (unethical, intrusive) way to make the point. [More]


NTSB Rules That Model Aircraft Can Be Regulated By FAA

What’s the difference between a model aircraft you’d take out to the park and fly for your own amusement without having to worry about being fined or penalized by the Federal Aviation Administration, and operating a remote-controlled aircraft that does fall under the regulatory umbrella of the FAA? Earlier this year, a federal administrative law judge said it was pretty clear that model aircrafts of any sort are exempt from FAA oversight, but the National Transportation Safety Board today said the judge was mistaken. [More]

Bob Marley’s Family Is Starting A Line Of Branded Marijuana For Reasons No One Must Explain


In a branding combination that goes together like Bob Marley black light posters and college students, the late musician’s family says it’s starting a new line of Bob Marley marijuana. If you need someone to explain the relationship between Marley and Mary Jane, go ask your 19-year-old niece/nephew/son/daughter living in the basement. [More]

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Christopher & Banks, C.J. Banks To Defy Mall Fines, Close On Thanksgiving Day

You may not have heard of the clothing store chain Christopher & Banks/C.J. Banks, but that’s probably because you’re not a woman of a certain age or a certain dress size. They’re a chain that sells clothing aimed at mature women. The important thing to know, other than that they sell some nice corduroys, is that the chain is defying the malls where it rents and staying closed on Thanksgiving Day this year. [More]

Target's updated app allows customers to see if items are available at local stores and where to find them inside the store.

Target App Now Tells You If Items Are Available In-Store And Where To Find Them

Have you ever made a shopping list, driven to the store and then realized they were out of certain items? Apparently, Target has an answer to that frustrating experience in the form of an app update that can tell consumers what’s in stock and where to find those items inside the store. [More]