Amazon Unveils Subscription E-Book Service For $10/Month

Amazon Unveils Subscription E-Book Service For $10/Month

After accidentally posting info about the service to its site earlier this week, Amazon has officially unveiled “Kindle Unlimited,” a $9.99/month subscription service that offers users access to a library of e-books. [More]


Netflix Killed Off Saturday DVD Deliveries In Early June And No One Noticed Until Now

The worry for Netflix DVD subscribers used to be that the United States Postal Service would stop Saturday mail delivery, thus putting a kink in movie-consuming schedules. Instead, the time has come for Netflix to put down Saturday DVD delivery all by itself. Actually, the time already came and it’s already dead, just not a lot of people noticed. [More]


Wells Fargo To Stop Reordering Check Transactions; Should Reduce Overdraft Charges

A little talked-about way in which banks maximize overdraft fees is by processing transactions not in the order in which they are received, but in a way that results in the largest number of overdrafts. Now the folks at Wells Fargo are putting an end to this practice for its checking account customers. [More]

FedEx Indicted For Shipping Drugs For Illegal Pharmacies; Denies Allegations

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More than a year after UPS agreed to pay $40 million to settle federal charges that it knowingly made shipments for illegal online pharmacies, a federal grand jury has indicted FedEx for similar allegations. [More]

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Comcast Locks You Out Of Your E-Mail Accounts, Shrugs

It all began when Karen paid her Comcast bill online. Maybe that’s what caused her issue, or maybe it wasn’t–all she knows is that when she tried to log in to her account after the payment posted, she got kicked back to the login screen. That’s how two weeks of what she called “Xfinity Hades” began. [More]

Now Facebook Is Testing A “Buy” Button In Its Ads

Now Facebook Is Testing A “Buy” Button In Its Ads

Because you should apparently never, ever have to even consider leaving Facebook to do anything, the online baby photo depository and place where recently divorced singles go to try to reignite high school romances has begun testing a “Buy” button that allows you to purchase crap you could buy elsewhere. [More]

Apple Not So Clear On Where Washington, D.C. Is, Either

Apple Not So Clear On Where Washington, D.C. Is, Either

A Transportation Security Administration agent and some overly literal liquor stores in New Hampshire made headlines this week when they denied existence of the District of Columbia. Now, the iOS app store is also confused, thinking that Washington, D.C. is somewhere near Seattle. [More]

Bill To Undo Hobby Lobby Ruling Fails In Senate; May Come Back From Dead Later This Year

Bill To Undo Hobby Lobby Ruling Fails In Senate; May Come Back From Dead Later This Year

Last week, Senator Patty Murray of Washington introduced legislation that would have undone the recent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling, in which the nation’s highest court found that closely held private corporations can exempt themselves from a federal law requiring them to provide health insurance that covers female contraception. Yesterday, the bill fell four votes short of moving forward, but it’s supporters are pledging to bring it up for another vote later in the year. [More]

Get outta that pan, batter! (CBS Boston)

Why Bake With Cake Batter In A Can When You Can Just Open Your Mouth And Aim?

First of all, let’s all bow our heads and acknowledge the culinary efforts of a group of Harvard students who figured out how to put cake batter in a spray can [pause for acknowledgement]. Now that that’s done, don’t be silly, college kids! I don’t need to bake a cake — in the microwave, no less — with that invention, just spray it directly into my mouth for maximum tastiness. [More]

FTC Halts Operations Of Four “Yellow Page” Directory Operations That Took Millions From Consumers

FTC Halts Operations Of Four “Yellow Page” Directory Operations That Took Millions From Consumers

For many businesses advertising in the phone book and online directories are just a few ways to reach prospective customers. But business owners should be forewarned some of those “yellow page” directories are just out to collect your hard-earned money. That was allegedly the case for four Montreal-based marketing operations that took millions from small businesses, churches, nonprofits and local government agencies. [More]

CPSC Finally Announces Recall Of Buckyballs, Kicking Off Refund Process


After two years of fighting the makers of Buckyballs and related Buckycubes to get the manufacturer to issue a recall of the magnetic toys that health experts say can rip through your gut if swallowed, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says it’s reached a settlement with the owner of the former company, and consumers can start filing their refund requests. [More]

Student: Corinthian Colleges’ Demise Is Like “Watching A House Fall On A Witch”


The downfall of Corinthian Colleges — the operator of Everest University, WyoTech, and Heald College — has put for-profit education chains in the spotlight, with people focusing on allegations of bogus job-placement statistics, grade manipulation, questionable marketing practices, and speculation regarding what will happen to $1.4 billion in federal student aid. But what about the actual students who have been watching this collapse from the inside? What about their stories? [More]

Copyright Office Disagrees With Aereo That Aereo Is A Cable Company Now

Copyright Office Disagrees With Aereo That Aereo Is A Cable Company Now

Streaming video service Aereo’s last-ditch bid to stay in business hit another wall this week, as the U.S. Copyright Office has denied their request to be licensed in the same way as a cable company — at least, for the time being. [More]

12 Things You Might Not Know About Costco

12 Things You Might Not Know About Costco

Consumerist readers seem to love Costco, but how much do you know about the warehouse retail chain? Here are twelve interesting facts that you may or may not know about Costco. If you did know them, you can feel smug about it; if you didn’t, then you’ll learn something new. Everyone wins! [More]


Farmers Fighting New Housing Development With Signs Warning Of Noisy, Smelly Animals Having Sex

When the barn’s a rockin’, farmers know not to come a-knockin’. But all those stinky animals might want to get it on outside, too, so rural residents who are against a new housing development near their farms are fighting back by warning people what they might potentially see, hear and smell. [More]

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Guy Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Beer Says He’s “Wrongfully Accused” Of Ordering 5 Pizzas From Jail

A man accused of boosting beer and being drunk in public somehow found himself in more trouble after he was booked at the police station, with officers claiming he used his cell phone to order a pizza delivery under the name of his arresting officer. [More]

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Reminder: Cashing A Check From West Africa Is Not A Legitimate Job

Here’s a reminder to everyone looking for a job or for a side hustle in addition to their current job: as tempting as it may sound, receiving a check and depositing it is not a legitimate way to make money. You might have heard this before, but if no one fell for this scam, it would die out. [More]

Chrysler Will Finally, Eventually Get Around To Fixing Millions Of Jeeps Recalled In 2013

Chrysler Will Finally, Eventually Get Around To Fixing Millions Of Jeeps Recalled In 2013

Last year, Chrysler reluctantly recalled millions of Jeeps out of concern that rear-end collisions could result in a fire. And even though the car maker came up with a fix for the issue, it still hadn’t repaired some 1.6 million Jeeps a year after announcing the recall. Under pressure from federal regulators, Chrysler now says it will pick up the pace of repairs, though it could still be eight months before some Jeeps are fixed. [More]