Urban Outfitters Will End On-Call Scheduling In New York

Following in the footsteps of retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Abercrombie & Fitch and Gap, Urban Outfitters says it will stop using on-call scheduling — but only in New York. This change comes after pressure from New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office, which has been probing various companies’ use of the system. [More]

Frontier Airlines Loses Passenger’s Hockey Sticks Not Once, But Twice In Two Weeks

Frontier Airlines Loses Passenger’s Hockey Sticks Not Once, But Twice In Two Weeks

When putting your belongings in the hands of an airline, you’re taking the risk that those items might not make it to your desired destination – just ask Alaska Airlines’ CEO. Still, what are the chances that the same airline would lose your gear not once, but twice? [More]

Christina Hendricks Nice ‘n Easy Ad Banned In UK For Being Misleading

Christina Hendricks Nice ‘n Easy Ad Banned In UK For Being Misleading

As her run on Mad Men came to an end, famously redheaded actress Christina Hendricks started showing up in an ad for Procter & Gamble’s Nice ‘n Easy hair dye, where she transforms into a blonde. Now the commercial has been red-flagged in the UK after an ad watchdog declared it misleading. [More]

Jet.com Decides To Drop $50 Annual Membership Fee

Jet.com Decides To Drop $50 Annual Membership Fee

Only a few months after it launched — and within the three-month free membership window — Jet.com is changing up how it works: the company is ditching the $50 annual membership fee it had charged shoppers for upfront discounts, and will instead stick with offering smaller discounts on large orders. [More]

Washington Pushes For Pesticide Transparency In Retail Marijuana

Washington Pushes For Pesticide Transparency In Retail Marijuana

For decades, buying pot off the street sometimes meant you had to take the seller’s word about the quality and origin of their product. But with some states legalizing retail marijuana sales in the U.S., there’s an opportunity for consumer safeguards and increased transparency for pot purchasers. [More]


AT&T Gets The Go-Ahead From FCC To Enable WiFi Calling For iPhones

After AT&T had to delay enabling WiFi calling on iPhones — a move it was expected to make, but didn’t, with the release of iOS 9 recently — the carrier is finally getting the go-ahead it needed from the Federal Communications Commission to roll out the feature to its customers. [More]

Toyota Plans To Have Self-Driving Car For The Masses By 2020

Toyota Plans To Have Self-Driving Car For The Masses By 2020

Toyota attempted to break away from the self-driving car fanfare last month by announcing it would instead invest $50 million into creating “life-saving intelligent” vehicles that weren’t necessarily autonomous. Today, the company made it clear that it’s also pursuing the fully driver-less route, revealing plans to release a commercially available self-driving car by 2020. [More]

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Scoops Up Stumptown Roasters

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Scoops Up Stumptown Roasters

Two coffee companies are coming together in a caffeinated embrace, pledging to combine their beans and walk off into the sunset together: Peet’s Coffee & Tea has bought high-end coffee brand Stumptown Roasters that has created quite the buzz for itself among dedicated customers. [More]


Bankrupt American Apparel Turns To Same Hedge Fund That Helped RadioShack

At first glance, American Apparel and RadioShack don’t seem to have much in common: one uses provocative advertisements to sell leggings, T-shirts and other clothing items, while the other focuses more on the sale of wireless and electronic products. Unfortunately, the things the two companies do have in common aren’t so great: both have suffered through years of slumping sales that eventually led them to, separately, file for bankruptcy protection. And that means they could soon share a common hero in hedge fund Standard General.  [More]

Volkswagen Recall Repairs Could Start In January, Might Take All Year To Complete

Volkswagen Recall Repairs Could Start In January, Might Take All Year To Complete

The new head of embattled car manufacturer Volkswagen says the company might not be able to start recalling diesel cars that cheat on emissions tests until January, and that it might take most of 2016 for all repairs to be completed.  [More]

By acquiring SABMiller, InBev would gain significant market share in Africa, where beer sales are expected to grow in the coming years. To do that, the merged companies would likely have to divest themselves of holdings in the U.S., where the control a combined 70% of the beer market.

Budweiser Maker Officially Offers $104 Billion To Buy Miller

After SABMiller rejected a $100 billion takeover offer from Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s biggest beer company has come forward with a sweeter offer of $104 billion. [More]

CFPB To Consider Rules That Would Revoke Banks’ “License To Steal”

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The lengthy, often complicated terms of use for more than half of all credit cards — and nearly half of all federally insured bank deposits — include clauses that force customers into arbitration, taking away their right to sue these companies in a court of law and usually blocking them from joining together in a class action. Critics argue that these forced-arbitration clauses allow banks and other businesses to break the law with impunity. Heeding the call of lawmakers and consumer advocates, the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has decided to consider rules that would ban this practice among financial institutions. [More]

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Your Borders Gift Card Is Now Worthless: This Is Not A Repost From 2011

You may remember that back in 2013, people who forgot to redeem their Borders gift cards sued the company’s smoldering remains and tried to get some of their money back. A federal judge shot that effort down, but the gift card lawsuit continued, and went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. No, really. However, the Supremes declined to hear the case, which means you’re stuck using those Borders gift cards to scrape ice off your car windows. [More]

ModCloth Is Integrating Its Separate Plus-Size Section

ModCloth Is Integrating Its Separate Plus-Size Section

Like other women who wear sizes over 12, I briefly panicked when I read headlines earlier today: clothing retailer ModCloth was getting rid of its “Plus Sizes.” What?! One of the world’s few sources for cute outfits for a wide range of sizes was giving its plus-size customers the boot? No, it turns out: they’re getting rid of a separate “plus” section on the website. [More]

This tofu-loving hamster (probably) didn't steal the delivery truck. (pyza*)

Truck Full Of Tofu, Organic Drinks Goes Missing From Safeway Parking Lot

If we were going to steal a semi truck full of something from a grocery store (we would never do something like that, and we suggest you don’t either), it certainly wouldn’t be one brimming with tofu and organic health drinks. But those items were apparently appealing to one Oregon thief Tuesday when he made off with a truck full of the products.  [More]

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Court Overturns Conviction Of Landlord Who Threatened To Post Sex Tape On Facebook

If you go on Facebook and threaten to post a sex tape featuring a public official, is that a threat or is it free speech protected by the First Amendment? The highest court in Georgia has overturned the six-year prison sentence of a man who said he’d share raunchy footage of a court clerk, mostly because said sex tape didn’t exist. [More]

Man Recruited Homeless To Help Him Steal As Much As $800K From Home Depot

Man Recruited Homeless To Help Him Steal As Much As $800K From Home Depot

There’s shoplifting, and then there’s organizing a network of people help you pull off illegal activities: law enforcement in Detroit said a man who recruited homeless people and others on the streets to steal from Home Depot made as much as $800,000 over a few years, by returning those shoplifted items for store credit. [More]

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Where Is McDonald’s Offering All-Day Breakfast Biscuits Or McMuffins? Here’s Your Map

Reader D. is disappointed in all-day breakfast at McDonald’s. Not because it exists, but because he lives in an area of Ohio that offers biscuits and not McMuffins on its all-day breakfast menu. He wondered whether we could provide a service to our readers by making a nationwide map that shows which markets have which breakfast breads. We can’t, because McDonald’s already did. [More]