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This Supermarket Poster Was Not Meant To Be Seen By The Public

We all know that businesses have motivational signs and slogans that managers use out of sight of the public. But someone at this supermarket is probably going to get the boot after posting a sign on the front window encouraging employees to wring more cash out of customers. [More]

This Sounds Familiar: Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, ACME, Shaw’s Hit By Second Credit Card Data Breach

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When someone wrote me to say there was a data breach at the company behind several major supermarket chains — including Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, ACME, Star Markets, and Shaw’s — I thought, “That happened about six weeks ago, didn’t it?” Alas, the company has announced it is the victim of a new, separate attack. [More]

Mysterious Salmonella Outbreak Had Innocent Victims: Tomatoes

Mysterious Salmonella Outbreak Had Innocent Victims: Tomatoes

We like to share news of product, food, and vehicle recalls, because keeping our readers free from fire, illness, and injury is very important to us. However, every recall and warning of potentially contaminated food has hidden victims. Sometimes those victims are vegetables left to rot in the fields, and the farmers who were supposed to sell them. [More]

Tourists Rent Car, Get Free Snake In The Trunk

Tourists Rent Car, Get Free Snake In The Trunk

“Free ball python with every car rental” might appeal to some customers as a promotion, but it would be an expensive one, and most people probably wouldn’t be interested. Two tourists found a free surprise python in the trunk of the car they had rented at Logan airport in Boston and drove to their motel in Maine. The good news? The snake was alive and unharmed, and its owner has already been found. [More]


GM: This Is Awkward, But Those Corvette Valet Cams Might Be Illegal

Having an extra pair of eyes and ears to keep watch over your expensive ride might sound like a wonderful idea, but GM is now warning owners of its new Corvette that those valet nanny cams might be illegal, depending on where you live. [More]

The average cost of ATM fees increased for the eighth consecutive year.

And The Survey Says: ATM, Checking Account Overdraft Fees Aren’t Getting Any Cheaper

While the amount of money banks make in revenue from customer-account fees may be on the decline, a new survey shows that consumers’ overdrafts and out-of-network fees are at an all-time high. [More]

Ignore The TV Commercials: Don’t Sell Your Old Phone On eBay

Ignore The TV Commercials: Don’t Sell Your Old Phone On eBay

eBay is currently engaging in an ad campaign, timed to coincide with the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, meant to coax people who don’t currently use eBay to use the service to find new homes for their phones. Yet people who are frequent eBay users think that this is a terrible idea, and not just because they’re sellers who fear the competition. [More]

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EEOC Lawsuit Accuses Papa John’s Pizza Of Firing Worker With Down Syndrome

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says it’s filed a lawsuit against Papa John’s Pizza, accusing the company of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act after firing a worker in Utah with Down syndrome. [More]

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CFPB: Michigan Bank Must Pay $37.5M For Failure To Provide Consumers With Relief From Foreclosure

Consumers facing the prospect of losing their homes have few avenues of recourse and when even one of those options is taken away, the results can be devastating. That’s just one reason why the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced action – to the tune of a $37.5 million – against a Michigan bank for its illegal conduct in blocking borrowers’ attempts to save their homes. [More]


Thailand’s Government Employs Robotic Taster To Make Sure Food Is At Maximum Deliciousness

Spurred on by spread of bad food at restaurants around the globe, government officials in Thailand have embarked on a quest to decide once and for all which restaurants deserve the honor of being called Thai food. The solution? Get a robot to taste it. [More]


NHTSA Examining 163 New Complaints Of Unintended Acceleration In Toyota Vehicles

Just six months after it was announced that Toyota would pay $1.2 billion to close a case involving the unintended acceleration in a number of vehicles, the car manufacture is facing a federal probe over the same issue. [More]

FTC: You Cannot Lose Weight By Wearing Caffeinated Underpants

FTC: You Cannot Lose Weight By Wearing Caffeinated Underpants

Infusing ladies’ undergarments with caffeine does not make them weight loss aids, as it turns out. This news may not come as a surprise to most of us, but two companies were trying to sell just such a product with the claim that it would indeed have a slimming effect. The not-so-magical underwear has made one thing significantly smaller, though: the bank accounts of the two companies in question, which have reached a $1.5 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. [More]

Uber Wants To Hire German Taxi Drivers, Not Fight With Them

Uber Wants To Hire German Taxi Drivers, Not Fight With Them

Uber is best known as an app that dispatches limos, black cars, or regular drivers in regular cars to wherever you and your smartphone are, but has a less-known feature called UberTaxi. In Germany, where the company and taxi drivers are in a legal fight over whether the company should be allowed to compete with licensed taxis, the company is trying something new: hiring taxi drivers. [More]

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Harley-Davidson Recalls All 2014 Touring Bikes, Including Trikes And Custom Designs

By now we’re used to vehicle recalls reaching into the hundred thousands, but this one is a bit different. Harley-Davidson is calling back nearly 126,000 motorcycles because a problem with the clutch could lead to crashes. [More]

The time limit is now an hour to eat all of that. (Bear Grills Cafe)

Diners At UK Cafe Must Sign Waiver Before Attempting 8,000-Calorie Breakfast Challenge

It’s a pretty clear warning sign that you could be in for some serious damage to your gut if a restaurant makes you sign a waiver clearing it of any liability for eating a dish on its menu. It makes sense, though, if that item contains 8,000 calories or so, and comes with the title of “The Hibernator” — because you’ll need a year to sleep that puppy off. [More]

Phillies Fans Impression Of Atlanta Pitcher Is Highly Amusing

There are plenty of sports fans out there we’ve written about who do bad things during games, these Philadelphia Phillies fans are pulling off an impressive — and pretty darn funny — combination of a taunt and team spirit. No one is too dignified to mimic Atlanta Braves pitcher Craig Kimbrel’s bird of prey moves, and to be honest, it looks like a blast. [More]

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Famous, Non-Hachette Authors Join Protest Over Amazon Feud, Seek Anti-Trust Investigation

The ongoing feud between Amazon and book publisher Hachette is drawing out the big names such as Philip Roth, Salman Rushdie and other well-known, highly successful authors. So what sets these authors apart from those already pushing for Amazon to end its standoff with the publisher regarding e-book sales? Well, none of them are actually Hachette-published authors and they signal a new push for federal regulators to investigate Amazon for its allegedly shady e-book pricing tactics. [More]

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Facebook’s New Ad Service Lets Advertisers Get Up Close And Personal Everywhere You Are

Facebook ads: we’ve all seen a million of them. While some are generic spam, many are very creepily on-target. Until now, Facebook has mostly used its massive hoard of detailed user data for itself, and to sell ads on its own site. But now the site you love to hate is finding a new way to bank on your favorite bands and brands, with a new advertising service that can let companies chase down and advertise to any specific group they want. [More]