Entrepreneur Wants To Sell Un-Frozen Artisanal Ice Cubes

Entrepreneur Wants To Sell Un-Frozen Artisanal Ice Cubes

Last fall, we learned that artisanal ice cubes were an actual thing. Bars charge $1 extra for them, and they supposedly melt more slowly, leading to a less watery beverage experience and bragging rights. They cost about $1 per giant cube, and here’s the weird part: they ship unfrozen. [More]

Virginia’s Highest Court Says Yelp Doesn’t Have To ID Anonymous Reviewers

Virginia’s Highest Court Says Yelp Doesn’t Have To ID Anonymous Reviewers

For nearly two years, we’ve been telling you about the Virginia carpet cleaner trying to compel Yelp to identify seven of anonymous users so that the business could name them in a defamation lawsuit. After Yelp lost legal battles in both the trial and appeals courts, the state’s highest court today ruled in favor of the review site, but only because the subpoena was served in the wrong state. [More]

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Veterinarians Warning Pet Owners In Midwest Over Canine Flu Outbreak That’s Sickened Hundreds Of Dogs

While we humans dread the arrival of flu season every year, we aren’t the only ones who can get sick by coming into close contact with the fellow members of our species. Veterinarians in the Midwest are warning pet owners over a recent canine flu outbreak, telling them to keep sick pooches away from clinic waiting rooms filled with their furry brethren. [More]

Walmart Raises Suspicions After Closing 5 Stores In Same Day For “Plumbing” Problems

Walmart Raises Suspicions After Closing 5 Stores In Same Day For “Plumbing” Problems

There are thousands of Walmarts in the U.S., so the fact that five of them were temporarily shut down all on the same day, all for the same reason, and all for the same estimated amount of time, may be statistically insignificant. But some workers and city officials are raising questions about what’s actually behind these six-month shutterings. [More]

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Uber Won’t Allow Drivers To Discriminate Against Gay Passengers Even If A State Law Allows It

Even as lawmakers in Oklahoma sign off on a ridesharing service bill that removes protections for gay and transgender passengers, Uber has made it clear that changes to state laws will not alter its anti-discrimination policy. [More]

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Ryanair Flight Attendant Lists Passenger’s Camera On eBay, Gets Caught

When we leave something behind on a plane, we like to believe that it is not going home with the cabin crew to be immediately listed on eBay. Yet that’s exactly what one attendant for Irish discount carrier Ryanair is accused of doing. He was caught at his second job when the owner of a camera up for sale was browsing eBay looking for a replacement. [More]

Netflix Changes Tune About Seeking Data Cap Exemptions For Service

Netflix Changes Tune About Seeking Data Cap Exemptions For Service

In recent years, Netflix has been a vocal proponent of net neutrality and an outspoken critic of ISP business models that would allow certain deep-pocketed companies to gain a competitive edge over smaller players in the streaming video market. Thus the company was heavily criticized in March when it made deals with Australian ISPs that would exempt Netflix from users’ monthly data caps. This morning, the company announced that it regrets this decision and will no longer seek exemptions going forward. [More]


California Health Dept. Close To Declaring Measles Outbreak Linked To Disneyland Officially Over

A few months after Disneyland officials warned unvaccinated people to stay away amid a measles outbreak that was traced back to the park, the California Department of Public Health says it’s preparing to announce the end of the outbreak tomorrow, barring any new cases. [More]


Volkswagen Recalls 20,000 Chrysler-Built Minivans With Ignition Switch Issue

Nearly a month after Fiat Chrysler recalled 702,000 minivans and SUVs because of an ignition switch issue that can lead to disabled safety features, Volkswagen announced it would recall more than 20,000 Routan minivans that were produced by Chrysler at the same facility. [More]

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Delta Cutting Some International Flights Later This Year

If you were planning to fly Delta Air Lines for an overseas trip this holiday season, you might want to start making other plans. The airline aims to cut its international flights by about 3% during the last three months of 2015. [More]

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Long-Time Walmart Employee Charged With Stealing $240K From Store Over Two-Year Period

Occasionally, Consumerist reports on some less than perfect Walmart employees: the man arrested for stealing cash from a customer and food from the company’s deli, or the woman who allegedly stole $10,000 in cash and gift cards while working as a cashier. While those incidents are indeed bad, they pale in comparison to a long-time employee of the nation’s largest retailer who allegedly stole nearly $250,000 from her employer. [More]

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Clothing Company Apologizes To Don Henley For Invoking His Name To Sell Shirts

Don Henley will not take it easy when there’s a product being sold that references both his name and career with The Eagles, and now everyone knows: After filing a lawsuit against a Wisconsin clothing company that emailed an ad telling customers to “don a henley and take it easy” last October, the two sides have settled the case, with the company issuing an apology to both Henley and his fans for trying to be too clever. [More]

GM Won’t Face Ignition Defect Lawsuits, Thanks To 2009 Bankruptcy

GM Won’t Face Ignition Defect Lawsuits, Thanks To 2009 Bankruptcy

The same process that allowed a bankrupt General Motors to work its way back (with the help of several billion dollars from taxpayers) to being a viable business is, six years later, helping to shield the company from potentially billions of dollars in damages from class action fraud lawsuits involving the long-ignored ignition defect that claimed the lives of at least 84 people. [More]

Sears Pension Fund Requires Cash Infusions From Sears

Sears Pension Fund Requires Cash Infusions From Sears

Sears really didn’t need any more problems, financial or otherwise. Yet the company does have a problem that doesn’t involve its loss of $1.7 billion last year, run-down stores, fleeing customers, and alleged problems with suppliers? The company’s employee pension plan also isn’t doing very well, which has been another drain on the company’s finances. [More]


Lottery Security Director Accused Of Winning The Lottery Fraudulently

Remember last fall, when lottery officials were trying to locate the mysterious man who bought the winning ticket in the multi-state Hot Lotto game? That situation was strange enough, with the winner or winners trying to remain anonymous and waiting a very long time to come forward. Now the situation has become even weirder, with the lottery’s former security director accused of winning the game fraudulently. [More]


New York Fines Domino’s Franchise Owners $970K For Violating A Slew Of Labor Laws

Four franchise owners operating 29 Domino’s franchises and a former owner of six resturants in New York state will have to fork over a hefty wad of cash — $970,000 — to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office, to settle a slew of charges involving labor law violations. [More]

How Do You Get Your Tax Refund Back When Someone Steals It?

How Do You Get Your Tax Refund Back When Someone Steals It?

If you have only one job and take the standard deduction, filing your taxes can be pretty simple. It’s so simple, in fact, that fraudsters are happy to do it for you, stealing your refund in the process. What happens to taxpayers who get stuck in this situation? Tax fraud is complicated, and sometimes they end up waiting for a very long time to get their money back. [More]