GM Stops Sales Of Some 2015 SUVs After Goodyear Announces Tire Recall

If you were planning to purchase a General Motors SUV this weekend you might be out of luck. The automaker instructed dealers to halt sales on thousands of model year 2015 SUVs after Goodyear announced the recall of nearly 49,000 tires. [More]

T-Mobile's "Zero Down For All" slogan should probably have an asterisk indicating that "For All" means "For everyone who has paid their T-Mobile bill for at least a year."

T-Mobile’s “Smartphone Equality” Targets Loyal Users With Bad Credit

If you have bad credit or no credit history, it can be tough to take advantage of the best pricing plans available from wireless companies — even if that stain on your credit report is years old. Today, T-Mobile said that subscribers with imperfect credit may now be able to enjoy the company’s $0 down-payment perk — if they’ve been loyal and responsible customers. [More]

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Startup Claims It Can Automate Copywriting Process, Leaving Copywriters Time To Finish Their Novels

All that junk promotional mail that ends up in your mailbox or e-mail inbox is presumably written by a human being. But many of these items are just variations on themes that have been played so many times that you could teach a machine how to write them. Which is apparently why some investors are putting their money into a startup that aims to automate the copywriting process. [More]

Court Agrees With Rihanna, Says Topshop Can’t Sell T-Shirt With Her Face On It Without Approval

Court Agrees With Rihanna, Says Topshop Can’t Sell T-Shirt With Her Face On It Without Approval

Back in the summer of 2013, pop star Rihanna was none too pleased to find her face splashed all over shirts sold by clothing retailer Topshop. Because while surely there are famous faces appearing on any number of items for sale, Rihanna didn’t give her permission to use a photo of her to shill shirts. And now, another court has agreed with her. [More]


Are You Vaping Formaldehyde In Your E-Cigarette?

ormaldehyde may be good for preserving dead bodies, but as a known carcinogen, it’s not really something you want to put into a living body. But when users of e-cigarettes — many of whom ditched smoking because of cancer-causing chemicals like formaldehyde — enjoy their tasty vapor, they may be getting more formaldehyde than they would from smoking a cigarette. [More]

Pizza Hut Takes Ads Featuring People Who Hate Its Products To Australia

Pizza Hut Takes Ads Featuring People Who Hate Its Products To Australia

A recent Pizza Hut ad that you’ve probably seen on TV features the chain purportedly bringing some of its new crusts and toppings to a small town in Italy, where old people hated everything. While pizza crust stuffed with Vegemite/Marmite isn’t new in Australia and New Zealand, this ad bragging about how much foreigners hate it is new. [More]

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Dollar Tree Crowned Victor In Battle For Family Dollar

The dollar store war appears to have finally come to an end today, as the shareholders for Family Dollar overwhelmingly voted in favor of a smaller, but safer, takeover bid from Dollar Tree, effectively crushing the heart of aggressive suitor Dollar General.  [More]

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Passenger Sues Southwest Airlines For $49,000 After Oversized Bag Falls On Him

Most of us have been there at one time or another: rushing to stuff our suitcase or backpack into the overhead space on a flight so other passengers can get by. But what happens when that bag falls and hits someone else? If you’re an Oregon man on the receiving end of the falling suitcase, you apparently file a lawsuit against the airline. [More]


Welsh City’s Diners Name Prison Eatery The Best Restaurant In Town

When a restaurant located inside a prison and staffed entirely by inmates can nab the title of best in town, there should be no excuses for other eateries to step up their game. Almost 1,000 restaurants in Cardiff, Wales have their work cut out for them to catch up with the city’s top-ranked dining spot after patrons voted it the best food in town. [More]


Fired McDonald’s Employees Say They Were Told “Too Many Black People” Working There

A new federal lawsuit filed against McDonald’s and a franchisee for the eatery alleges that more than a dozen black employees were fired simultaneously because they supposedly did not fit into the color palette desired by their employer. [More]


If You’re Taking A Taxi To Or From A Robbery, You Might As Well Just Call The Cops Yourself

In this week’s hot new trend in bad consumers, two suspected robbers living in different states both made the decision to involve a taxi in their alleged nefarious deeds. Which isn’t a smart move for them, as calling in a law-abiding third-party is basically like calling the cops on yourself. [More]


Banks Are Cutting Off The Payday Lending Industry’s Access To Customer Data To Avoid Illegal Activity

Banks across the United States are distancing themselves from the unscrupulous payday lending industry by cutting off lenders’ access to a database of customer account information used to assess potential borrowers. [More]

Conan O’Brien Visits Taco Bell Test Kitchen, Creates The Irish “O’Taco”

Conan O’Brien Visits Taco Bell Test Kitchen, Creates The Irish “O’Taco”

One of the staffers on Conan O’Brien’s show is an aficionado of the fine, authentic Mexican cuisine at Taco Bell, so using the “incredible power” he has in show business, Conan did what any good boss with a TV talk show would do — took the staffer to the Taco Bell test kitchen for a segment. [More]

Tractor-Trailer Crash Leads To Ramen Noodles Spilled Across The Highway

Tractor-Trailer Crash Leads To Ramen Noodles Spilled Across The Highway

Flavor packets and crunchy noodles make a poor substitute for road salt, so it’s good that there isn’t ice on the highways of North Carolina right now. A tractor-trailer filled with cases of ramen noodles went off the road on I-95 southbound, spilling cases of noodles on the road and blocking traffic for hours. [More]

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Google Reportedly Looking To Resell Sprint, T-Mobile Wireless Data

American consumers may soon be able to buy Google-branded wireless data service, but unlike its Google Fiber broadband business, it won’t be building out a new network for this product. Instead, according to one new report, Google has made deals with T-Mobile and Sprint to resell access to their wireless networks. [More]


Will New Owner Of Everest University, WyoTech Continue With Old Owner’s Sketchy Practice?

When students apply to one of the for-profit schools owned by Corinthian Colleges Inc., they sign away their right to seek any legal action against the company if they’re wronged. Now that CCI is selling off 56 of its Everest and WyoTech campuses, the new owners have a chance to end this anti-consumer practice, but will they? [More]


Royal Jordanian Airlines Passenger Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Girl Somewhere Over The Atlantic

In the latest baby trend to sweep the news, another woman has given birth on an airplane: A woman delivered a premature but healthy baby girl on a Royal Jordanian Airlines flight while flying over the Atlantic Ocean to New York from Amman. [More]

Don’t Have The Measles Vaccine? Stay Away From Disneyland (For Now)


Now that a measles outbreak linked to Disneyland and California Adventure Park has grown to 70 cases, California public health officials are warning people who haven’t yet been vaccinated against the measles to stay away from Disney’s theme parks. [More]