Two More Peanut Company Employees Sentenced To Prison For Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

A week after a court sentenced the former owner of Peanut Corporation of America to 28 years behind bars for knowingly distributing salmonella-tainted food products tied to nine deaths and potentially thousands of illnesses, two more PCA staffers have received federal prison sentences for their part in the conspiracy to defraud and sicken consumers. [More]

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Wisconsin Officials: Letter Warning Residents That Lawn Ornaments May Be Included In State Deer Tally Is Fake

In yet another instance proving you should not believe everything you read on Facebook, Wisconsin wildlife officials are trying to put the kibosh on a recent hoax letter making the rounds online, instructing people to make sure they remove deer lawn ornaments so they won’t be accidentally included in the state’s tally. [More]

Sprint Will Raise Cost Of Unlimited Plans By $10 This Month

Sprint Will Raise Cost Of Unlimited Plans By $10 This Month

If you find Sprint’s deal offering unlimited voice, text, and data usage for $60 per month tempting and Sprint coverage in your area is good, you should go ahead and switch right now. Sprint is raising the price for new customers by $10 on October 15, but it will remain the cheapest unlimited postpaid plan in the country even after the price hike. [More]

New United CEO Apologizes For 5 Years Of Merger-Related Problems

New United CEO Apologizes For 5 Years Of Merger-Related Problems

The five-year-old marriage between United and Continental airlines appears to be hitting the seven-year itch a few years early, as new United CEO Oscar Munoz began his tenure acknowledging the mega-merger may not have been such a good idea after all.  [More]

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Would You Send No-Show Wedding Guests A Bill For Their Uneaten Dinners?

It’s always a bummer to have to back out of plans you’ve been looking forward to at the last minute, but one Minnesota couple says their regret over missing a relative’s wedding turned to confusion when the newlyweds sent them a bill for the dinner they didn’t get a chance to eat. [More]

Paramount Pictures asked Google to de-list this utorrent.com forum thread because it idiotically thought it was infringing on the copyright for the movie Clueless.

Paramount Pictures Copyright Bot Falsely Accuses Forum Commenters Of Piracy

UPDATE 10/2: Jeremy Zweig, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs for Viacom provided Consumerist with the following statement:

“Online piracy remains a concern and we undertake a variety of methods to mitigate its impact.  During a short time on September 22, a vendor that assists with our content protection efforts mistakenly identified a small number of URLs as infringing, and sent copyright notices in error. These notices represented about 0.01% of the total notices they sent on our behalf that particular day, the remainder of which were correct and accurate.

No action was actually taken on these erroneous notices, and no links were removed, but we’re disappointed by the error and apologize for any inconvenience this caused. We put a lot of time, care and effort into ensuring this complicated process works correctly, and nobody is more bothered than us when it doesn’t. The issue has since been remedied, and necessary steps have already been taken to ensure this does not happen again.”



Even though the Digital Millennium Copyright Act makes it illegal for a copyright holder to knowingly file a bogus copyright claim against someone else, that hasn’t stopped some of the biggest stakeholders in the entertainment industry from carelessly registering takedown complaints with Google for content that in no way infringes on anyone’s copyright.


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Bride & Groom’s “TNT” Wedding Favors Spark Evacuation At Denver Airport

No matter how clever it is to put you and your intended’s initials on glass jars filled with fancy bath salts and topped with wax seals and fuses — “T” and “T” becomes “TNT, get it? — it’s not a great idea if you’re headed to the airport. See, the Transportation Security Administration can’t let something labeled as an explosive through without thoroughly checking things out, which, in this case, turned into an evacuation of the Denver International Airport. [More]

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Marijuana Sales Legal In Oregon Today, But Not Available Statewide

As of this morning, Oregon became the latest state to allow the legal sale of marijuana for recreational use. But some shoppers in the state will have to go pretty far out of their way to do their pot purchasing. [More]

Trump Hotel Breach Likely The Result Of Malware, May Have Lasted More Than A Year

Trump Hotel Breach Likely The Result Of Malware, May Have Lasted More Than A Year

Three months after the Trump Organization confirmed that several of its hotels’ credit card systems had been breached, the company is releasing additional details on the hack that appears to have started with a computer virus and went undetected for more than a year. [More]

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Microsoft And Google Decide To Kiss, Make Up And Drop All Those Pesky Patent Lawsuits

Giant technology companies — they’re just like us! Instead of continuing to duke it out over a slew of patent infringement claims in court, Microsoft and Google have decided that peace is the answer, and have announced they’re dropping all pending litigation against each other. [More]

Ford Issues Six Recalls Covering 380,000 Vehicles Over Crash, Fire Risks

Ford Issues Six Recalls Covering 380,000 Vehicles Over Crash, Fire Risks

Ford significantly increased the number of vehicles it’s recalled in 2015 on Wednesday when the car manufacturer announced six new recalls covering nearly 380,000 automobiles — some of which have already been called back, but may continue to have issues.  [More]

Judge Approves Final Plan For RadioShack Bankruptcy

Judge Approves Final Plan For RadioShack Bankruptcy

RadioShack’s bankruptcy filing back in February probably surprised no one, and it’s also not surprising that it has taken almost eight months to sort out the affairs of a company that was 95 years old and had 4,000 stores. While many of the chain’s stores were saved and continue under a new owner, and some creditors will be paid in full, the bankruptcy won’t end well for the Shack’s unsecured creditors. [More]

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9 Things We Learned About Why Better Business Bureau Ratings Don’t Mean Much

In a lengthy nationwide investigation of Better Business Bureaus across the country, CNN interviewed businesses, consumers, and watchdogs, ultimately learning that how consumers see the organizations as something different, and a good grade from a local Bureau doesn’t guarantee that a business is trustworthy. [More]

Target Charges $1 Extra If You Want Your Applesauce In A Bigger Box

Target Charges $1 Extra If You Want Your Applesauce In A Bigger Box

Perhaps Target’s goal is to simplify our lives, reducing the number of boxes that we have to carry out of their stores. Probably not, though. There is no logic behind Target math, but at least now they’ll price match to a store with more logical pricing. [More]

AdBlock Plus Will Use An Independent Board To Choose Ads To Unblock

AdBlock Plus Will Use An Independent Board To Choose Ads To Unblock

One way that ad-blocking programs make money is, paradoxically, by showing you some ads. The popular add-on AdBlock Plus shows users ads that it deems “acceptable” by default, and has been accused of charging some publishers a percentage of the ad income that otherwise would have been lost. Now the maker of AdBlock Plus, Eyeo, is changing how it decides which ads deserve unblocking. [More]

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Federal Perkins Student Loan Program Set To Expire At Midnight

After 57 years of assisting nearly 20 million low-income students to finance their dreams of obtaining a higher education, the Federal Perkins Loan program could soon be grinding to a halt.  [More]

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Facebook Is Testing 7-Second Video Profile Pictures

Because torturing yourself by gazing at your ex’s profile pic on Facebook might not be punishment enough, Facebook is now testing video profile photos (really, profile videos) that can be up to seven seconds and will be set to loop over and over while you keep staring/crying. [More]


Bed Bath & Beyond Is Losing Money On Our Coupon Addiction

Do you refuse to buy anything at Bed Bath & Beyond without a coupon? So does everyone else, apparently. While the company is making plenty of sales, they aren’t as profitable as they used to be… something that experts attribute to the chain’s training its customers to always come in clutching a coupon. [More]