Shake ‘N’ Bake Shrink Ray Shakes Off Half An Ounce Per Packet

Shake ‘N’ Bake Shrink Ray Shakes Off Half An Ounce Per Packet

Reader Maurice noticed while grocery shopping that Kraft shook about half an ounce per packet from their famed meat coating, Shake ‘n’ Bake. That reduces the size by one ounce for the two-packet, 4.5-ounce box, and by two ounces for the larger four-packet “value size” box. [More]

Renuzit Changes Air Freshener Design, Size, Smelly Staying Power

Renuzit Changes Air Freshener Design, Size, Smelly Staying Power

“As in all redesigns, you get less,” observes reader Andrew when talking about the changes in Renuzit gel air fresheners. The product is now half an ounce smaller, and looks different. Like a Glade clone, he observes, because he obviously pays a lot more attention to air fresheners than we do. [More]

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Loses One Ounce, Box Gets Taller

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Loses One Ounce, Box Gets Taller

I wish I could lose 7% of my body mass and get taller at the same time, but I’m out of luck…because I’m not a box of cereal. Reader Panda discovered that this amazing change has come to Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal. It was hit by the Grocery Shrink Ray, but at the same time sustained a hit from the Box Growth Ray. Which might be a thing. [More]

(Greater Beyond)

Call It Desheeting Or Bulking Up: Any Way You Wipe It, It’s Less Toilet Paper At The Same Price

Regular readers of Consumerist are familiar with what we call the Grocery Shrink Ray, that phenomenon wherein an item sold at X price at a retailer shrinks in size but still costs X amount. In the toilet paper and tissue industry it’s called “desheeting”  or even “bulking up” instead but essentially means the same thing: less product, same price, which means more money for the item’s makers. [More]

So sweet, so cheap!

Have The New Twinkies Been Hit By The Grocery Shrink Ray?

Now that Twinkies have risen from the ashes of the old, bankrupt Hostess, to re-emerge anew on shelves across America today, some die-hard fans of the snack cakes are pointing out one glaring problem — the new Twinkies, they’re… smaller. Well, actually, these Twinkies appear to weigh in a bit bigger than the last ones we saw, but have slimmed down from previous iterations. Is this the Grocery Shrink Ray at work? [More]

Does A Reformulation Make Coppertone Sport Less Effective?

Does A Reformulation Make Coppertone Sport Less Effective?

Natalia noticed two bottles of sunscreen side by side at CVS. Initially, it appeared that one was a great deal because it offered 33% more volume at the same price: sort of a reverse Grocery Shrink Ray. Turning the bottle over, though, she read that the bottle had a little less of each of the effective ingredients: about 10% less by volume than the smaller bottle. Doesn’t that mean you have to use more sunblock to get the same effect? [More]

The newer Pringles can on the left contains 7% less Pringles- based material.

The Grocery Shrink Ray Has Been Nibbling Away At Pringles

The Grocery Shrink Ray’s effects are often noticeable to many customers doing side-by-side comparisons of zapped products, but sometimes the alterations are so slight that only the most eagle-eyed consumer will notice. [More]


Giving Up 1″ In Legroom Earns Southwest Up To $770 Million A Year

Not so long ago, Southwest began readjusting the seats on its fleet of Boeing 737 jets, getting rid of 1″ of legroom for each passenger in order to squeeze in an additional six seats. Your initial thoughts might be that this a lot of work for just a few more seats, but when you add it up, you’re talking nearly three quarters of a billion dollars a year. [More]

Baker’s Chocolate Shrink Rays Package From 8 Ounces To 4, Raises Price At Least 50%

Baker’s Chocolate Shrink Rays Package From 8 Ounces To 4, Raises Price At Least 50%

Julia was baking from scratch with her kids, and she dispatched them to the store to buy a glorious quantity of chocolate. Two boxes of Baker’s unsweetened chocolate. You know, sixteen ounces. The kids came back with two boxes of chocolate, but only eight ounces total. Julia reports that she had paid $3.99 for the eight-ounce bar, and her kids paid $3.38 for each four-ounce bar. That’s a pretty potent blast from the Grocery Shrink Ray. [More]

Has OXY Face Wash Been Zapped By The Grocery Shrink Ray?

Has OXY Face Wash Been Zapped By The Grocery Shrink Ray?

While many items zapped by the Grocery Shrink Ray — which reduces a product’s size but magically keeps the price the same — are the things you love to eat and drink, it’s sometimes the stuff you put on your body that falls victim to the Ray’s reductive ways. [More]

Pringles Multi-Grain Changes Packaging, Size, Grains Under New Owners

Pringles Multi-Grain Changes Packaging, Size, Grains Under New Owners

Joe is a fan of Multi-Grain Pringles, and he noticed something interesting when he bought a new can. Everything had changed. The snack had slightly different ingredients, different packaging, and of course…had been ever so slightly zapped by the Grocery Shrink Ray. [More]

Guess the peanut butter is largely incidental.

Russell Stover Chocolate Peanut Butter Bunny Disappoints On Both Counts

Ed sent us these chocolate bunny photos after lunchtime on Monday, which we’re assuming means that he bought them on post-Easter clearance. Even if he did, that doesn’t give Russel Stover an excuse to sell him a skimpy bunny with a meager amount of peanut butter inside. [More]

Have a family party? Buy both

The Difference Between Family Size And Party Size Doritos: One Ounce

Grocery shopping recently, reader Joseph noticed something interesting: there were two different types of Doritos bags on the shelf that were very close in size, but the same price. The Grocery Shrink Ray is nothing new, but the bags came in two varieties: the positively economical seventeen-ounce “Family Size,” then the small and portable sixteen-ounce “Party Size.” Wait, what? [More]


Aldi Hits Kid’s Krunch Cereal With Sugary, Sugary Shrink Ray

Matthew was shopping for cereal at Aldi when he noticed something interesting. The boxes of Kid’s Krunch cereal had recently been redesigned, and both versions were on the shelf, side-by-side. That’s a nice opportunity to do some comparisons. Unfortunately for Aldi, what he noticed while comparing the old and new boxes was that the cereal just happened to have lost a few ounces in the process. Oh no––the dreaded Grocery Shrink Ray has come to Aldi! [More]


Old Spice Shaves Off .25 Ounces Of Deodorant, Sells For Same Price…Or Does It?

Christopher wrote to us with a tale of deodorant woe. Old Spice, part of Procter & Gamble, repackaged his favorite deodorant product, Old Spice Pure Sport, and skimmed a quarter of an ounce off the top while they were at it. Oh no they didn’t! And…well, actually, they didn’t. The problem isn’t so much that Christopher was too hasty to call the packaging change a case of the Grocery Shrink Ray. It’s that Old Spice’s branding is kind of confusing. [More]

Out with the "new." Also maybe out with two ounces.

Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Feta Cheese, Shrinks Product And Packaging (Updated: Not So Fast!)

UPDATE: Not so fast, Drew! Kraft, parent company of Athenos, contacted us to let us know that they sell six-ounce AND four-ounce packages. When Drew went to buy a package of Athenos feta cheese, he noticed something strange. ” Athenos not only did away with the recently ‘new’ flip top on their feta cheese, replacing it with a decidedly cheaper container, they also removed two entire ounces from the package,” he writes. “I may have to start getting all of my cheese at Sam’s Club now…” [More]

Here Comes The Organic Milk Shrink Ray: One Gallon Is 96 Ounces

Here Comes The Organic Milk Shrink Ray: One Gallon Is 96 Ounces

Have you bought a gallon of orange juice lately? Yeah, me either. Thanks to the Grocery Shrink Ray, the gallon-like containers of not-from-concentrate OJ first got zapped down to 96 ounces from an actual gallon of 128 ounces, then zapped seven ounces further just to make it more insulting. Now the same process has begun with milk. Organic Valley brand milk, to be precise. [More]

No shrink ray here!

Target Really, Really Wants You To Know They Didn’t Shrink Ray Their Cheese

“Dear Target: Whaddaya want, a medal?” tipster David typed when he sent this photo in using the Consumerist Tipster App. No medals, but it’s kind of sad that a company has to point out that they didn’t use a redesign to decrease the amount of product in a package. [More]