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Famous, Non-Hachette Authors Join Protest Over Amazon Feud, Seek Anti-Trust Investigation

The ongoing feud between Amazon and book publisher Hachette is drawing out the big names such as Philip Roth, Salman Rushdie and other well-known, highly successful authors. So what sets these authors apart from those already pushing for Amazon to end its standoff with the publisher regarding e-book sales? Well, none of them are actually Hachette-published authors and they signal a new push for federal regulators to investigate Amazon for its allegedly shady e-book pricing tactics. [More]

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Facebook’s New Ad Service Lets Advertisers Get Up Close And Personal Everywhere You Are

Facebook ads: we’ve all seen a million of them. While some are generic spam, many are very creepily on-target. Until now, Facebook has mostly used its massive hoard of detailed user data for itself, and to sell ads on its own site. But now the site you love to hate is finding a new way to bank on your favorite bands and brands, with a new advertising service that can let companies chase down and advertise to any specific group they want. [More]

Teens Introduce Themselves On Camera, Try Bending iPhones At The Apple Store

Teens Introduce Themselves On Camera, Try Bending iPhones At The Apple Store

While bendgate continues to swirl around Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus, something else is being warped — the minds of today’s youth, who somehow believe committing criminal damage at a retail store is going to solve all bendy problems. It won’t — and showing your faces on camera and introducing yourselves before you do something like that is going to create an entirely different problem for you, kids. [More]


GM Ignition Recall Death Toll Increases Again, 23 Deaths Now Linked To Defective Switches

It may take months or even years before we realize the full scope of devastation caused by the defective ignition switches in General Motors vehicles. But each week the picture becomes a bit clearer. This week, the overseer of the independent compensation fund announced that two more deaths were the direct result of the defect that went ignored for more than a decade. [More]

Chicago is still pretty miserable right now. (FlightAware.com)

Hundreds Of Flight Cancellations, Delays Expected For Days To Come After Fire At Illinois Radar Facility

If you thought those poor souls lined up for all eternity at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Friday were the only people who’d have to deal with the aftermath of a fire that torched an air traffic control center, I have some very bad news for you: Hundreds more flights are expected to be canceled in the coming weeks, and there will be plenty of delays as well, while officials scramble to fix the damage to the system. [More]

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Guy With A Sweet Mustache Allegedly Went On California Costco Shoplifting Spree

I’ve always wanted an awesome nickname. Apparently I should just ask the Santa Cruz, CA, police department for their input. I am officially crowning them the unofficial nickname kings (and queens) for the name bestowed on an alleged serial Costco thief: El Mustachio the Magician. [More]


Here’s Where To Get Free Drinks For National Coffee Day

It’s National Coffee Day, because in this country, everything we ingest must be celebrated nationwide on a single, special day. And instead of giving coffee presents, coffee is giving us presents, by way of free beverage offers at chains around the country. [More]

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There Are No Names On The Cups At The CIA’s Starbucks Because It’s The CIA’s Starbucks

When someone mentions that fact that there’s a Starbucks inside the CIA’s Langley, VA compound, visions of sneaky, super secret latte operations dance through your head, right? Put on your best dark sunglasses and pop the collar on that trench coat because the place does seem to be exactly like the stuff of our spy dreams. [More]

Consumer Reports Test Shows It Takes A Lot To Bend New iPhones

Consumer Reports

While there have been anecdotal claims of the new iPhone 6 Plus bending just from spending too much time in a user’s pocket and multiple videos of people showing that you can bend one of these phones with your bare hands, there hasn’t been much science done to determine exactly how much force is needed to get that undesired curve in your oversized phone (or is it an undersized tablet?). Thankfully, our colleagues at Consumer Reports have cool machines to figure this kind of thing out. [More]

PODS Awarded $62M In Trademark Infringement Suit Against U-Haul

PODS Awarded $62M In Trademark Infringement Suit Against U-Haul

What’s in a name? Well, if that name happens to be PODS about $62 million. That’s how much the storage and moving company was awarded in damages from a trademark infringement lawsuit against U-Haul. [More]

Comcast Promises This Guy Is Coming To Fix Your Cable

"Meine dispatcher says there is something wrong with deine kable?"

Comcast has an image problem… mostly because its customer service is consistently ranked among the worst — not just of cable companies, but of all customer-facing businesses in the U.S. So maybe that’s not so much an image problem as it is a systemic rot that has been allowed to fester because the company has virtually no competition. So how to deal with this problem? Promote someone and claim that he’s going the answer to all your problems. [More]

Dunkin' Donuts decided consumers weren't getting enough coffee in their coffee, so they're now offering coffee-flavored granola bars.

An Actual Cup Of Coffee Isn’t Enough For Dunkin’ Donuts, Now You Can Have A Coffee-Flavored Granola Bar

There’s obviously some kind of Frankenstein-like science experiment happening at the nation’s coffee and donut shops. First Starbucks began testing a beer-flavored coffee, and now Dunkin’ Donuts is pedaling a coffee-flavored granola bar. What happened to regular coffee and breakfast items? Are they just not enough anymore? [More]

Amazon Building Warehouses Everywhere, Hopes Christmas Gifts Actually Arrive By Christmas

Amazon Building Warehouses Everywhere, Hopes Christmas Gifts Actually Arrive By Christmas

Holiday time is shopping time in America, and millions of families turn to Amazon to get their gifts. But last year, Santa’s sleigh had some trouble getting where it needed to be on time: last-minute buying, bad weather, and snafus at UPS and FedEx meant plenty of presents were still in transit when kids went looking under the tree in the morning. Some Christmas delivery miracles occurred, but Amazon still had to issue plenty of apologies, refunds, discounts, and Prime extensions. But Amazon is determined not to see a repeat in 2014, if their year of planning and building pans out. [More]


Florida Panera Customers Sent To The Hospital After Pepper Spray Incident

Generally when you think of a group of customers getting sick while visiting a restaurant, your mind automatically goes to the food. But that’s not always the case, as evidenced by a recent pepper spray incident at a Sarasota Panera. [More]

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This :34 Clip Of The Line At O’Hare Airport Will Make You Glad You’re Not Flying Today

As you might have heard, a fire — apparently set by a disgruntled employee — at an Illinois air traffic control center early this morning has resulted in more than 1,300 flights being canceled in and out of Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports. If you want to get a sense of how badly this screwed up everyone’s day, this short video will do that for you. [More]

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Unleashes Surprise New Album Via BitTorrent

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Unleashes Surprise New Album Via BitTorrent

Because he’s already made more money than some small nations, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is free to experiment with new ways of distributing his music. It wasn’t that long ago that the band tried a pay-what-you-want model with its In Rainbows album. And today, Yorke announced the release of his first solo album in nearly a decade as a bundle via BitTorrent. [More]

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Your Next Run To Anthropologie Could Include Lunch And A Blowout – And Take Three Hours

The mere 10 minutes I’ve spent inside an Anthropologie store was enough to last me multiple years. But consumers who can’t get enough of the shabby-chic chain might welcome with open arms the thought of spending three hours browsing. Well, your wish may soon be coming true if the chain’s owners get their way. [More]

Does Walmart’s “Savings Catcher” Actually Work?

Does Walmart’s “Savings Catcher” Actually Work?

Walmart recently began touting its “Savings Catcher” program, which allows shoppers to scan in their receipts and have Walmart determine if the customer could have paid less elsewhere. If so, the difference goes on a gift card (that can only be used at Walmart, of course). But should you trust putting your price-matching in Walmart’s hands? [More]