Fred Meyer Not Sure How Unit Pricing Works

Fred Meyer Not Sure How Unit Pricing Works

Customers at a Fred Meyer store were left scratching their heads as well as clutching their bellies in pain if they happened to notice this really bad deal on Pepto-Bismol at a Fred Meyer store. Tipster Scott took a photo of the items on the shelf. Somehow, buying a two-pack leads to the per-ounce price doubling, even when the price for that package is less than double the price of a single bottle. [More]

Home Depot Sells Woman Imaginary Refrigerator

Home Depot Sells Woman Imaginary Refrigerator

When you hand over $1,400 for a new refrigerator, you sort of expect to get a new refrigerator. Home Depot sold a California woman a fridge in early June, promising delivery in early July. Only the specific appliance that they had sold her wasn’t sitting in a warehouse somewhere, waiting for delivery. It hadn’t even been manufactured yet.  Oh.  [More]


I Tried Online Car Shopping With TrueCar, Got Same Old Hardball Crap From Dealership

The new site TrueCar is a great concept: you can figure out a price for your car and trade-in online, without any of the frustrating negotiations, or even changing out of your pajamas. Reader Alex used the site to get a price for a new Jeep, and his eight hours of trouble began when he and the dealership valued his trade-in differently. [More]

Bed, Bath And Beyond Display Bursts Into Flames, Caught On Camera By Customer

Bed, Bath And Beyond Display Bursts Into Flames, Caught On Camera By Customer

Imagine that you’re shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, and you see a bedding display on fire. Would you whip out your mobile phone and walk toward the flames to take a video, or turn around and run the hell away? We prefer when our readers stay alive, so we recommend the second option. One California shopper chose differently, which is why we have this disturbing video. [More]


Wisk And Costco Knock Tide From Top Detergent Greatness Spot

Tide might be the detergent of choice for criminals, but our stain-fighting cousins over at Consumer Reports tell us that in terms of actual quality, there’s a new champion in town. Products from Wisk and Kirkland (Costco’s house brand) took the top spots in their most recent detergent rankings. [More]

Staples Now Selling Dollhouse-Sized Office Furniture

Staples Now Selling Dollhouse-Sized Office Furniture

Staples runs occasional sales where everything that you can cram in a bag gets discounted. “Hmmm,” writes reader Jack, “how many chairs or other furniture items do you think will fit in this Staples bag?” That depends on whether Staples has begun to outfit dollhouses and architectural models with office furniture. [More]


Man Jailed For Rubbing Pepperoni On His Weiner At Grocery Store

Earlier this week, a northern New York man was caught doing a terrible, terrible thing to an innocent stick of pepperoni. He was arrested and put behind bars…not just for lewd behavior in public in a Hannaford store, but because they had to destroy the pepperoni he had defiled afterward. [More]

Amazon Packs Your Snacks Extra Safely In A Box Ten Times Too Big

Amazon Packs Your Snacks Extra Safely In A Box Ten Times Too Big

Alex says that when a giant box from Amazon arrived on his doorstep, he was puzzled. There was a huge, huge box, but all he had ordered were some Munchies brand peanuts that were on sale. (Having Prime makes you do that kind of thing.) That couldn’t possibly be all that was in the box: there was enough space in there for hundreds of packets of peanuts. He had only ordered 32. So what was in the box? [More]

We Don’t Want To Hear About Your Disappointing Flowers This Mother’s Day

We Don’t Want To Hear About Your Disappointing Flowers This Mother’s Day

There’s only a week and a half until Mother’s Day, and we have a goal. We do not want to publish any disappointing wire service flower photos on Monday, May 13. None. Because everyone reading this right now who plans to order flowers will proceed to the friendliest, best-reviewed local florist they can find and order directly. [More]

Chop chop

Will The Edge Of Glory Really Let You Slice A Tomato WIth A Credit Card?

Have you always dreamed of slicing vegetables with the sharpened edge of a plastic credit card? Yeah, us either. But pitchman Anthony Sullivan does just that in the ad for the Edge of Glory, an inexpensive, small, and easy-to-use gadget that claims to sharpen any knife in your drawer. Is it worth $10.99 plus shipping and handling? According to tests by our super-sharp siblings down the hall at Consumer Reports, the answer is “maybe.” If you only have cheap knives. Or want to chop your food with a credit card. Which actually works. [More]

(Mr. T in DC)

Why Does Target Need To Scan My Driver’s License To Sell Me Nicotine Patches?

Rodney’s son asked him to pick up some nicotine patches, so he did. Rodney, an ex-smoker himself, knows the agony of nicotine withdrawal, and was happy to help him out. Up to a point. He wasn’t happy enough to let Target scan his driver’s license and hold on to the information that he had bought nicotine patches when he hasn’t smoked in years. The thing is, his caution is entirely justified. He could very well land on a data broker’s list of recent smokers. [More]

I staged this photo shoot just for the occasion.

Let’s Resolve The Twist-Ties Vs. Plastic Clips Battle Before Anyone Gets Hurt

There’s been a major battle brewing among those of us who like to close plastic bags. Are you gonna go with a twist-tie, which can be repurposed into a cat toy, or a plastic clip of the kind often seen to close bread bags, which can be bedazzled and sold online? Your answer matters to those in the $10 billion a year business of making bag closing devices. [More]

Now with free caterpillar!

Don’t Worry, The Caterpillar You Found In Your Dinner Is Totally Safe To Eat

Unless that’s what they set out to eat in the first place, people aren’t thrilled to find insects in their food. Reader V. and his family are vegetarians, and were even less thrilled than most people to find a worm in their package of frozen edamame from Trader Joe’s. When he wrote to complain, the company was pretty transparent about what the critter was and how it ended up in their dinner. The company gave a refund. But V. found the company’s assurance that the critter was safe to eat insensitive. [More]

From The Museum Of Failed Informercial Products: Fushies

Cushy Fushies!

For every Snuggie and Slap Chop, products that transcend direct-response ads to become cultural touchstones, there are many, many more flops. Once they were new and exciting products that filled a need you never thought you had, but they never caught on. Their web sites sit empty and even the trademarks have been abandoned. But thanks to YouTube, the ridiculous ads will live forever. [More]


Do People Go Gun Shopping With Zombies In Mind?

Between “The Walking Dead” and “Warm Bodies,” there’s a lot of zombie-related entertainment in the zeitgeist right now. But do people have a possible zombie apocalypse in mind when they’re looking for firearms to defend themselves in an emergency? Maybe. Sort of. Not really. [More]

Bed Bath And Beyond’s Towers Of Towels Are A Beautifully Folded Lie

Bed Bath And Beyond’s Towers Of Towels Are A Beautifully Folded Lie

If you’ve been to a Bed, Bath and Beyond store, you’ve seen them: the shelves and shelves of perfectly folded towels, stacked up to the ceiling. They look nice, and that’s an awful lot of towels, isn’t it? No. It isn’t. Photos exposing the towel towers as the shams they are frequently make the rounds on social media sites, blowing everyone’s minds. [More]


Make Sure That Local Florist You Found On Google Really Is Local

Let’s say that you want to order some flowers for your aunt in Omaha. You remember the frequent warnings on this site to go directly to a local florist, so that’s what you do. You type “florist omaha” into Google, scroll past the paid listings and the ones Google has plotted on a map, and choose a shop with a nice-looking website. Perfect! Only this “local” florist isn’t so local. You tried to make the right choice, but are hurting the very neighborhood flower shop you were trying to patronize when you typed those words in Google. [More]

No hair iron for you!

Ulta Has Secret Limits On Clearance Items, Won’t Sell Me 27 Hair Straighteners

Courtney was on a mission. It’s her job to find things for people at low prices, and then buy them in large quantities. For example, one day she learned that beauty chain Ulta had Big Chi Digital Hair Irons, which usually cost $169.99, on clearance for $49.99. Score! One of her clients wanted these, and there were twenty-seven of them in stock. Now, “Clearance” should mean that the store is trying to clear out stock, and should be happy if someone comes along and scoops up everything on the shelf. Right? Not at Ulta. They’d rather not sell items at all than sell them to Courtney by the cartful. [More]