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Apple Stores To Stop Selling Fitbit Trackers, New Product Photos Leaked

If you’re one of the people who loved the Fitbit Force, but returned the fitness-tracking wristband when you suffered from contact dermatitis or when the product was recalled in the United States, good news. Photos have leaked of a product display for the Force’s rumored replacements, and they look very similar. However, we have bad news if you planned to buy that wristband at your local Apple Store. [More]

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Amazon UK Finds Use For Newspaper Distributors: Delivering Packages

Who visits every neighborhood on a daily basis? There’s the postal service, of course, but another group of drivers or distributors on foot come by early in the morning, making their deliveries while most people sleep. Most cities still have a daily newspaper, so why not take advantage of that to bring online orders to residential neighborhoods? That’s what Amazon wants to do in the United Kingdom. [More]

Report: Amazon Will Open A Real-Life Store In Manhattan

Near here. (Joel Zimmer)

Back in the 1920s, catalog retail giant Sears opened massive spaces in major cities that served as combination retail stores and regional distribution centers for catalog goods. These centers closed in the ’80s and ’90s, but now online retail giant is following the same pattern in a tiny way, opening a combination retail store and pick-up center in New York City, across the street from the Empire State Building. [More]

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Outlet Stores May Not Be What You Think They Are

Old-school outlet shopping involved visiting clothing factory towns and digging through bins of slightly irregular underpants in a rough store space that was sometimes just off the factory floor. Today, outlet stores are nicely designed stores in special malls and in regular malls alike, thousands of miles away from where the clothes are made. [More]

JCPenney Will Make You The Most Fashionable Family In 1986

JCPenney Will Make You The Most Fashionable Family In 1986

The winter holidays are coming up, with family gatherings and parties that you don’t want to attend, but have to look nice for anyway. That means it’s time to go shopping for red sport coats and bow-bedecked blouses, to keep your family looking sharp! Because it’s always 1986 in my imagination, let’s go to…JCPenney. [More]

Amazon Fighting FTC On In-App Purchases By Kids

Amazon Fighting FTC On In-App Purchases By Kids

While its competitors in mobile apps Apple and Google have reached settlements with the Federal Trade Commission, Amazon has decided that it will not roll over. No, the tech company is going to fight the FTC’s lawsuit against it rather than settle, and filed a brief last week making the case that this is all the darn parents’ fault. Sort of. [More]

General Motors Issues Bonus Recall Of 57,182 Vehicles

General Motors Issues Bonus Recall Of 57,182 Vehicles

On Friday, General Motors recalled 524,000 vehicles due to defects that could cause crashes if they manifested themselves while you’re driving on the highway. The GM recall-announcing team pulled a weekend shift and announced an additional recall of more than 57,000 vehicles. Models included in this recall are the Pontiac G8, Chevrolet Caprice police cruisers, Cadillac CTS-Vs, and Chevrolet Sonics. [More]

Cats: not one of the top 5 gadgets. (<a href="frankieleon>frankieleon)

Americans Will Spend $34 Billion On Consumer Electronics This Holiday Season

What consumer items do you have your eye on this year? The Consumer Electronics Association, a trade group for exactly what you think it is, says that our most-coveted gifts this holiday season are consumer electronics. Well, that doesn’t surprise anyone, but the CEA projects that we will spend $33.76 billion on electronics this year. [More]

Supreme Court Will Hear Case Of Abercrombie Job Applicant Denied Because Of Hijab

Supreme Court Will Hear Case Of Abercrombie Job Applicant Denied Because Of Hijab

Back in 2008, a 17-year-old in Oklahoma applied for a job at a local Abercrombie Kids store. She made the cut, but learned that the store’s “look policy” wouldn’t allow her to wear a religious head covering. Just over a year ago, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission won the right for employees to wear religious head coverings while they battle the cologne stench at Abercrombie, but the headscarf itself isn’t what this case is about. [More]

iFixit Declares iPhone 6 Most Repairable iPhone Ever, Which Isn’t Saying Much

iFixit Declares iPhone 6 Most Repairable iPhone Ever, Which Isn’t Saying Much

You can save money and extend the useful life of your out-of-warranty gadgets by repairing them yourself, but should you? iFixit, provider of free repair guides and seller of parts and tools, buys the latest devices and tears them apart, assigning them a “repairability score.” They report that some design changes make the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the most repairable iPhones ever. [More]

Study Sponsored By RetailMeNot: Customers Save $200/Hour Using RetailMeNot

Study Sponsored By RetailMeNot: Customers Save $200/Hour Using RetailMeNot

A whitepaper written by a University of Texas economist and the staff of coupon site came to a shocking conclusion: consumers can save a lot of money by using RetailMeNot and other online coupon and savings resources. How much? The site’s own statistics show that shoppers save around $17 per purchase by using deal websites, and parents with children at home saved almost twice that amount. [More]


Your Car From 1999 Or After Doesn’t Need A Tune-Up

Most people who drive learn the essentials of driving, traffic, car maintenance, and road rage skills from their parents. That’s what parents are for: to pass on their wisdom as well as their bad habits. We also pick up bad or outdated information along the way, like the requirement to change our oil every 3,000 miles. Or the belief that cars need frequent tune-ups. [More]

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CVS Collects Erroneous Birth Control Copays, Will Issue Refunds

Pharmacy chain CVS charged about 11,000 customers who have health insurance small copays when they picked up some recent prescriptions. What’s wrong with that? Those prescriptions were for generic contraceptive pills, which should be dispensed with no copay at all under the federal Affordable Care Act. Now those customers are due a refund. [More]

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Here’s How You Can Roll Back The Unfortunate iOS 8.0.1 Update

Millions of people worldwide rushed out to purchase the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last week, and Apple immediately pushed out an early operating system upgrade to fix a few minor problems with the phones. Unfortunately, this update caused other problems in turn, like, um, losing their cellular service. Or the use of the phone’s thumbprint sensor. You know, minor stuff, but it still moved people to commemorate the update in song. [More]

Bending on purpose = no replacement (Unbox Therapy)

Report: Apple Will Replace Some Bent iPhones After A “Visual Mechanical Inspection”

UPDATE: According to the most recent Visual Inspection guide from Apple, bent iPhones are specifically not covered by warranty, though Apple could always change its policy from what is stated in the guide. [More]


Retail Experts: Sorry, But Stores Will Open Even Earlier This Thanksgiving

In 2013, we were scandalized that retailers rolled back their opening times, kicking off the Black Friday festivities as early as 6 A.M. on Thanksgiving Day. Not everyone found this idea horrifying, though, because retailers reported record Thanksgiving weekend sales last year. In their desperation to boost sales somehow by the end of 2014, experts in the industry say that America’s retailers are going to ignore that whole idea of a Thanksgiving holiday again this year. [More]

Lululemon Sends Customer 19 Extra Running Hats, Lets Him Keep Them

Lululemon Sends Customer 19 Extra Running Hats, Lets Him Keep Them

The Men’s Cool Running Toque from Lululemon costs $32, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It is a sweat-wicking hat to wear while running. While a hat that keeps you both warm and cool is valuable to runners, even the most laundry-averse runner can’t possibly need twenty of them. Yet Lululemon sent one customer 20 hats, then told him to just go ahead and give them away. [More]

Procter & Gamble Removes Microbeads From Toothpastes, Still Insists They’re Safe

Procter & Gamble Removes Microbeads From Toothpastes, Still Insists They’re Safe

Microbeads are little plastic beads that appear in face washes, toothpastes, and other personal-care items. They aren’t so beautiful for America’s waterways, where the tiny beads could end up in the stomachs of the fish and fowl we like to gaze at and eat. Some lawmakers want the beads banned, but Procter & Gamble is the latest personal-care products company to dump them voluntarily. [More]