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Most People Don’t Really Want Gift Cards This Holiday Season

Every year, the super-consultants at Deloitte LLP ask people whether they’re interested in receiving and giving any gift cards this holiday season. We used to love the concept: Back in 2007, 69% of people said that they were interested in receiving the plastic cash replacers. This year, that number is down to 37%. [More]

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Here Is The Lab Where People Smash Gorilla Glass On Purpose

There’s a secret lab at Corning, the glass company, where technicians sit around and torture innocent pieces of glass. They’re not evil glass-haters: they’re testing new formulations of Gorilla Glass, the tough material that most smartphone screens and tablets are made of. Can they make Gorilla Glass tougher and in more shapes in order to replace its possible synthetic sapphire replacement? [More]

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Woman Allegedly Squirted Breast Milk At Pharmacy Staff, Then Stole Money

When you need to distract someone in order to steal money, simply use what you have at hand. A woman in Germany allegedly stole cash from a pharmacy earlier this week after she distracted employees. Police say that she distracted the employees by whipping out a boob and squirting milk at them. [More]

Owners Of MacBooks With Self-Destructing Video Cards File Class-Action Lawsuit

Owners Of MacBooks With Self-Destructing Video Cards File Class-Action Lawsuit

A few weeks ago, we shared with you the saga of the self-destructing MacBooks, machines manufactured in 2011 with an unfortunate tendency to overheat their discrete graphics cards, rendering the computers unusable and their owners sad. Now lawyers representing MacBook owners have filed a class action lawsuit. [More]

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This ‘Premier Shopping Destination’ Is A Mall For Rich People

When people who are truly wealthy go shopping, they don’t always go to the regular malls that regular people use. No, people who drop six-figure sums at a single mall every year are entitled to a much fancier level of service, and there’s a Long Island mall that exists to provide it to them. Since the ’80s, Americana Manhasset has been a mall only for rich people. [More]

Amazon Takes $170 Million Loss On Fire Phone Flop

Amazon Takes $170 Million Loss On Fire Phone Flop

Despite Amazon advertising the device on every doorstep and dropping the price under a buck, the company’s Fire Phone, companion smartphone to its line of tablets and TV streaming devices, failed to catch on with the public. Maybe it was the AT&T exclusivity, or the fact that it runs a customized version of Google’s Android operating system, without access to Google’s app marketplace. [More]

Costco Takes Unusual Stance That Retail Employees Should Have Thanksgiving Day Off

Costco Takes Unusual Stance That Retail Employees Should Have Thanksgiving Day Off

As the beginning of Black Friday and thus the holiday shopping season has crept backwards into the early hours of Thanksgiving, we at Consumerist have taken a cantankerous stance against these early openings. Even we can take heart, though: a few businesses have confirmed that they will not be opening on Thanksgiving Day, because they’d like employees to spend the holiday with their loved ones or something. [More]

Detergent Companies Are Unhappy With Our Efficient Washing Machines

Detergent Companies Are Unhappy With Our Efficient Washing Machines

High-efficiency washing machines, which use less water to clean your clothes, are an advance that most customers seem to like. Do you know who doesn’t like them, though? Detergent manufacturers. With traditional machines, consumers can dump any old amount of detergent in with our clothes, and it doesn’t matter. With a high efficiency machine, using too much detergent causes problems, so consumers are finally using the correct amount of detergent. [More]

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Costume Shops Have To Guess What You’ll Rush In To Buy On October 30th

It’s October 23rd: do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween? How about your kids? If your answer is “no,” don’t worry. Most people don’t really plan ahead for this holiday, but do you know who does? Costume shop owners. They have to not only plan for Halloween, but try to figure out what people will be rushing to stores to buy at the last minute. [More]


Free Shipping Will Be More Expensive This Holiday Season

There’s no such thing as free shipping. What looks like free shipping from a shopper’s perspective is only subsidized shipping, and those subsidies come from shoppers. They could come in the form of higher prices, or higher spending thresholds to earn free shipping. This year, free shipping will cost you a little more. [More]

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Will Pet Stores Stop Selling Puppies Entirely?

Where do you get puppies? The answer isn’t just about the mechanics of canine pregnancy. In the United States today, when your household wants to acquire a dog, where do you get it from? Most people would probably start at a pet store, but due to changes in stores’ own policies and government intervention, falling in love with a doggie in the window is becoming a thing of the past. [More]

Old Navy Celebrating Birthday By Rendering Selfies In Balloons For Some Reason

Old Navy Celebrating Birthday By Rendering Selfies In Balloons For Some Reason

Twenty years ago, I was impressed with technology that let me print a pixelated version of my own picture on a dot matrix printer in my middle school technology class. I also was impressed with a new Gap brand then in pilot phase, called “The Old Navy Clothing Company.” Now people photograph ourselves daily, and Old Navy is everywhere. The clothing brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary with…pixelated selfies. [More]

At Hallmark, Get Halloween Ornaments For Your Halloween Tree

At Hallmark, Get Halloween Ornaments For Your Halloween Tree

Here at Consumerist, we pretend to hate holiday mashups while secretly loving them. Still, we have to admit that we were a little confused when we saw that Hallmark now has Halloween ornaments. Yes, it’s a long-established fact that the gift chain puts its Christmas ornament collection out in July, but we thought they were just that. Christmas tree ornaments. Not so. [More]

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Outerwear Companies Consider Maybe Sourcing Down From Humanely-Treated Birds

A surprising number of people (more than zero) don’t realize that down, a cozy insulation material used in clothes and bedding, comes from an animal. It does: down consists of the fine, cozy feathers closest to the skin of ducks and geese. The down that we use today mostly comes from birds raised for food in Eastern Europe and in China. How can companies balance eco-conscious customers and the supply chain of feathers? [More]

Fitbit Puts Allergen Warning Labels On Wearables

Fitbit Puts Allergen Warning Labels On Wearables

You may remember the Fitbit Force, a fitness-tracking wristband that went on the market at the end of 2013, then was eventually recalled after Consumerist brought rashes caused by the devices to the world’s attention. We’ve heard reports that the Force’s less intelligent cousin, the Flex, also caused skin irritation in some wearers. Know who else heard that? The Consumer Product Safety Commission. Fortunately for Fitbit, they’re only getting a warning. Label. [More]

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Thousands Of MacBooks Made In 2011 Have Self-Immolating Graphics Cards

Models of Apple’s higher-end portable computer, the MacBook Pro, have come to the end of their three-year extended warranties. That leaves their owners at the mercy of Apple when something goes wrong, and at minimum thousands of the computers have had the same computer-killing problem with their graphics processing unit. Apple has not publicly admitted that the machines have a problem. [More]

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Apple Stores To Stop Selling Fitbit Trackers, New Product Photos Leaked

If you’re one of the people who loved the Fitbit Force, but returned the fitness-tracking wristband when you suffered from contact dermatitis or when the product was recalled in the United States, good news. Photos have leaked of a product display for the Force’s rumored replacements, and they look very similar. However, we have bad news if you planned to buy that wristband at your local Apple Store. [More]

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Amazon UK Finds Use For Newspaper Distributors: Delivering Packages

Who visits every neighborhood on a daily basis? There’s the postal service, of course, but another group of drivers or distributors on foot come by early in the morning, making their deliveries while most people sleep. Most cities still have a daily newspaper, so why not take advantage of that to bring online orders to residential neighborhoods? That’s what Amazon wants to do in the United Kingdom. [More]