The flowers Teresa got.

Not-So-Local Florist Disappoints My Mom With Subpar Roses

The Consumerist Garden of Discontent is a recurring theme on this site, because it seems that delivered flowers will never quite measure up to the photos in catalogs or on the website. In hindsight, Teresa wishes that she had just picked up a few bouquets at Trader Joe’s and presented them to her mom in person before she left town. She could have done some quality control, and the end result would have been a lot prettier. [More]

Just a few oxygen options on

Oxygen Products, Oxygen Products, Everywhere! But Can It Really Get Into Your Skin?

The thing about oxygen is, we all need it to survive and thus, we all agree it’s a pretty good thing. No one’s like, “Oh yeah, oxygen? I’ll pass.” As something that is essential to our existence, companies have caught on to its universal appeal and have increasingly been marketing products promising infusions/boosts/bursts/whathaveyou of oxygen that ostensibly are good for your skin, because oxygen is so awesome.  [More]


At Sports Authority, A Gift Receipt Doesn’t Mean Much

Marjorie received a Christmas gift from her sister from Sports Authority, and needs to take it back. No big deal: that’s why her sister included a gift receipt. The problem is that the item’s price has dropped, likely because it’s on clearance, and they want to give Marjorie $77 when her sister paid $101. That’s funny, because that’s against the chain’s stated holiday season return policy…on the web site. In retail stores, who knows? [More]

Proactiv Has My Box Of Skin Cream, Sends Collections After Me Anyway

Proactiv Has My Box Of Skin Cream, Sends Collections After Me Anyway

Eric wanted to give the Proactiv system of skin creams a try. Well, that shouldn’t be so hard: they’re advertised everywhere and apparently very popular. The flaw was that the package didn’t have his office number on it. UPS didn’t know that they could just send it to the mailroom, and instead they dispatched it back to Proactiv. Now the box is allegedly hanging out somewhere on the company’s loading dock, and they’ve sent collections after Eric to pay for the box of creams that he never received. [More]

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Chicago Strip Club Offers Free Lap Dances To Boost Holiday Toy Drive Donations

It’s not Toys for Tots, but the goal is the same: A Chicago strip club is embarking on its third annual toy drive with its unique angle on convincing customers to give this holiday season — you give an unopened toy suitable for a child  and you get a lap dance. It’s a simple premise and it’s likely a very popular scheme with the club’s patrons. Lap dances are usually very expensive, after all. [More]


Forget The Whistle: NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission Changes Rules For Cab-Hailing Apps

You can use an app to order a pizza, another to refill your prescriptions and there’s probably one out there that will just tell you you’re pretty, so why not an app to hail a cab? In New York City, the issue of taxi-hailing apps has been a hot issue, as the apps go against rules that forbid cabs from making pre-arranged pick-ups. That’s all about to change, as the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission voted to approve a temporary new set of rules that will allow such apps. [More]

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Judge Tells Man He Can’t Wiggle Out Of $28K Hustler Club Tab Just Because He Was Drunk

Listen, plenty of people have made mistakes while under the influence of alcohol. But booze does not an excuse make, said a judge to man who sued Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club for fraudulent billing over a $28,000 tab he racked up while he was drunk. It’s not the club’s job to protect you from yourself, ruled the judge.  [More]

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Abercrombie Kids Can’t Count To Three, Exists Outside Of Reality

David has a problem with clothing vendor Abercrombie Kids. They don’t know how to count to three. This would be an issue for many kindergarteners, but is especially problematic for a retailer that offers three-day shipping. Well, maybe someone there knows how to count to three, or even past three. It’s pretty hard to run a business otherwise. The problem is that the shirt that he ordered eight days ago, paying for three-day shipping, still isn’t here. It’s been shipped, but still wasn’t on its way. The shipment had been picked up, but the shirt hadn’t been shipped. It’s interesting that Abercrombie can exist outside of all normal rules of reality like that, but David just wants his daughter’s blouse already. [More]


Hallmark UK: Sorry About That Card For 13-Year-Olds Equating Cleavage To Better Gifts

In the current social media environment, all it takes is one Twitter user tweeting one simple pic and a firestorm of controversy can be ignited. Such was the case when one Twitter user snapped a picture of a Hallmark UK greeting card telling 13-year-old girls they’ll get better presents when they get “bigger boobies,” and it got picked up by another Twitter user with a whole lot of followers. And cue media storm. [More]

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Eight-Year-Old Donates 500 Presents From Birthday Benefit To Toys For Tots

There is no strict governing body presiding over exactly what form Santa Claus must come in, so why couldn’t he look like a generous eight-year-old boy? The young man from Owasso, Okla. was turning eight and decided he had enough toys. Instead, he opted to turn his birthday party into a benefit to bring in toys and give them away to those less fortunate. [More]


Entrepreneur Selling His Last Name To The Highest Bidder To Raise Funds For His Company

Sometimes all you have to trade on is your very own name, which is exactly the bait one man is setting in order to raise funds for his company. The Florida man has been wearing sponsored T-shirts for various companies for a fee, and now he’s offering up his last name to the highest bidder. [More]


Jo-Ann Fabrics Wants Me To Pay Shipping For An Item The Store Needs To Restock Anyway

Maggie just needed to pick up a little item at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and thought her errand would be a simple one. Go in, get it, pay and get out. But as we’ve learned in our time at Consumerist and also through countless formulaic heist movies, it’s never that easy. Even when she hit the first obstacle — the item wasn’t on the shelf — she didn’t think things could get too crazy. Oh, Maggie. [More]


Thieves Get Grinchy By Following Delivery Trucks & Stealing Gifts From Doorsteps

While some of us are busy shopping online like Santa’s elves or buying gifts to celebrate Hanukkah, it’s also the time of the year when others get their Grinch on. But cops say three suspects in Massachusetts skipped going down chimneys to steal, and have instead been pulling a reverse St. Nick by swiping gifts from doorsteps moments after delivery trucks drop them off. [More]


Guilt Makes For A Delicious Addition To Forbidden Foods When You’re On A Diet

When all you want, all you need is just a bite of smooth, creamy, calorie-laden chocolate ice cream and you’re not supposed to have it for whatever reason (dieting, it doesn’t belong to you), giving in to that impulse feel so guilty. And it’s so tasty, partly because it is forbidden, says a new study. Guilt makes for quite a heady addition to your favorite foods. Hence, guilty pleasures. [More]


Eighth Grader To Hasbro: Your Purple Easy-Bake Oven Is Too Girly For My Little Brother

If people get ants in their pants over a LEGO set just for girls, why not go after the purple Easy-Bake Oven, which features girls prominently on its packaging, for promoting sexist attitudes? That is the cause an eighth grader has taken up against the makers of the toy oven, Hasbro, because she doesn’t want her little brother to think cooking is only for girls. [More]


Mmm, Food Court Fish Eggs: California Mall Introduces Caviar Vending Machine

Perhaps you just can’t find the right course to follow that trio of Cinnabons paired with a food court coffee and have an extra $500 just burning a hole in your pocket. If you like fish eggs and happen to be at a mall in Southern California, you’ll be in luck: A company there has just introduced a caviar vending machine, where customers can buy a tin of the stuff for anywhere from $12 to $500. [More]


What A Black Friday Logistics Disaster Looks Like From The Other Side Of The Register

We mere consumers sit here waving our credit cards, whining about how we missed this or that great holiday deal, or our orders were canceled. But what’s the winter shipping frenzy like on the other size of the counter? One employee of men’s clothing store Joseph A. Bank reached out to us to explain the chain’s Black Friday logistics mess from the other side of the register. In addition to regular in-person shopping frenzy traffic, employees had to fill online orders if they happened to have the inventory. This worked pretty well until orders started to come through in multiples. [More]


How Do You Access Orbitz Low Fare Promise, Exactly?

Travel-booking site Orbitz has what they call a Low Fare Promise: if you find a cheaper posted fare for the same flight that costs at least $5 less than what you just paid at Orbitz, they’ll give you a $50 coupon for a future trip. Ryan did exactly that: he found a cheaper fare on the airline’s website after booking through Orbitz, so he surfed back to their site to claim his coupon. Only he couldn’t figure out how. The first customer service person he spoke to at Orbitz had no idea, either. [More]