Getting Health Insurance For My Pet Was A Bad Deal. Here’s Why

Insurance is always a gamble. Pet health insurance, much like human health insurance, is a bet that your pet’s covered medical expenses over its lifetime will add up to more than the premiums you pay. Following that logic, Howard got a health insurance plan through VPI for his late pet Chihuahua, Tonka. He paid his bills faithfully and filed only a few small claims over the years, until his pet suffered from heart problems in his last six months. Then Tonka began to suffer from heart problems. This is the very situation that pet owners buy insurance for. How did things work out financially? [More]


Any pet owner knows the joyous feeling of bringing home your chosen perfect pooch, sweet cat or cuddly whathaveyou. But then there’s the feeling of finding out your precious toy poodle is actually a giant ferret, pumped up on steroids and groomed to resemble a dog. That feeling is one we might call, “horrified beyond comprehension,” which is likely how many pet owners are feeling in Argentina right now. [The Daily Mail]


Maple Syrup Miscreants Now Illegally Tapping Trees In Maine

Just because authorities apprehended some of the sticky-fingered bandits behind the $20 million theft of part of the global strategic maple syrup reserve in Quebec last year, that doesn’t mean that the world’s maple syrup supplies are safe. Oh, no. In Maine, authorities have found illegal taps on innocent maple trees on private property. [More]


Consumerist Readers Make The Case For Wiping Paid Medical Debt From Credit Reports

It’s a nightmarish scenario — you pay your credit card bills, car payments and loans all time, but when your credit report arrives… WHAM. Medical debt rears its ugly head and mucks up your life in a real way — even if you pay it. After hearing from one Consumerist reader who was shocked to discover a major dent in his credit score because of one $72 hospital bill, we asked for more stories from our readers to highlight what a very real problem this is. [More]


SodaStream Customer Service Finds It Hilarious That Its Products Send Me Straight To The Toilet

Consumerist reader C. had a problem of a well, rather delicate nature. She writes that after receiving a SodaStream for Christmas, she was beyond excited to try it out, using a few of the company’s flavored syrups to make her own carbonated beverages at home. That excitement waned when she started experiencing an — how shall we say it? — ill health effect that sent her running for the bathroom every time she drank the stuff. [More]


Held In The Disney Movie Club’s Enchanted Prison

Sandra was trapped. She was trapped in the enchanted prison of the Disney Movie Club. She didn’t need someone to cast a spell and set her free, though: what she really needed was to pay off her entire account balance. The problem is that the enchantment robs the Movie Club of the ability to read checks, so they dragged out her departure by logging her $35 check as a $25 one. [More]

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TSA Detains Sick, Wheelchair-Bound 12-Year-Old Claiming She Tested Positive For Bomb Residue

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Yes, the Transportation Security Administration needs to do its job and make sure nothing dangerous is getting through security and onto airplanes. But detaining a wheelchair-bound 12-year-old girl who’s ill with a genetic bone disorder for an hour because she tested positive for bomb residue? That seems like the kind of situation that could’ve been cleared up a lot quicker than it was. [More]

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New Circle In Hell Opens Up For Scalpers Selling $60K Tickets To Sandy Benefit Concert

You want to go see the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Billy Joel and more? Sure you do, so do I. But to the scalpers that are trying to turn a profit by reselling tickets to a star-studded benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy, I have one thing to say to you: You are slime. [More]

The Consumerist Shops: Zalman Reserator 1

This water cooling tower was purchased to keep our loud, home-built PC from echoing off concrete walls. To that end, the Zalman Reserator 1 worked well. Unfortunately, it soon (two-three weeks) acquired a buzz all its own, likely due to a faulty impeller blade in the aquarium pump that circulates water through the entire system.