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Costco Announces New Credit Card Partnership With Citi, Visa

It seems Costco is not one to sit around pining for old flames very long, as the shopping club announced today that it’s rebounding from the end of its relationship with American Express with a new partnership with Citigroup and Visa. [More]

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Young Adults Not Eager To Take On Piles Of Credit Card Debt For Some Reason

Everyone has that one relative who was an adult during the Great Depression and hid boxes of cash all over the house because they didn’t trust banks. Someday, your own descendants might share tales of weird old Aunt Mykayla, who entered the workforce during the Great Recession and refused to get credit cards or even buy a car. [More]

Have You Seen A Vending Machine That Imposes Credit Card Surcharges?

We see what you did there.

It used to be that if a retailer charged a fee or surcharge to use a credit card, that violated their merchant agreement with the credit card companies, and they got in trouble. Those heady days are over, and it’s now cool for merchants to impose surcharge on your purchases with plastic. And so it begins. Here’s one spotted in the wild on a vending machine. [More]

Popeyes ‘Economic Service Fee’ Is Really Just A Credit Card Fee

Popeyes ‘Economic Service Fee’ Is Really Just A Credit Card Fee

If you haven’t visited a Popeyes fast-food outlet lately, you may be in for a surprise the next time you stop by. Sometimes last year, some franchisees––we’re not sure how many–started to impose a 57-cent service fee on transactions over $5. Coincidentally, they also offer a 60-cent refund on all cash transactions. The net effect is that customers get a minuscule discount off the sticker price for paying cash, but have to pay a 57-cent fee to pay with plastic. [More]