United Passenger Leaves iPad On Plane, Has Joyful Reunion With Airline’s Help

United Passenger Leaves iPad On Plane, Has Joyful Reunion With Airline’s Help

Denise made a very understandable and common mistake: she stashed her iPad in the seat-back pouch in front of her during a United flight, and didn’t realize it until later. She ran the always handy “Find my iPad” app, and found that the iPad was in the hands of United staff at George Bush airport in Houston. The problem: she lives in Ohio, and no one at United was interested in helping her. [More]

Family Wants United To Apologize For Treatment Of Special Needs Daughter

Family Wants United To Apologize For Treatment Of Special Needs Daughter

A family from New Jersey had previously flown with their daughter, who is a stroke survivor in addition to being quadriplegic. While FAA regulations require kids over 2 to have their own seats, their daughter is the size of a 1-year-old and unable to sit up on her own. This led to a dispute between the family and a flight attendant that kept their plane grounded for an hour. Now the family wants an apology. [More]


Report: Despite Lower Fuel Costs And Ebola Fears, Many Airlines Just Raised Base Fares

The good news for airlines — fuel prices are down for once. But while that’s all well and great, that doesn’t mean consumers are going to have those savings passed down by way of cheaper air fares. Instead, many of the major airlines have recently raised their base fares by a few dollars across the board, according to a new report. Just in time for the holidays, of course. [More]

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Rapper Will.i.am Late For United Flight, Throws Twitter Tantrum

When you’re flying internationally, you should be sure to leave plenty of time until your flight when you arrive at the airport, especially if you plan to check bags. Let’s say three hours if you’re flying out of a sprawling air metropolis like New York City’s JFK airport. These limits apply even if you are famous. Yes, even if you’re one of the Black Eyed Peas. [More]

United Airlines Flight Diverted After Report Of Kidnapped Child Onboard


Passengers on an International flight from Dulles International Airport to Beijing were caught up in the middle of a custody battle turned potential kidnapping situation last night, when the FBI ordered the United Airlines flight to to turn back because a kidnapping suspect was on board with her child. [More]

United Airlines Forgets To Finish Letter About (SPECIFIC PROBLEM)

United Airlines Forgets To Finish Letter About (SPECIFIC PROBLEM)

A few weeks ago, a passenger experienced some kind of problem with (MAJOR U.S. AIRLINE). She sent a complaint letter about this (SPECIFIC EVENT) and received a printed letter back. This letter made it clear that the person who sent the letter had forgotten to use (CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE) to fill in the blanks, resulting in a Mad Libs apology of sorts. Naturally, the recipient posted it to (POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA SITE). [More]

What Happens To Your Plane Ticket When There’s A Death In The Family?


There are all kinds of reasons why you might not be able to fly when you were planning to, or need to make a change in a scheduled itinerary. Unfortunately, one of those might be the death of a loved one. But now that most domestic airlines don’t offer special bereavement fares, many fliers find themselves dealing with airlines after they’ve already bought tickets to try to make changes. But because airlines don’t want just anyone to pull the “my grandma died,” often customers are finding the process of changing or canceling flights in these situations daunting, confusing, and well, a bit tacky. [More]

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Flight Canceled Due To Toilet Clog, Allegedly A Diaper

Let’s get the public service announcement out of the way: if you’re taking care of someone who is very young or very old and uses diapers, there are many ways to dispose of them. Flushing them down the toilet should not be on your list of options. Allegedly, a United Airlines flight from Phoenix to Cleveland was delayed, then canceled because a passenger did just that. [More]


United Strands My Wife All Day In Newark, Shrugs

Look, it’s not United Airlines’ problem. Yes, they canceled the second leg of Neil’s wife’s flight, the part that was to bring her from Newark to Rochester, N.Y. They put her on a plane from Newark to Rochester. I mean, yeah, the plane didn’t take off until 10 P.M. and arrived too late for her to get a rental car or for anyone she knew to pick her up. Isn’t flying her to Newark enough? [More]


United Quietly Hikes Flight Change Fee By $50, Hopes No One Notices

UPDATE: Not one to be late to the party, U.S. Airways has proved it’s a joiner by also increasing its flight change fee to $200. The change appeared on the site just today. Oof. This doesn’t look good, folks. [More]

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United Airlines Thinks Dog Would Rather Take A Trip To Ireland Than Fly To Phoenix

While plenty of people would love the chance to visit Ireland, land of at least four green fields and a rich cultural history, maybe sending a six-year-old dog on his own to the Emerald Isle isn’t a great idea. Especially when United Airlines was supposed to send the pooch, Hendrix, from Newark to Phoenix. [More]


United Airlines Mobile Boarding Passes: Save Time And Trees, Lose Frequent-Flyer Points

It’s incredibly convenient to carry your airline boarding passes on your smartphone. They save paper, save the airline money, and save really absentminded people from misplacing their tickets. The problem, though, is that using them means that Ralph loses out on a lot of frequent flyer miles that United Airlines owes him. He doesn’t have any boarding passes to show and prove that he traveled when he said he did, and evidently United doesn’t keep track of that kind of thing. [More]


Other Airlines Apparently Uninterested In Joining Any Of United’s Fare-Hiking Games

Every year the airlines seem to go through the same little fare-hiking dance, multiple times and with varying results. This time it’s United Airlines, which is trying to raise prices on domestic routes ranging from $4 to $20 roundtrip. The only fly in its pricing ointment is that it doesn’t look like the other airlines are going to follow suit. [More]

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How Do You Fly 1 Million Miles In A Year? Ask This Guy

So you say you want to fly a million miles in one year? Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! Just hop on about 400 flights to far-flung destinations and you can match the feat of a Chicago man who’s clocked in a million miles on United Airlines in just a single year. If you’re flying for business and have already racked up 13 million miles and earned tons of airline rewards, that’ll make things easier. [More]