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Target Sent Me Free Stuff! Too Bad It Was An Open Box Cutter

The good news, for Carmen, was that she received some free stuff in her Target order. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Carmen. At least, she doesn’t like free box cutters that nick her finger and make her worry that she will get some kind of Warehouse Plague. [More]

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Target Sign Wording Leaves San Jose Residents Scratching Their Heads

No one at Target would return a call last week from the San Jose Mercury News, so the paper wasn’t able to solve the mystery of what Target is trying to communicate with this sign in their cart corrals. They were left only with speculation, and if newspaper and online readers love anything, it’s speculating about typos. [More]

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If You Want To Use This Target Mobile Coupon, Plan Ahead

Mobile coupons are a great idea: they save paper and mean that retailers might be able to text deals and future coupons to their customers once they nab the coupon and opt in. William was pretty annoyed at Target’s mobile coupon this week in practice, though. He waited to text Target for their $10 off $40 deal until he found something that cost more than $40 that he wanted. Why waste a text message and waste his time, right? [More]

Chocolate is very pricy these days.

All I Want Is A Candy Bar But Target’s System Would Rather Charge Me For A Laptop

We’ve seen our share of fuzzy math at Target, from purported deals to fuzzy math coupons. But in what world does a candy bar get confused with a laptop? Only in the increasingly muddled world of Target, folks.  [More]

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Target Sent My Package To The Wrong Address, Says It’s My Fault

It doesn’t matter where you tell Target to send your online orders: if your account has a “default address,” your packages will go there no matter what. Diana didn’t realize this. She thought that if she updated her billing address, then ticked the box that said her billing and shipping addresses were the same, her package would end up where she currently lives. Not so fast! Now the person living in her old apartment has her new jeans, and Target just blames Diana. [More]

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We’re Simultaneously Intrigued, Terrified By Live Feed Of Models Reading Promotional Tweets For Target

You know how sometimes on Twitter your eyes kind of glaze over when a promoted tweet shows up in your feed? That’s how we initially missed Target’s wacky live feed of models reading tweets aloud to promote products during an all-white themed fashion show. That is until a friend* happened to send a G-Chat simply reading, “This Target thing is weird.” [More]


Radio Shack Kiosk Worker Screws Up, Gets Our Phone Insurance Canceled

What happens when you do the responsible thing and buy insurance for your shiny and expensive new smartphone, but the insurance gets canceled because of an error that wasn’t yours? Well…Bill and his girlfriend aren’t sure. When the employee at a Radio Shack kiosk at their local Target billed a Mastercard gift card instead of their credit card or phone bill, the insurance got canceled early on. Three months in. Then, of course, his girlfriend dropped the phone. [More]

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Free Movie Download Deal At Target Is Perfect For Anyone With A Working Time Machine

There’s nothing like a good deal to get our Consumerist readers excited while shopping. The only problem with one recent offering at Target? Going back in time isn’t a viable option, even if you really want a free movie downlad with purchase of DVD-Rs. [More]

Great savings!

Don’t Miss These Great Sales At Target And Meijer

We don’t hate the foot soldiers of retail here at Consumerist. What we hate are the processes that make lead to pointless non-sale signs posted on shelves that waste everyone’s time and either confuse customers or make them giggle. Here are two. [More]

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Target Expands Holiday Online Price-Matching Policy To A Year-Round Thing

While some Target customers were confused about the retailer’s holiday price-matching policy, where the store would match online prices on its own items (only if they were in stock online) with store prices, everything is about to become a lot clearer and also, permanent. The retailer announced that it’s not only going to price-match all of its online items, in stock online or no, it’ll also match competitor’s online prices in its brick-and-mortar stores, year-round. [More]

You have 8 hours to decide whether to keep this sleeve.

The Return Period On This iPad Sleeve Is Surprisingly Short

Cheryl picked up an iPad sleeve from Target on Christmas clearance, because apparently no one buys iPads during the rest of the year. Great! What if she grabbed the wrong one or had to return it for another reason? Too bad, says Target. She bought the sleeve on January 4th and they gave her only until the 5th to return it. [More]

50% off something.

Target Sends Out Poorly Worded Coupon, Raises False Hopes

Dani got what seemed like a great coupon in the mail with her Target credit card statement. “50% off Nook HD or Nook HD+ Accessory” it promised. Half off one of Barnes & Noble’s pricey e-readers? Clearly this must be too good to be true! And it was. The coupon was good for half off a variety of accessories for the e-reader, not the device itself. [More]

At least they aren't ugly stuffed animals?

Target Also Hauls Out Valentine’s Day Stuff In Mid-December

In the poll on our post from Monday about a Kmart that has already hauled out the stuffed animals and cards for Valentine’s Day, the wishes of our readership are clear: you don’t want to see Valentine’s Day stuff out until January at the earliest. Unfortunately, our readers don’t run the world, and certainly don’t run big-box discount stores. Reader L. sent along this photo from a Target store in Florida. [More]


Target Portrait Studio Deal Not As Great As It Seemed

Target has recently been expanding their portrait studio business in Jason’s area. This isn’t a Target-owned venture: Lifetouch owns and runs the studios, as they also do for other retailers, like J.C. Penney. The studio offered a Groupon recently, and Jason and family took them up on it. They chose a deal that promised a $50 gift card with a $100 photo purchase, thinking that this referred to a Target gift card. Not so. It referred to a gift card for future pictures at the Target portrait studio. Which could be useful if you planned to have more pictures taken there. Jason’s family doesn’t. [More]

Meet Leo Tolstoy, everyone!

Target Stays Current In Literary World, Offers Book By “Emerging Author” Leo Tolstoy

Eagle-eyed Consumerist reader Len was shopping at Target over the weekend looking for a DVD, when he says something kinda funny caught his eye. No, it wasn’t just that there were two different prices under the same book ($12.95 and $12.76) which might’ve just been a case of a misplaced tome or two. It was the fact that this particular bit of fiction was in the “Emerging Authors” section: Anna Karenina, by that young upstart, Leo Tolstoy. [More]


This Target Cashier Missed The ‘No Homophobic Insults At Checkout’ Part Of Training

Seth’s cashier at Target was unprofessional and immature, but that’s not what bothered him about the encounter. The real problem was with his, as Seth puts it, “homophobic insult[s].” Describing a thing that you don’t like by saying “that’s so gay” might be acceptable among your friends, if your friends are teenage boys in 1997, but it’s not how you should talk at work. Especially when your job involves working with the general public, which consists of a fascinating variety of different kinds of people. Including gay people. Like Seth. [More]


Survey: Target Beats Walmart For Cheaper Thanksgiving Dinner

Over the past decade, Walmart has quickly become the biggest seller of groceries in the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest. In fact, a new survey says that shoppers would save money this year by hitting up Target for their Thanksgiving feast. [More]

Candy Corn Oreos Are Here: They Pretty Much Taste Like Frosting

Candy Corn Oreos Are Here: They Pretty Much Taste Like Frosting

Our apologies to the readers who want us Consumerist editors to taste-test things: we’re all currently on a strict diet of only Doritos Loco Tacos and Mexican Coke. So we’re sadly unable to run to Target and get a package of their exclusive candy corn flavored Oreos today. Our friends over at Foodbeast got their hands on a package of the seasonal treats last week, though, and their verdict is in. If you like candy corn, you’ll be disappointed. If you like sugar; well, then you’re probably living in the right country, and these cookies are for you. [More]