Christmas Gift Of iPod Was Actually A Box Filled With Erasers

Christmas Gift Of iPod Was Actually A Box Filled With Erasers

One San Diego man obviously isn’t a regular Consumerist reader. He bought his wife an iPod for Christmas, and she opened it up to find…four erasers and some specially-cut index cards filling up the spot that’s supposed to cradle the iPod. They’re probably very nice erasers, but you can’t play music on them. Light percussion, maybe. [More]

To Someone At Target, This Sign Makes Sense

To Someone At Target, This Sign Makes Sense

Attention hibiscus fans: we’re very sorry to inform you that you missed this sale within Target’s reality vortex that ended on Saturday. You know, in case you needed to stock up on sugar/salt scrub at 0% off. [More]

Egg Pricing At Target Doesn’t Even Pretend To Make Sense

Egg Pricing At Target Doesn’t Even Pretend To Make Sense

Reader Daniel sent us what looked like a straightforward case of fuzzy math. At his local Target, a half-dozen eggs cost 99¢, while a dozen of the same exact eggs cost $2.09. Or do they? [More]


Target’s $200 iPad Trade-In Deal A Victim Of Its Own Awesomeness

Last week, there was a great promotion at Target. Target Mobile locations always accept electronics trade-ins, but they offered a special deal in order to move some iPads. Customers could trade in any working iPad, dating back to the positively ancient iPad 1 from 2010, and get a minimum of $200 on a Target Mobile gift card. That’s a good deal, and it was very popular. [More]

Does Paramount See ‘Star Trek’ Fans As ATMs With Legs?

Does Paramount See ‘Star Trek’ Fans As ATMs With Legs?

Earlier this decade, Paramount successfully rebooted the entire “Star Trek” universe as a blockbuster movie franchise. Great news for them, but the release of the second film, “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” on Blu-Ray disc is kind of crappy news for the obsessive fan. That’s because a dedicated special-feature-watcher has to collect at least two different copies of the disc. [More]

Consumer Reports Learns All About Target’s Fuzzy Unit Pricing Math

Consumer Reports Learns All About Target’s Fuzzy Unit Pricing Math

I don’t know how we could have been so naive, but we thought that we could trust the unit prices on shelf tags in stores, including Target. If this site has taught us anything, it’s that labels can be inaccurate, and that Target may not even be part of our present reality at all. [More]


Target Expands To Canada, No One Really Likes It

Target opened its first stores in Canada earlier this year and plans to take over some now-closed Zellers locations. Now that it’s about six months into their tenure north of the border, how are they doing? Canadians aren’t really warming to Target, as it turns out. [More]

Need A Nicotine Fix? Have An Elephant-Shaped Humidifier

Need A Nicotine Fix? Have An Elephant-Shaped Humidifier

Even after a Target employee explained to us why the store’s “instant substitutions” that they put in place when a sale item sells out make no sense, we still find them utterly hilarious. Sorry, Target. [More]

(Mr. T in D.C.)

Okay, Great, So Black Friday Is July 12 Now

Last November, we humbly proposed moving the all-American orgy of consumerism known as Black Friday back a week so retail employees and dedicated shoppers might get to enjoy their Thanksgiving and spend some of the holiday with their families. Target has taken our idea a little too far, and seems to think that Black Friday is tomorrow, July 12. [More]

My Target Advertises Great iPhone Deal, Doesn’t Stock iPhones

My Target Advertises Great iPhone Deal, Doesn’t Stock iPhones

Rob heard about a great deal at Target: the retailer was running a sale and an iPhone trade-in deal for one weekend only. He made a trip over only to find that the deal was on, but there were no AT&T phones to be had. [More]

(Mr. T in DC)

“Not Everyone Eats Tacos”: Former Workers Sue Target, Claiming Discrimination & Harassment

Three former Target employees are suing the retailer, claiming they suffered crude harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The workers say in their complaint that an alleged “multi-cultural tips” document for managers laid out items regarding Hispanic employees like “not everyone eats tacos and burritos.” [More]

Target Shrink Rays Reams Of Copy Paper, Undoes 500 Years Of History

Target Shrink Rays Reams Of Copy Paper, Undoes 500 Years Of History

“When is a ream of paper not a ream of paper?” reader J. asked us in the subject line of his e-mail to the Consumerist tipline. We were hoping that this was the setup to a totally great joke, but it wasn’t. Instead, he sent us a dismaying photo that shows Target is trying to undo centuries of history and redefine what a “ream” of paper is. [More]


Target Employees Need To Learn Their Own Price-Matching Policy

We don’t want to sit here and lecture Target on how to run its stores, but maybe some people at Jared’s local store could use remedial price-matching policy lessons. Jared wanted them to match an advertised price on something dear to the Consumerist community: cat food. Yes, the store running the sale is Pet Supplies Plus, and the sale price requires a loyalty card, but the card is free. We’re not talking about Costco here. Yet the store refused to budge, even though Target’s written price match policy contradicted what they were saying. [More]


Enjoying Video Games Is Not A Crime, Except Maybe At Target

Things that Michael could not be trusted to do at Target: carry a game from the electronics department to the front of the store without stealing it, and provide a reliable price-matching amount from Amazon. It’s totally excellent that they’re willing to price-match Amazon and all, but Michael shared his story because he’s sort of bemused that something as simple as a game got him treated like a criminal. [More]


Target Still Struggles With Reality, Thinks ‘More Than’ Is A Meaningless Marketing Phrase

It’s kind of confusing when phrases like “more than” and “over” have become nothing more than meaningless marketing buzzwords. Three and a half years ago, we brought you a set of light-blocking curtains that block more than 100% of light. It sounds nice, but is physically impossible. Reader Liz found a similar marketing oddity at Target, where a sign brags about a discount of “more than” $20 when the discount is, in fact, exactly $20. [More]

Target Probably Didn’t Check Spanish Dictionary For “Urine” Before Selling “Orina” Sandals

Maybe a quick Google search would've helped Target.

Dear readers, cast your brains back all the way to last week: Remember when Target caught a bit of flak for selling only the plus-size version of a dress in Manatee Gray in an apparent mix-up that had the other ladies’ version in regular Heather Gray? The company apologized and blamed an internal process for the glitch. That’s all cleared up — but who at Target made the decision to go ahead and sell Urine style sandals? [More]

Target Admits “Manatee Gray” Is Maybe Not The Best Color Name For Body-Conscious Shoppers


Earlier this week a Target shopper sparked a controversy on Twitter after discovering that the same gray dress was listed as “Manatee Gray” in the plus-size version and simply “Heather Gray” in the “Missy” category. The company is now scrambling to apologize for the snafu, saying it uses the manatee color name all over the site. That makes us wonder — what other totally inappropriate and/or wacky color names are floating around out there? [More]

(Great Beyond)

Target Sent Me Free Stuff! Too Bad It Was An Open Box Cutter

The good news, for Carmen, was that she received some free stuff in her Target order. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Carmen. At least, she doesn’t like free box cutters that nick her finger and make her worry that she will get some kind of Warehouse Plague. [More]