Would You Pay $65 To Have A Starbucks Espresso Drink Every Day For A Month?

Would You Pay $65 To Have A Starbucks Espresso Drink Every Day For A Month?

Do you have a debilitating Starbucks addiction, buying multiple espresso drinks per day? Do you want to develop a debilitating Starbucks addiction? Either way, the coffee chain’s Black Friday deal just might be for you. You pay $65 for a stainless steel tumbler that comes with an entire month’s worth of free espresso-based beverages. [More]

Starbucks Testing Two New Seasonal Coffee-Flavored Sugar Bombs

Starbucks Testing Two New Seasonal Coffee-Flavored Sugar Bombs

Not satisfied with the current assortment of holiday beverages at your local Starbucks? You’re in luck, maybe. The chain is testing two new flavors of their traditional seasonal sugar bombs in different markets. [More]

Starbucks Has To Shell Out $2.7 Billion In Dispute Over Packaged Coffee

Starbucks Has To Shell Out $2.7 Billion In Dispute Over Packaged Coffee

When you don’t want to play anymore, it’s time to pay. At least in the world of business, where deals can’t just be dropped whenever it’s convenient. Starbucks is on the line for $2.7 billion it must pay to settle a dispute between it and Kraft Foods after the coffee giant ended a distribution deal for its bagged coffee. [More]


Would Your Boss Kick You Out, Send You To Starbucks?

Office space is expensive. Why pay to keep all of your employees in the building when there are perfectly good areas right nearby with plenty of desks (well, tables), plentiful wireless Internet, and someone always puts on a new pot of coffee? What we’re saying is that some businesses are kicking employees out and sending them to Starbucks. [More]


Starbucks Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Pumpkin Spice Latte With $150 Sparkly Tumbler

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, a beverage with an entirely justified fanatical fan base. The company is celebrating that anniversary with a limited-edition ceramic tumbler that features caramel-colored Swarovski crystals, orange and brown glaze, and an abstract version of the company logo in green crystals. It costs $150. [More]

Starbucks Opens At Disney World, Everyone Freaks Out For Some Reason

Starbucks Opens At Disney World, Everyone Freaks Out For Some Reason

Main Street, U.S.A. serves as the entrance to Disney’s theme parks worldwide. It’s like a quaint American small town from a century ago, where everyone carries smartphones in their fanny packs. Change has come to Main Street, and some Disney fans are more than a little upset that the Main Street Bakery will now serve a full menu of authentic, turn-of-the-century Starbucks beverages. [More]

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Time To Face The Mochafrappuchocalatte Music: Starbucks To Post Calorie Counts

Like avoiding eye contact with that vague acquaintance from work — the one you have absolutely nothing to say to — who ends up in your train car on the way home, it’s inevitable. You’re going to probably end up looking at Starbucks’ new calorie count postings because they’re there, you know they’re there, and it’s better to just get it over with. Say hello to the future. [More]


Is It Okay To Change A Baby’s Diaper In Public If There’s No Restroom Changing Table?

The reality of babies and young toddlers it that they’re gonna go when they’re gonna go, and parents will need to change their diapers. But what if a business like Starbucks doesn’t have a changing table in the restroom — is it okay for a parent to take care of diaper duty in the public seating area? One woman did, and Starbucks employees ended up calling the cops. [More]


Starbucks Sort Of Implements Suspended Coffee, Donates Food And Drink To Nonprofit

Back in March, we simultaneously spread and scorned the “suspended coffee” meme: a concept originating in the Italian city of Naples where customers can order an extra coffee or food item for a stranger in need that they can request at any time. We dismissed the entire concept as something that a global chain like Starbucks would never implement because it is too complicated to administer and prone to fraud. We were wrong. [More]

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Trying To Sneak Poisoned Juice Into A Starbucks Fridge Is One Way To Get Cops’ Attention

It’s quite a day for Starbucks in the headlines, but this time it was the target of some particularly toxic vitriol. As in, a woman is accused of trying to sneak tainted bottles of orange juice into a store display in San Jose. It appears at least one person in the store wasn’t totally immersed in their laptop and saw the shenanigans before anyone got hurt. [More]

You say Virginia, they hear Vagina?

Starbucks Apparently Thinks Someone Was Cruel Enough To Name Their Daughter “Vagina”

We’ve heard a lot of unfortunate names — heck, just look up “celebrity baby names” — but despite the cruelty some parents inflict via birth certificate, it’s highly unlikely that anyone named their daughter “Vagina.” Now, Virginia? Quite a nice, decent name. And it belongs to a woman who says a Starbucks in Hong Kong scrawled “Vagina” on her coffee instead. [More]


Starbucks To Cut Price Of Bagged Coffee By $1 Next Month Because The Caffeine Gods Said So

Rarely do we see a spot of good news in the grocery aisle — products shrink, prices go up, everyone makes a frowny face — but today is different. We’re not sure if there are caffeine gods, or if they’re responsible for Starbucks’ decision to cut the price of their bagged coffee by about a buck, but it’s happening in any case. [More]

Why Should Starbucks Give You A Loyalty Discount? You’re Already Addicted

Why Should Starbucks Give You A Loyalty Discount? You’re Already Addicted

Six million people have rewards accounts at Starbucks, but it might not be accurate to call them loyalty cards. Yes, Starbucks uses cards and apps to store gift card balances and keep track of what customers buy, but don’t look for them to start handing out more discounts as they collect more data on you. If someone is already coming in five days a week, the goal isn’t to charge them less: it’s to make sure they don’t stop coming. [More]


Starbucks CEO: Don’t Like The Company’s Support Of Marriage Equality? Sell Your Shares

When Starbucks announced last year that the company supported the legalization of  same-sex marriage in its mother state of Washington, opponents of the measure were less than pleased. The National Organization for Marriage launched a boycott of Starbucks, pledging to hit the company where it hurt — in its pocket. But CEO Howard Schultz says he didn’t give a toot about sales when it comes down to it. [More]

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Starbucks’ Decision Not To Change Menu Flies In The Face Of Bloomberg’s Sugary Drinks Ban

UPDATE: Looks like Starbucks knew what it was doing — since we published this story earlier today, a New york judge has ruled that Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary drinks is invalid. [More]


Is A “Quadriginoctuple Frap” The Priciest Starbucks Drink Ever Ordered Or A Scary Medical Procedure?

First of all, if you guessed “scary medical procedure,” we’re very happy to inform you that you are wrong and whew, because that would be terrifying to have your inside parts topped with whipped cream. The so-called “quadriginoctuple frap” is what one guy is claiming as the most expensive drink ever ordered at Starbucks, checking in at $47.30 and sloshing around in a 52-ounce mug. [More]


Starbucks Barista Offers Would-Be Robber Free Coffee Instead Of Cash: Robber Accepts

When a would-be robber asked for all of the cash in the register of an Alabama Starbucks, either a quick-thinking cashier or the limits of technology got in his way. According to police, the cashier told him that the drawer wouldn’t open….so would he like a free coffee instead? Score! Free coffee! [More]

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Starbucks Baristas Say New Reusable Cups Are Selling Well, But Will The Trend Last?

Based off some very unscientific and off-the-cuff polling, it sounds like Starbucks’ new reusable $1 cups are pretty popular with the public so far. But once the initial novelty wears off, will anyone actually remember to bring the dang things in? After all, how many times have you arrived at the grocery store only to realize you’ve forgotten your environmentally-friendly shopping bags? [More]