Sprint To Lay Off 2,000 Customer Service Employees

Sprint To Lay Off 2,000 Customer Service Employees

Sprint’s recent promotions, including “iPhone for Life” and the promise to cut customers’ bills from other carriers in half have helped the fourth-place carrier, gaining it 500,000 new postpaid subscribers even accounting for customers who have left. The company is responding to the good news by laying off 2,000 customer service representatives in centers across the country, and directing customers to use the self-service app instead. [More]

Sprint Will Stop Offering 2-Year Phone Contracts By The End Of This Year

Sprint Will Stop Offering 2-Year Phone Contracts By The End Of This Year

When we shared the news that Sprint was launching a program where you can lease an iPhone for prices that start at $22 per month, there was one piece of important Sprint-related information that we didn’t know yet: the reason why the carrier was making such a big deal out of their sweet lease offers is that they plan to join T-Mobile and Verizon in ending two-year contracts and subsidized phones. [More]

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Sprint Will Rent You An iPhone Forever For $22 Per Month, Totally Not A Contract

Do you itch to replace your iPhone as soon as a new one is announced? Do you only live and travel in areas where the Sprint network is acceptably strong? If so, Sprint’s new “iPhone Forever” plan may be for you: it allows you to upgrade your phone whenever you feel like it, as long as you choose a newer iPhone model than the one you had before. [More]

Sprint Set To Make House Calls With Launch Of “Direct 2 You” Service

Sprint Set To Make House Calls With Launch Of “Direct 2 You” Service

Like doctors of yore carrying black bags filled with tools straight to an ailing person’s bedside, Sprint is rolling out its own version of the house call with a new service needlessly employing numerals instead of letters, “Direct 2 You.” Roving Sprint workers will be on the road to customers in need of help upgrading their phone, transferring information to a new device and recycling old phones. [More]

Ad Watchdog Says Sprint Should Stop Calling Itself ‘New’ And ‘Improved’

Ad Watchdog Says Sprint Should Stop Calling Itself ‘New’ And ‘Improved’

Is Sprint really the U.S. carrier with an all-new network infrastructure and the most improved customer service in the industry? Their ads would have you think so, but competitor T-Mobile complained to the self-regulating watchdogs over at the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council. Here’s what they found out after investigating the claims that Sprint makes in its ads. [More]

Sprint Will Lease Loyal Customers An iPhone 6 For $5/Month

Sprint Will Lease Loyal Customers An iPhone 6 For $5/Month

While other carriers are looking to eliminate phone subsidies, Sprint has an interesting plan for people who like to upgrade their handsets annually: the “iPhone for Life” program lets you lease a phone instead of purchasing or financing one. Now, the carrier is rewarding loyal customers who have stuck with the carrier through its years of spotty coverage and slow data speeds. [More]


Sprint Doubles AT&T’s Data-Doubling Promotion

Over the weekend, AT&T announced a promotion on its biggest and priciest family plans for data: during October, they will double the amount of data that users on most expensive plans, starting at the 15 GB tier, get with their monthly plan. “Oh, yeah?” said competitor Sprint. “We’ll DOUBLE their double data!” [More]


Virgin Mobile Debuts $12 Single-App Data Plans

Do you love having access to social media on your smartphone, but don’t bother to venture outside of Facebook? Sprint’s Virgin Mobile brand has introduced the perfect smartphone plan for both 74-year-olds and 14-year-olds: cheap mobile Internet access that limits you to a single service. [More]

Sprint Also Launches Test-Drive Program, Sort Of

Sprint Also Launches Test-Drive Program, Sort Of

Last week, T-Mobile was in the news not only because CEO John Legere compared the company’s two biggest competitors to rapists, but because they announced subsidy of data used when customers stream music and a program that lets prospective customers test out the network and an iPhone 5S for 7 days. Now Sprint has announced a similar test-drive program. Kind of. [More]

Sprint: We’ll Totally Unlock Any Phone You Buy After February 11, 2015

Sprint: We’ll Totally Unlock Any Phone You Buy After February 11, 2015

In a perfect world, once a customer has completed a mobile phone contract or paid the full unsubsidized cost of their device, they should be able to take that device to any carrier of their choice. While carriers will adopt voluntary standards next year, that’s next year. Sprint wants consumers to know that you won’t be able to unlock any devices you get from them for use on any domestic networks until the standards go into effect on February 11, 2015. [More]

Why Won’t Those Jerks At Sprint Unlock My iPhone? They Can’t

Why Won’t Those Jerks At Sprint Unlock My iPhone? They Can’t

You might remember that late last year, American wireless carriers adopted some voluntary standards for the unlocking of devices so they can be used on other carriers. Yet Sprint and Virgin Mobile customers have complained to us that their carriers won’t unlock their devices, even when they’re off contract or the customer is moving abroad. What’s the deal here? [More]

Like To Multitask On Your Smartphone? Sprint’s Spark Service Isn’t For You

Like To Multitask On Your Smartphone? Sprint’s Spark Service Isn’t For You

Sprint calls its new Spark service, which they started implementing last year, a “super-high-speed capability” network. It’s faster than the 4G LTE network that they’re still expanding nationwide, but is a Spark-compatible phone something that you should look into? Well, that depends: how many things do you do on your phone at once? [More]


What Should Sprint Customer With No Service Do? Ask For An Airave Femtocell

A femtocell sounds like it should be the name of the battery that powers a Fembot, but it is not. To grossly oversimplify, it’s a type of tiny cell phone tower that harnesses your broadband Internet connection and serves only your house. Our readers tell us that it might be reader Jay’s last hope to be able to talk on the phone in his own home. [More]

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Our Phone Service Disappears Entirely, Sprint Is Completely Helpless

Jay has tried everything that he can think of to get through to Sprint. After being a customer for more than a decade and living in the same house for four years with no phone reception issues, suddenly they started dropping calls at home. Their phones have been pretty much unusable for two months now. Since they don’t have a landline and phone access is kind of what they’re paying Sprint for, they’re just sad and tired and discouraged. They want help. They want to make some phone calls. [More]

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SoftBank Feels Secure Enough In Its Relationship With Sprint To Let It Consider Dish Deal

Sounds like someone — and by someone we mean SoftBank — is feeling pretty darn good about its burgeoning relationship with the object of its affections: Sprint Nextel got the go ahead from its current steady to take a closer look at what Dish Network is offering it in a rival deal. [More]


Sprint Pushing FCC To Approve SoftBank Deal While It’s Still Totally Dating Dish Network

Sprint, we didn’t know you were such a player on the dating scene. While the company is asking for the Federal Communications Commission to keep working on its official review of a $20.1 billion SoftBank deal, it’s also openly flirting with its other suitor, Dish Network. That’s what we call playing the field, folks. Wonder if it’ll go on two dates in the same night? [More]

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Dish Network Throws $25.5 Billion On The Table In Bid For Sprint Nextel

It’s been about six months since Japanese Wireless company SoftBank said it’d pay a handsome price to buy control of Sprint. And in yet another example of how a much-buzzed about hookup sometimes fails to get to the completion stage, there’s another company suddenly in the running to woo Sprint — the pay-TV giant, Dish Network. [More]


How A Sprint Kiosk Worker Got Me In Trouble With The Discount Police

R. decided to be scrupulously honest. He had a 15% discount on his Sprint bill because of his employer. When he switched jobs and moved to a different state, he kept his Sprint plan but dutifully reported that he wasn’t eligible for the discount anymore. Unfortunately, he reported this to a Sprint kiosk worker, who failed to actually remove the discount. Moral of the story: no matter who helps you, make sure the changes went through. [More]