Sears Really Will Spin Off Lands’ End, Won’t Make Any Cash From It

Sears Really Will Spin Off Lands’ End, Won’t Make Any Cash From It

As part of Sears’ exciting new plan of ditching any businesses that consumers actually like, the company announced today that it will be spinning off Lands’ End. The catalog company, which sells decent-quality clothing for middle-aged people, has been part of Sears since 2001. Instead of selling off the business, Sears plans to spin it off as its own entity, as it did with Sears Outlet and Hometown stores last year. [More]


Boarded-Up But Open Sears Cited For Urban Blight

Rioters destroyed storefronts in downtown Oakland, California five months ago, filling the area with sadness and boarded-up windows. All of the businesses have fixed up their public faces except one. One retailer’s huge building still has boarded-up windows and looks abandoned. Local residents call the blighted storefront “depressing,” and the city issued a citation for “blight.” The blighted business? Sears. [More]

Sears Hometown Store Owner Refuses To Open On Thanksgiving Day

Sears Hometown Store Owner Refuses To Open On Thanksgiving Day

A Sears Hometown franchise owner is standing up to her corporate overlords and refusing to open on Thanksgiving. Opening their doors at 6 A.M. on Black Friday? Sure. No Brown Thursday at her store, though.  [More]

Sears Commercials Through The Decades: Jingles, Car Repair, Bruises

Sears Commercials Through The Decades: Jingles, Car Repair, Bruises

Sears: it was an iconic American retailer, and now has become more of a cautionary business tale as it struggles for relevance and tries to shed more real estate and scrap itself for parts. Many years ago, though, Sears was a central shopping experience in Americans’ lives. Americans who bought boom boxes and played “Space Invaders.” [More]

Sears’ Even Uglier Stepsister: Visiting A Series Of Incredibly Sad Kmarts

This definitely expresses the level at which most Kmart staffers seem to give a crap.

A few weeks ago, Brian Sozzi of Belus capital Advisors did something simple enough: he went to Sears, took a bunch of pictures, and posted them on the company blog. Apparently, no one on the Internet has been to a Sears since 1997, since the post was a huge hit. Now he’s done it again for Sears’ sibling store Kmart. [More]

18 Photos That Prove The Impending Demise Of Sears

18 Photos That Prove The Impending Demise Of Sears

As we’ve often discussed on this site, Sears doesn’t seem to want to sell merchandise to customers anymore. They’re apparently more interested in selling the real estate that their stores sit on. We know many talented and dedicated Sears employees, but the big picture remains grim. Want concrete proof that will make you sad? You could visit your local store, or just look at these pictures. [More]

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Retailers Realize Osama Bin Laden Costume Might Be Offensive, Stop Selling It

We have to wonder whether anyone pays attention at all to the Halloween costumes offered at major retailers. The “naughty leopard” incident was weird, but how is it even remotely okay to sell Osama bin Laden costumes to the public? After the Sikh Coalition pointed this out, so far Walmart, Amazon, Sears, and Rite Aid have pulled the outfit from their shelves. [More]


Man Holds Protest Vigil Outside Of Sears Over Radiator Warranty

The nice thing about being retired is that it gives you lots of time to pursue old or new hobbies. You could plant an expansive garden, take up woodworking, do volunteer work, or play bingo. Then there’s what a 70-year-old Idaho man is doing: spending 6-8 hours a day picketing a Sears store in Virginia. [More]

Sears Lost Even More Money This Quarter Than Experts Expected

Sears Lost Even More Money This Quarter Than Experts Expected

No one with any sense of how capitalism works would expect the profit and loss numbers out of Sears Holdings Corporation this week to be good. It turns out, though, that the company lost even more money in the second quarter of 2013 than experts had anticipated, and needs serious help to get out of its downward slide. [More]

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Buy A Plan From Sears Home Services, Get Even Less Service Than Before

Doug was working from a false assumption. He thought that the entity called “Sears Home Services” actually had the ability to diagnose and repair home appliances. Maybe someone around the office does, but none of the technicians who came out to work on his Kenmore washer and dryer seemed to know how to fix it. They were happy to sell him a service plan to cover the expense of those fruitless visits, though. [More]

10 Things We Learned This Week About Why Sears Is So Terrible

10 Things We Learned This Week About Why Sears Is So Terrible

In our posts about Sears, we often observe that the company seems like an anti-capitalist prank, a retail giant that thrashes around aimlessly until the real estate market picks up. It turns out that we were kind of half right. Manifesto-writing Sears Holdings chairman Eddie Lampert has organized the company into battling units that compete with each other for a dwindling pile of money. [More]


Where Is The Item I Sent Back To Sears? Don’t Ask Sears Or UPS, They Don’t Know

What ring? Victoria ordered a ring from Sears, but wasn’t happy with it and sent it back. That’s the whole point of the return process, right? Only the point isn’t supposed to be that the item disappears into the ether and the retailer shrugs. At least we’d like to think so. [More]


Soleus Air And Kenmore Dehumidifiers May Catch Fire, Pulled From Stores

Our venerable sibling publication Consumer Reports gave a dehumidifier from Soleus Air their “Best Buy” rating. Now it’s off the list and off store shelves after the manufacturer sent a stop-sale notice to retailers. There’s no consumer recall yet, but Amazon did reach out to customers and let them know about the issue. [More]

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Sears Heard That Rent-To-Own Is Ridiculously Profitable, Decides To Try It Out

The rent-to-own business is an extremely profitable one: who wouldn’t want to collect more than three times the list price of, say, a computer? So it’s interesting but not surprising that troubled retailer Sears is now entering the lease-to-own market in a partnership with the existing rent-to-own company WhyNotLeaseIt. [More]

Hope You Didn’t Want Any Of Those Mother’s Day Deals Sears Offered, Then Took Away

Not for you, sorry.

Easy come, easy go is especially easy in the times we live in where an email can be sent with a click and just as easily, hastily retracted. Sears apparently sent out a bunch of emails to its Shop Your Way rewards members with an “extra special” VIP Mother’s Day set of deals, and shortly after, sent another saying some people weren’t ever supposed to get that email, or those deals. [More]

14 Months After Delivery, Sears Still Won’t Actually Install Dishwasher

14 Months After Delivery, Sears Still Won’t Actually Install Dishwasher

Lots of people happily hand-wash their dishes because they don’t want a dishwasher. That’s not the case for one California man, who has washed his dishes by hand for more than a year even though he wants and can totally afford a dishwasher. In fact, he, um, had a dishwasher the whole time. It’s just that when he bought it from Sears, they sort of half-installed it and wandered off, and he couldn’t get anyone at Sears to help him. [More]

Because it involves gas and stuff

You Really Don’t Need To Pay $70 For LPG Conversion Kit Delivery From Sears (Or Anyone)

Matthew bought a gas dryer, but needed one that runs on liquid propane. He only discovered this after installation. No big deal: you can get a little tiny converter, which fits in a small padded envelope. Or would, if Sears were willing to mail it. Which they are not. [More]


Sears Outlet Not Used To Having Actual Customers, Locks Them Inside Store

A Michigan couple were shopping at Sears Outlet with their infant last week when they realized that they had been trapped inside the store. Police responding to a tripped alarm last Monday night discovered the would-be customers inside, claiming that employees had closed up and left them inside. [More]