Have A RadioShack Gift Card? You Have One More Day To Use It

We initially reported that people with RadioShack gift cards would have to use them up by March 5 or lose the entire balance. Great news if you happen to have found one buried in the far corner of your junk drawer: RadioShack has extended the period that they’re accepting gift cards to March 31. [More]

Salus Capital Claims Shenanigans In RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction

Salus Capital Claims Shenanigans In RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction

Last week, it seemed like the bankruptcy auction for what’s left of RadioShack would be pretty straightforward. Standard General, one of the chain’s biggest lenders, would put up a small amount of cash and a large amount of their own debt to take over about 1,700 stores. Another lender called shenanigans on the whole sale, offering a cash bid and claiming that it was superior. Now the auction enters week 2. [More]

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JetBlue System-Wide Computer Failure Leads To Long Lines, Delays

If you’re stuck in a long line at the airport right now, you’re not alone: JetBlue’s computer system failed this morning, forcing the airline to check all its passengers in manually. [More]

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Good News: RadioShack Says Consumer Information Isn’t Part Of Bankruptcy Auction

Earlier this week, we reported that the one of the assets of the former RadioShack empire up for sale is the tens of millions of names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses that the retailer has collected from its customers. Many states’ attorneys general objected to this possible sale, noting that it may violate Texas law and the company’s own privacy policies. Fortunately, that consumer data is not yet for sale. [More]

Walmart Entices Shoppers To Try Online Grocery Pickup With Discounts

Walmart Entices Shoppers To Try Online Grocery Pickup With Discounts

Does the idea of placing an online grocery order at Walmart and then simply visiting the store to pick it up appeal to you? Walmart is now experimenting with a few pilot stores where you can do just that, and now they’re experimenting with special discounts to get customers to try it out. [More]

Now There’s A Bidding War For The Smoldering Remains Of RadioShack

Now There’s A Bidding War For The Smoldering Remains Of RadioShack

Since RadioShack finally declared bankruptcy last month, the assumption has been that Standard General, a hedge fund that has lent the Shack large amounts of money for its failed comeback attempt, would win the bankruptcy auction. They would buy 1,700 or so of the stores that are left, along with RadioShack’s brand. Now a different lender has joined the bidding, but claims that the auction favors Standard General. [More]

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Toys ‘R’ Us Can’t Beat Discounters On Price, Invites Everyone Over For Play Dates

Toys ‘R’ Us has a problem: they’re a specialty store that people love, but they must compete with mega-discounters like Walmart and online vendors like Amazon on price. When they can’t do that and still make money, how are they to survive? The company’s new idea: get kids in the door by creating an experience, not just a place to buy toys. [More]

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RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction Continues: Unsecured Creditors May Not Get Much

Today is day 2 of the RadioShack bankruptcy auction. While selling the assets of a company that was once worth billions of dollars that still has thousands of stores isn’t a simple endeavor, the proceedings are going even slower than anticipated because other creditors object to the current high bid from Standard General. [More]

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Kiosk That Copies And Stores Keys Expands To Lowe’s Stores, Your Smartphone

A few years ago, we shared the news that a company had placed do-it-yourself key duplication kiosks in some 7-Eleven stores in New York City. Since then, key kiosks (keyosks?) have expanded across the country, and the company that we wrote about back in 2013 has announced a deal with home-improvement megastore Lowe’s. [More]

Sears Promises Early Payment To Vendors, Ties Up Cash Flow

Sears Promises Early Payment To Vendors, Ties Up Cash Flow

While Sears struggles to get customers into its stores and lost $1.7 billion last year, the retailer is also encountering problems in keeping its shelves stocked with merchandise. The company’s vendors are reportedly nervous to ship to the retailer given its poor financial results and touchy cash flow situation. Vendors are asking Sears to pay their bills sooner in exchange for a discount. This ties up tens of millions of extra dollars’ worth of capital up at a time. [More]

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RadioShack Franchisees Don’t Want Surprises In Corporate Bankruptcy

While RadioShack has declared bankruptcy and plans to liquidate, closing or maybe continuing to exist in a co-branded venture with Sprint. However, there are about 700 RadioShack stores that are doing okay. These stores are dealers and franchisees, stores that carry RadioShack merchandise and perhaps their brand, but might sell other merchandise too. The bankruptcy of RadioShack has some terrible effects on these merchants, and they’re working together to make sure that they aren’t hurt as parts of RadioShack are sold off. [More]

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Fraud Victim’s Impossible Choice: Eat $1,500 In Charges Or Be Banned From PayPal Forever

When a customer’s chargeback scheme left one PayPal customer down $1,500 and without the pricey headphones that they had sold, the person who sold the headphones was understandably upset. It’s wrong to rip anyone off, but they’re an individual seller rather than a faceless corporation. PayPal reduced the amount that this person owed to $700, but that was still $700 more than they really owed anyone. What’s a consumer to do? In this case, post to Reddit. [More]

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PlayStation Network Users Report Hacked Accounts, Terrible Options From Sony

If you use PlayStation Network, Sony’s online platform for buying games and downloadable content for games, consider not keeping payment information on file and changing your password. It’s bad enough that stories of hacked accounts have surfaced in recent days, but these users report that Sony has given them no good options: they can eat hundreds of dollars’ worth of purchases, or lose access to their PSN accounts…forever. [More]

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Dew Shine From Mountain Dew Looks Like Booze, But Isn’t

Back when high fructose corn syrup hadn’t yet been invented, the phrase “Mountain Dew” meant something very different. While that name now reminds us of a highly caffeinated soft drink, originally it referred to homemade corn-based booze, or moonshine. Mountain Dew’s new limited-edition product is supposed to evoke moonshine while removing corn from the beverage altogether. [More]

McDonald’s Will Pay SXSW Performers After All

McDonald’s Will Pay SXSW Performers After All

Global fast-food mega-brand McDonald’s has gone digging behind its metaphorical couch cushions this week after negative music festival-related publicity. A band exposed the company’s plans to not pay artists invited to play in its showcase at the South by Southwest Music Festival, even though it had budgeted to distribute free McDonald’s food and drink. Now, in an unsurprising move, McDonald’s will pay the bands that play in its showcase. [More]

Starbucks Mobile Ordering Expands To Washington And Idaho

Starbucks Mobile Ordering Expands To Washington And Idaho

If you’re dreaming of the day that you can order and pay for your Starbucks beverage with no human interaction whatsoever, you’re apparently not alone. Customers have been asking for the ability to order in advance from the mobile app for as long as Starbucks has had a mobile payment app, and the test is expanding from just one city to two states. Starbucks says that it should go national later this year. [More]

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Ex-Cop Battles Starbucks Tip Jar Thief, Saves The Day And $4

When is it worthwhile to intervene when you see a crime happening? That was the question raised recently in Orange County, California, when two men resorted to violence over a Starbucks tip jar containing only a few bucks. One was an ex-cop who was buying a drink at Starbucks, and the other a bike-riding thief. [More]

McDonald’s Invites Indie Band To Sell Out For No Pay

McDonald’s Invites Indie Band To Sell Out For No Pay

The South by Southwest Music Festival is an annual event in Austin, Texas, where you can discover relatively unknown independent bands and absorb other forms of culture. Playing the festival can be a great opportunity, and McDonald’s apparently knows this. The duo Ex Cops received an invitation to play at the “McDonald’s Showcase” at this year’s festival. How much was the global mega-corporation going to pay the band? Well, um, they don’t have a budget for paying the artists. [More]