Netflix Accidentally Leaks ‘House Of Cards’ Season 3 Early, Then Pulls It

Netflix Accidentally Leaks ‘House Of Cards’ Season 3 Early, Then Pulls It

Francis Underwood, the main character in Netflix’s original series “House of Cards,” knows the power of leaking information to the right outlet at the right time. Unfortunately, the real-life boss of Underwood’s universe isn’t as skilled: the streaming video service accidentally made the show’s entire third season available to everyone for a brief period today. [More]

Netflix Customers Waiting A Very Long Time For Baffling Array Of DVDs

Netflix Customers Waiting A Very Long Time For Baffling Array Of DVDs

Our readers have confirmed: they are, indeed, waiting for-freaking-ever to get some discs from Netflix. These include classic films, animated movies, television series, and new DVD releases. Is there some kind of nationwide DVD shortage, or is Netflix trying to strangle its DVD business? [More]

(Michael C. Rael)

Are You Waiting For-Freaking-Ever To Get DVDs From Netflix?

Jason is a longtime Netflix subscriber, and he doesn’t remember anything like his current problem happening before. Simply put, he has a lot of new movie releases in his DVD queue, and he’s in for a “very long wait” for most of them. He wonders: is this because Netflix is trying to slowly kill its DVD business? [More]

Netflix Increasing Prices, Thinks Comcast-Time Warner Merger Is A Terrible Idea

Netflix Increasing Prices, Thinks Comcast-Time Warner Merger Is A Terrible Idea

This afternoon, Netflix released its latest earnings report, where the company told the world about its $53 million quarterly profit and impressive growth in subscriptions. That’s all very interesting, but not what we at Consumerist are interested in. We care about one other piece of information that Netflix mentioned: they plan to raise prices for the first time in years. [More]

Who Wins The Streaming-Service Wars? Netflix, Pretty Much

Who Wins The Streaming-Service Wars? Netflix, Pretty Much

There are many different video-streaming services available to consumers now, but it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. It all depends on what your favorite shows are, since different streaming services have their own agreements with content providers, and produce their own exclusive content as well. Which one is best? Well, what’s your favorite show? [More]


Netflix Admits It’s Still Got A Lot Of Kissing Up To Do, Reassures Customers It Won’t Sell Ads

Netflix is still working hard to make up for failing its customers in the somewhat recent past (Qwikster ring a bell, anyone?), resulting in the wonderful olive branch of original content like the upcoming return of Arrested Development. But there’s more to be done, the company’s financial chief said today, which is why Netflix won’t be selling ads for its streaming site. [More]


There’s always money in the banana stand, and there’s always publicity in setting up a global network of banana stands to promote the Netflix-exclusive new season of “Arrested Development.”An actual Bluth’s Frozen Banana stand is currently open for business, popping up in various spots in London. On Monday, it will come to New  York. After that? Who knows? [More]


As Of Today There Are 1,800 Fewer Classic Movie Titles On Netflix Instant

Perhaps you were waiting for just the right night to tuck yourself in on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, get all cozy and finally watch Dr. No on Netflix Instant. Well, unless you did that before today, you’re outta luck: Netflix pulled about 1,800 classic  titles from its streaming library last night as part of its effort to ramp up their programming instead of simply offering a whole bunch of movies. [More]

Should Netflix Crack Down On Account-Sharing Freeloaders?

Should Netflix Crack Down On Account-Sharing Freeloaders?

Do you share your Netflix streaming account with a friend or relative who lives in another household? The company’s current policies are pretty liberal, but if they want to increase profits without raising subscription fees in the future, one option that they have is to tighten up those policies. [More]


Report: More People Are Watching Netflix Streaming Content Than Cable Networks

That panicked wiggling you hear might just be cable giants quaking in their over-priced boots: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says subscribers watched four billion hours of streaming content in the last three months. Exciting for Netflix, not so much for the cable biz: According to one report, this all means more people are watching Netflix than cable TV. [More]


Cops Track Down Stolen TV Based On Suspicious Activity On Owner’s Netflix Account

Somebody’s watching you — and it might just be your Netflix account. Which turned out to be a very good thing for the owner of a stolen TV in Raleigh, N.C. who had linked up his Netflix account with the device. Police not only recovered the TV in question but a cache of allegedly stolen goods at another home. [More]


Netflix Users Can Now Hook Up Accounts To Facebook, Gab About Finally Watching ‘Dr. Who’

I can post all day long on Facebook that I’m seriously addicted to The Walking Dead but wouldn’t it just be great if my Netflix account was connected to Facebook? That way when I finally join the cult of Doctor Who* like everyone is telling me to do, my pals will just know. Netflix will be able to do just that after a long battle with U.S. regulators. [More]

It didn't buff out.

Netflix: Actually, We Mailed Reader Three Different DVDs, And They All Broke

Last week, we published the story of Michael, who ordered a documentary from Netflix and wasn’t able to get a non-broken copy. The two relevant parties, Netflix and the band that was the subject of the documentary, saw our post and reached out to Michael through Consumerist. [More]

Netflix Insists That This DVD Works Just Fine, Sends It Back To Me Twice

That'll buff right out with some Windex.

Michael wants to see this movie, “Cork n’ Bottle String Band: The Ken’s Bar Story.” It wasn’t exactly in the year’s top 10 at the box office, but Netflix has it, because Netflix is cool and stocks copies of relatively obscure movies that people still want to see. What he’s found, though, is that Netflix does not necessarily stock working copies of these movies. [More]


The End Of Saturday Mail Delivery Is Awesome For Netflix, Not So Much For DVD Customers

While there are plenty of people greeting the looming end of Saturday mail delivery with a shrug (“Less junk mail on the weekends, awesome!”) there are those out there who see the change as a significant upset in a valued service. They are the DVD-by-mail customers, the ones who try to squeeze every bit out of their subscriptions. And yes, some people do still get DVDs. Ahem. [More]

(Michael C. Rael)

Netflix Locks My Wife Out Of Her Profile, Shrugs

Do you use separate Netflix profiles to manage the separate video preferences of your household members? Whatever you do, don’t lose your passwords. Eric and his wife have learned this the hard way. They’re locked out of his wife’s profile, and have no way to get back in. Netflix’s response? They’ve shrugged. [More]


Court: GameFly Is Right — Netflix Shouldn’t Be Getting Special Treatment From The USPS

GameFly has once again scored a win in its years-long crusade to prove that the U.S. Postal Service is treating Netflix like the popular girl while it had to pay out the nose for similar treatment. A federal appeals court ruled today that Netflix had an unfair advantage because it didn’t have to pay a penny to have its envelopes sorted by hand instead of machine, while GameFly was subject to hefty surcharges for the same treatment. [More]


Netflix Planning Social Features For 2013 Now That Legal Roadblock Is Almost Cleared

These days you can connect just about anything you do on the Internet to various social networks, namely Facebook, but until just recently Netflix was left out of that oversharing club. Starting in 2013, however, Netflix is planning on rolling out some new social features now that a legal obstacle is one signature away from being overcome. Congress just passed a bill that removes restrictions on companies from sharing customer video rental history, and it just needs President Obama’s autograph. [More]