McDonald’s Gives Me Free Post-Workout Smoothie When Card Machines Are Down

Here’s a heartwarming consumer experience to close out the week. It happened at… McDonald’s? Really? In need of post-workout refreshment, Matthew stopped in a nearby McDonald’s for a smoothie. He doesn’t carry cash, but McDonald’s accepts debit cards for small transactions, so no big deal. Right? Not when the card machine is down. [More]

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McDonald’s Testing Giant Family-Size Happy Meal In Kansas City

Boxes of meat and sides designed for a whole family to eat have been a staple in fast-food chicken, but why can’t you buy a giant box o’burgers? Good question. McDonald’s is testing a great big family-size dinner box as part of a promotion with the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. [More]

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Man Asleep In McDonald’s Drive-Thru Lane Probably Just Didn’t Want To Miss Breakfast

Any night owl knows what a challenge it can be staying up late doing this that and the other thing, only to awaken at 10:27 the next morning craving McDonald’s breakfast. It’s a mad dash to the drive-thru at that point, a hectic ordeal we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. Maybe that’s why a guy was found slumbering sweetly in the Mickey D’s drive-thru lane — perhaps he was just getting in line for breakfast so as not to miss it? [More]

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Don’t Get All Stabby When Skipping Fellow Customers In The Drive-Thru Line At McDonald’s

When other customers are behaving badly it can be very frustrating. But we’d like to take a moment to remind you, dear readers, not to come to fisticuffs during such trying times. Or the equivalent, with knives. Knivesicuffs? In any case, cops say a woman pulled a blade on a fellow customer after he reportedly got ticked off at her for cutting (skipping, not knifing) him in the drive-thru line. [More]

McDonald’s And Visa Quietly Edit Widely-Mocked Sample Budget, Add Heat

McDonald’s And Visa Quietly Edit Widely-Mocked Sample Budget, Add Heat

A few years ago, McDonald’s and Visa teamed up to make a personal finance site and workbook for Mickey D’s workers. A nationwide campaign that seeks a living wage for fast-food workers dug up the site, bringing it to the attention of news outlets, and it drew wide mockery online. In the middle of the controversy, they quietly uploaded a new version of the workbook. [More]

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We Have Some Problems With Visa’s Sample Budget For McDonald’s Employees

Someone meant really well. We think. A few years ago, Visa and McDonald’s partnered to launch a personal finance site for McDonald’s employees to help them better manage their money. Unfortunately, whoever wrote these materials had no grasp of what it’s actually like to live on $8 or so per hour. [More]

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McDonald’s Admits: No One’s Really Buying Our Salads

When people accuse McDonald’s of serving food that isn’t nutritionally ideal, they can always point to their salad offerings. See, salads are healthy, and McDonald’s serves salads: therefore, you can eat healthy at McDonald’s, but if consumers choose to eat something else, that’s cool, too. Only the company admitted to investors this weekend that they don’t actually sell a lot of those salads: vegetable-based offerings account for maybe 2-3% of McDonald’s sales in the United States. [More]


9-Year-Old Girl Tells McDonald’s CEO: Stop Trying To Trick Kids Into Eating Your Food

Oooooh, someone’s in trouuuuble! Chastisements can come in tiny packages, as one nine-year-old girl proved at today’s annual McDonald’s shareholders meeting. She took to the mic with a pretty clear message for Mickey D’s CEO Don Thompson: “It would be nice if you stopped trying to trick kids into wanting to eat your food all the time.” Oh, snap. [More]


Gospel Singer Suing McDonald’s Because Broken Glass Isn’t Easy On The Throat

If it’s not the hot coffee lawsuit of a lifetime, it’s still a major claim that McDonald’s mucked up pretty fierce: A gospel singer living in Brooklyn alleges in a new lawsuit that McDonald’s is responsible for ruining her voice, after she claims she bit into a piece of glass while eating a chicken sandwich. [More]

Police Have Better Things To Do Than Rescue Adult Men Wedged In McDonald’s High Chairs


Take a look at yourself. Are you older than five? You’re reading this post, so it’s likely that you are no longer part of the toddler set. As such, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind adults that they are too old, and really, too darn big, to be sitting in high chairs meant for toddlers at McDonald’s. One man in Ireland learned that in the way that turns out to be the most hilarious to the rest of us. [More]

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McDonald’s Drive-Thru Worker Spots Own Stolen Car Pulling Up To Window

A McDonald’s employee may have left her car unlocked outside of her apartment complex overnight–she doesn’t remember. That didn’t mean that she deserved to have it stolen, though. She woke up to discover that her car was missing, then spotted the culprit…in the drive-thru lane at her workplace. [More]

Burger King's new kid on the block.

Burger King: Hey Guys, McDonald’s Isn’t The Only One Who Can Do A Rib-Shaped Sandwich

Thus far in its life, the McRib has had a solitary existence, with nary another rib-shaped piece of meat out there to keep it company. So rejoice, McDonald’s! Your boneless hunk of rib-ish meat will have  new friend soon, when Burger King unveils its summer 2013 menu, including its limited-time BK Rib Sandwich. [More]

Everyone loves this guy, including McDonald's.

McDonald’s Shows How To Capitalize On Recent Cleveland News In A Totally Tacky Way

When three women who had been missing for 10 years were rescued from a house in Cleveland this week where they’d been kept captive, all eyes turned to the neighbor who first noticed one of the women, Amanda Berry, yelling for help. Charles Ramsey seemed as surprised as the rest of us, noting in the 911 call and to local TV news that he’d been just out on his porch, “eating his McDonald’s” when he saw her. At that, McDonald’s ears perked right up. [More]

Ever had a CEO cook breakfast for you?

Forget The Mc10:35, CEO Says Breakfast All Day May Come To McDonald’s

McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson (not to be confused with Ron Johnson) appeared on CNBC last week to talk about the company and be seen making an Egg McMuffin on camera. More importantly, he discussed the possibility that they could expand the breakfast menu to all day long. [More]

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Cops: McDonald’s Customer Traded A Happy Meal For A Happy Ending

Doesn’t matter if you’re handing over cash, a selection of fine cheeses or a bag of french fries — the law will get ya if you’re trading goods for certain ah, services. Police say a New Mexico man set up an illegal trade of the fast food-for-sex variety in Albuquerque recently, wherein he picked up a woman and then ordered her a meal at McDonald’s. [More]

McDonald’s Pulls Ad Since Crippling Depression Isn’t Quite The Same As Loving Big Macs

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While it might seem like your day is ruined if you can’t get a Big Mac, in no way is it the same as suffering from a mental illness. That’s a point McDonald’s apparently missed with a regional ad in the Boston area: It featured a familiar image of a distraught woman with her head in her hands with the copy, “You Are Not Alone.” Below it? “Millions of people love the Big Mac.” [More]

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McDonald’s Pinning Its Hopes, Dreams On Chicken & Lettuce In A Wrap

UPDATE: It’s really happening, a Consumerist  reader points out, which means that McDonald’s not wanting to comment on speculation perhaps just meant the company wasn’t quite ready to reveal the big news. [More]

Guest Workers Claim McDonald’s Put Them On Call 24/7, Housed Them In Crappy Coed Dorms


The young people who came to the United States on J-1 visas paid thousands of dollars for the opportunity to visit America, improve their spoken English, and gain work experience. The McDonald’s franchisee who hired them, though, allegedly had other ideas. The students went on strike this week, claiming that the franchisee didn’t give them enough work, and took exorbitant rent out of their paychecks for their housing, with 6-8 students of both sexes to room on rickety bunk beds. [More]