The Average Burger King Outlet Earns Half As Much As A McDonald’s. Why?

Competitors McDonald’s and Burger King sell similar food to similar customers, and both use a franchise business model. Yet, on average, a McDonald’s restaurant takes in about twice as much as the average Burger King restaurant. Why is that? Well, for starters, that creepy king mascot of theirs was driving women and children away. [More]

KFC Australia Puts Tortilla Chips On Sandwich, Popcorn Chicken On Nachos

KFC Australia Puts Tortilla Chips On Sandwich, Popcorn Chicken On Nachos

Over at KFC Australia, they seem to be a little confused about how nachos work. Not that Americans have any special claim to snack food logic, but at least our fast food outlets haven’t done anything completely wacky like throwing popcorn chicken on nachos, or tortilla chips on a sandwich. [More]

McDonald’s Switzerland Puts Gruyere, Goat, Swiss Cheeses On Burgers

McDonald’s Switzerland Puts Gruyere, Goat, Swiss Cheeses On Burgers

The name of a current promotion at McDonald’s in Switzerland translates as “large cheese cravings,” and that’s what it’s giving us around the Consumerist office. Unlike the boring old cheeses we’re stuck with here in America, Swiss fast foodies can try burgers topped with fine rolls of what we in the US call Swiss cheese, or with tasty slabs of Gruyère or goat cheese. [More]

McDonald’s Customer Gets Wrong Burger Twice, Fires Gun Into Window

McDonald’s Customer Gets Wrong Burger Twice, Fires Gun Into Window

Yes, it can be deeply disappointing when a fast-food joint doesn’t prepare your burger exactly how you ordered it. There are many ways to deal with that situation: ask for a manager, complain to corporate, demand that they re-make your meal immediately…or fire a pistol into the window of the restaurant. You could do that, too. [More]

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Bad Consumer Hurls Fry At McDonald’s Cashier, Lacerates Other Customer’s Cornea

Anything can be used as a weapon if deployed in just the right way. That’s what a customer at a McDonald’s in Bordeaux, France learned when she was hit in the eye with a fry while waiting in line at a restaurant. A doctor diagnosed her with a lacerated cornea and told her to take ten days off work. [More]

McDonald’s And Ferrero Offer Fancy McCafe Drinks And Cakes In Hong Kong

McDonald’s And Ferrero Offer Fancy McCafe Drinks And Cakes In Hong Kong

While we Americans are here drinking our McCafé caramel mochas and blueberry pomegranate smoothies like a bunch of suckers, over in Hong Kong, McDonald’s customers get to experience a magical pairing of two of my favorite food groups: caffeine and candy. And cake. There is also cake. [More]

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McDonald’s Has 10 Million Pounds Of Frozen Unsold Mighty Wings

Mighty Wings, McDonalds’ attempt at fast-food wingage, didn’t go over well with consumers. Maybe it was the pricing, well above sports bars and other wing outlets at about $1 per wing, in a restaurant that offers actual burgers for a dollar. The product didn’t take flight, and now McDonald’s is stuck with 10 million pounds of wings. [More]


McDonald’s Launches Spicy Pork McBites In China

Do you enjoy popcorn chicken and shrimp, but wish that they were much porkier? You’re in luck! For about $1.50, you can pick up a container of about 18 popcorn-sized fried pork morsels, covered with crispy breading, salt, pepper, and MSG at McDonald’s. The bad news: you’ll have to travel to China to get them. [More]

McDonald’s Has Pumpkin Pie. Don’t Eat It.

McDonald’s Has Pumpkin Pie. Don’t Eat It.

As you may have noticed, the American food industry has an ongoing plan to put pumpkin or artificial pumpkin-like substances in every food item possible between August and November. However, just because you like pumpkin, that doesn’t mean you should try all of them. Here’s a new cautionary tale: McDonald’s now offers a pumpkin pie, but you shouldn’t eat it. [More]

Was McDonald’s Worker Who Served Up Raw Burger Targeting Cop Or Just Incompetent?

Was McDonald’s Worker Who Served Up Raw Burger Targeting Cop Or Just Incompetent?

A police officer in New Hampshire visited the drive-thru window at his local McDonald’s while working the night shift. He ordered a Quarter Pounder with cheese, and a photo he took shows a gross uncooked or undercooked bottom patty. He says that he became ill a few hours later. Those are the facts that no one is really disputing. The question is: did the worker preparing his burger deliberately give him gross food because he’s a cop? [More]


Would Your Boss Kick You Out, Send You To Starbucks?

Office space is expensive. Why pay to keep all of your employees in the building when there are perfectly good areas right nearby with plenty of desks (well, tables), plentiful wireless Internet, and someone always puts on a new pot of coffee? What we’re saying is that some businesses are kicking employees out and sending them to Starbucks. [More]

Lunch Envy: McDonald’s France Offers Goat Cheese McWrap

Lunch Envy: McDonald’s France Offers Goat Cheese McWrap

Other countries continue to get all of the best fast-food products from American brands. Want more evidence? Check out the new goat cheese McWrap available from McDonald’s, only in France and for a limited time. A previous version that the chain tried had breaded and fried goat cheese. Both versions replace the more typical chicken in the wrap with cheese. [More]


McDonald’s Testing Rewards Program For Customers Using Mobile Devices

The only reward you earned in the past for chowing down on McDonald’s food was perhaps the self-congratulations awarded for satisfying a craving, or accomplishing your personal french fry consumption quota. McDonald’s might change that soon, with a new loyalty program its testing that would reward customers using mobile devices at its restaurants. [More]

McDonald’s Clubhouse Quarter Pounder Sounds Nice, Wants To Eat Itself

McDonald’s Clubhouse Quarter Pounder Sounds Nice, Wants To Eat Itself

It’s old news that McDonald’s is testing a new variation on the Quarter Pounder, the super-fancy “Clubhouse Quarter Pounder,” in a few counties in the Miami area. What struck us about this new burger wasn’t its contents, but the food styling in this photo. A bacon strip looks like a human tongue licking its lips in the universal cartoon symbol for “yum.” Is it supposed to be clever? It’s creepy. [More]


McDonald’s Gives Me Free Post-Workout Smoothie When Card Machines Are Down

Here’s a heartwarming consumer experience to close out the week. It happened at… McDonald’s? Really? In need of post-workout refreshment, Matthew stopped in a nearby McDonald’s for a smoothie. He doesn’t carry cash, but McDonald’s accepts debit cards for small transactions, so no big deal. Right? Not when the card machine is down. [More]

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McDonald’s Testing Giant Family-Size Happy Meal In Kansas City

Boxes of meat and sides designed for a whole family to eat have been a staple in fast-food chicken, but why can’t you buy a giant box o’burgers? Good question. McDonald’s is testing a great big family-size dinner box as part of a promotion with the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. [More]

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Man Asleep In McDonald’s Drive-Thru Lane Probably Just Didn’t Want To Miss Breakfast

Any night owl knows what a challenge it can be staying up late doing this that and the other thing, only to awaken at 10:27 the next morning craving McDonald’s breakfast. It’s a mad dash to the drive-thru at that point, a hectic ordeal we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. Maybe that’s why a guy was found slumbering sweetly in the Mickey D’s drive-thru lane — perhaps he was just getting in line for breakfast so as not to miss it? [More]

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Don’t Get All Stabby When Skipping Fellow Customers In The Drive-Thru Line At McDonald’s

When other customers are behaving badly it can be very frustrating. But we’d like to take a moment to remind you, dear readers, not to come to fisticuffs during such trying times. Or the equivalent, with knives. Knivesicuffs? In any case, cops say a woman pulled a blade on a fellow customer after he reportedly got ticked off at her for cutting (skipping, not knifing) him in the drive-thru line. [More]