17-Year-Old Portable Radio Model Isn’t A Retail Antiquity, Just A Classic

17-Year-Old Portable Radio Model Isn’t A Retail Antiquity, Just A Classic

Reader Walter went out on a retail archaeology expedition, also known as “going to Kmart.” Searching the electronics section, he thought he hadn’t found anything out of the ordinary until he turned the artifact over, and discovered a copyright date of 1996. At least! A true ancient electronic find! Or was it? [More]

Kmart Gives Me BP Coupon For 30 Cents Off Gas. Excluded Items: Fuel

Kmart Gives Me BP Coupon For 30 Cents Off Gas. Excluded Items: Fuel

When Scott checked out at Kmart, a pretty sweet coupon printed out. What was it for? Thirty cents off per gallon (limit 20 gallons) at his local BP gas station! That’s actually a pretty good deal, and a nice Kmart/BP cross-promotion. Then he noticed the exclusions. Good coupons almost always have a lot of exclusions, so it’s smart to check them before heading for the newest BP. Scott didn’t expect the coupon to just cancel itself out, though. [More]

Rest In Aquatic Peace, little guy. (via PETA)

Kmart Admits It’s Pretty Bummed Out About The Shark That Died During Its Ad Shoot, Too

We were so sad yesterday about the white-tipped shark that died after being shipped across the country to star in a Kmart commercial shoot that we weren’t even able to make any jokes about the company jumping the shark. And when we skip obvious puns, the sadness is real. Plenty of our readers expressed sadness on Twitter recently, and it seems that somber feeling goes for Kmart, as well. [More]


Shark Dies After Being Put In A Backyard Pool For Kmart Commercial Shoot

UPDATE: Kmart has issued an apology and a statement of being generally bummed-out by the shark’s death. [More]


Kmart Assumes I’m Home All Day, Waiting For My Mason Jars

Companies that ship things just can’t win. If a package gets stolen from a customer’s porch: somehow that’s their fault. Kmart has apparently taken precautions against that, blocking UPS from letting UPS drivers bring packages to a depot or leave it with no signature. Bringing it to a Kmart store: not an option. She doesn’t want to stay home all day and wait for a box of jars, her neighbors aren’t home during the day, and the situation has become ridiculous. [More]


Here’s The Problem With Kmart’s Layaway System

A former Kmart employee and frequent tipster who used to work at Kmart has read our recent stories about problems with Kmart layaway, and was able to offer some insights as to why layaway orders placed online are going wrong. Maybe. [More]

Thanks, Layaway Angels, for actually visiting Kmart.

Kmart Builds Holiday Ad Campaign Around Layaway Angels Of 2011

So far this year, we’ve mostly shared tales of people complaining about the process of purchasing items at Kmart using layaway. Last year, something inspiring started to happen. People, including our very own readers, would walk up to the customer service desk at their local Kmart and offer to pay off the layaway balance of a random family. The “layaway angels,” media outlets began to call them. The idea spread nationwide, mostly in Kmart stores. This year, Kmart has built an ad campaign around them. [More]

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Kmart Tracks Down Reader After 2-Day Shipping Became 2-Week Shipping, Tries To Help

You may remember reader Linda, who ordered a computer from Kmart with 2-day shipping as a Christmas gift for her mother. Kmart’s idea of “2-day shipping” that they charge extra for turned out to be “2-week shipping” once they actually got around to shipping the computer. That wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t, you know, a Christmas gift, and if Kmart planned to ship it before December 24th. Based on the information in the post, the nice people at Kmart’s executive customer relations department tracked Linda down, which is impressive and only a little bit unnerving. [More]


Kmart Overcharged Me For Layaway Order, Then Their Servers Ate It

Caroline’s Kmart layaway order was wrong. After she placed the order online, the contract came back $92 more than it was supposed to be. Well, okay, no problem: she could just call up Kmart and straighten it out. That’s why stores have a huge customer service staff. Except for how she called up Kmart and they told her to direct her problems to her local store. For an online layaway order. She’s been struggling with Kmart for a month now. The staff at her local store have been extremely helpful, but that doesn’t solve her core problem: she’s been overcharged for an order that still hasn’t shipped after being paid in full. [More]


Kmart’s Idea Of 2-Day Shipping Takes 2 Weeks

Linda ordered a computer for her mother as a Christmas gift on December 12th, and paid extra for two-day shipping. Unfortunately, she placed this order with Kmart, which is part of the massive anti-capitalist organization known as Sears Holdings Corporation. This company pretends to run massive retail operations, but actually exists to stand in consumers’ way when they try to exchange money for goods. At least that’s how it seems from Consumerist’s mailbox. She only learned once it was too late that “2-day shipping” meant that Kmart planned to ship the computer out on December 24th. [More]


Kmart Teases Me With Virtual Rebate That Vanishes Into The Ether

Shopping online and looking for the best deal like a good consumer, Doug bought his Nintendo 3DS from Kmart. Part of the greatness of this deal was a $30 rebate that would (theoretically) come in the form of a gift code. Sending rebates to customers in the form of an electronic code seems so efficient, doesn’t it? Yes, we suppose it would be, if Kmart had sent the code, and if anyone at Kmart had any idea what it is that he’s talking about. [More]


Kmart Pretends I Gave Them Wrong PayPal Address, Is Now Out Of Wiis

Did you preorder a Wii U from Kmart? Chris did. Well, he tried to. He paid using PayPal, and Kmart now tells him that he typed in an incorrect PayPal address, and they’re sold out of them. The funny thing is that they must have had his correct address at one point: when he first placed the order, they debited his account or put a hold on it initially. So that’s weird. [More]

Kmart Changes My Layaway Item Prices, Adds Fees

Kmart Changes My Layaway Item Prices, Adds Fees

Betty is trying really hard to make Kmart honor what she thought were the terms of the layaway agreement. She was supposed to pay the original price and not have any layaway fees. That’s how it’s supposed to work, right? Not for Betty, and she’s incredibly frustrated. [More]


The Future Of Sears And Kmart Depends On Cross-Selling, And They Suck At It

It’s Christmas tree buying season! Alan and his wife shopped around and found a spiffy fake spruce on Sears’ website. “In stock from Kmart,” said the Sears website. Well, then, they’re part of the same company: it shouldn’t be difficult at all to go to Kmart and get them to match the Sears price. Right? [More]

Not To Be Outdone By Toys 'R' Us, Sears & Kmart Also Drop Layaway Fees

Not To Be Outdone By Toys 'R' Us, Sears & Kmart Also Drop Layaway Fees

UPDATE: A rep for Kmart and Sears tells us that the report we cited has it kinda wrong — right now the free layaway is only on for Kmart, and not Sears. Bummer! [More]

Sears Recalls Dehumidifiers Because Fire Is Not A Safe Dehumidification Method

Sears Recalls Dehumidifiers Because Fire Is Not A Safe Dehumidification Method

Yes, it’s a story about a Sears appliance, but not about its misdelivery or problems with getting it repaired. Well, sort of. If you bought a Kenmore-branded dehumidifier from Sears or from Kmart between 2003 or 2009, unplug it right away and get in touch with the company. More than a hundred overheating units have been reported to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and some have caught fire or melted. [More]

Plastic Hanger Shrink Ray Costs You 4 Cents Per Hanger

Plastic Hanger Shrink Ray Costs You 4 Cents Per Hanger

Jeff needed some plastic hangers, and found some at Kmart that cost just a little more than he wanted to pay. But the odd thing was that the signage wasn’t quite right: the price given was for ten hangers, and the packages actually on the shelf contained eight hangers each. Okay, it’s not a big deal. And broken down, only a few cents’ difference per hanger. That doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying. [More]

Police: Grandma Used Shoplifting Tips From  TV's 'Cops' To Get Stuff To Bake With Grandson

Police: Grandma Used Shoplifting Tips From TV's 'Cops' To Get Stuff To Bake With Grandson

Picking up some great DIY tips from TV shows is all well and good when say, landscaping the garden or learning how to crochet tea cozies. What isn’t a great move is getting ideas on how to shoplift after watching Cops a few too many times, even if it’s so you can bake with your grandson. [More]