Is It An IKEA Product Or A Death Metal Band?

Not long ago, we shared with you the information that IKEA product names are pretty much meaningless, even in Swedish. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. But can you tell the difference between an IKEA product name and a death metal band? Time to find out. [IKEA Or Death]


IKEA Forgets To Deliver Your Hardware, Can Send It From Sweden

Maria lives in a big city and has no car. So when she bought a huge amount of furniture at her local IKEA, she had two choices: rent a car so she could pick, load, and haul her own flat packs home, or pay extra and have her order put together and delivered. The order went great except for one teeny thing that IKEA forgot. The hardware. [More]

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IKEA Couple Adds To Trend Of Marrying In The Retail Store Where They First Met

Did you just meet your soulmate, your forever and ever partner on this journey we call life? Okay then stop — are you in a retail store? Mark the location because the trendy thing to do these days is to get married exactly where you met. Joining couples like the one that got married recently at Walmart, a twosome who found love in the aisle of an IKEA tied the knot in the same store that played host to cupid eight years ago. [More]

IKEA, Where Every Day Is Father’s Day

IKEA, Where Every Day Is Father’s Day

Fathers are pretty awesome. So we wouldn’t question it if IKEA chose to give free breakfasts every day to dad, or even to every parent or guardian who came in the store. That isn’t what this sign advertises, though, and that’s why we’re kind of confused. [More]

IKEA’s Website Hates Me And I Don’t Know Why

IKEA’s Website Hates Me And I Don’t Know Why

Rob really likes IKEA. IKEA doesn’t seem to have any strong feelings about Rob, but the store’s web site hates him. They don’t want to do business with him. It’s nothing personal, surely, but the web site believes that he doesn’t exist, and not even anyone at IKEA has ben able to figure out why this is or what to do about it. [More]


IKEA Reports A Pork Problem In Its Moose Lasagna And Wait… Moose Lasagna?

Ever since the horsemeat scandal started galloping across Europe, the global food industry has been on high alert for food masquerading as one species while actually containing another. Fresh off the hooves of previous food controversies as of late, IKEA has a problem with its moose lasagna. What’s that? Yes, moose lasagna. [More]


IKEA Bringing Meatballs Back To The Menu In Europe After Horsemeat Scare

Who’s hungry for some IKEA meatballs? They’re back on the menu in Europe. Before you get all squirrelly about it in the stomach region due to that horsemeat scare that caused the home goods store to stop selling them in Europe, relax.  The chain says its new approach to food is “farm to fork.” Ostensibly, horse farms are not included. [More]


Another Day, Another Horsemeat Scare For IKEA: This Time It’s Hotdogs

We’ve all yelled in exasperation at a partly assembled piece of IKEA furniture while waving around wordless directions, but at least no one ever (that we know of) found horsemeat in a dresser. The retailer’s food isn’t so lucky: After pulling meatballs in Europe due to the horsemeat scare and almond cakes for coliform bacteria, the latest product to join the recalled product club is Russian hotdogs. Guess why? [More]

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IKEA Pulls Almond Cake From Sale In 23 Countries After Finding Bacteria

Another day, another food misadventure for IKEA: Fresh off the heels of the Swedish retailer’s horsemeat-in-the-meatballs snafu, the company has announced it’s pulling almond cake from its stores in 23 countries after some batches on the way to China were found to contain coliform bacteria. That’s a common bacteria in human an animal fecal matter. Yup, more poop in the news. [More]

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IKEA Enlists Marriott’s Help In Assembling European Budget Hotels Using Only An Allen Key

IKEA announced last year that it wanted to build a bunch of hotels across Europe, right around the time it unveiled plans for its own district in Hamburg, Germany. And now the company is one step closer to its dream  but it needs Marriott’s help. Ostensibly even it can’t decipher those wordless instructions sheets. [More]


IKEA Pulls Meatballs From Stores In 14 European Stores Because Of Yup, Horsemeat

Perhaps you thought the horsemeat crisis spreading across Europe had been contained or even just quieted down for a bit. But no, yet another retailer has announced the discovery of horsemeat in its food, and this time it’s a big one. IKEA says it’s pulled meatballs from stores in 14 European countries after the Czech Republic store said it found horsemeat in the product there. [More]


Good Thing There’s No Such Thing As An IKEA Gift Card Balance Emergency

Have you ever had an IKEA gift card? Did you ever need to check the balance without being inside an IKEA store? Valerie wanted to check the balance on hers, which she thought should be a simple transaction using an automated customer service system or the retailer’s website. The problem is that IKEA has shut down its gift card request line: you know, the one listed on the back of the card itself. [More]


IKEA, Where 50% Off Is Really Just An Approximation

Consumerist reader Brad was looking at IKEA’s Black Friday mailer that went out this week and noticed that something just was just a bit off about the math on this deal on soft toys. [More]

IKEA Wants To Build Its Own District In Hamburg For People Who Never Want To Leave IKEA

IKEA Wants To Build Its Own District In Hamburg For People Who Never Want To Leave IKEA

Do you ever get the feeling that you could just live in IKEA forever, eating lingon berries and playing house in kitchens outfitted with more cheap gadgets than you have at home, and sleep on a different bed with an unpronounceable name every night? Your dreams might be coming true, if you’re willing to hang out in Hamburg. The Swedish furniture giant is going to build its own entire district in that city, and fill it with all things Ikea. [More]

IKEA Forgets To Load My New Fridge Onto Truck, Now It Won’t Take My Calls

IKEA Forgets To Load My New Fridge Onto Truck, Now It Won’t Take My Calls

Josh and his girlfriend are very unhappy with IKEA right now, and it’s not just because the company’s contracted delivery service mishandled several thousands of dollars worth of appliances and cabinetry. What really has them steaming is the fact that the retailer never even shipped the couple’s new fridge… and now won’t tell them where the appliance is. [More]

IKEA TV Will Allow You To Buy Things Via Remote Control

IKEA TV Will Allow You To Buy Things Via Remote Control

Earlier this year, IKEA announced some details about its upcoming Uppleva TV, but now it’s being reported that the TV, which also includes a cabinet thingy on which to place it, will feature technology that allows people to make purchases straight through their remote control. [More]

Didn't Notice Damage To IKEA Item Before Attaching Legs? Tough

Didn't Notice Damage To IKEA Item Before Attaching Legs? Tough

If you want to get a refund for a damaged IKEA item, God help you if you take a few minutes to put it together first. Alan ordered a desk, which had a small dent in the side of the box. Figuring the item inside was fine, he put it together. This turned out to be a fatal mistake, since assembling an item means you’re then unable to [More]

Did IKEA Use East German Political Prisoners To Make Its Adorable Furniture?

Did IKEA Use East German Political Prisoners To Make Its Adorable Furniture?

Putting together IKEA furniture is hard enough for people who go out and willingly buy it, knowing later they’ll be gazing adoringly at the affordability of it all while digesting meatballs. But it would be much worse to be say, an East German political prisoner forced to manufacture the stuff before the fall of the Berlin Wall. [More]