I Lose A Really Useful Android Feature And Sprint And Samsung Pass The Buck

We often hear from users of various Android smartphones complaining that their carrier or their phone manufacturer is keeping them away from the latest version of the operating system. Mark’s problem is sort of the opposite of that. He has the very newest release, Jelly Bean, but was horrified to discover that a feature he finds very useful at work was quietly discontinued. He can’t get an answer out of Samsung or his carrier, Sprint, about who decided to remove this feature or why. He just gets sent back and forth between companies. [More]

This can't be right.

April Fools’ Day, Anyone? YouTube Is Shutting Down After 8-Year Quest For Best Video

We’re just gonna go ahead and take everything we read today with a giant grain of salt, as it just so happens to be April 1. In an April Fools’ joke that would likely devastate anyone who’s a fan of funny cat videos or 10-hour loops of Kate Upton on a runway, Google announced today that it’s shutting down YouTube tonight. [More]

Google Promises Nexus 7 In 3-5 Business Days, Will Ship It 4 Days Later

Google Promises Nexus 7 In 3-5 Business Days, Will Ship It 4 Days Later

Silly Bryan: he got this idea in his head that “In Stock – Delivered in 3-5 business days” on the Google Nexus 7 ordering page meant that he could order a tablet and it would be delivered in 3-5 business days. He needed it within five business days, and placed an order. Instead of the promised two business days for processing, the tablet was set to ship out on Thursday when he’s leaving for the trip on Sunday. 2nd Day Air wasn’t going to work. [More]

What time is it? GEORDI TIME!

Google Glass Taking Applications To Become America’s Next Top Cyborg

If you’ve ever sat gazing out a window using just your own boring nature-given eyeballs and thought, “Oh, if only I were more like Geordi LaForge, and also I have lots of money to spare,” then Google Glass wants you. The company is taking the next step toward making its wearable computing devices a reality and is offering up the chance for tech-lovers to be among the first to try it. [More]

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Shockingly, Customers Who Buy Google Products Expect Some Customer Service

We’ve posted before about how Google’s idea of offering product support is to maintain some customer forums and peek in every once in a while. That’s understandable for free tools like Gmail and standard Google Voice, but customers who have paid Google for services expect more. For example, many of the customers who have paid to port their phone numbers to Google Voice so far this month have received an e-mail confirming that their port went through…then discover that people who call them are getting a message that the number has been disconnected. [More]

Nexus 4 gravitational field

More Nexus 4 Phones Plummet To The Ground, Smash Themselves

Google is always innovating. They’ve brought us the beginnings of a consumer fiber network, smart glasses, driverless cars, and even bringing donkeys back to life. One little-known Google project is the Nexus 4 smartphone, which is unlocked, shiny, and comes with its own field of gravity that pulls it to the ground, violating all known laws of physics. Or so our readers tell us.



No, That’s Not A Cyborg — It’s Sergey Brin Riding The NYC Subway Rails Wearing Google Glass

While Star Trek: Next Generation actor LeVar Burton is no doubt waiting to take the Google Glass specs for a spin, it seems like for now Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin has taken it upon himself to test them out. He was snapped wearing the eyewear in the wild while cruising on the 3 train in New York City. [More]

Hey, donkey, you sleepin'?

Google Says Street View Car Didn’t Hit That Donkey Lying In The Road, It’s Just Sleeping

So there’s this donkey, on a road in Botswana, right? And like, it seemed as if he was just going along on his little donkey way when along comes Google’s Street View car and what’s this? Suddenly he’s lying on the ground. That is the sequence of events some are citing while accusing Google’s car of hitting — and gulp, maybe killing — the poor fella. But Google says its own set of pictures shows that’s not the case at all. [More]

Gmail Decides That Gmail Messages Are Spam

Gmail Decides That Gmail Messages Are Spam

Checking his spam folder, Richard was a little surprised at the reason that this mail service, Gmail, gave for tossing one message into the junk pile. How did they determine that he probably didn’t want this message? Well, because the return address was Gmail.com, and “[they've] found that lots of messages from gmail.com are spam.” [More]


Report: Google & Yahoo May Be BFFs With Hollywood, But Both Place Ads On Piracy Sites

Google and Yahoo might crow about supporting the entertainment industry, but a new report says that hasn’t stopped the two Internet giants from placing ads on sites with pirated movies, TV shows and music.  The report looked at analysis of which sites have the most copyright infringement notices against them and found that Google and Yahoo are in the top 10 ad networks that support major piracy sites. Ruh roh. [More]

The leaky Nexuses at right and left; an iPad in the middle.

EECB Saves Nexus 10 Owner From Restocking Fee

Shaunessy was displeased with his Nexus 10 tablet, and customer service couldn’t help. The tablet they set had light bleed around the edges: sort of a glowing gap at the corners. He returned the tablet to get a replacement, less glowy device, but the new one had the same problem as well. He gave up on the prospect of Nexus ownership, but there was a catch: returning both tablets meant paying a 15% restocking fee, or about $75. That struck Shaunessy as unfair, so he decided to appeal his case to a higher authority: a mass mailing to a dozen Google executives. [More]

Gift-Givers, Beware Of Google’s Short Return Window For Nexus Devices

Gift-Givers, Beware Of Google’s Short Return Window For Nexus Devices

Are you buying a product from Google’s Nexus line as a gift this holiday season, or for an upcoming special event? It’s too late for reader Joan, but she wants everyone to know that you should probably make your purchase from somewhere with a looser return policy than the Google Play store if your gift-giving occasion is more than two weeks or so away. That’s because you can’t return items more than 15 days after purchase unless they’re defective. [More]

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Newly Updated Google Maps App Finally Makes Its Return To iPhones

Apple’s pride is still likely stinging just a bit from the Great Map Debacle Of 2012, but nevertheless, a new version of Google Maps is now available as an app for iPhone users on iOS 6. Google announced yesterday that the revised map had finally been approved by Apple and will now be listed in the company’s app store. [More]

Hold me, I'm scared.

Gmail Briefly Goes Down, Everyone Proceeds To Freak Out On Social Media As Per Usual

It seems that noon is the magical time chosen by the Gmail elves to abruptly shut things down and throw everyone who uses it into a social media tizzy. We at Consumerist were right there with other Gmail users back during the Great Gmail Shutdown Of April 2012 when the site also crashed around noon ET, and today was like a giant flashback. Everyone make it back in once piece? [More]


Nexus 4 Owners: Really Unlucky Or Just Really Clumsy

Earlier this week, we asked owners of Google’s new Nexus 4 smartphone whether they’ve found it exceptionally slippery. It was part warning, part user poll. Reader Blaine thought that his phone got all smashed up after falling off an ironing board in a way that sort of defies the laws of physics because of its curved back and super shiny surface. Sad Nexus owners wrote in, but so did tech fans who wanted to defend the honor of Google and manufacturer LG. The consensus? Don’t put your phone on a non-flat surface, and accessory makers really need to hurry up with those bumper cases. [More]

Don't jump!

Has Your Nexus 4 Toppled To The Floor?

Blaine ordered the new LG-made Nexus 4 smartphone from Google. He really liked it…right up until the scratch-proof glass coating and curved back made it topple off a cloth-covered ironing board and onto the floor, shattering the screen. The bumper case that would have prevented this disaster is, of course, backordered. Consider yourselves warned, Nexus 4 owners. [More]

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Nexus 4 And 10 Purchasers Just Want To Know Where Their Devices Are

Google announced a fresh assortment of Nexus mobile devices last week, so regular readers know what that means: a fresh assortment of reader complaints about the experience of ordering from Google. As we’ve noted pretty much every time the company releases a consumer-facing product, the company makes great products that consumers want, but still aren’t all that great at dealing with those customers. Tuesday’s release of the Nexus 4 (phone) and Nexus 10 (big tablet) worldwide were no different. Many customers whose orders got through before the Nexus 4 sold out (or did it?) aren’t sure when their phones are coming…if they’re coming at all. [More]

You can't buy this.

Sorry, You Can’t Buy Nexus Devices With Your $350 Google Play Store Credit

Michael’s plan seemed like a really great idea at the time he hatched it. He wanted to make sure that he would have the money for a Nexus 4 set aside, so he purchased $350 worth of credit for the Google Play store. The phone’s available for sale there, so this made perfect sense. Until the phone actually launched. When he could finally get through to place his order, he learned that Play Store credit specifically couldn’t be used on Nexus devices. Oh, no. [More]