FedEx Loses Breast Tumor Bound For Lab, Scares Cancer Patient

FedEx Loses Breast Tumor Bound For Lab, Scares Cancer Patient

When a shipping service loses your new computer or your book, it can be frustrating but not catastrophic. After all, somewhere there’s a warehouse full of more computers and more books. Shippers also handle things that are totally irreplaceable. Like human tissue on which someone’s life depends. [More]

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Stranger Runs Up $856 On My FedEx Account, FedEx Won’t Help

William used his FedEx account to send a package. It only weighed a few pounds and wasn’t going far, and it cost him $13.75. They charged his credit card: all done. Then charges of hundreds of dollars from FedEx started hitting his card, and he had no idea where they came from. What was happening? [More]


That’s Not Santa At The Door On Christmas Day: It’s FedEx

There were probably a lot of printed-out photos standing in for gifts under Christmas trees across the country. A combination of huge last-minute demand, retailers’ promises of Christmas delivery, and bad weather meant that many gifts that were supposed to arrive on the last business day before Christmas didn’t. Lots of people were disappointed. Joseph was one of them. Then…there was a modern miracle. [More]

FedEx Employee Flings Packages Onto Truck, Gets Caught On Film

It’s really sad when a person can’t even hurl packages ten at a time into her FedEx truck without some muckraking jerk filming her on their cell phone. “We pick up and deliver millions of packages in a professional manner each year, and the actions in this video do not reflect our professional expectations,” FedEx told Gothamist in a statement. They claim to have disciplined the employee and her managers. (Thanks, Dov!) [More]

When You Receive 11 Pounds Of Marijuana You Didn’t Order, You Should Probably Tell Someone

When You Receive 11 Pounds Of Marijuana You Didn’t Order, You Should Probably Tell Someone

We’ve gone over this in the past: if you receive a package in the mail that you didn’t order, it’s yours to keep. You’re under no obligation to send it back or to pay for it. Things are a little different, though, when you receive something illegal on your doorstep. Say, eleven pounds of marijuana. [More]

Without An Address, FedEx Still Tracks Me Down In Tokyo


Jeff is an American who currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is a dense and baffling city, and his bank, USAA, created a huge problem when they sent him a check using FedEx but sort of forgot to include his street address. In a city of millions and in a neighborhood of 300,000, FedEx’s challenge was to find one foreign dude. They could have just sent the envelope back to USAA. Instead, they accepted the challenge and got the package to Jeff before the original delivery estimate was up. [More]


Lawsuit: FedEx Accidentally Delivered Box Of Drugs To Me, Gave Intended Recipient My Address

A woman in Massachusetts is suing FedEx, alleging that the shipping company mistakenly delivered a box containing marijuana to her address, then proceeded to provide her name and address to the package’s intended recipient. [More]

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FedEx Driver Can’t Read Street Signs, Shrugs

You’d think that before getting hired as a FedEx driver, someone would check to see whether you have certain skills. Such as the ability to read street signs. The driver serving Charlie’s neighborhood lacks this key skill. That, or he confuses street names very, very frequently. [More]


FedEx Kinko’s Employees Tell You Printing One Page Will Take An Hour, Shrug

Richard had to print out a few pages stored on an SD card. Fortunately, the printers at FedEx Kinko’s let you insert a flash drive, SD card, or even your phone and zap them right to the printer. How advanced! Unfortunately, not advanced enough that it could cope with the fifth page of his document. He had to ask the employees behind the counter to help instead. Their definition of “help,” unfortunately, was “make the customer wait an hour to print out one page.” [More]


FedEx Delivers iPad Mini, UPS Grinch Shows Up & Swipes My Daughter’s Christmas Gift

All it takes is one little bit of surveillance footage to bust a Christmas Grinch, but in this case he wasn’t coming down the chimneys of fictional Whoville to steal presents. A Houston man’s home security camera caught a UPS employee dropping off one package at the door before taking an iPad Mini that FedEx had delivered only hours earlier.  [More]

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FedEx Employee Says Company Knew It Was Overcharging Customers, Didn’t Care

As part of a class action lawsuit alleging that FedEx has been overcharging its business and government customers for years, an unsealed email from an employee claims that not only did the company know it was doing so, it even overcharged itself for sending packages to its own headquarters. Go on, shake your head in disbelief. [More]


When Customs Seizes The Cocaine And Meth You Sent Via FedEx, Don’t Call And Ask Why

In general, we support complaining to a company when you didn’t get what you paid for, no matter how small the amount. It’s only fair. Even we have to admit, though, that a California man might have been better off not calling to check on the whereabouts of the packages he sent through FedEx to the Philippines. Law enforcement is glad that he did, though. Prosecutors say that the boxes contained three kilograms of methamphetamine and one hundred grams of cocaine. [More]


Insider Explains Why FedEx SmartPost Is So Terrible

The overwhelming crappiness of FedEx Smartpost as a shipping method is a frequent topic around here. But why is it so terrible? We could have guessed that a partnership between ostensible rivals FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service might not work so well, but one reader with inside knowledge about why it’s so terrible reached out and shared their knowledge with us. The basic reason? The labels are terrible, and confuse the equipment. [More]

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FedEx SmartPost Package Takes A Week To Tour Southern California, Tantalizingly Near My House

Tim’s new shirt from Teefury didn’t have to go very far. It just had to make a short trip across the Los Angeles hypermetroplex. But somehow the eventual delivery service that is FedEx SmartPost couldn’t get the package to go in a straight line, which meant that it took a meandering route around the area. Really, they could have put the shirt in a cardboard tube and rolled it to Tim faster. [More]

FedEx Driver Knows I'm Home During The Day, Tries To Turn Me Into Human Drop Box

FedEx Driver Knows I'm Home During The Day, Tries To Turn Me Into Human Drop Box

While working from one’s home does have its perks — the cheap commute, lax dress code, no jerk humming with his headphones on in the next cubicle — one Consumerist reader has fallen into the trap of being the go-to place for her local FedEx driver to turn when her neighbors aren’t home to accept packages. [More]

FedEx SmartPost Is Actually Rather Stupid

FedEx SmartPost Is Actually Rather Stupid

Jane’s order from the Gap shipped using FedEx Smartpost. That’s a service that uses FedEx’s network to get items from the vendor to the local post office, then turns packages over to the USPS, which is stoping by your house anyway, for final delivery. This seems like a really great idea in theory, but leaves a pretty big crack for packages to slip through. Both systems say that her package has been delivered. It hasn’t. Well, it sort of had–it was delivered to the local post office, which normally isn’t what “delivered” means using SmartPost. [More]

Who Is J. Cohen, And Why Do They Have My Office Chair?

Who Is J. Cohen, And Why Do They Have My Office Chair?

Fedex delivered Spike’s expensive new office chair right on time, but they didn’t deliver it to her. Someone signed for the package, scrawling “JC,” which was recorded as J. Cohen. Spike doesn’t know this person, and they certainly don’t live in her apartment. FedEx insists that the delivery was successful, and won’t help. [More]

FedEx Punishing Me For Delivering Package Addressed To My Neighbor, Claims It Was Mine

FedEx Punishing Me For Delivering Package Addressed To My Neighbor, Claims It Was Mine

Consumerist reader Kenneth is a pretty good neighbor. After all, he dropped off a misdelivered package FedEx left on his stoop to a house around the corner where it was actually supposed to be going. But that simple act of consideration has resulted in FedEx refusing to deliver what he was supposed to get in the first place. [More]