Capital One Isn’t Coming To Visit You, Probably

Capital One Isn’t Coming To Visit You, Probably

A few weeks ago, Capital One sent customers a contract update that told them that it could drop by their home or workplace whenever they feel like it, and call them up without disclosing their identity. Capital One must not have predicted the response from customers, since now the company really, really want them to know that debt collectors are not going to stop by for a chat. Unless it’s about your snowmobile. [More]


Capital One Sends Me Across London To Get My Debit Card To Work

Lucky reader Twila is enjoying a European vacation right now. Only she has one sort of inconvenient problem: her Capital One debit card won’t work in many of the places she’s visiting. Like her hostel. And entire parts of London. [More]

(Kevin Dean)

Watch Your Credit Card Statement: Refunds Arriving Soon From AmEx, Capital One, Discover

Getting money back from a credit card issuer doesn’t happen every day, so plenty of Discover, American Express and Capital One customers are in for a treat in the form of refunds hitting their accounts soon. Those three companies were ordered to pay up a total of $435 million to almost six million customers after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took action against deceptive credit card practices. [More]