Burger King Drive-Thru Serves Up Whoppers, Chicken Fries, Boa Constrictor

Burger King Drive-Thru Serves Up Whoppers, Chicken Fries, Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor was on the menu this week at an Illinois Burger King, but not in the sense that you could eat one. No, we mean on the menu board at the drive-thru. Wednesday afternoon, customers alerted the restaurant’s employees that there was a boa constrictor relaxing near the drive-thru lane. How did it get there? No one knows. [More]

Burger King’s Largest Franchisee Blames Local Ad Cuts For Lower Sales

Burger King’s Largest Franchisee Blames Local Ad Cuts For Lower Sales

A few weeks ago, we shared with you a Bloomberg Businessweek cover story about fast-food chain Burger King, its young leadership, and its effort to change a lot of things about the fast-food brand business model. When the chain shed most of its corporate-owned stores in the U.S. in 2012, existing franchisees like publicly traded Carrols took on those restaurants. Its sales are down, Carrols wants investors to know, because Burger King cut back on local ad reimbursements to his loyal subjects. [More]

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8 Things We Learned About Burger King’s New Leadership

We tend to focus more on the wacky food items and creepy mascots coming out of Burger King, but we learned this week that there are interesting things going on behind the scenes. Burger King is changing the way that it does business in a way that will either fail catastrophically or set an example for the rest of the fast-food industry. [More]

Unhinge Your Jaw, Try Burger King’s Triple-Patty Nacho Godzilla Burger In Malaysia

Unhinge Your Jaw, Try Burger King’s Triple-Patty Nacho Godzilla Burger In Malaysia

Fast food outlets, why must all of your most ridiculous offerings be in your foreign outposts? Could it be that Americans simply don’t need any more tortilla chips than we already eat? … Well, that’s probably true. The film “Godzilla” comes out this month, though, and Burger King is marking the occasion with some enormous wraps topped with tortilla chips. [More]

Burger King Japan Serves Hot Dogs For Breakfast And Nothing Makes Sense

Burger King Japan Serves Hot Dogs For Breakfast And Nothing Makes Sense

We don’t believe that American fast food breakfasts like sausage patties, lukewarm pancakes, and waffle tacos should be the standard everywhere in the world. No, we wouldn’t even force all outposts of American fast food joints operating in other countries to conform to American breakfast ideals. Yet we’re still mystified at the latest offering from Burger King in Japan: the Morning Burger and BK Hot Dog Classic. For breakfast. [More]

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In 1974, Burger King Deployed The French Fryin’ Legion

Here’s a useful piece of information for the “pub trivia” section of your brain: Burger King introduced its onion rings in 1974. We came across this ad for them in TV Guide, mostly noticeable for the terrible ad copy, the modest serving size, and the fact that the onion rings are not actually on a burger. It’s like fast food from a different world. [More]

Free Chicken Big King Only An Illusory Dream

Free Chicken Big King Only An Illusory Dream

The Big King is Burger King’s version of a two-patty burger with vegetables, cheese, and “King Sauce,” and it is totally not a clone of the Big Mac. Nope. On Saturday, Burger King introduces a new member of this royal family: the Chicken Big King, with two breaded chicken patties. Reader Adam lives in a test market where he had early access to this burger. It was not, however, free. [More]


The Average Burger King Outlet Earns Half As Much As A McDonald’s. Why?

Competitors McDonald’s and Burger King sell similar food to similar customers, and both use a franchise business model. Yet, on average, a McDonald’s restaurant takes in about twice as much as the average Burger King restaurant. Why is that? Well, for starters, that creepy king mascot of theirs was driving women and children away. [More]

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Burger King Customer Upset At Profane Name On Receipt

It’s not clear how the party name “Bitch Ass Hoes” ended up on the Burger King receipt of a party of two women. Was it an employee’s prank for a friend that printed out for the wrong customer? Was the name not supposed to print out at all? Was the employee operating the register exceptionally rude? Burger King and the franchisee are investigating, and the grandmother who received the order remains upset. [More]


Want A Grilled Apple Burger With Cinnamon Mayonnaise? Visit Burger King Japan

There are three important features that make Burger King in Japan a very different experience: apples, booze, and couches, or ABC. Apples? Yes, Burger King has brought back their limited-time apple burgers in Japan, which feature grilled apple slices instead of tomatoes. Are they any good? [More]

Burger King Singapore Strikes Gold, If By “Gold” You Mean “Cheese”

Burger King Singapore Strikes Gold, If By “Gold” You Mean “Cheese”

A new promotion at Burger King in Singapore compares cheese to gold. Here at Consumerist, we agree, because we really like cheese. The Striking Gold burger comes in chicken and beef varieties and features nacho, Swiss, and American cheeses, all on one burger. It’s like a United Nations of not-terribly-exciting cheeses. [More]

Nothing says BBQ like blue drink.

Cocktail Pairings At Tokyo Burger Kings Prove Yet Again That Other Countries Have More Fun

Sometimes it’s like, ugh, so what if we have tacos in Doritos shells? Who even cares that the McRib only shows up once a year (that is rhetorical, please refrain from McRib-related hate mail)? Other countries get to have all the fun. Like a 2-ring circus pizza with a cherry on top in Singapore or the Nacho Whopper of the Netherlands, cocktail pairings with your Burger King will only be happening across the sea, this time in Tokyo. [More]

Burger King's new kid on the block.

Burger King: Hey Guys, McDonald’s Isn’t The Only One Who Can Do A Rib-Shaped Sandwich

Thus far in its life, the McRib has had a solitary existence, with nary another rib-shaped piece of meat out there to keep it company. So rejoice, McDonald’s! Your boneless hunk of rib-ish meat will have  new friend soon, when Burger King unveils its summer 2013 menu, including its limited-time BK Rib Sandwich. [More]

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Burger King’s Expansion Of Delivery Service To 3 More Cities Greeted By Cheers From The Couch

Way back in the beginning of 2012, Burger King started testing the waters of delivery service with a trial run in Washington, D.C. and soon expanded to certain locations in Houston, Miami and New York. Sounds like those tests were a hit: stay-at-home diners in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco will never have to put on real pants again to get fast food, as the service is headed to those metropolitan areas as well. [More]

A profusion of confusion.

No, McDonald’s Did Not Buy Burger King Because “The Whopper Flopped”

You can’t believe everything you read on Twitter, even if it’s on the official account of a company like say, Burger King. Proving that anything on the Internet can be futzed with, someone took over Burger King’s Twitter account yesterday and announced that the chain had been sold to McDonald’s because “the Whopper flopped.”  [More]

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Burger King Remembers It Has A Value Menu It Should Probably Be Telling You About

What do you think of when you hear the words, “dollar menu”? McDonald’s probably. How about “value menu”? Nothing? Yeah, that’s a problem, admits Burger King, confessing the company needs to start working on reminding people it’s got low-priced food items just like the other guys. [More]


Burger King Admits Some Beef In U.K. Contained Horse Meat, But None Sold To Diners

Despite taking its business elsewhere after a meat processing plant in Ireland was found to have beef mixed with horse meat, it seems Burger King didn’t move fast enough to insure its 100% beef patties stayed that way. The fast food chain admits that some of the beef from its supplier contained trace bits of horse DNA, but none of that meat made it into its restaurants. [More]