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In-Store-Only Digital Downloads Are Not The Way To Get People Flocking Inside Best Buy

For brick-and-mortar retailers, getting customers to walk into their stores has always been a challenge. Today, it’s even more so. But the secret to success in the third decade of the e-commerce era probably isn’t making digital downloads “In-Store Purchase Only.””I wanted to buy some Microsoft points for Xbox…..ummm, I’m not quite sure I understand this one Best Buy,” reader Aaron writes. “Digital Download in-store?” [More]

Customer Has Positive Experience At Best Buy, Is Shocked Enough To Write To Consumerist

Customer Has Positive Experience At Best Buy, Is Shocked Enough To Write To Consumerist

We opened our mailbox earlier this week to find something that wasn’t quite right. An account of a shopping experience at Best Buy that ended…well? That can’t be. We thought that Dave must have been mistaken, but no: he was happy and the customer service he received was excellent. It even involved an open-box item. [More]

They never learn.

Best Buy Posts 50% Off Coupon On Internet, Forgets How Internet Works

It’s happened over and over again, and retailers never learn their lesson. A big-box store e-mails a coupon to their customers, then freaks out and backpedals when customers actually show up at the cash register and try to use it, withdrawing the coupon and accusing customers of trying to scam the store. This time, the retailer was Best Buy, which offered a coupon for $50 off a purchase of $100 or more as long as the customer used a Mastercard. The coupon excluded most of the items you’d expect it to exclude: prepaid cell phones, iPods, certain brands of TVs and cameras. One very key thing that it didn’t exclude: gift cards. [More]


Why Some Best Buy Stores Need Two Forms Of ID To Give You $5 For A Junk Cell Phone

You may remember the adventures of S., who wanted to turn a drawer full of junky cell phones into Best Buy gift cards, but ran up against a baffling store policy that requires two forms of photo ID to do so. He complained, then flounced to another store that didn’t have this inexplicable policy. Turns out that this policy is pretty explicable: it involves local laws regulating pawn transactions. [More]

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Best Buy Gave Me A Free iPhone. What Should I Do?

After he had already picked up his iPhone 5, Edmund got received an e-mail from Best Buy reminding him to come get the phone that he had ordered. He didn’t think much of it until he received another e-mail telling him that his preorder was canceled…and then he got a refund of the purchase price of the phone that he allegedly didn’t pick up. He’s not about to take the phone back, but he wonders: is he obligated to even let Best Buy know? [More]

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Best Buy Needs 2 Forms Of Photo ID To Give You Five Bucks For A Broken Cell Phone

Quick: in your wallet right now, do you have two photo IDs? I do, but only if you count a BJ’s card. If you don’t, don’t visit Best Buy to trade in your junky old cell phones. In the subject line of his e-mail to us, reader S. declared his weekend to be the “Worst Best Buy Experience Ever.” We wouldn’t go that far, maybe because our bar is set a little low for what the “worst” experience at any given retailer should be. It was pretty irritating, though.

The gift card arrived safely.

Best Buy Makes Sure Gift Card Arrives Safely, Sends It Packed In Air Cushions

Kevin took advantage of a totally amazing Best Buy deal where he could buy a $100 iTunes gift card for only $80. The card came in the regular old mail instead of being virtual, though, and Kevin assumed that it would arrive in some sort of envelope. What with it being a small, flat object and all. But no! Instead, Best Buy sent it along in a cardboard box filled with air pillows. [More]

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Best Buy Founder Gets A Little More Time To Figure Out How To Buy Company Back

Just yesterday it seemed Best Buy founder Howard Schulze would have a stressful weekend, as he was supposed to come with an offer, any offer, to buy his company back by Sunday. But it seems he’s been issued a bit of a reprieve, as the electronics retailer said today that it will give Schulze until Feb. 28 to make his bid for the company. We can feel the relieved exhalation from here. [More]

Hmm, no thanks.

At Best Buy You Can Pay $3 More For Someone Else To Open A Product For You

Consumerist reader R. came upon quite a non-deal at his local Best Buy and simply had to snap a photo using our mobile tipster app. Because otherwise how could we believe that Best Buy would display a higher price for an opened item than for a brand new one? Well, actually, we’d believe it anyway but proof is always fun. [More]


Best Buy Customer Returns Extra iPads Sent By Accident, Feels Like A Sucker

We were surprised, last week, to hear about a Best Buy customer who ordered one iPad, then received a box of five. It was even more surprising when we heard from another customer who had the same problem. We keep hearing from more people who have received iPacks instead of iPads. One of them was Eric, who took them back to the local Best Buy and received a $50 iTunes gift card for his trouble. He was surprised to learn from a fellow commuter about our series of posts. Especially the part where Best Buy offered to let the other customers keep the four bonus iPads. Now he feels like a sucker. [More]

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Best Buy Can’t Actually Find Your Reward Zone Certificates For You

David had some rewards certificates from Best Buy available, and they happen to have the BluRay version of the movie “Rudy” in stock for only $7.99. In theory. The disc was actually marked $19.99, but rang up at $7.99, because nothing in life or at Best Buy is ever simple or straightforward. Great, so they straightened that out: now, could they pull up his certificates from within the store? Of course not. [More]

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Best Buy Sends Me Wrong Microwave, Promises To Come Swap It Out, Doesn’t Show

This is an exciting but stressful time for Terry’s family. His wife is pregnant, and they also just bought a new house. They ordered new appliances: matching stainless steel items for the kitchen, including one of those space-saving microwaves that goes over the stove. Best Buy technicians delivered and installed the bigger appliances, and the microwave arrived on the doorstep a few days later. It was the wrong color. That’s where Terry’s battle with Best Buy began. [More]


Hey, Best Buy Also Sent Me Five iPads When I Only Ordered One!

As our post from last night about Best Buy’s five-for-one iPad deal burned up the Internet, some people wondered whether this had happened to anyone else out there. No, that couldn’t be: this is an expensive mistake. It can’t happen all the time. Then we heard from Nick, who has four spare iPads stashed in his closet, waiting for Best Buy to come back for them. [More]

The box of iPads.

My Mom Ordered One iPad And Best Buy Sent Five

Alexa’s boyfriend got an iPad for Christmas from his mother. Well, that’s not quite true. His mother ordered one iPad, and had it shipped to him. What arrived on their doorstep was a very large and heavy box that was big enough to hold five iPads. Because it did. [More]


Best Buy Employee: We’re Not Always Trying To Upsell You Credit Cards And Warranties

Over the summer, a handful of Best Buy employees wrote in with tales of mismanagement that didn’t paint the rosiest picture of what it’s like to work at the store. But one woman who works at Best Buy says you can’t judge all the stores based on a few stories about bad ones. [More], a good place to find websites other than

Best Buy Website Runs Ads For Competing Websites

Lots of large websites run Google ads in order to generate a bit of cash without having to actively sell an ad module. But the folks at Best Buy might want to rethink this strategy, as many of the Google ads on are linking to deals at competing e-tailers. [More]

Today's sale took to its knees.

Best Buy Online Sale Shows Company Not Quite Ready To Become E-Commerce Powerhouse

Last week, new Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly said the company needs to make online sales a priority, as the retailer continues losing market share to e-tailers like Amazon and Newegg. But if this morning’s scheduled sale is any indication, Best Buy is not ready to compete with the big boys and girls. [More]


Yep, Shoppers Started Camping Out For Black Friday This Wednesday

Yes, it’s advantageous to line up for an irresistible sale early. A duo of California shoppers were a little too early to this year’s Black Friday sale at their local Best Buy, though, camping outside of the store more than a week ahead of time. Security staff booted them off the property, asking them to return on Thanksgiving. Thank Providence someone in this scenario is sane. [More]