Bank Of America Customer Battles $245 In Cascading Overdrafts, Wins

We don’t want to admit it, but most of us have done it before. We’ve misjudged how much money was in our checking accounts, leading to a cascade of overdraft fees. It happened to Bob: he used his Bank of America debit card for each transaction during a night out and was hit with a total of $245 in fees. Sure, he could have taken the fees as an expensive lesson, but he chose to fight back instead. [More]

Safe Deposit Key Refund Zombifies Bank Of America Account

Safe Deposit Key Refund Zombifies Bank Of America Account

It’s the end of the day, so let’s all gather around the soft glow of our monitors and tell spooky stories. I’ll start. Not that long ago, an ordinary consumer had a terrifying experience. He laid his Bank of America account to rest last August, never imagining that it would rise from the dead to eat his brains wallet. [More]

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How A 1¢ Interest Payment Zombified My Bank Of America Account

A few days ago, we shared the hilarious and pitiful one-cent check that a reader received after closing out his Bank of America money-market account and taking the funds elsewhere. This was a silly and annoying waste of paper and postage, but better than the alternative…having the account go zombie and run up a negative balance when it should have been long since dead. [More]

Bank Of America Won’t Listen? Name-Drop Consumerist

Bank Of America Won’t Listen? Name-Drop Consumerist

Kyle was having some problems with Bank of America. He decided that his Alaska Airlines credit card was no longer worth the annual fee, so he decided to cancel it. Bank of America didn’t want to let him go. Instead of shutting down the card immediately, they left it open long enough that he got charged the annual fee. It seemed hopeless…until he name-dropped his favorite consumer affairs blog. [More]

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Bank Of America Introduces ATMs With Live Remote Tellers On Video Screens

Instead of screaming in frustration at an unresponsive machine, Bank of America is introducing the potential for customer to interact with more than just a hunk of machinery by way of its new remote teller video ATMs. And this isn’t some weird computer-generated customer service tool, the ATM will have a live video link for certain transactions. [More]


How Bank Of America Lost All Of My Business Over A $2 Balance Check Fee

As a reader of Consumerist, Shawn knew that he should probably stay away from mega-bank and Worst Company in America 2013 Final Four contender Bank of America. Yet his non-BoA lender of choice sold his mortgage to…well, guess who? He moved his other banking there for the sake of convenience, and that’s when he walked up to an ATM and conducted the fateful transaction. [More]


Apparently No Bank Of America Safe Deposit Box Customers Have Ever Died Before

Last fall, Jay’s mother died after a heart procedure. We’re very sorry for his loss, but also very sorry that her death meant that he has to deal with Bank of America. Before the procedure, she added him to her accounts as a signatory, not realizing that doing so didn’t give him access to her safe-deposit box. Going through probate in order to get the documents he needs to access the box will cost more than $1,000. What’s inside? No one knows. Certainly not Jay, even though he’s the executor of his mom’s estate and her only heir. It could be a copy of her will, or it could be stacks of gold bullion.  [More]