AppleCare Changes Will Save Money, Maybe Make Customers Happier

When you visit the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store with a complaint about your portable iDevice, if it’s in warranty, they’ll generally hand you a new-to-you refurbished device and send you on your way. AppleInsider reported this weekend that for some basic repairs, that’s about to change. [More]


What Are America’s Most Damaged Brands Right Now?

How mighty brands fall. Bad leadership, bad planning, a run of bad products: any of these can damage a brand in a short amount of time, and it can take years to recover: if, indeed, the brand recovers at all. What brands are the most battered in the United States right now? 24/7 Wall Street rounded them up, based on which publicly-traded major companies are currently dealing with aggressive competition, reputation disasters, and a lack of direction. [More]


Mike Doughty Writes A 10th Birthday Song For iTunes Music Store

Happy birthday, iTunes Store! The music-buying platform, which later expanded to sell videos, mobile applications, and books, opened on April 28, 2003. Yahoo commissioned folk singer-songwriter Mike Doughty to write the service a little birthday song, which describes the key iTunes experience of downloading entire discographies in the wee hours of the morning while drunk. The song is not available via iTunes. [Yahoo Music] (Thanks, Angelos!) [More]

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Report: Apple Sent 5-8 Million Shoddy iPhones Back To Foxconn

The Apple rumor mill is a-churning yet again, and this time it’s not another breathless bit of speculation about the newest version of the iPhone: A report out of China claims that the smartphone giant sent anywhere between five and eight million shoddy iPhones back to its manufacturer, Foxconn, out of concerns that the phones weren’t up to snuff. [More]


Watch What You Whisper: Your Secrets Might Not Be So Safe With Siri

When you ask Siri late on a Friday night how to craft the perfect booty text, it’s not like the iPhone’s digital assistant is going to run off and tell your friends. But oh, she remembers what you tell her. As for how long she holds onto that info, well, it’s unclear. And that uncertainty over Apple’s data retention police is giving privacy advocates a severe case of the frownfaces. [More]

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Make Sure You Get The Right T-Mobile iPhone Or You’ll Get Stuck In The Slow Lane

Not all 4G networks are created equal. The iPhone 5 officially hit T-Mobile on Friday, April 12, but not all T-Mobile iPhones are created equal. You can buy a phone from T-Mobile itself, or an unlocked one from Apple that comes with a T-Mobile SIM, but not every iPhone for sale is compatible with T-Mobile’s 4G network. Many customers are going home with an older version that’s not compatible with T-Mobile’s network, defeating the point of owning a 4G LTE device. The problem is that many T-Mobile and Apple Store employees aren’t aware of the difference. [More]


$53M Apple iPhone Warranty Settlement Centers On Those Pesky Water Damage Strips

Anyone who’s ever had to pay for a replacement cell phone, smart or otherwise, has tried the “But I swear, I didn’t get it wet!” argument when that little strip is pink, instead of white. But a new settlement has Apple paying out $53 million to customers who claimed the company didn’t honor warranties on iPhones and iPod Touches, all becuse of those pesky damage indicators. [More]

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European Union Looking Into iPhone Contracts After Carriers Complain They Stifle Competition

Regulators over in Europe are checking into Apple’s deals with cellphone carriers after complaints that the iPhone contracts the company uses stifle competition. There are no formal complaints yet, but a group of wireless carriers banded together to submit info about their various contracts to the European Commission, in a move reportedly started by French carriers. [More]


My Lemon Of An iMac Broke Down After Only Six Days

Trevor just acquired a beautiful new 27″ iMac. We’d be totally jealous if the computer were still working, but it’s not. It suddenly died after he had been using it for only six days, and he can’t revive it. iMac, nooo! Come back! He’s never getting his iMac back, and has to wait a few weeks for a replacement. [More]


How To Avoid Handing Your Tot A Blank Check Made Out To Apple

Maybe you sneer at posts such at this one about a five-year-old who bought $2,500 worth of digital cars in mere minutes, or this one about a child who spent $1,400 on Smurfberries on her parents’ iPad. You’d never be so stupid as to hand a child a device with the password already entered and ready to go. Jamie might have said the same thing…until she did. [More]


Hey, What Happened To All Of My iPhone Contacts?

Are you facing life without any of your iPhone contacts? Davin is, and so are a lot of other people. Apple’s response? Well, they don’t have a solution. Their best answer is that, well, these people should have backed their contacts up to iCloud. [More]


Yet Another Accused Thief Makes Rookie Mistake Of Uploading Pics From Stolen iPad To The Cloud

The funny thing about those who steal technological toys like iPads and iPhones from others is often that they don’t really know the capabilities of the electronics they’ve swiped. Even if they do, incriminating photos have a way of showing up and biting them in the rear. A woman accused of stealing an iPad ended up providing her own mug shot when photos her kids reportedly took were uploaded to the owner’s cloud. [More]


Apple Sympathizes With My Need To Listen To One Song On Repeat For Hours On End

Elaine was suffering. In the midst of an overwhelming obsession with the song “Our Love” by Al Jarreau, she lost access to the song on her iPhone and was thrown into severe withdrawal. How could she  make it through her 45-minute train ride without it? She needed Apple’s help, and she needed it bad. [More]


“Free” Apps Not So Free When A Five-Year-Old Can Spend $2.5K In 10 Minutes On An iPad

In a perfect example of why parents need to monitor their kids’ online activities, a five-year-old in Britain was able to ring up about $2,500 in charges in just 10 minutes. So did he figure out their PayPal password and go on a toy car shopping spree? Nope. All he had to do was play a “free” app on his parents’ iPad. [More]

Apple’s Stupid Shipping Gang Sends 93 iPads To Same Recipient In Separate Boxes

Apple’s Stupid Shipping Gang Sends 93 iPads To Same Recipient In Separate Boxes

Everyone at Phil’s office is mad at Apple’s shipping department right now. Well, Phil’s fingers are, their Fedex guy is, and whoever takes out their trash is. That’s because when his company bought 93 engraved iPads, Apple channeled the Stupid Shipping Gang and packaged up each one in a separate box. [More]


Reporting A Stolen iPhone To Cops Is Smart If You Didn’t Just Steal It From Someone Else

The sad reality is that many times a stolen phone is just not going to come back to you. There are a lot of iPhones out there and not enough police to recover them all, especially in New York City where so-called “Apple picking” is rampant. But one girl caught a break when none other than the person who stole her phone was the one who ultimately ended up reuniting her with it.  [More]


Apple Pulls Photo Apps From App Store Because It Doesn’t Want You Seeing Any Nudie Pics

While what you do with your smartphone in the privacy of your own home is totally your business, Apple has a strict policy against pornographic images, or really, any nude photos being searchable on applications made for iOS. As such it has issued a smackdown against two of Canadian company 500px’s popular photo-sharing apps, pulling them from its app store citing nudie shenanigans. [More]


Amazon Launches iPhone MP3 Store While Managing To Cut Apple Out Of The Deal

Well, would you look at that? Amazon has found a way to simultaneously appeal to iPhone users and sell them stuff all the while neatly cutting Apple out of the conversation, which means, it’s not giving Apple any money while it takes it from its customers. To wit: Amazon has launched a mobile version of its MP3 store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but since it’s accessible from Safari and isn’t a regular App, it doesn’t have to give Apple a dime. [More]