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Now You Can Buy Stuff With A Tweet: Amex’s Twitter Sync Turns Hashtags Into Cashtags

Last year American Express launched its “Amex Sync” integration, where customers could link up their credit cards to Twitter and get discounts on certain items by way of special offers sent out on the social network. And now the two companies are turning hashtags into dollar signs with a joint venture that allows users to buy certain items simply by hashtagging tweets. [More]

The Amazing Disappearing American Express Gift Card

The Amazing Disappearing American Express Gift Card

D. wants to solve the Mystery of the Disappearing American Express Gift Card. He didn’t receive it for Christmas, but got it from a computer parts rebate. He mailed in this rebate so long ago that he doesn’t actually remember what year it was: maybe 2010, maybe 2011. A mysterious prepaid gift card from American Express showed up in his mailbox in late 2012, but was missing half of its balance. Where did it go? If only he could get AmEx to tell him. [More]

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Watch Your Credit Card Statement: Refunds Arriving Soon From AmEx, Capital One, Discover

Getting money back from a credit card issuer doesn’t happen every day, so plenty of Discover, American Express and Capital One customers are in for a treat in the form of refunds hitting their accounts soon. Those three companies were ordered to pay up a total of $435 million to almost six million customers after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took action against deceptive credit card practices. [More]