American Airlines Will Remind Customers Nonstop About All Its New Post-Merger Changes


Moving in with your significant other means creating new rules and getting rid of excess. The same goes for the $17.7 billion merger between American Airlines and US Airways, only on a much larger scale. But it’s all for the good of the consumer, right? [More]


American Airlines Charges Me To Carry On Dogs, Gives Me Nowhere To Put Them

Rebekah’s problem with American Airlines is very simple. She paid them extra for the privilege of bringing a pet on board. Two, actually: dogs small enough to fit under the seat. She ended up in a row with no seat in front of it and nowhere to stash her dogs, because animals don’t like the overhead bin. [More]


GAO: American-U.S. Airways Merger Will Reduce Competition

We’ve been following the proposed hook-up/merger of American Airlines and U.S. Airways for what seems like forever, but those two crazy kids aren’t out of the woods yet, so far as approvals go. And a new report by congressional watchdogs over at the Government Accountability Office could play a part in the Justice Department’s review of that marriage. It says if the companies smush themselves together, it’ll reduce competition in a whole lot of airports. [More]


American Airlines Now Allowing Travelers Without Carry-Ons To Board Earlier

Anyone who’s ever been part of that tense time during the boarding process knows how it goes: Everyone with roller bags eyes each other, trying to get a glimpse of their rivals’ boarding passes to see who’s going to board first, and thus, easily score overhead bin space. Meanwhile the duffel bag people are like, “No worries, I can smush.” But now, those traveling extra light will get boarding preference on American Airlines. [More]


Woman Booted From Flight Because No One Asked For Her Best Whitney Houston Impression

Just because the song “I Will Always Love” you (as written by Dolly Parton and sung by the late Whitney Houston) implies an unflagging dedication, belting it out on an airplane didn’t bring one passenger any love from an American Airlines flight crew. She was ejected from the plane for disrupting the flight, in part because she was warbling her karaoke-night best. [More]


Flying The Friendly Skies Friday: No Tears Over Spilled Oil; Kindness Rears Its Lovely Head

In an attempt to make Fridays even more of a delightful day, we’ve been asking you, our dear readers, for stories that made you smile while soaring through the air. Flying The Friendly Skies Friday celebrates all that is right and good in the world of customer service, and this week’s edition is no different. Keep those stories coming, and we’ll keep spreading the happy vibes. [More]


Reservation System Snafu Prompts American Airlines To Temporarily Ground All Flights

It could be a tough travel day for American Airlines customers: An outage in its reservations system has prompted American to ground all flights, at least temporarily, until the company can get the dang thing up and running again. [More]


American Airlines Formally Files To Exit Bankruptcy So It Can Finally Marry US Airways

You know that feeling like you just can’t wait to get married, so that you can finally become the world’s largest airline, but there’s this whole bankruptcy thing in your way? Probably that’s not something you’ve been worrying about, but it has been on the mind of American Airlines’ parent company, AMR Corp. It filed formal plans to exit bankruptcy, bringing it one step closer to walking down the aisle with US Airways. [More]


Consumer Advocates To Senators: American Airlines & US Airways Merger Would Hurt Fliers

Today American Airlines and its betrothed, US Airways had to defend their proposed merger in front of a Senate hearing and several consumer advocates. Citing higher fares, reduced service to smaller communities in the U.S. and a loss of competition among carriers, opponents of the impending nuptials testified at a Judiciary Committee hearing that such a joint venture would hurt consumers. [More]


American Airlines & U.S. Airways Announce They’re Finally Getting Hitched

After spending years as just friends, American Airlines and U.S. Airways are taking their relationship to the next level with the official announcement today (Valentine’s Day, no less) that they’re merging. The heads of both say it’s been a long time coming but that now they’re ready to take the plunge and become the world’s No. 1 airline. [More]

Flying on the wings of love?

It Sounds Like American Airlines & U.S. Airways Are Totally Heading Toward The Altar

According to a flurry of media reports in the Dallas area, it sounds like American Airlines and US Airways are finishing up a few last-minute details while deciding whether or not they want to stop flirtin and just ahead and tie the knot with a merger. If the union does go through, the combined entity would be the biggest airline in the skies. It’s all very romantic, really (except when someone else’s wedding is involved). [More]

(American Airlines)

American Airlines Treats Itself To A New Look With First Makeover In Over 40 Years

Oh hey, American Airlines  you’re looking different these days. Did you do something to your fuselage? Is that a new logo you’re sporting? The airline is treating itself to a revamped look for its fleet of planes, the first makeover it’s done to its exteriors since 1968, including an updated logo as part of the paint job. [More]


American Eagle Pilot Arrested Because Drinking & Driving A Plane Is A Huge No-No

Just as drinking and driving is not to be tolerated, boozing and piloting a plane is also frowned upon by law enforcement, especially if you happen to be a commercial pilot about to fly a whole lot of passengers thousands of miles. An American Eagle pilot was removed from a plane he was preparing to fly from Minneapolis to New York City early this morning and arrested after failing an alcohol-breath test. [More]


American Airlines Gets Court-Approved Labor Deal With Pilots At Long Last

Just in time for some of the year’s busiest holiday travel, American Airlines finally managed to get a labor agreement with pilots approved by a court, while also scoring a win that it says will help it recover from bankruptcy. The two sides had been wrangling for months, causing the airline to accuse pilots of delaying or canceling hundreds of flights[More]