Ontrac Takes My Amazon Package On Weeklong Vacation, Delivers It Alongside Replacement

Ontrac Takes My Amazon Package On Weeklong Vacation, Delivers It Alongside Replacement

We hear wonderful things about Amazon Prime…except from readers who live in parts of the country served by smaller shipping carriers like Ontrac and Ensenda. Reader Z. recently reported a package missing, and Amazon sent a replacement. Ontrac brought both the original package and the replacement on the same day…a week after that original shipment was supposed to arrive. [More]

Amazon Sells Hamper And Book, Tosses Them In Single Huge Box

Amazon Sells Hamper And Book, Tosses Them In Single Huge Box

Lori ordered two things from Amazon: a hamper and a book. For some reason, she expected that they wouldn’t just throw both items loose in the same box. Silly Lori! Doesn’t she know how things work at Amazon? Why should she expect to buy a book and a household item and receive one or both unharmed? [More]

Buying Something On Amazon’s Site Doesn’t Mean You’re Buying It From Amazon

Buying Something On Amazon’s Site Doesn’t Mean You’re Buying It From Amazon

Brian bought a set of Klipsch headphones on Amazon a few months ago, and they broke even though he claims he didn’t damage them in any way. This isn’t an issue of the difference between defects and accidental damage, though. When he tried to make a warranty claim, he learned that there’s a difference between buying something on Amazon and buying something from Amazon. [More]

Smart UPS Driver Balances Out Amazon’s Stupid Shipping Gang

Smart UPS Driver Balances Out Amazon’s Stupid Shipping Gang

Justin’s recent Amazon experience was his first encounter with the retailer’s Stupid Shipping Gang, Truth in Labeling Department. In that department, they take items that are already in a sturdy enough box and then slap a shipping label on it to send to the customer. This is practical and environmentally friendly…for the crook who just happens to walk by and need a worksite radio. [More]

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Jeff Bezos Buys Washington Post For $250 Million, Gets A Few Add-On Items

Newspapers are dirt cheap these days. If you’ve always dreamed of owning one, it’s time to scoop one up. The headline took a lot of people by surprise: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, bought the Washington Post. What, like he downloaded it on his Kindle? No, he bought the entire paper from the Washington Post Company for $250 million in cash. [More]

Is Your Kindle Fire Self-Extinguishing?

Have you had trouble with the charging mechanism of your Kindle Fire failing after only a few months, as we described in a post on Tuesday? We’re curious how common this defect is. If you’ve experienced it, write to us at tips@consumerist.com with the words “kindle charger” in the subject line.

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I Won’t Get Trapped In Kindle Replacement Purgatory Again

When you own a gadget with a design flaw that’s covered under a warranty, warranty replacements don’t give you the comfort or peace of mind that they should. They’re just a sign that you remain trapped in Gadget Replacement Purgatory, doomed to experience the same failures over and over. [More]

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eBay Wants To Idiot-Proof Shipping Things, Maybe Should Talk To Amazon

It’s true that shipping can be pretty complicated. Heck, Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world, and they have an awful lot of trouble with it. It’s understandable that small-time sellers on eBay have trouble with it too. So it’s interesting that eBay has filed a patent for a system that will idiot-proof shipping for their sellers. [More]

Amazon MP3 Dilemma: Spend Less, Get An Extra CD I Don’t Need

Amazon MP3 Dilemma: Spend Less, Get An Extra CD I Don’t Need

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the funny Amazon discrepancy where they charge pretty much the same price for an MP3 album and for a physical disc that comes with a free MP3 album. What about when the price difference is great enough that it affects your purchasing decisions, but you get stuck with discs you don’t need or want? [More]


Ontrac Either Never Came To My House Or Can’t Read

We’ve never been in charge of hiring drivers for a delivery service, but we’re pretty sure that one of the requirements is that candidates be able to read. If not, maybe it should be. Recently, Drew was supposed to get a package from Amazon, delivered by OnTrac, but he missed the delivery. Here’s the thing, though: if the driver really stopped by, and can read, the door buzzer would have dialed Drew’s cell phone. He got no calls. [More]


Rude Amazon Vendor Calls Me ‘Stupid,’ Only Wants Good Feedback

Robert found a great deal on swimsuits on Amazon, so he ordered a half dozen. What he didn’t notice during the ordering process was that the vendor is in China, and his purchase wouldn’t show up for six weeks. Sigh. Oh, well. He could deal with that, but didn’t like the seller hounding him for good feedback before he even received the items, then when he was unhappy with them. [More]

Stupid Shipping Gang Seals Dog Food Bag With Stickers, Hopes You Won’t Notice

Stupid Shipping Gang Seals Dog Food Bag With Stickers, Hopes You Won’t Notice

Unlike most efforts of the Stupid Shipping Gang, Cheryl’s bag of dog food that came from Amazon wasn’t comically over- or under-packaged. It was comically over-stickered. At some point, the top of the bag split, and someone sealed it off with “TEAM LIFT” stickers, thinking…the customer wouldn’t notice? Yeah, we don’t know. [More]


OnTrac Claims They Delivered Another Phantom Package

Our readers generally love Amazon Prime, but complain about the regional delivery services that Amazon contracts with in some areas in order to make that fabulous free two-day delivery possible. Carriers that include Ontrac and Ensenda seem to get the job done okay most of the time. When things go wrong, though, customers who had the wacky assumption that “out for delivery” meant their packages would actually be delivered get upset. [More]

Amazon Sends Pre-Smushed LEGO Set In Intact Box

Amazon Sends Pre-Smushed LEGO Set In Intact Box

Marc’s son likes to build LEGO worlds with his grandfather, who got him a super amazing Batman Arkham Asylum set for his birthday this week. It seems that the Stupid Shipping Gang got hold of the box, but not in a way that we might expect. Somehow, the box that the set came in had been stomped on, but the box that it shipped in was intact. [More]

So much lube. So. Much. Lube.

These Amazon Reviews Might Not Sell Any Products But They Sure Make Us Giggle

A few weeks ago we had a couple chuckles over a round-up of hilarious Amazon product reviews, those bits of tongue-in-cheek humor and working of words through the medium of comedy are, in most cases, more of a reward than whatever the product being sold is. We asked you, dear readers, to rustle up a few of your favorites, and hoooo boy, did you come through. [More]

I could've been a contender.

Amazon Wants To Sell Your Vampire Fan Fiction To The World — If You Keep It Clean

Have you ever loved a book or movie so much, say, a teenage vampire romance, that you just can’t stand it when it’s all over? Fan fiction, that distinct genre that takes existing characters off into new storylines, or rewrites those stories in a more satisfactory way only rarely pays off for writers, but Amazon’s new Kindle Worlds wants to change that. [More]


My Late Mother’s Broken Kindle Leaves Me Brokenhearted, Amazon Goes Above & Beyond

Consumerist reader K. had one very important reminder of her late mother — her mom’s beloved Kindle. She says her mom treated it like a sensitive piece of electronic equipment, and really loved it. Every night when K. went to bed, she would read a book on the device and says it always made her smile and think of her mother. But when that Kindle broke, it seemed those sentimental moments would be over for good. [More]

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Zombie Amazon Returns More Common Than You Might Think

Earlier this week, we asked whether our readers had any experience with zombie refunds: items that you sent back to a retailer, only to have your refund later reversed for no clear reason. We heard from a surprising number of people whose transactions have risen from the archives and devoured their bank accounts. [More]