"FIG. 15 represents a perspective view of an ultra-rapid air vehicle according to the invention"(USPTO.gov)

Proposed Hypersonic Plane From Airbus: Paris To Tokyo In 3 Hours (Instead Of 12)

Because we can not yet bend time and space to our will, time is valuable. Which is why travelers might like to save that important resource and spend much less time on the plane than they do now. Airbus may make that a reality with its idea for a hypersonic plane. [More]


Your Overstuffed Carry-On Bag May Not Make The Cut On British Airways Planes

Facing the possibility of hefty checked-baggage fees, many travelers have resorted to testing the structural integrity of their carry-on bags — laptop bags packed with more clothes than electronics; purses bursting at the seams with shoes, food, books, and anything else that will fit. But one major airline is telling travelers to put some of their bags on a diet. [More]

Would You Pay More To Get Off The Plane Before Everyone Else?

Would You Pay More To Get Off The Plane Before Everyone Else?

Most of us are familiar with the idea of paying a little more to board a plane before the rest of the passengers — or at least immediately after First Class… and then Business Class… and then passengers with lots of frequent flier miles… and then travelers with certain kinds of credit cards… but then those who paid a little extra. But when it comes to deplaning, passengers generally have to wait for all the rows in front of them to clear out before they can exit. Would travelers be willing to pay yet another fee to get off the plane before others? [More]

Court Sides With JetBlue Employee Who Reported Passenger For Saying The Word “Bomb”

Court Sides With JetBlue Employee Who Reported Passenger For Saying The Word “Bomb”

If you’re in a bad mood at the airport and feel tempted to haphazardly include the word “bomb” in any sentence, you probably want to refrain from doing so. A federal appeals court recently sided with JetBlue employees who reported a passenger for making an offhand gripe that was misinterpreted as a bomb threat, and which got her arrested by the FBI. [More]

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FAA Hits SkyWest With Speed, Altitude Restrictions After A Plane Allegedly Stalled During Descent

SkyWest Airlines will have to adjust the speed and altitude of some of its aircraft, after the Federal Aviation Administration says one of the airline’s planes stalled during descent last April. [More]


Frontier Airlines Rewarding Passengers Stuck In The Middle With A Wider Seat

Her arm is touching your arm. His tuna sandwich breath is just too close. Such are the annoyances facing travelers who get stuck with the middle seat on airplanes. Frontier Airlines is willing to throw those passengers a bone, and will be adding an extra bit of room to the middle seat as part of a new seating overhaul on some of its planes. [More]


US Airways, American Airlines Set Deadline For Merging Booking Systems

Even though regulators approved the merger of American Airlines and US Airways in late 2013, the two carriers have continued to operate separate websites with separate systems for booking travel. That will soon begin to change, with the merged mega-airline announcing an October deadline for operating as a single carrier. [More]

Today’s The Day: JetBlue’s Checked Bag Fees Are Now In Effect

Today’s The Day: JetBlue’s Checked Bag Fees Are Now In Effect

Say goodbye to that free checked bag when flying on JetBlue: The company announced last November that it was going to start charging passengers who fly with checked bags at some point, and that point is today. [More]

All Major U.S. Airlines Offer Free Cancellations Within 24 Hours, Except One

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Even the most prepared traveler occasionally has to change their itinerary for unforeseen circumstances. While dealing with airlines to make a simple change can be both a test of your patience and a drain on your bank account, if you catch the issue soon enough you might save hundreds of dollars in change fees. That’s thanks, in part, to Department of Transportation rules that allow a ticket to be held at the same price for 24 hours before purchase or canceled within 24 hours after purchase — most of the time. [More]

Airline Group Backs Away From That Whole “Carry-On Bags Should Be Smaller” Thing

Airline Group Backs Away From That Whole “Carry-On Bags Should Be Smaller” Thing

You might recall a recent suggestion from the International Air Transport Association that airlines should adopt a smaller carry-on bag standard, at which time the industry group showed off the “optimal” design to meet that purpose. But amid consumer outcry, the IATA says it’s taking a time out from the campaign to reconsider. [More]

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How To Avoid Getting Scammed When You Sell A Timeshare

Timeshare vacation properties are a strange market: there’s always someone ready to try to sell you fractional ownership in a vacation property, but it’s much harder to unload a property when you don’t want it anymore. That’s why, if someone approaches you to help sell a timeshare, you should be wary and know who you’re dealing with. [More]

Airline Industry Proposes Ideal Bag Size For Overhead Bins

Airline Industry Proposes Ideal Bag Size For Overhead Bins

Line up to board a plane, and you will see a wide array of carry-on bags in a variety of shapes, colors and, unfortunately for the airline staff, many different sizes. While some of those oversized bags immediately get the boot, the assortment of sizes can still make it tough to maximize overhead bin space. That struggle could be a thing of the past, if carriers sign on with the industry’s new specifications for the “perfect” carry-on. [More]

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No More Carry-On Bottled Beverages For Carnival Cruise Passengers

Carnival Cruise passengers traveling any time after July 8 be warned that you’ll no longer be able to sneak on a water bottle full of vodka… or gin… or water for that matter, as the cruise line will no longer allow most bottled beverages to be carried on board their ships. [More]

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Profits Are Up In The Global Airline Industry With Carriers Making An Average Of $8.27 Per Passenger

As airlines make room on planes so they can pack in more passengers, North America’s carriers are showing that such efforts are paying off, literally, with a new report that gives North America the lead in profits compared to the rest of industry worldwide. [More]

Rudy's family (center) and the Delta employee and pet detective who helped find the cat.

Hairless Cat Missing In Atlanta Airport Found Alive And Safe

We are delighted to share a story with a happy ending regarding a pet flying in cargo. Specifically, Rudy the hairless cat, who was shipped on Delta Airlines from Seattle to Florida to join his new family. Rudy escaped from his crate somewhere at Delta’s Atlanta hub on Thursday, and was found earlier today. [More]

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Does Booking Direct With The Airline Actually Offer You The Lowest Price?

It’s no secret that some airlines have little love for online travel-booking sites. Southwest only lets travelers book fares directly through the airline and Delta has cut ties with a number of booking/listing sites, including TripAdvisor. The airline industry claims that booking directly will get consumers the lowest prices on airfare, but is that true? [More]


Hawaii-Bound Flight Diverted To L.A. After Half The Plane’s Toilets Stop Working

Because we all know how quickly a travel experience can turn from good to bad when there’s limited access to working toilets, the crew of an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Honolulu decided to make an unscheduled pit stop after three of the plane’s six lavatories malfunctioned. [More]