The Tweet from Delta has since been deleted and replaced with an apology from the airline.

Delta Apologizes For Ghana Giraffe Gaffe On Twitter

Last night, the U.S. men’s soccer team edged out the team from Ghana for its first victory in 2014 World Cup play. People everywhere went online to congratulate the team, including Delta Air Lines, which didn’t do quite enough research about the wildlife in Ghana before it Tweeted. [More]

JetBlue Tells Little Girl She Can’t Use Toilet, Almost Throws Her Off Plane After She Wets Herself

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It’s one thing if a passenger is denied access to a plane’s bathroom because the jet is taking off or landing, but JetBlue is having to do the “So Sorry” dance after cabin crew refused to let a little girl use the bathroom while the plane was just sitting on the tarmac — and then tried to kick her and her family off the plane when she urinated in her seat. [More]


Another Passenger Pees On Another Canadian Flight, Wants Everyone To Know

Last week, we shared with you the story of a man who learned that the Air Canada turboprop plane he was on had no restroom facilities only after boarding for the three-hour flight. Now another passenger has gone public and admitted doing the same. Not because she wants to brag, but because she wants to highlight the lack of working facilities in small airports on Canada’s east Coast. [More]

Hotel Files $74,500 Defamation Suit Against Anonymous TripAdvisor Reviewer

Hotel Files $74,500 Defamation Suit Against Anonymous TripAdvisor Reviewer

The relative anonymity of online review sites makes it tempting to vent one’s anger toward a company in an over-the-top way, but does the use of a screen name prevent you from being held liable for making knowingly false claims? One hotel in Oregon says no, and is suing an unknown TripAdvisor reviewer to prove that point. [More]

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No Bathroom On The Plane? No Problem, Passenger Pees In Bag

No one climbs on a 19-seat turbo prop aircraft traveling between Newfoundland and Labrador and expects a luxury travel experience. Passengers on a flight last month normally would have expected access to a bathroom during the three-hour flight, though. One family who paid $800 per person for their tickets were stunned when a fellow passenger relieved himself into a bag while he sat next to them. Shortly after takeoff. No sense in waiting. [More]

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Travel Agency Spells Couple’s Last Name Wrong On Plane Tickets––Twice

International air travel and typos don’t mix. A California couple booked the tickets for their vacation in Cancun over the phone. If they had made the reservations online, at least they would have been the ones to blame for their last name being spelled incorrectly. The agency assured them that two transposed letters in their last name would be no problem. Aeromexico, the airline they’ll be flying, disagrees. [More]

Veteran: American Airlines Staff Kicked Me And My Service Dog Off Plane

Veteran: American Airlines Staff Kicked Me And My Service Dog Off Plane

Many Americans legitimately use service dogs to help them get through life with post-traumatic stress disorder. The animals help their owners not by providing emotional support (they do that, too) but by disrupting terrifying stress reactions. This qualifies many PTSD animals as service dogs under the Americans with Disabilities Act, but some companies refuse to agree. Like American Airlines, which kicked an Army retiree and his dog off a flight between two cities in Florida. [More]


6 Things Your All-Inclusive Vacation Might Not Include

All-inclusive trips to resorts or on cruise ships can be a convenient and relaxing, since your major expenses are already taken care of. They can suddenly become a lot more stressful when you learn that the things that make a vacation fun––excursions, fancy beverages, memorable meals––aren’t part of the package that you signed on for. [More]

Survey Says: People Still Hate The Airlines… Especially United

Survey Says: People Still Hate The Airlines… Especially United

The folks at the American Customer Satisfaction Index have released their annual report on the airline industry, once again confirming that it’s awfully hard to please consumers when you treat them like cattle and charge a premium for the privilege. [More]

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Volvo Uses Malaysia Airlines Tragedy To Brag About Car Safety, Angers Everyone

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re located. Whether you’re a company marketing canned pasta rings or cars, the lesson holds true. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever use a tragedy to promote your product. Automaker Volvo learned that the hard way when a post to microblogging service Sina Weibo angered readers, who accused the company of taking advantage of an airline tragedy. [More]


Sorry, Being Dead Isn’t A Good Enough Excuse For A Refund From Allegiant Air

A man in Washington state who had planned to spend his birthday this year at Disneyland instead got to spend it planning a funeral. What a crappy exchange. He had to cancel a planned trip to Disneyland because his wife suddenly became ill and died around Christmas. Allegiant Air should have no problem refunding round-trip tickets when one of the passengers died before the flight, right? Nope.  [More]


True Confessions Of A Temporary UberX Driver

If you’re 23 or older, have a driver’s license and car insurance, and have a nice, clean late-model four-door car, you can sign up to drive strangers around for UberX. Should you? Well, it depends on your feelings about voyeurism, cash, and people eating in your car. [More]


Punching The Flight Attendant For Refusing To Serve More Booze Will Get You Arrested

There’s a difference between the customer who is always right, and the customer who is (allegedly) too drunk and doesn’t need anymore alcohol, despite any demands by said customer. A Los Angeles man is facing a federal criminal charge after his adamant requests for more booze were denied, allegedly prompting him to punch a flight attendant on a recent Philippines Airlines flight. [More]

This Winter’s Storms Have Led To Highest Number Of Flights Canceled In 25 Years

This Winter’s Storms Have Led To Highest Number Of Flights Canceled In 25 Years

It’s not just your bad luck — this winter has been a you-know-what-show for flights every time yet another storm hits. According to a new report, this season’s batch of snow storms has led to the highest number of flight cancellations in more than 25 years. Not all records are fun to achieve, eh? [More]

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Don’t Take A $1,000 Cab Ride From NYC To Boston If You Don’t Have The Money

There are many ways to travel from New York City to Boston. There are inexpensive buses and even trains. In theory, you can even take a taxi from the airport right to your front door, but that’s an expensive option. When you insist that you totally have the money in your house back in Boston, but don’t, you’re going to get in some trouble. [More]

Live Dispatches From Royal Caribbean’s Barf Cruise: Passenger Takes To Reddit

Live Dispatches From Royal Caribbean’s Barf Cruise: Passenger Takes To Reddit

Earlier today, we shared with you the news that a Caribbean cruise out of the port of Bayonne, N.J. has become a plague-wracked hellscape instead of a vacation. Well, maybe that’s overstating it a little, but things on board are unpleasant. According to the Centers for Disease Control, so far 19% of the passengers and 4% of the crew have the mysterious gastrointestinal illness. One passenger who isn’t sick (yet) took to Reddit to answer random strangers’ questions. [More]


Nurses Hailed As Heroes For Treating Pilot’s Emergency Medical Condition In Mid-Flight

It sounds hard enough to be a medical professional, what with all that blood and guts on the job, but even when you’re not at work, it’s like you’re always on call. And thank goodness for that, after two nurses on a recent United Airlines flight had to step up and treat the plane’s pilot during a medical emergency in midair. [More]

There Are Two Airports In Branson, Mo. And This Southwest Flight Landed At The Wrong One

There Are Two Airports In Branson, Mo. And This Southwest Flight Landed At The Wrong One

Choices! They can be so hard to make, or perhaps just complicated and inexplicable. So much so that Southwest Airlines isn’t explaining why the crew of a flight from Chicago bound for one airport near Branson, Mo. airport decided to land at the other instead. [More]