7 JFK Baggage Handlers Accused Of Lifting Cash, Electronics & Jewelry From Customers’ Luggage

The thing about owning expensive jewelry, watches and pricy electronics is that if any of it goes missing after it’s been placed safely in your luggage, you’re going to notice. There’s no Bermuda Triangle of personal possessions that can be blamed for vanishing items, only human beings. In one recent case at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, seven baggage handlers have been accused of forming their own force of nature designed to disappear valuables and cash. [More]

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Plane Turns Around To Pick Up 11-Year-Old Cancer Patient On Her Way To Camp

For all the times you’ve rushed over to make a connecting flight, only to see the plane pulling away from the gate with no chance of you magically being on it, there’s this story, which is enough to make even the most cynical traveler feel a bit better about our fellow humans: A flight heading from Tel Aviv to New York City actually turned back to its gate to pick up an 11-year-old cancer patient. [More]


DOJ Stands Up At Wedding Of American Airlines & US Airways Yelling “I Object!”

It’s been a long wait for lovebirds American Airlines and US Airways, and we’re basically at the point where the betrothed couple is standing up in front of friends and family, waiting to see if anyone will heed the call of the officiant asking if there’s any reason these two shouldn’t be wed. Enter the United States Justice Department, arriving at the ceremony in a way more timely manner than [SPOILER ALERT] Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate but still just as opposed to the nuptials. [More]


Sabre System Outage Causes Travel Snafus For Airlines Around The World

Travelers around the world faced flight delays and cancellations all because of one computer software outage that had the power to disrupt a plethora of airline reservations systems. When the Sabre system went down late last night, some airlines turned to good old-fashioned pen and paper to check in and board passengers. Just like in yore!

Hell Is Flying Across The Pacific With 26 Barfing, Pooping Norovirus-Infected Teens

Hell Is Flying Across The Pacific With 26 Barfing, Pooping Norovirus-Infected Teens

I used to think that there couldn’t be anything worse than being in a closed environment like a cruise ship or a nursing home where quickly-mutating norovirus makes multiple passes through the population. Then I learned about the flight from Chile to Australia where 26 high school students came down with the disease while in the air. [More]


Are Crying Kids Reason To Be Booted From An Airplane? US Airways Thinks So

We see a lot of stories about passengers being removed from airplanes, some of which seem legitimate (intoxicated, verbally abusive travelers) and others that don’t (people who ask a flight attendant one too many questions). Here’s the story of a Consumerist reader who, along with her two young sons, was ejected from a flight because her crying kids were delaying takeoff — but is that really reason enough? [More]

No, JetBlue Is Not Giving Away A Vegas Vacation Via Facebook

No, JetBlue Is Not Giving Away A Vegas Vacation Via Facebook

Lots of companies offer promotions and giveaways through Facebook, so it’s completely plausible that JetBlue might be offering a free vacation if you share and like a photo or “like” their brand page. You should do a little checking before you hit “share,” though. Like making sure that the page you’re sharing really belongs to the brand. [More]

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A Hamburger Is Not An Appropriate Place To Stash Your Turtle For Air Travel

Who doesn’t miss their pets while on vacation? If you can take them along to a critter-friendly locale, that’s excellent. If you can’t, it’s better to find a sitter. And if you’re trying to smuggle your pet turtle onto a plane inside a hamburger, it’s time to rethink your entire life. [More]


Even Astrophysicists Can’t Figure Out How To Make Flight Boarding Process Less Nightmarish

There are some people out there who are just so freaking smart it’s almost shocking when even they can’t begin to understand the most frustrating things in life. Like the process of herding passengers onto an airplane, an operation that at its most basic includes putting one foot in front of the other and stowing bags. But it’s so dang complicated, even an astrophysicist says he can’t figure out how to make the boarding line a less awful experience. [More]


Here’s Why You Should Always Read The Rules Before Cashing In A Guarantee

Guarantees can be tricky things. If you want to take advantage of a company’s low price guarantee, no matter how widely advertised it is, it’s a good idea to take a minute to read the terms and conditions of that guarantee before taking advantage of it. Even if it’s advertised on TV. Even if you think you know how the guarantee works. Just ask Marc. [More]

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Why Do Hotels Give You Free Tiny Soaps, But No Tiny Toothpastes?

Airline security regulations mean that traveling with a big tube of toothpaste in your carry-on is a distant memory. Yet, in their selection of mini toiletries, hotels give us bottles of lotion and bubble bath, but not one thing that just about everyone uses: toothpaste. Why is that? No one expects them to give us toothpaste because they don’t…because no one expects them to. [More]


Passengers Of Asiana Flight Could Receive Millions After Plane Crash

After Asiana Airlines flight 214 made a crash landing in San Francisco on Saturday, two passengers were killed and 182 others were hospitalized. But even the 123 travelers who escaped unscathed physically could be due millions of dollars as a result of surviving the ordeal, say experts. [More]


United Passenger Spends Three Days In Jail Following Dispute Over Seat

For each bad consumer booted from an airplane for bad behavior, we hear about some unhappy passenger being pulled off a plane and questioned by police because of a petty dispute with a flight attendant. Those passengers are usually released after only a few hours, but here’s the story of a woman who spent three days in jail after she tried to sit in a United Airlines seat that didn’t belong to her. [More]

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American Airlines Flight Attendant Says She Didn’t Hide Pet Rat In Her Skivvies While On The Job

An American Airlines flight attendant is suing mad over accusations that she kept her pet rat snuggled in her underthings while in flight, saying in a lawsuit that suggestions otherwise by her coworkers has created a big old mess in her life. The 33-year veteran of the airline says accusations from her coworkers are “absurd” and “patently false.” Also? That sounds uncomfortable. [More]

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Dish Network Teams Up With Southwest To Offer Free Live TV On Flights With Wi-Fi

Soaring up in the wild blue yonder in a plane can be a heady experience, but some travelers just can’t bear to not be connected to what’s happening on the ground. Keeping in mind that some fliers don’t want to fork over money to buy Wi-Fi access despite that urge to stay in touch, Southwest Airlines and Dish Network are teaming up to offer free access to live TV while in flight. [More]


Airline Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do After $1.2M Goes Missing During Flight

There’s a reason people handcuff themselves to briefcases full of money (at least, they do in the movies): So those stacks of cash don’t wander off and go missing. To wit: The FBI says $1.2 million in cash disappeared from a Swiss International Air Lines jet that arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport from Zurich, Switzerland, the place we imagine as filled with super secrets banks and streets paved in gold. [More]


Delta CEO Gives Up Seat On Flight To Mom Who’d Spent The Day Trying To Get Home

It’s a traveler’s nightmare — all you want is to get home, but the airplane gods keep throwing obstacles in your way that make it seem hopeless that you’ll ever return from your Odyssean travels. One Atlanta mom was on a mission to get home in time to pick up her daughter from camp, and finally managed to finish her journey thanks to Delta CEO Richard Anderson.  [More]


New Couple Delta And Virgin Atlantic Will Begin Passenger-Sharing In July

Friends with benefits twosome Delta and Virgin Atlantic have been linked since December of last year, and now it seems the duo is ready to make its debut as an official couple: The airlines will start passenger-sharing in July, which is akin to holding hands in public instead of just coming over late at night to “hang out.” [More]