The Greyhound That Air Canada Lost In The San Francisco Airport Is Dead

The Greyhound That Air Canada Lost In The San Francisco Airport Is Dead

When the owner of Larry the Italian Greyhound died of cancer, a friend found him a good home with a family in British Columbia, Canada. He just had to get there. She put him on an Air Canada flight with strict instructions not to let him out of his crate…but an Air Canada employee did. He ran away, and no one knew what happened to him for more than two weeks. Larry, it turns out, was hit by a car outside of the airport and rushed to a nearby vet. He was too badly injured, and euthanized at the clinic. [More]

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Here’s Why You Should Book Multi-Stop Flights Together

When a family member is ill and you need to make emergency travel arrangements, two things are important: getting there quickly, and not emptying your entire wallet to make those last-minute arrangements. One traveler on Allegiant Air thought that he had beat the system and made fast travel arrangements while saving money, but it wasn’t that simple. He ended up stranded with no recourse to get a refund. [More]

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Woman Angry That Her Bag Didn’t Fit In Overhead Bin Booted From Frontier Flight

We know it’s never fun to get stuck at the end of the boarding process and find out that your bag won’t be going into one of the overhead bins. Checking a bag when all you want is to get off the plane and go can tick off even the calmest consumer, but throwing a temper tantrum and tossing another passenger’s phone won’t help your case, either. [More]


Joining The Mile-High Club Earns Couple A Date With Federal Court

As long as there are planes and people, the mile-high club is going to exist despite the best efforts of flight attendants. But while many choose to act out this rite of plane passage, as it were, in the plane’s lavatories, one couple apparently decided that dodging under a blanket would do just fine. They’ve both just pleaded guilty to a federal misdemeanor as a result. [More]


If An Airline Passenger Must Buy Two Seats, Don’t Put Them In Different Rows

It’s understandable when airlines force passengers to buy two seats if they can’t fit in a single one. It’s less understandable when the airline puts those two seats in different rows. That just means extra embarrassment for the passenger when front-line employees don’t understand the company’s own policies. Yet this is what a man from Wales claims happened to him during a flight to Ireland. [More]

Air Canada Loses Dog, PR Guy Sends Dismissive E-mail To Reporters

Air Canada Loses Dog, PR Guy Sends Dismissive E-mail To Reporters

Everyone in the news business knows that people love stories about animals. Is it the opportunity to gaze at photos of furry faces? A sign of the ultimate decline of American civilization? Probably a little of both. Larry the Italian Greyhound was flying from San Francisco to its new home in Canada when a well-meaning worker let the dog out for a walk. He ran away, and was last seen in a parking lot. [More]


Does United Airlines Set Higher Redemption Rates For Customers With More Reward Miles?

One might think that the more loyal a customer is, the more likely it’d be for a company to roll out the red carpet treatment. But that’s the exact opposite of how it works, claim two New Jersey residents in a lawsuit against the parent company of United Airlines. The plaintiffs allege that United actually sets a higher redemption rate for the more frequent fliers. [More]

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Lack Of Boarding Pass & TSA Checkpoints Don’t Prevent Kid From Sneaking Onto Las Vegas Flight

While Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2 will always provide inspiration to kids everywhere, the truth is, youngsters who can pull of similar adventures must be even wilier than he was. Sure, Kevin flew to New York City by himself, but security wasn’t as tight back then. Not like the 9-year-old who managed to evade Transportation Security Administration checkpoints and gate agents to get on a flight to Las Vegas all by himself. [More]


JetBlue Debuts We’re-Not-Calling-It-First-Class-But-Yes-It’s-First-Class Seating Dubbed “Mint”

Flying on JetBlue is supposed to be an equal opportunity situation for travelers, a classless society in which everyone is treated the same. But in a move away from the carrier’s foundations in the single-class experience, JetBlue says it will launch a new premium class next summer. Don’t call it first class though, it’s “Mint.” [More]


Guy Sasses Discount Airline EasyJet On Twitter, Gets Grounded

EasyJet is probably best known to Americans as “the European discount airline that isn’t RyanAir,” if they’ve heard of it at all. Now they’re also the airline that grounds adults for sassing them on the Internet. That’s what happened to a law professor and columnist who was annoyed that he might miss his connection when an EasyJet flight was delayed, and more annoyed that a soldier might miss his. [More]

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Qantas Flight Grounded Due To Actual Snake On Actual Plane

At this point, there have surely been more “Snakes on a Plane” jokes made on the Internet than there were actual ticket sales to the 2006 film. Even if we weren’t able to make that joke, it’s probably still newsworthy that a snake as narrow as a ballpoint pen has the power to ground an international flight and all of its passengers. [More]


Forget To Join Your 30 Cocaine-Filled Suitcases On A Flight To Paris? Police Would Like A Word

Usually the problem is your bags get lost between here and there, but in the case of 30 suitcases filled with cocaine, the bags made it just fine — it was the fact that they weren’t assigned to any passengers on an Air France flight that tipped authorities off. There’s just something fishy about ownerless bags, you see. [More]

They aren't mean anymore, see?

United Airlines Resurrects Its “Fly The Friendly Skies” Tag Line

Perhaps the skies have felt particularly unfriendly since 1996. That might be because United Airlines retired its “Fly the Friendly Skies” tag line that year, and has since had a rough slide into passenger grumpiness — after all, it receives more passenger complaints than any other airlines. But that’s all going to change, United hopes, by resurrecting that old line. [More]

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Ryanair CEO’s New Customer Service Strategy: Be Nice To People Instead Of Making Them Cry

Every time Ryanair’s CEO Michael “Seatbelts Don’t Matter” O’Leary opens his mouth, we’ve come to expect amusing things, usually about how much the airline doesn’t give a flying fig about customers. But O’Leary is trumpeting a turnaround today, something unprecedented for the airline: Being nice to customers. [More]

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Finnair Would Like To Fly You To HEL On Flight 666 Today, Friday The 13th

The next time someone tells you to just go to hell, be like, “Okay, I will… to HELsinki, that is!” It’ll be hilarious and it’s actually a real possibility: Finnair Flight 666 is heading to HEL (sic, sort of?) today, just like it does every day in a blatant flaunting of nonchalance regarding any demonic curses lurking out there. And also it’s Friday the 13th. [More]

Don’t Like Your Cruise? Carnival WIll Pay You To Go Home

Don’t Like Your Cruise? Carnival WIll Pay You To Go Home

The 2012 Costa Concordia disaster and the infamous Poop Cruise of the Triumph in February of this year did a lot to hurt the reputation of the cruise industry worldwide. So Carnival has a novel idea: try a cruise, and if you don’t like it within the first day, they’ll pay you to go away. [More]

Thai Airways playing "hide the logo."

Damage Control: Thai Airways Blacks Out Its Own Logo On Plane After It Skids Off Runway

If no one can see a plane’s logo, does that mean it an accident never happened? That’s the angle Thai Airways is going with as it blacked out its own logo on a plane that skidded off the runway upon landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. But it’s not called damage control, nope. It’s part of “crisis communication.” [More]


Which Airlines Offer The Most Legroom For Free (Gasp!) On Domestic Flights?

Unless you cherish the feeling of your knees shoved up against the seat in front of you, more legroom on a flight is a creature comfort that many fliers cherish but few receive — except for an extra fee. But hold your gasps and shocked faces of disbelief, folks: You can actually get extra legroom in coach… for free. Okay go ahead, gasp now. [More]