ProFlowers Reaches Out Before I Complain About Missed Valentine’s Day Delivery

ProFlowers Reaches Out Before I Complain About Missed Valentine’s Day Delivery

We’ve criticized ProFlowers a lot over the years, even dedicating an entire post to the company’s screwups last Valentine’s Day and inflicting the classic Margaret Saga on the world. It’s only fair that we give the company credit when they do well, though, and this year they captured at least one customer’s heart by apologizing before customers spent an hour on hold or tweeted the company. [More]

Brave Florists Pioneer Valentine’s Day Deliveries By Tractor, Drone

Brave Florists Pioneer Valentine’s Day Deliveries By Tractor, Drone

By gosh, it is florists’ sacred mission to get their blooms into the hands of their customers this Valentine’s Day, come hell or high snow. We heard about two pioneering petal-pushers who tried innovative new ways to get flowers out this week. One plan succeeded, but the other failed due to government intervention. [More]


Jansport Still Wowing Customers, Fixing Broken Backpacks

Over a year ago, we shared with you a tale of consumer joy from a Jansport backpack owner who sent his bag to the company in a pizza box and got his worn-out backpack replaced with an even nicer one. They’re not all about swapping old backpacks for new ones over in Jansportland, though. Sometimes, all you need is a replacement zipper. [More]


Nalgene Assumes I Made Mistake, Warms My Heart

The people who make Nalgene water bottles assumed that J. made a mistake, and J. doesn’t mind at all. “Empower every employee to make timely decisions and do what is right for our customers,” reads the note that the company sent along with his order. What wonderfully empowered thing did they do for him? [More]

Company Founder Stands Up For Employees On Facebook, Rewarded With Deluge Of Sales

Company Founder Stands Up For Employees On Facebook, Rewarded With Deluge Of Sales

Some people might be shocked to hear us say it, but sometimes the customer is wrong. When a customer posted an all-caps rant about the terrible customers service of Liberty Bottleworks on the company’s Facebook page, the company could have politely addressed her concerns. They could have deleted and ignored her message. They did not do either of those things. [More]

Gerber Legendary Blades Is Quick On The Customer Service Draw

Gerber Legendary Blades Is Quick On The Customer Service Draw

Usually, when we mention the blade company Gerber here, it’s in the context of a recall of one of their products. That makes sense, because really bad things can happen if a knife that you depend on to perform knife-y tasks breaks, shatters, fails, or cuts through its own sheath. Reader Lee wrote in to tell us how pleased he was with the action the company took when one of their knives broke. [More]


Here’s How A Craft Store Should Handle Customers Who Seek Hanukkah Merchandise

Julie has followed the recent tsuris over Hobby Lobby’s new store in New Jersey and its lack of merchandise related to Hanukkah or other Jewish holidays. She had a similar dispute with competing big-box craft store Michaels, but resolved it in a different way. Instead of taking to the Internet, she wrote to the company president. The response was not what she had expected. [More]


When Verizon Unlimited Data Glitch Didn’t Glitch, They Help Me Out Anyway

We were happy to hear that Verizon Wireless decided to let customers who were able to upgrade their phones at a subsidized price while keeping their unlimited data plans keep those data plans. What happened, though, if someone thought that they were able to exploit that glitch and Verizon downgraded their data plan anyway? [More]


McDonald’s Gives Me Free Post-Workout Smoothie When Card Machines Are Down

Here’s a heartwarming consumer experience to close out the week. It happened at… McDonald’s? Really? In need of post-workout refreshment, Matthew stopped in a nearby McDonald’s for a smoothie. He doesn’t carry cash, but McDonald’s accepts debit cards for small transactions, so no big deal. Right? Not when the card machine is down. [More]

Velveeta Understands The Internet, Sends Nyan Cat Creator One-Of-A-Kind T-Shirt

The motherlode, if the motherlode was cheesy and cat-like.

In an applause-worthy move on Velveeta’s part, the brand has provided delightful evidence that it does, indeed, understand the Internet. Nyan Cat’s creator Chris Torres was disappointed with the paltry amount of pasta in his quick cup, and tweeted as such. Velveeta’s cheesy ears were listening. [More]

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Disney Cruise Line Went Above & Beyond To Help Save Our Child’s Life

There’s nothing like the fear of having a sick child and not knowing what’s wrong — except maybe if your child is ailing on a ship off the coast of Alaska, hundreds of miles from the nearest onshore medical help. Consumerist reader Dan wrote in to share a very scary experience that could’ve turned out a lot worse, if not for the kind crew of the Disney Wonder. [More]

Garmin Replaces Heart Rate Monitor Out Of Warranty, Delights Aspiring Marathoner

Garmin Replaces Heart Rate Monitor Out Of Warranty, Delights Aspiring Marathoner

Runners really, really like their GPS wristwatches, devices that calculate distance traveled as well as what time it is. It’s safe to assume that they might still like them in the year 3013, too, if anyone happens to be gift shopping. Allison has one, and explained to us how wonderful Garmin was recently when something went wrong with a mere accessory to her GPS. [More]


Everything Is Awful Right Now… Except For The Kind Target Worker Who Knew I Needed A Hug

Emily and her husband are brand new New Yorkers. Well, make that, brand new U.S. citizens, sort of: She’s originally from Ohio, where she and her German husband met in college. They’d been living in Munich for about seven years, up until last Saturday. That’s when the couple moved to New York, a city with a hustle and bustle that isn’t much like Munich. That’s stressful enough, right?  And oh yeah — Emily is 29 weeks pregnant. With twins. Headaches? Abounding. But also plentiful were the hugs and good feelings at a Brooklyn Target, right when Emily needed a dose of happy. [More]


Philips-Avent Stands Behind Baby Monitor, Sends New One When Charging Fails

Reader Ben still needed his baby monitor after a year or so, but it would no longer charge. This wasn’t the kind of thing you could fix yourself: he couldn’t even find batteries for the unit. So he contacted the manufacturer, Philips-Avent. They shipped a new battery out to him right away, but that didn’t solve the problem. Oh well: tough luck, right? [More]


How Harris Teeter Paid Me To Eat Ribeye Steaks

“The adage you get what you pay for holds true with Harris Teeter,” notes reader Gunnar. Yes, he says, they charge more than their grocery competition, but their stores are pleasant, their employees competent, and their selection of merchandise is good. What he didn’t know is that they also have a generous return policy when the butcher cuts your steaks up badly. [More]

Simple Human Replaces Self-Destructing Trash Can In Simple, Easy Transaction

Simple Human Replaces Self-Destructing Trash Can In Simple, Easy Transaction

Sure, a foot pedal lid trash can is a pretty mundane household item, but try going without it after you get used to having one. Annemarie’s Simple Human trash can jettisoned a part when she stepped on its pedal one day. It had a year left on the five-year warranty, so she called up the company. Maybe they could replace the lid? [More]

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Totes Has Lifetime Warranty, Actually Means It

It shouldn’t be refreshing to see a company that boasts about its “lifetime warranty” and truly stands behind a product, even offering an upgrade when it fails. Reader Scott reports that was his experience with Totes, the company that made his mother’s umbrella. [More]

Sonic Gives Me Half-Off Discount For Large Shake I Wasn’t Charged For In The First Place

Discounts on non-existent shakes are super tasty.

Here at Consumerist we hear all kinds of troubling tales from readers trying to cash in on advertised discounts and instead, getting the runaround. That’s why we were pleased to hear that Jared had the complete opposite experience during a recent trip to Sonic, wherein he actually got more of a discount than was advertised. [More]