Kohl’s Rolls Out Buy Online, Pick Up In Store Nationwide

Kohl’s Rolls Out Buy Online, Pick Up In Store Nationwide

The ability to order something online and pick it up is very appealing to consumers, even though doing so apparently doesn’t save us any time. Now Kohl’s, another retailer that had been testing this delivery method in fewer than 10% of their stores, is rolling it out nationwide. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Excavate More Decade-Old Video Games

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Excavate More Decade-Old Video Games

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are an elite squad who comb the retail stores of North America for rare and precious antiquities. No, Walmart hasn’t taken to selling actual fossils: these are Information Age antiquities, or old video games for older consoles with inexplicably high prices. [More]

Tests Of Kale In McDonald’s Restaurants Are Really Happening

Tests Of Kale In McDonald’s Restaurants Are Really Happening

A few months ago, we shared the news that McDonald’s might be offering breakfast bowls that include the dark leafy vegetable kale. That was news not only because kale and McDonald’s seem like a weird fit, but also because the chain specifically made fun of kale in a commercial from just a few months ago. [More]

Sears Says Clothing Brand Breakup With Kardashians Was Mutual

Sears Says Clothing Brand Breakup With Kardashians Was Mutual

Earlier this week, we sort of paid attention to celebrity news when we heard that the famous Kardashian sisters were ending their clothing line partnership with Sears because they didn’t want to be associated with the brand. That’s not so, Sears representatives said today: their split with the reality television stars was mutual. [More]

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Restaurant Owner Apologizes For Asking Breastfeeding Mom To Cover Up Or Move

We support many things here at Consumerist. One of them is the right of parents to feed their infants however and wherever they choose, which includes the right to openly breastfeed in business establishments. State law in Illinois also supports this right. We also support proportionate responses when a business wrongs you. After a mother shared her grievance against a local restaurant on Facebook, the owner claims to have received threats of death and property damage. [More]


Would You Tip Your Lawyer Or Your Dentist?

In discussions of the custom of tipping, you never hear typical consumers wish that they were expected or asked to tip their service providers in more industries. Yet Square, a service that lets small businesses accept credit card and direct mobile payments on phones and tablets, gives any business the opportunity to prompt customers for a tip. [More]

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Valet Service Forgets To Mention They Smashed Customer’s Porsche

If handing the keys to your car over to a valet parking service meant knowing that the company will forget to tell you when they damage your car, would anyone use valet parking at all? Probably not. Yet that’s exactly what happened when one restaurant customer, who discovered damage to his vehicle that the valet had sort of forgotten to tell him about. [More]

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RadioShack Bankruptcy Math: The Better-Known Your Company Is, The Less Its Name Is Worth

Bids are due tomorrow in the auction for RadioShack’s intellectual property. Consumerist has ultimately decided not to offer twenty bucks for TheShack.com, but we’re still following the auction with interest. Mostly, we’re wondering who is interested in the big prize: the right to call oneself “RadioShack.” [More]

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Why Do Women Pay More Money For The Same Stuff?

It starts with toys and baby clothes, and continues for the rest of our lives: items that seem identical have different prices according to which gender they’re marketed to. We take this for granted, mostly because these items are on separate shelves in the store, making it harder to compare prices directly. How far does the problem reach, and why does it happen in the first place? [More]

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A Few Apple Watch Users Are Complaining About Rashes

People get rashes. For every plant, animal, metal, or polymer that exists, there is most likely someone out there who has an itchy skin reaction after contact with it. Yet the popularity of wearable gadgets means that people are now paying hundreds of dollars for devices that they’re supposed to wear constantly. Yes, wearable technology will cause rashes, even the much-hyped Apple Watch. [More]

What Inappropriate Or Perfect Mother’s Day Merchandising Have You Seen This Year?

What Inappropriate Or Perfect Mother’s Day Merchandising Have You Seen This Year?

Stores usually mean well. They just want us to expand the definition of what we think of as an appropriate gift for Mother’s Day. Instead of the traditional flowers, jewelry, and gift cards, they want us to consider buying our mothers a tablet computer. Or clothing. Or laundry detergent. Wait, laundry detergent? Isn’t giving your mother cleaning supplies completely against the point of the holiday? [More]

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Sysco And FTC Fight Over Proposed Merger, Food Service Voltron

The Federal Trade Commission and commercial food supplier Sysco are meeting in court today over Sysco’s right to acquire its next biggest national competitor, US Foods. Does America need a food service Voltron? Sysco is defending its proposed acquisition, but the FTC stands against it. Arguments in federal court started today, and could last for more than a week. [More]

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Get A Free Folded Biscuit At Taco Bell This Morning Until 11

If you fold a round and flat food item in half and put more food inside, as far as Taco Bell is concerned, that’s a taco. Today, they’re advertising their new breakfast menu by giving away free … see, I still can’t bring myself to call that thing a taco, but you can get a free biscuit folded in half with some breakfast stuff in it. [More]

Are Front-Loading Washers Still Mold Machines?

Are Front-Loading Washers Still Mold Machines?

Newer front-loading washing machines have developed a reputation for growing mold. Lawsuits also sprouted in the front-loader market, but washing machine manufacturers were ultimately not found liable for inflicting moldy washers on the public. That might make you hesitant to buy a front-loading washer, even if you find them appealing. Should you [More]


Domino’s Australia Takes Pizza-Tracking To The Streets

When you hail a ride using Uber and similar mobile applications, you know how close your car is to you thanks to the GPS receivers in your phone and in your driver’s phone. That’s nice and all, but what if that same technology could be used to track something that’s really time-sensitive…like a pizza delivery. [More]


Ryanair Flight Takes Off Without Toilet Paper, Civilization Somehow Continues

European discount airline Ryanair has made headlines for reasons related to their bathrooms in the past: five years ago, we took note of their plan to charge customers to use the toilets, and to remove some toilets from the plane altogether. Yet some passengers on a flight from Murcia, Spain to London, England were horrified to learn that there would be no toilet paper or milk on board their flight. [More]

Being Declared Dead By The Social Security Administration Is Very Inconvenient

Being Declared Dead By The Social Security Administration Is Very Inconvenient

Being dead is very inconvenient, but having the government believe that you’re dead when you aren’t is even more inconvenient. Yet the Social Security Administration accidentally declares about 9,000 people living in the United States dead every year. Yet when this happens to someone, they struggle to find help and to get anyone to believe them so they can be brought back to life financially. [More]

Taco Bell Is Testing Potato Chip Nachos For Some Reason

Taco Bell Is Testing Potato Chip Nachos For Some Reason

Sure, nachos made from thick-cut potato “crisps” are nothing new, but we are kind of surprised to see them at Taco Bell. Maybe they’re preparing themselves for a bleak dystopian future where there is no more corn or flour to make tortillas from. Or they’re trying to create new and more appealing junk foods. [More]