Frederick’s Of Hollywood Will Close One-Third Of Stores

While Frederick’s of Hollywood is a much smaller chain than other recent retail collapses like Delia’s dELiA*s, Wet Seal, and the impending loss of thousands of Radio Shacks, we’re still sad to share the news that about one-third of stores in the lingerie chain will close. While we don’t have the list yet, we do know one store on it: the chain’s flagship store in Hollywood. [More]

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FTC Challenges Sysco Acquisition Of US Foods

Sysco’s in-person meetings with the Federal Trade Commission didn’t have the desired effect. The foodservice supply giant wanted approval for its planned acquisition of competitor U.S. Foods, but the FTC thinks that Sysco wants to gobble up too much of the market. The commissioners voted 3-2 to block the merger. [More]

Competitor Gas-X Objects To DulcoGas ‘Maximum Strength’ Label

Competitor Gas-X Objects To DulcoGas ‘Maximum Strength’ Label

When you see the words “Maximum Strength” plastered on a container of over-the-counter medicine, you most likely assume that the drug contains the highest dose that you can buy without a prescription, or the maximum dose that a person can take in one day. “Maximum strength” really has no fixed meaning, and that’s what has led to a dispute between two companies that make anti-flatulence medications. [More]

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Credit-Swap Traders Think Sears Will Fail In The Next Year

Credit default swaps are a confusing concept, since some forms resemble gambling on the failure of a company without even owning any stock in it. As a consumer, especially if you’re someone who likes to shop at Sears, you should know that now that Radio Shack has declared bankruptcy, the hot retailer that credit swap traders are betting will fail is Sears. [More]

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FDA Warns That Undeclared Peanuts Could Lurk In Food Containing Cumin

Life with a severe food allergy can be scary enough, but knowing that sometimes labels are inaccurate and that not all allergens are identified is even scarier. The situation right now where a batch of ground cumin was contaminated with peanuts shows that even spices and spice blends can be dangerous to people with severe enough allergies. [More]


Samsung Smart TVs Don’t Encrypt Speech Or Transcriptions

Last week, the world collectively freaked out when we learned that Samsung’s smart TVs can take things that we say in our living rooms and uploads them to a third-party transcription service. The gadget-maker tried to calm us all down by explaining how the service works, but there’s a problem: people may have assumed that data is encrypted. It’s not. [More]


West Coast Ports Contract Dispute Hurts Self-Employed Truckers

While shipping companies and dockworkers continue their dispute over contracts on the Pacific coast, the slowdown of cargo from these ports is starting to affect factories, retailers, and farmers. (Not to mention the French fry situation in Japan.) Yet one unaffiliated group that’s losing out are the truck drivers who would normally bring much of the cargo now waiting just off the shore to its final destination. [More]

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Ace Hardware Introduces Same-Day Delivery In 33 Stores

Same-day delivery of retail orders is a popular trend, but can it work for a hardware store? Ace Hardware will find out as it runs a pilot program to provide same-day delivery for all orders placed before 1 P.M. Delivery will be available to customers who are within five miles of the store, and it will cost $5. [More]

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RadioShack Creditors Question Bankruptcy Timing

Experts and ordinary shoppers alike have been predicting the demise of RadioShack for some time now. The only question was when it would happen. A rescue financing package kept the company going for a while longer, but the company’s creditors allege that there was a very important reason for that: to line the pockets of lenders and distressed debt traders. [More]

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If You Dropped Your Cocaine At This Super Dollar, You’re Not Getting It Back

Usually, if you drop something while shopping and another shopper doesn’t walk off with it, it ends up in the store’s lost and found. That is not the case for an item that someone dropped at a Super Dollar discount grocery store in Virginia, a bag of cocaine. Local cops have put a call out in case the owner wants to reveal himself or herself and…definitely not get their coke back. [More]


New Comcast Customer Loses Old Phone Number

When people switch from one phone provider to another, even for landline service, they’re supposed to be able to port their phone number from their old phone company to their new one. That didn’t happen for one new Comcast customer, who lost her phone number of 15 years when she switched from AT&T. [More]

Valentine’s Day Aftermath: Floral Disaster And Floral Delight

Valentine’s Day Aftermath: Floral Disaster And Floral Delight

Valentine’s Day isn’t the biggest flower-giving holiday on the calendar. That would be Mothers’ Day. It remains an important flower-giving holiday, though, and one during which florists need to obtain massive quantities of red roses. Here’s one flower delivery that went terribly wrong, and one that turned out beautifully. [More]

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Handing Prescription Bottles Full Of M&Ms To Kids Is A Very Bad Idea

It was one thing when a company selling products for babies handed out fake prescription bottles full of candy to bloggers who could, theoretically, bring them home to their children. Teaching kids that amber and white bottles contain candy is a terrible idea. Yet one college professor skipped the intermediary and handed out pill bottles filled with M&Ms directly to children, angering their parents and other community members. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Have A Case For Your 7-Year-Old iPhone

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Have A Case For Your 7-Year-Old iPhone

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a band of brave retail explorers who comb the world’s big-box stores in search of retail antiquities at comically high prices. They carefully excavate clearance racks in order to find the most ancient pieces of technology available. In their latest report from the field, the Raiders found more ancient antivirus software, and a case for iPhones that may actually be collectibles by now. [More]


Krispy Kreme Rethinks ‘KKK’ Promotion In The UK

The corporate office for Krispy Kreme in the UK drew up a calendar of fun activities for the chain to offer to kids during their midterm break from school. Activities include coloring, face painting, board games, and KKK Wednesday. Wait, what? That stands for “Krispy Kreme Klub,” not “Ku Klux Klan,” but the promotion has been pulled anyway. [More]

Banks Blame Each Other For Erroneous $10 Million Account Balance

Banks Blame Each Other For Erroneous $10 Million Account Balance

When a woman in Australia checked her bank account balance earlier this week, she was surprised to see that she had $10 million available in her account. (That’s worth about $7.8 million US dollars, if you’re wondering.) She wondered whether it was an error or a prank, so she called her bank instead of running off on an international spending spree. The bank told her that it was no error: she was an unwitting millionaire. [More]

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Secretary Of Labor Hopes To End West Coast Ports Gridlock

Today, workers at the major sea ports on the West Coast report back after a split four-day weekend. Contract negotiations between the union and a trade organization that represents shipping companies have continued for nine months, and the U.S. Secretary of Labor is joining the negotiations today before the slowdown has worse effects on the global economy. [More]

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Florist Wire Services Try To Sort Out Frozen Flowers Disaster Via Twitter

Earlier today, we highlighted the feat of globalization that brings millions of red roses to our doorsteps on one specific date. Unfortunately, mid-February this year is a time of bitterly cold temperatures in much of the country. Cool temperatures preserve cut flowers, but cold temperatures can destroy cut flowers and kill live plants. That’s why this Valentine’s Day hasn’t been so great for the national flower-delivery brands. [More]