Class Action Settlement Means AB InBev Must Refund Customers For Faux-Import Beck’s

Class Action Settlement Means AB InBev Must Refund Customers For Faux-Import Beck’s

Last September, a Consumerist reader contacted us, upset about something that he noticed on a beer label. The label of Beck’s, a German beer brand owned by the conglomerate AB InBev, says “Brauerei Beck & Co.” and “Originated in Bremen, Germany” on the label. Nathan and other Beck’s fans will be compensated for this bit of label trickery soon-ish, since AB InBev has settled a class-action lawsuit. [More]


Strip Mall Next To Dairy Queen Boots Non-Customer Cars, Angers Ice Cream Seekers

The owner of a strip mall next door to a Dairy Queen in Illinois is no longer messing around. When people who are visiting the Dairy Queen in Wilmette make the mistake of parking in the lot of a neighboring strip mall, they’re going to end up paying for a very expensive ice cream cone. The owner of the mall has cracked down on parking, and has started booting cars using the lot. [More]

(Rich Renomeron)

McDonald’s Joins This Summer’s Pulled Pork Party

Hey, Burger King, you aren’t the only one who can serve up a limited-time pulled pork sandwich for barbecue season! It’s not nationwide, but McDonald’s is currently testing a pulled pork sandwich in at least one restaurant in Indiana. [More]

(Rick Takagi)

European Parent Companies Of Hannaford, Food Lion, Stop & Shop, Giant, And Peapod To Merge

You may not recognize the names Ahold and Delhaize, but you probably recognize some of the grocery brands that they own. Delhaize is the parent company of Hannaford and Food Lion, and Ahold is the parent company of U.S. chains Stop & Shop and Giant, as well as the online grocery delivery company Peapod. If regulators approve, the two companies will merge, and the transaction will become final in the middle of next year. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Wal-Mart Are Virus-Proof Through 2011

Raiders Of The Lost Wal-Mart Are Virus-Proof Through 2011

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are the brave retail archaeologists who comb our nation’s retail stores for hopelessly outdated electronics at comically high prices. The items may not always be useless or dangerous, but they are destined to either be purchased by clueless customers or to sit on the shelf indefinitely. [More]


The Apartment Rental Credit Check Scam Is Alive And Well

Six years ago, we alerted the world to the apartment rental credit check scam. That’s a scheme where apartments or houses that may or may not exist are advertised on Craigslist or other classified ad sites to sell not-so-free credit checks to prospective renters. Unfortunately, in spite of our campaign and warnings right on Craigslist ads, these schemes are alive and well. [More]

Zulily Will Test Accepting Merchandise Returns

Zulily Will Test Accepting Merchandise Returns

The great flash-site boom of the past decade has one great success story that has survived the recession: Zulily, which started out selling children’s clothing and toys and has slowly expanded into clothes and accessories for women. That expansion means that the company is trying something that it previously found unthinkable: they’re testing merchandise returns. [More]

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Federal Judge Blocks Formation Of Foodservice Supply Voltron

Sysco and US Foods, the two biggest national foodservice suppliers, want to merge, and the meanies at the Federal Trade Commission won’t let them. Regulators think this merger would be bad for the companies’ customers–and their customers are food service institutions ranging from the most humble snack bars to the fanciest restaurants. Back in February, the FTC sued to stop the merger, and today a federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction blocking it. [More]

Another Wasteful Expense At Olive Garden: Excessive Carpet Shampooing

Another Wasteful Expense At Olive Garden: Excessive Carpet Shampooing

The table-waiting, breadstick-hoarding board of directors over at Darden, parent company of Olive Garden, has some more extremely practical advice for its restaurants on the ground: they need to shampoo their carpets less. This is an example of an actual cost-saving measure proposed by the company’s CEO. [More]

Musicians Will Get More Than $0 During Apple Music Trial, But How Much Is That?

Musicians Will Get More Than $0 During Apple Music Trial, But How Much Is That?

Maybe Taylor Swift doesn’t wield as much power over the world’s largest corporations as we thought. Yesterday, it seemed that her open letter to Apple was influential in convincing the company to pay royalties to song owners and performers during customers’ trial period for their forthcoming Apple Music service. There’s a catch, though: artists won’t be getting 70% of zero, but they may not be getting the full royalties, either. [More]

Brothers Accused Of Dine-And-Dash Spree Through Cleveland’s Finest Restaurants

Brothers Accused Of Dine-And-Dash Spree Through Cleveland’s Finest Restaurants

There are your amateur dine-and-dashers, and then there are the brothers in Cleveland who are accused of a dine-and-dashing spree through a half-dozen restaurants in three days. They allegedly rang up tabs of hundreds of dollars at each spot, then would casually go outside for a smoke and not come back for the check. Restaurant owners spread the word on social media, and were able to apprehend the pair. [More]


Why Have Restaurant Waiters Become Plate-Grabbing Vultures?

People eat at different speeds. That’s just how eating and people work. Yet there’s a disturbing trend in restaurant dining that some people have noticed: servers lurk, ready to grab your plate whether everyone else at the table is done eating yet or not. Why would they do this? Rushing the whole table makes economic sense for a restaurant, but why snatch away plates when other people are still eating? [More]

Ticketmaster Sells Me Useless Parking Pass, Won’t Give Me A Refund

(Sadat Shami)

Adam recently attended a performance by comedian Kevin Hart in Boston, a city where parking is scarce and expensive. Ticketmaster offered him the opportunity to pay for his parking in advance along with his tickets, and he did. Doing so didn’t simplify his night out, though, since there was no one at the automated garage to accept his parking pass. He paid with a credit card and sought a refund from Ticketmaster later. They wouldn’t give him one, until Consumerist intervened… and also learned how the parking garage really worked. [More]

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Martha Stewart Omnimedia Sells Out, Will Be Corporate Sibling To Franklin Mint

While Martha Stewart’s lifestyle and publishing empire isn’t as popular as it once was, its founder’s name is still a good shorthand for domesticity and good taste. That’s why the news today that her company has been acquired by Sequential Brands, the owner of Justin Bieber’s denim brand and the Franklin Mint, surprised many people. [More]

Ad Watchdog: Toy Lightsaber Doesn’t Light Up, Commercial Is Misleading

Ad Watchdog: Toy Lightsaber Doesn’t Light Up, Commercial Is Misleading

As far as we know, the Jedi are not real. Lightsabers are not real. For children, though, the lines between real life and fiction can get a little fuzzy. That’s why the ad industry’s self-regulation body is not impressed with Hasbro’s ad for an awesome double-bladed lightsaber, since it cuts footage of an animated character together with footage of a kid playing with the toy, which creates the impression that the toy lightsaber lights up. It doesn’t. [More]


Instacart Gives Shoppers Employee Status, Says It’s To Improve Customer Experience

App-based, on-demand services make it easy to order a variety of products and services, and many of the workers who bring you those services are full- or part-time contractors. Some companies, like on-demand ride providers Uber and Lyft, are actively fighting in court to not be forced to give their workers “employee” status. Another company, shopping service Instacart, is proactively making their grocery pickers in some states employees. [More]

Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary By Changing HQ Street Name To ‘Sub Way’

Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary By Changing HQ Street Name To ‘Sub Way’

Subway, the seemingly ubiquitous sandwichery, turns 50 this year. Happy birthday, Subway! The company has decided to celebrate by renaming the Milford, Connecticut street where its headquarters is located in its own honor, and local government has agreed to the change. The new name: Sub Way. Of course. [More]

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T-Mobile Hands Over ‘Refurbished’ Phone Full Of Someone Else’s Data, Shrugs

A T-Mobile customer bought the un-carrier’s “Premium Handset Protection” when getting a new phone, and eventually had to use it when his Nexus 5 stopped working. The phone swap was a bigger hassle than he anticipated, but that wasn’t really the problem: the problem was that the phone was still full of the previous owner’s stuff, and logged on to her social media accounts. [More]