The current slate of groups involved in the Stop Mega Comcast Coalition.

More Groups Pile Onto “Stop Mega Comcast” Coalition

Only a month ago, a coalition of more than a dozen groups formed in an effort to work together in stopping the pending merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. And while the federal regulatory review process inched forward on this deal, more and more groups have joined in the fight to prevent Comcast from dominating the consumer broadband market in the U.S. [More]

McDonald’s “Signs” Commercial: Heartwarming Message Or Crass Cash-In?

McDonald’s “Signs” Commercial: Heartwarming Message Or Crass Cash-In?

Over the weekend, McDonald’s extended its latest “lovin'” campaign with a new ad featuring a series of McDonald’s restaurant signs bearing messages about everything from natural disasters to the Boston Marathon killings to birthday greetings. Some viewers had their hearts warmed by the reminders that local fast food franchises can spread messages of more than just Happy Meals, while other viewers were less won-over, viewing the ad as a crass way for McDonald’s to attach itself to national tragedies. [More]

Man Who Stole $36M From Delta Sentenced To 10 Years, Must Hand Over Yacht, Mansion

Man Who Stole $36M From Delta Sentenced To 10 Years, Must Hand Over Yacht, Mansion

Last summer, we told you about a former employee at Delta and Northwest airlines who, along with a partner, duped the companies out of millions of dollars by submitting and paying invoices to a bogus company. That partner was recently sentenced to 10 years behind bars and now must turn over all the fun toys he bought with the ill-gotten money. [More]

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Don’t Freak Out: Cadbury Creme Egg Recipe Change Doesn’t Affect U.S.

There is much lid-flipping and out-freaking online today as UK news sites report a change to the recipe for Cadbury Creme Eggs, a change that everyone blames on the brand’s U.S.-based ownership. That very well may be true, but for Creme Egg fans stateside, it’s a non-issue as the treats you gobble down each spring are made by a different company. [More]

Until a recent update, images posted to Instagram when your account was private could still be accessed even after your account was set to private.

Instagram Fixes A Loophole That Allowed Public To See Private Pics

Some 300 million people have accounts on Facebook-owned photo-sharing service Instagram, and while many of those users are fine with letting the world see every image they post, some Instagrammers prefer to keep their pics private. However, until this weekend there was a loophole that could give people unauthorized access to private images on Instagram. [More]


Home Depot Employees Replace Stolen Xmas Gifts For Family Of Regular Customer

When employees at a South Carolina Home Depot heard that a regular customer of theirs had been the victim of a theft that left his family without Christmas gifts, they pitched in to do something they didn’t have to, replacing those stolen gifts and giving this family a belated but happy holiday. [More]

Chevy Bolt Takes Aim At Tesla With Up To 200 Miles Per Charge, Cost In Low $30Ks

Chevy Bolt Takes Aim At Tesla With Up To 200 Miles Per Charge, Cost In Low $30Ks

While the world still waits for the Tesla Model 3, an electric car that will get upwards of 200 miles per charge and cost around $35,000, General Motors today revealed a prototype for its Chevy Bolt, which aims to match that upcoming Tesla in both mileage and cost. [More]

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Here Are Your Consumer Predictions For 2015

As 2014 ended, we asked Consumerist readers to look into their crystal balls and predict some of the bigger consumer headlines — from pending mega-mergers to possible turnarounds — for the coming year. Here’s what y’all told us. [More]

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Protecting Military Servicemembers From Predatory Loans Is A National Security Issue

In recent years, we’ve written a number of stories about laws aimed at protecting active-duty servicemembers and their families from predatory loans and the businesses that try to take advantage of loopholes in these rules. Some readers have asked why members of our armed forces merit protections not available to civilians. But this isn’t about just doing something nice for our soldiers; it’s about removing a threat to national security. [More]

Like my new wheels? I got it through an 8-year loan with a 22% APR. What a steal! [Note: Not actually my car] (photo Axion23)

Why Are So Many Recent Car Loan Borrowers Missing Payments?

In 2014, new car sales increased to 16.5 million, the highest level since 2006, but did too many car buyers take on more than they could afford? [More]

AT&T Says It Can’t Be Sued By FTC Over Throttling Of Unlimited Data Plans

AT&T Says It Can’t Be Sued By FTC Over Throttling Of Unlimited Data Plans

Last October, the Federal Trade Commission sued AT&T, alleging that the wireless company failed to adequately disclose to its “unlimited” data customers that it could throttle their network speeds and that this throttling could slow their data speeds by upwards of 90%. In a recent court filing, AT&T claims that the FTC doesn’t have the jurisdiction to bring this lawsuit in the first place. [More]

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Comcast Office Maintained List Of “VIP” D.C.-Area Politicians & Other Power Players

A new report has revealed that a Comcast office in a Washington, D.C., suburb maintained a list of important and politically influential customers in the area — a list that Comcast claims it most certainly didn’t use to give these “VIP”s preferential treatment. [More]

Dish’s Sling TV Streaming Service Wins Best Of CES Award

Dish’s Sling TV Streaming Service Wins Best Of CES Award

A few years back, Dish’s Hopper DVR with Sling technology was supposed to be take home the Best of CES award from CNET, but that site’s parent company (CBS) said the prize couldn’t be given to the DVR because CBS was involved in litigation with Dish over the Hopper. This led to CNET no longer being the ones behind the “Best Of” awards and to the CEA stepping in to award Dish with the title it had rightfully earned. Now Dish has won that top award again, but without the drama. [More]

Dogs Taken By FedEx Driver Returned To Owners; Driver Suspended


On Thursday we told you about the Houston family who claimed that home security footage shows a FedEx delivery driver stealing their two dogs. While the matter is still being investigated, there is good news to report — the puppies are back home where they belong. [More]


White House Proposes Free Community College For Dedicated Students

The cost of a college education has outpaced inflation for the last few decades, making school less affordable for millions of Americans and driving student loan debt past the $1 trillion mark. And in the last decade, the for-profit education industry has taken in many billions of dollars in federal student aid for schools with high dropout rates. Today, President Obama offered a suggestion: Free community college educations for those willing to stick to it. [More]

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Banks Want To Robocall You When It’s Important, But Not Important Enough To Speak To A Human

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, companies can’t robocall you on your cellphone unless you’ve given them prior consent to contact you at that number. Now the banking industry is trying to gain exemptions for this rule, claiming there are times when they just need to call your cellphone even though the need isn’t urgent enough to have an actual human make that call. They also don’t want to be penalized for robocalling the wrong number. [More]

From the video in the Facebook post that alleges a FedEx driver stole a woman's two puppies.

Texas Woman Claims FedEx Driver Stole Her Two Dogs

UPDATE: The dogs have been found and returned to the family. FedEx says the driver, a contract employee, will not be working for the company pending the outcome of an investigation. [More]

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New Homeowners To Pay Less For FHA Mortgage Insurance

In the wake of the devastating crash of the housing market, the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development was forced to increase mortgage insurance premiums for borrowers with loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration, effectively stopping hundreds of thousands of potential homeowners from climbing the property ladder. With the market stabilizing, HUD is rolling back most of that rate increase for new homeowners in the hope that it will spur more borrowing. [More]