Teen-Targeted Retailer dELiA*s Is bANkruPt. Will Close Stores, Liquidate Merch

Teen-Targeted Retailer dELiA*s Is bANkruPt. Will Close Stores, Liquidate Merch

Clothing retailer dELiA*S — a store best known for its complete disregard for capitalization and punctuation — has announced today that teenage girls have moved on to other retailers, leaving it in d33p n dEbT and having to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection while it closes stores and liquidates its assets. [More]

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DirecTV’s HBO Contract Indicates It Could Sell Standalone HBO Go

There are several mysteries surrounding the impending 2015 launch of HBO’s standalone streaming video service: Will it be the same as HBO Go? What will it cost? Do I have to buy it through my cable company? HBO hasn’t given any answers to these questions, but recent news about the network’s contract with DirecTV appears to indicate that even the satellite services may be selling the service. [More]

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Customer Sues Domino’s Because Intestine-Piercing Wire Bristles Are Not A Pizza Topping

If you’ve ordered enough pizzas, you’ve probably come across a few with a stray topping that shouldn’t be there. In most cases, the worst that can happen is you eat some green pepper, sausage, or mushroom that you hadn’t intended on consuming. But one Washington state man claims he didn’t realize until it was too late — and he was having emergency surgery — that he’d eaten some Domino’s Pizza topped with wire bristles. [More]

Debt Collectors Paying To Use Prosecutors’ Letterheads To Get People To Pay

This "late payment" notice appears to come from the office of the Calaveras County district attorney, but in fact was sent by a debt collection firm that manages the county's "Bad Check Restitution Program."

It’s one thing to get a letter from a debt collector that erroneously claims you owe money and have to pay up; it’s another to receive that same notice from your local prosecutor. But what if that latter letter is actually coming from a debt collector who is paying the district attorney’s office for the right to contact certain consumers? [More]

The North Korean government has been openly critical of the upcoming Sony-distributed comedy The Interview, in which James Franco and Seth Rogen are tasked with assassinating Kim Jong-Un.

Report: Sony To Officially Point Finger At North Korea For Huge Hack

Last week, it was revealed that Sony had been the victim of a massive data breach, resulting in the leak of Sony films, scripts, passwords, and sensitive information about employees and business operations. There have been rumors of suspected involvement by the North Korean government in the hack, and a new report claims that Sony will officially name the country as the source of the breach. [More]

CCTV Footage Shows World’s Coolest Customer Calmly Walking Away After Truck Collides With Building

CCTV Footage Shows World’s Coolest Customer Calmly Walking Away After Truck Collides With Building

Imagine you’re just about to sit down and enjoy a snack at your local bakery when, mere feet away, a truck plows right through the front of the building. If you’re like me, you’d run screaming with a howl so high-pitched that dogs would cry for miles around. But not so for one customer of a bakery in Cincinnati. [More]

Google Replacing CAPTCHAs With “I’m Not A Robot” Check Box

Google Replacing CAPTCHAs With “I’m Not A Robot” Check Box

Almost every Internet user has come across a CAPTCHA security check — you know, the thing where you have to enter in a jumbled set of letters and numbers, often with lines drawn through them — and had absolutely no idea how to decipher it. This is frustrating and it’s not actually effective, so Google’s reCAPTCHA folks have come up with a new idea: Just asking if you’re a robot. [More]

Roku, Apple TV Losing Ground To Chromecast & Amazon Fire TV Streaming Devices

Roku, Apple TV Losing Ground To Chromecast & Amazon Fire TV Streaming Devices

A year ago, Roku and Apple TV dominated the market for streaming video devices, accounting for nearly 75% of all video streaming products sold in the U.S. in 2013. But in the last 16 months, Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV devices have stolen a significant chunk of Apple and Roku’s business. [More]

Not the actual McChicken involved in the incident, but we're guessing it looked similar (photo: Morton Fox)

Man Arrested For Using McDonald’s McChicken As A Weapon Against Pregnant Wife

An ungrateful person complains when their spouse gives them a fast food sandwich they don’t like. A truly horribly human being assaults that spouse with the sandwich in question. [More]

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What Does It Cost To Open A New Taco Bell?

Maybe you’ve been in that moment, chowing down on a chalupa and hating your job, thinking to yourself, “I should just open a Taco Bell and cash in on hungry suckers like me.” It’s not a bad thought, but making it a reality will cost you anywhere between $175,000 and $2.5 million. [More]

One of the Tweets that ultimately led to JetBlue refusing to allow the passenger to board.

JetBlue Refuses Boarding To YouTube Semi-Celebrity After He Unleashes Twitter Followers

For better or worse, we live in an age where a new breed of Internet sorta-celebrity can threaten to unleash the power of their social media following on any person or business they don’t like. That’s what happened last week when a YouTube personality with several hundred thousand fans got upset about a fee for changing his JetBlue ticket. But after using his Twitter followers to hassle the airline, he found himself blocked from boarding his flight home. [More]

If the blackout occurs on Thursday, the only way NFL fans in 14 markets will get to see Phil Simms and Jim Nantz call a game is on Madden NFL.

CBS: Thursday 7 P.M. Deadline For Dish Network Blackout

After barely averting a blackout of CBS-owned stations for millions of Dish Network satellite customers, CBS now says the latest deadline to end the contract stalemate with Dish is coming on Thursday night. [More]

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Retailers Took More Than 3 Minutes To Answer Customer Service Calls On Cyber Monday

While not as many people went shopping over the weekend as they did during last year’s holiday, retailers still sold billions of dollars worth of stuff in just a few days, and some of that stuff was damaged or otherwise required calls to customer service. But not every seller was terribly eager or prepared to deal with the onslaught of phone calls. [More]

This chart from the GAO report shows that the top 15% of cable Internet users will be surpassing current data caps by 2018, and using several times that amount of data by 2020.

Govt. Report Criticizes Cable Companies For Cashing In On Data Caps

A growing number of cable companies are implementing data caps (sorry — “data thresholds”), which put limits on how much data a subscriber could use before facing penalties ranging from warning messages to throttled speeds to overage fees. A new report from the federal Government Accountability Office says that lack of competition in the broadband market could result in these caps being implemented with no one benefiting other than cable companies’ bottom lines. [More]


Sprint Offers To Cut Verizon, AT&T Customers’ Bills In Half If They Switch

Sprint really wants your business. First it tried throwing free data (that you’ll never use and which can be painfully slow) at new customers, but now it’s targeting your wallet, offering to slash the monthly rates of AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers willing to jump ship. [More]

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How Many Fares Do I Need To Pick Up To Make A Living As An Uber Or Lyft Driver?

I don’t have a car (and I don’t feel like getting arrested) but if I did, what would it take for me to earn enough money as a driver for Uber (or Lyft or Sidecar) to pay the bills? To earn $50,000 a year, I’d have to pick up anywhere from 12 to 17 fares a day, depending on which service I drive for, according to one new report. [More]

Apple Patents System To Prevent Dropped iPhones From Landing Face-Down

Apple Patents System To Prevent Dropped iPhones From Landing Face-Down

Most of us have been there, watching in horror as a pricey smartphone falls toward the ground, doomed to be dented, cracked and damaged by the force of impact. A newly awarded Apple patent details how a small vibrating motor could possibly be used to minimize the damage when that device goes into freefall. [More]

If You Have A GM Car Recalled For Ignition Problem, Now Is The Time To Get It Fixed

If You Have A GM Car Recalled For Ignition Problem, Now Is The Time To Get It Fixed

It’s been many months since General Motors finally got around to recalling more than 2 million vehicles for a problem with the ignition switch that has been tied to dozens of deaths. Many recalled cars have yet to be fixed because there weren’t enough parts to make the repairs, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says sufficient replacement switches are now available so there is no reason to wait any longer. [More]