Amid Passenger Safety Concerns, Uber Promises To Hire 1 Million Women Drivers By 2020

Amid Passenger Safety Concerns, Uber Promises To Hire 1 Million Women Drivers By 2020

While ridesharing service Uber has fans glad to new options for getting around town, headlines about drivers allegedly assaulting and harassing female passengers continues to cast a pall over Uber’s reputation. So today the company announced a plan to hire 1 million female drivers worldwide over the next five years. [More]

Banks & Credit Card Companies Saving Millions By Taking Away Your Right To Sue

Adam Fagen

Tens of millions of American consumers have clauses in their credit card, checking account, student loan, and wireless phone contracts that take away their rights to sue those companies in a court of law, and more than 93% of these people have no idea they’ve had this right taken away from them. The companies involved are presumably quite happy about this lack of awareness, as it results in millions of dollars in savings that aren’t being passed on to you. [More]

Just because we love so much, here's a reminder that it exists.

Walmart Displeased With Walmart.Horse, Wants It Taken Down

If you’re looking for the Walmart website, your instinct would be to simply go to, or maybe, or even… all of which go to the same place. There is currently no reason whatsoever to type the URL into your web browser, but if you go there, you get pretty much exactly what you’d expect — a picture of a horse and a Walmart store. [More]

Apple CEO Tim Cook presents HBO Now at today's press conference to launch the Apple Watch.

The HBO Now Announcement Shows Why Net Neutrality Is So Important

This afternoon, HBO announced the details of its HBO Now streaming service that will finally allow consumers without cable TV to access the premium pay-TV network without having to be burdened with a cable bill for channels they don’t watch. But the fact that HBO has opted to go with Apple as its launch partner and not Comcast or any of the major pay-TV carriers is a reminder of just how important net neutrality is. [More]

‘HBO Now’ To Cost $15, Will Launch As Apple Exclusive

‘HBO Now’ To Cost $15, Will Launch As Apple Exclusive

After months of speculation regarding price and availability, HBO has finally confirmed the important details about its standalone streaming service HBO Now. The good news is that it will cost the predicted $15/month. The not as good news is that Apple will be the exclusive device launch partner of the service when it kicks off in April. [More]


5 Reasons Restaurants Should Think Twice About Shaming Bad Customers

Running a restaurant — which is often a narrow-profit, high-risk operation with frequent staff turnover — is not easy, and those employees and owners who do work hard sometimes feel like they only hear complaints from customers. So it’s not entirely surprising that some restaurant folks choose to use social media to shame bad customers, especially those who don’t tip well. [More]

In Spite Of All That Lovin’, McDonald’s Sales Still Sinking

In Spite Of All That Lovin’, McDonald’s Sales Still Sinking

Even though McDonald’s made a huge media push with its G-droppin’ apostrophe-lovin’ hug-acceptin’ Super Bowl-centered marketing campaign, the latest sales data from the world’s largest fast food chain shows that it’s going to take more than a few ads to turn this burger business around. [More]

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FDA Approves First “Biosimilar” Drug. Could Drive Down Cost Of Most Expensive Medications

Biotech drugs — which are generally derived from a living organism, as opposed to traditional purely chemical medications — are currently among the most expensive medicines available. But today, the Food and Drug Administration issued its first approval of a drug that is “biosimilar” to an existing biotech medication; a development that could possibly result in billions of dollars in savings. [More]

Why Does A Tube Of Cold Sore Cream Cost $2,500?

Why Does A Tube Of Cold Sore Cream Cost $2,500?

In Canada, you can buy a tube of brand-name prescription cold sore cream Zovirax for around $50. Its generic equivalent (acyclovir) is half that price. And even here in the states you can find generics acyclovir pills and ointments for a reasonable price, so why does what is effectively the same product sell for more than $2,500 in the U.S.? [More]

Could Comcast Try To Buy Netflix Or T-Mobile If Time Warner Cable Deal Fails?

Could Comcast Try To Buy Netflix Or T-Mobile If Time Warner Cable Deal Fails?

After more than a year of stop-start-stop regulatory review, the FCC and Justice Dept. are currently in the final stretch of deciding whether to approve, block, or put conditions on the mega-merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. With even some formerly optimistic industry analysts now having their doubts about the deal’s success, it’s time to consider what Kabletown might do if the acquisition falls through. [More]

The "made by Sustainability Leaders" badge on this 150' roll of bubble tape is not necessarily an indicator of the product's environmental impact.

“Sustainability Leader” Badges On Walmart Products Don’t Mean Items Are Good For Environment

If you see a product tagged with a “sustainability leaders” badge on the Walmart website, you might think this is an indication that this item is more environmentally friendly than others. And you might be correct; but you might also be mistaken. Because the truth is that this badge has virtually nothing to do with the product being advertised. [More]


Home Depot Employees Build Custom Wagon For Cancer-Stricken Dog

The owner of an elderly cancer-stricken canine says she was just hoping for some wagon-building advice from Home Depot employees but she ended up with something much more — a custom-built cart for her ill furry friend. [More]

Lumber Liquidators Sued Over Formaldehyde Allegations

Lumber Liquidators Sued Over Formaldehyde Allegations

Only days after a 60 Minutes report on the allegedly high formaldehyde levels in wood products sold by Lumber Liquidators, consumers have filed a potential class action against the company in federal court. [More]

From the proposal for American Dream Miami (via The Miami Herald)

Mall Of America Owners Want To Build An Even Bigger Mall In Miami

The company that operates the mammoth Mall of America in Minnesota and the larger West Edmonton Mall in Canada are looking to erect an outsized shopping destination in warmer climes with a new proposal to build a combination mall and amusement park in the Miami area. [More]

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The Nation’s Biggest Companies Agree: Gay Marriage Is Good For Business

Next month, the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments with regard to the legality of state laws that prohibit same-sex marriages. And while the issue has been politically divisive, many of the nation’s most powerful corporations — from airlines to insurance to beer to baseball teams — agree that banning gay marriage is not good for business. [More]

Congresswoman Backed By AT&T, Comcast Introduces Bill To Kill Net Neutrality

Congresswoman Backed By AT&T, Comcast Introduces Bill To Kill Net Neutrality

While some members of Congress have argued that the best way to deal with net neutrality is to create a law that guides what broadband providers can and can’t do with regard to data, one legislator from Tennessee — who has received significant money from neutrality’s biggest opponents — has introduced a bill that would kill neutrality and strip the FCC of its authority to regulate broadband as a necessary piece of telecommunications infrastructure. [More]

Passengers Safely Taken Off Delta Jet That Skidded Off Snowy Runway

Passengers Safely Taken Off Delta Jet That Skidded Off Snowy Runway

Two-thirds of the flights scheduled to arrive today at New York’s LaGuardia airport have already been canceled, mostly due to the latest snow storm to slam the Mid-Atlantic region. And there are 130 who probably wish their Delta flight to LGA had called off after it slid off the runway this morning. [More]

The URL for "" has recently been registered on behalf of HBO, giving credence to reports that it will use the HBO Now name for its upcoming streaming service.

HBO Registers URL For “HBO Now” Website

Yesterday, we got the first meaty (but currently unconfirmed) details about HBO’s upcoming standalone streaming service. And new information seems to indicate that the name of the service may indeed be HBO Now. [More]