Initial Questions Offer Hope That FCC Isn’t Going Easy On Comcast/TWC Merger

Initial Questions Offer Hope That FCC Isn’t Going Easy On Comcast/TWC Merger

While the FCC’s public comment period for the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger remain open through Monday, the commission has already sent off its first round of questions to the companies involved. And judging by both the quantity and quality of the things being asked, it looks like the FCC isn’t ready to rubber-stamp the deal. [More]

He ate all this stuff so you wouldn't have to. [via AdWeek]

5 Best Lines From Review Of Entire Taco Bell Dollar Menu

This week, Taco Bell took a break from its 172-year tradition of selling handcraftd, top-of-the-line, high-priced authentic Mexican cuisine to launch a dollar menu. Since even that is too expensive to convince me to eat at the Bell, I have to rely on some brave canaries willing to test the air of this fast food coal mine to see if this stuff is safe. [More]

52 Ill-Informed Mayors Agree: The Comcast/TWC Merger Is Greatest Thing Ever

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter may not be in a position to objectively evaluate Comcast.

The gleaming USB drive that is Comcast HQ towers above the rest of the skyline here in Philadelphia, and the company is set to build another gleaming spire as a monument to its greatness right across the street. Just a few blocks away from the nation’s largest cable and Internet provider sits Mayor Michael “Why do people always laugh at my last name?” Nutter, who recently rounded up a bunch of other mayors to tell the FCC how awesome Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable would be. Of course, missing from that list of mayors were the leaders of New York City and Los Angeles, the two cities that would be most affected by the deal. [More]

Appeals Court Won’t Hear Aereo’s “We’re A Cable Company” Argument

Appeals Court Won’t Hear Aereo’s “We’re A Cable Company” Argument

Following its crushing defeat before the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this summer, streaming video startup Aereo tried to stay alive by arguing that since the court said it was acting like a cable company, it should then be considered a cable company. Alas, a federal appeals court has decided not to hear this debate, possibly hammering the final nail into Aereo’s coffin. [More]

Creator Of “Your Baby Can Read” Program Settles False Advertising Charges

Creator Of “Your Baby Can Read” Program Settles False Advertising Charges

Almost exactly two years after the Federal Trade Commission accused the people behind the popular “Your Baby Can Read” training program of making deceptive advertising claims, the product’s creator has finally reached a deal to settle charges that he and his company made baseless pronouncements about the effectiveness of the program and that they misrepresented scientific studies to prove these bogus statements. [More]

A handful of companies, including the Weed Bus Club, have popped up in Washington to provide visitors with a place to smoke while touring Seattle.

Washington State Just Says No To Mobile Weed-Smoking Wagons

In the wake of Washington state’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana, some businesses have popped up to cater to weed tourists who want to see the sites while also enjoying the cannabis they have purchased. But state regulators have now made it clear that smoking pot on buses — even chartered ones — is a no-no. [More]

Delta Hands Over 7-Year-Old Passenger To Wrong Person


Delta has got some explaining to do. Not only did the airline hand over a 7-year-old unaccompanied traveler to the wrong person when she arrived at her destination, but that wrong person happened to be the mother who recently got out of jail for kidnapping and beating the girl back in 2008. [More]

U.S. Copyright Office Agrees: Monkey Self-Portraits Are Public Domain

U.S. Copyright Office Agrees: Monkey Self-Portraits Are Public Domain

In news that will disappoint monkey photographers nationwide, a draft report from the U.S. Copyright Office seems to make the regulators’ opinion pretty clear on the question of who holds the copyright for a photo — or any work — created by an animal. [More]

Some Moron Just Paid $5K To Buy A 12-Year-Old $1,600 Judgement Against Kim Kardashian

Some Moron Just Paid $5K To Buy A 12-Year-Old $1,600 Judgement Against Kim Kardashian

It’s a common practice for businesses to sell off uncollected bills and judgements to collections agencies, but those collectors usually only pay a fraction of the face value of the debt, knowing they are taking on the risk that it may never be paid or only partially paid. But slap a sorta-celebrity’s name on that debt and you’ll apparently attract a different type of debt collector. [More]

Comcast Hoping Free Campus Cable Will Stop Cord-Cutters Before They Start


With their ever-changing schedules, yearly changes of living situation, it’s easy for a college student to realize there’s little value in a pricey pay-TV package they may rarely ever get to use. Throw in HD wireless devices and ready access to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu — hell, even Crackle — over public WiFi and you’ve got a petri dish for growing an entire generation of consumers who have no need to 13 Discovery Channels and 27 variations on Nickelodeon. That’s why, in the hopes of getting the hook into students before they learn they can live without MTV’s new Tuvan throat singing channel, Comcast has partnered with a handful of colleges to include a cable package in the cost of room and board for students. [More]

Sprint Offers $60 Unlimited Data Plan That Won’t Interest Real Data Hogs

(Will Middelar)

Earlier this week, Sprint’s new CEO Marcelo Claure tried to take a swing at its bigger and/or faster competition by announcing a shared data plan that gives you a ton of data… on a network that’s currently so slow you’ll never get to use it all. Now Claure and company are trying again, offering an unlimited data plan that’s cheaper than the competition but probably won’t win over savvy data devourers. [More]

(Avitania Satari Bronstein)

Restaurant Realizes Maybe It Shouldn’t Force Servers To Pay Credit Card Fees Out Of Tips

Earlier this month we told you about the Minnesota restaurant owners who decided the best way to offset increases to the state’s minimum wage was to deduct credit card transaction fees from servers’ tips. While it’s legal for businesses to do this, a poll of Consumerist readers found that 91% of you think it’s not a wise idea. Looks like the restaurant owners have finally gotten that message. [More]

We Want This Netflix Hack That Adjusts Color Of Room Lights To Match Screen

We Want This Netflix Hack That Adjusts Color Of Room Lights To Match Screen

Engineers at Netflix have figured out a way to connect the streaming video service to new “smart” lightbulbs so that the lights in a room respond to color changes on screen, providing a much more immersive experience. Alas, we might never get to try this for ourselves. [More]

DOJ Finally Confirms Record-Setting $16.65B Settlement With Bank Of America

(Adam Fagen)

More than two weeks after it was first reported that the Justice Dept. and Bank of America were coming to terms on a record-setting deal worth nearly $17 billion, the two parties have finally confirmed the details of a settlement that will resolve multiple federal and state claims involving the bank’s bad behavior in the lead-up to the collapse of the housing market. [More]

Send Us Your Questions In Bulk For Costco CEO Craig Jelinek


For three decades, Costco has been selling pallets of toilet paper, jugs of ketchup, sacks of flour, and steaks in family packs big enough to feed a reality show family. But what do you actually know about what goes on behind the scenes at the members’ only warehouse chain? Now is your chance to ask the company’s CEO Craig Jelinek. [More]

Is There A Link Between The Size Of Your Wedding And The Quality Of Your Marriage?

(Kerry Lannert)

Compared to a lifetime (or at least a few years) spent with your spouse, the one day you spend actually getting married is but a blip on a very long timeline. But the results of a new study seems to indicate that there is some sort of link between the size of your wedding’s guest list and the quality of the marriage that ensues. Of course, that data also appears to show that most marriages are not truly happy. [More]

Original Twinkies Factory To Close; Company Blames Impostors

(Great Beyond)

A year ago, Twinkies were pulled from the ashes of the Hostess bankruptcy, dusted off and put back by the shelf from the brand’s new owners. But the fallout from the collapse of Hostess lingers, with an announcement today that the factory where the Twinkie was born will soon fade into memory. [More]

AT&T To Offer Gigabit Broadband Service In Apple’s Home Turf

AT&T To Offer Gigabit Broadband Service In Apple’s Home Turf

While Verizon’s FiOS expansion plans are apparently idling in the “to do… maybe, at some point” bin, AT&T appears to be moving forward with its plans to roll out its GigaPower gigabit broadband network to more markets. Today, the Death Star announced that it has selected its first target in California’s Silicon Valley — the city of Cupertino, better known as the home to Apple HQ. [More]