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Denver Airport Won’t Cater To Pot Tourists, Bans All Marijuana-Themed Souevenirs

So let’s say you decided to take a trip and see what all the fuss is about with this marijuana tourism stuff in Colorado (let’s hope you were more successful than Maureen Dowd). But after all that cooking eating, giggling and agreeing with Neil deGrasse Tyson about everything, you forget to grab your marijuana-themed souvenirs and you’re already at the airport to head home. You’re out of luck. [More]


Show That Ex Your True Feelings This Valentine’s; Adopt A Cockroach In Their Name

Valentine’s Day is generally a time when you share your love and admiration for your beloved by shelling out an absurd amount of money for flowers, chocolates and dinner. What the day usually fails to recognize is people’s disdain for their ex-significant others. Alas, the San Francisco Zoo feels your pain and is offering scorned partners the chance to feel better by adopting a gross, ugly, scary animal in the name of their exes. [More]

Comcast Changes Customer’s First Name To “A**hole,” Is Really Sorry

Someone at Comcast thought it would funny to change the customer's name, but the cable company says they will fire whomever is responsible for this. (Image via Elliott.org)

We know from years of talking to people on the frontlines of customer service and billing that they don’t always have the nicest things to say about customers; you probably wouldn’t either if your day consisted of being yelled at for issues beyond your control. But most people don’t let their distaste for customers boil over to the point where they actually rename a customer “A**hole Brown.” [More]


USDA Introduces New Maple Syrup Grading System To Clear Up Consumer Confusion

If you think people don’t take maple syrup seriously, clearly you have never been to Vermont. While that state already switched up its grading system for the sweet stuff, the rest of the country is set to change as well with new categories introduced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture this week. [More]

This ad from 2012, cited in the FTC complaint, shows that TracFone did not even mention the possibility of data throttling in the fine print.

TracFone To Refund $40 Million To Customers For Deceptive “Unlimited” Data Claims

Beginning in 2009, TracFone began selling supposedly unlimited prepaid data plans for $45 under brands like Straight Talk, Net10, Simple Mobile, and Telcel America, but without clearly disclosing that users who went beyond certain monthly usage thresholds would have their data speeds throttled or cut off entirely. But today, in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, TracFone has agreed to refund $40 million to affected customers. [More]


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Americans Will Spend $703 Million On Valentine’s Day Gifts For Pets

Do you like to celebrate holidays with your pet? The National Retail Federation asked Americans how much we plan to spend on Valentine’s Day gifts for our pets, it adds up to $703 million across the whole critter economy. [More]

Isn't that adorable.

Sony Ditches Its Streaming Music Service, Teams With Spotify For Playstation Music

If at first you don’t succeed, try again using someone else’s system: Sony is pulling the plug on its current streaming music offering, Music Unlimited, and hitching its wagon to Spotify’s star with a new partnership for PlayStation. [More]

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Marching Band Delivers Petition To Citi Asking Banks To “Revoke License To Steal”

In a handful of recent decisions, the U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed the right of businesses to effectively break the law by putting a few carefully worded sentences into their contracts and user agreements. But just because you can add these clauses doesn’t mean you have to do so, which is why pro-consumer advocacy groups gathered more than 100,000 signatures on a petition that was delivered, with a little bit of music, to Citigroup HQ in Manhattan this morning. [More]

This is what puppies look like, sometimes. (Lisa Pisa)

Uber Delivering Adoptable Puppies To Offices In 10 Cities Today

Because no one can resist the lure of baby animals romping and frolicking in the workplace, Uber is teaming up with Animal Planet and the Puppy Bowl today — and today only — to deliver adoptable puppies to customers’ offices for 15 minutes of playtime. [More]

Best Buy Becomes First Retailer To Sell Samsung’s Gear VR Headset (Galaxy Note 4 Not Included)

Best Buy Becomes First Retailer To Sell Samsung’s Gear VR Headset (Galaxy Note 4 Not Included)

The Samsung Gear VR headset has been on sale since the fall, but it’s been hiding quietly on the Samsung website, which isn’t exactly the place most of us do our shopping. But now the virtual reality headgear has popped up on the website for Best Buy. [More]


Vermont Lawmakers Mulling Idea Of Legalizing Marijuana

Voters in Colorado, D.C. Washington State did it, but if Vermont’s lawmakers legalize recreational marijuana, it’d be the first state legislature to do so, instead of people heading to the polls to push it through. [More]

Just Because Your Kmart’s Shelves Are Empty, That Doesn’t Mean It’s Closing

Just Because Your Kmart’s Shelves Are Empty, That Doesn’t Mean It’s Closing

As Sears Holdings, the parent company of Kmart and Sears, tries to save itself from impending doom, the company is closing a number of its weaker stores. In the current round of cuts, Kmart stores are heavily affected, but the company wants to assure residents of one California town that in spite of empty shelves, their local Kmart store is not about to close. [More]


Delaware Wants To Become The First State To Offer Digital Driver’s Licenses

We have digital documents that have become just as accepted as paperwork — from contracts to concert tickets — so why not that holy grail of wheeled freedom for the minor set, the driver’s license? Delaware wants to start the technological trend of having digital driver’s licenses, with the state legislature adopting a resolution to start looking into the process. [More]

(Andy Jones)

Nissan Recalls 768,000 SUVs For Fire Risks, Flying Hood Issues

Nissan Motor Co. issued two separate recalls this week that cover more than 768,000 SUVs and crossover vehicles in North America because no one wants to drive a car that can catch fire or that has a hood that could unexpectedly fly up while driving down the road.  [More]

Chinese Government Accuses Alibaba Of Selling Fake Goods, Taking Bribes

Chinese Government Accuses Alibaba Of Selling Fake Goods, Taking Bribes

China-based e-commerce megasite Alibaba is catching heat in its home country following a government report that scolds the company for lax controls over the sale of bogus goods to consumers, along with allegations of bribery and using its size to bully merchants from working with Alibaba’s competitors. [More]

GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl Ad Featuring Danica Patrick Amid Puppy Mill Complaints

GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl Ad Featuring Danica Patrick Amid Puppy Mill Complaints

If GoDaddy wanted to find out how people feel about puppy mills, well, it’s done that, at the cost of one of its intended Super Bowl ads. After a tease of the spot hit the web, featuring a lost puppy who finds his way back to Danica Patrick, the driver for an online puppy business, the public lashed out at GoDaddy through social media. [More]

UPS Sorry About That Driver Who Peed On House After Throwing Package

UPS Sorry About That Driver Who Peed On House After Throwing Package

It’s nothing new to hear of a UPS, USPS or FedEx driver being caught on camera treating a customer’s package with reckless disregard for its contents. But what you don’t hear too much about are delivery drivers who, after mistreating the parcels with which they’ve been entrusted, decide to use the recipient’s house as a toilet. [More]