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Get A Free Folded Biscuit At Taco Bell This Morning Until 11

If you fold a round and flat food item in half and put more food inside, as far as Taco Bell is concerned, that’s a taco. Today, they’re advertising their new breakfast menu by giving away free … see, I still can’t bring myself to call that thing a taco, but you can get a free biscuit folded in half with some breakfast stuff in it. [More]

Are Front-Loading Washers Still Mold Machines?

Are Front-Loading Washers Still Mold Machines?

Newer front-loading washing machines have developed a reputation for growing mold. Lawsuits also sprouted in the front-loader market, but washing machine manufacturers were ultimately not found liable for inflicting moldy washers on the public. That might make you hesitant to buy a front-loading washer, even if you find them appealing. Should you [More]


Domino’s Australia Takes Pizza-Tracking To The Streets

When you hail a ride using Uber and similar mobile applications, you know how close your car is to you thanks to the GPS receivers in your phone and in your driver’s phone. That’s nice and all, but what if that same technology could be used to track something that’s really time-sensitive…like a pizza delivery. [More]

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Cops Using GPS To Track Credit Card-Skimming Devices Back To Scammers

For years, we’ve been telling you about credit card skimming devices that collect the information on your card when you swipe at places like ATMs and gas pumps. The common-sense thing to do when finding a skimmer is to remove it. And while that prevents anyone else from being victimized, the scammers who hooked up the illegal device are rarely caught. That’s why some police are now leaving gas pump card skimmers in place but adding a GPS tracker to follow the skimmer back to its criminal creators. [More]

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Nearly 35% Of Consumers Have Never Checked Their Credit Reports

While consumers are often urged to take advantage of the free once-a-year opportunity to request a credit report and make sure they aren’t riddled with errors, a new survey suggests many Americans simply aren’t heeding the suggestion. [More]

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Turns Out Kids Can React On Camera To New Technology As Well As Weird Old Stuff

The Internet just loves it when kids are put on camera reacting with things, but it seems we are not content to find out how children behave when faced with Walkmans and cameras that use film, but words also come out of their mouths at the sight of shiny, new technology. Who knew? [More]

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Cablevision CEO: Pay-TV Is The “Milk & Eggs” Of His Business; Internet Is The “Soda & Chips”

As we noted earlier today, Comcast now effectively has exactly the same number of Internet customers as it does cable subscribers, and the Internet users will soon outnumber those who get their TV from Comcast. And while a pay-TV customer brings in significantly more gross revenue for a cable company than someone who is broadband-only, these companies are likely making more profit off their Internet users. [More]

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NHTSA Won’t Open Investigation Into Unintended Acceleration In Toyota Corollas

Toyota will not face another probe regarding unintended acceleration in its vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced over the weekend. [More]


Ryanair Flight Takes Off Without Toilet Paper, Civilization Somehow Continues

European discount airline Ryanair has made headlines for reasons related to their bathrooms in the past: five years ago, we took note of their plan to charge customers to use the toilets, and to remove some toilets from the plane altogether. Yet some passengers on a flight from Murcia, Spain to London, England were horrified to learn that there would be no toilet paper or milk on board their flight. [More]

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference on May 4, 2015.

FCC Chair: Comcast Made Right Decision Scrapping Merger; Plan For Net Neutrality Is “Not To Lose”

We’re barely into May, and it’s already been an incredibly busy year for the FCC. Even major issues like a spectrum auction and a ruling on municipal broadband were overshadowed by the two huge proceedings around net neutrality and the Comcast/TWC merger. And so when FCC chairman Tom Wheeler sat down for a “fireside chat” at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York this week, he had a lot to say. [More]


Airlines Raking In More Cash From Bag, Reservation Fees

While airlines didn’t bring in as much income last year as they did in 2013, a new report says they’re still sitting pretty thanks to people willing to pay reservation and checked bag fees. [More]

The MPAA's website for its research grant program makes no mention that research papers must be in line with the group's stance on copyright and piracy, but a leaked e-mail from the MPAA General Counsel tells a different story.

MPAA Will Pay You $20,000 For Your Pro-Copyright Research

Are you a college-affiliated academic who could use an extra $20,000? Do you have strong feelings in favor of copyright protections? Then the Motion Picture Association of America has a deal for you! [More]

FTC Shuts Down Two More Fake News Sites Pushing Weight-Loss Products

A link from Sale Slash takes consumers to this fake news site.


For years, the Federal Trade Commission has been combatting scammy marketers of weight-loss products who use fake news sites, fictional reporters, and bogus celebrity endorsements, but people keep trying to pull these cons on consumers. This morning, the FTC announced yet another takedown of a sketchy diet pill marketer using lookalike news sites to sell its products.


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Dean Foods Moving Its 31 Milk Brands Under One National Name

Soon your regional milk brand might be getting a bit of an image makeover, as Dean Foods says it’s taking all 31 of its brands and pushing them under one national umbrella in an effort to unite against struggling milk sales. [More]

Being Declared Dead By The Social Security Administration Is Very Inconvenient

Being Declared Dead By The Social Security Administration Is Very Inconvenient

Being dead is very inconvenient, but having the government believe that you’re dead when you aren’t is even more inconvenient. Yet the Social Security Administration accidentally declares about 9,000 people living in the United States dead every year. Yet when this happens to someone, they struggle to find help and to get anyone to believe them so they can be brought back to life financially. [More]

McDonald’s Big Turnaround Solution: Sell More Restaurants To Franchisees

McDonald’s Big Turnaround Solution: Sell More Restaurants To Franchisees

When new McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said he would unveil turnaround plans for the sagging fast food giant on May 4, some people were expecting more than just a decision reorganize the company’s international business and sell off a bunch of company-owned stores to franchisees. [More]

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Fiat Chrysler Offers Employees Chance For Free College Education At A For-Profit University

Providing the opportunity for employees to obtain a college degree is a worthy intention. Just as Starbucks announced in 2014 that it would finance the college dreams of workers around the country, Fiat Chrysler has unveiled a similar program today. There’s only one slight difference: the university that Chrysler has partnered with is a for-profit college. [More]


Sally Beauty Looking Into “Unusual Activity” On Payment Cards At Some U.S. Stores

In what has become an unfortunately familiar experience, yet another retailer is announcing that it might’ve been the victim of a potential data breach: Sally Beauty confirms that it’s investigating “unusual activity” involving payment cards at some of its U.S. stores. This, a year after a breach that affected tens of thousands of customers. [More]